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Q: Need background material for overview of interactive communications tools ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Need background material for overview of interactive communications tools
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: jmaustin-ga
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Posted: 31 May 2006 05:50 PDT
Expires: 30 Jun 2006 05:50 PDT
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I need to provide a client with a white paper on the various
technologies currently available to conduct interactive communications
with customers and employees.

Format can be in the form of a detailed glossary of terms with a
definition, description of application and actual examples of its use
in a business context.  Assume non-technical readership level. 
Material should cover (among other things) blogs, podcasts, RSS,
vlogs, instant messaging, opt-in mailing lists, social networking,
intranets, audio and video webcasts, video conferencing, streaming
audio and video, use of various platforms such as smartphones and
other terms as appropriate.

Material can be original content or sourced material.  Material must
be delivered by 5:00 pm US central time on Thursday, June 1.

Please post questions or clarifications.  Thank you in advance.

Jon Austin
Subject: Re: Need background material for overview of interactive communications tools
Answered By: umiat-ga on 31 May 2006 22:21 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello, jmaustin-ga! 

 Thank your for a very interesting question. For obvious reasons, GA
researchers are prohibited from writing custom papers for customers.
Therefore, I have compiled the information you requested in a format
which you can easily personalize to organize your own presentation to
your client. You may choose to add some words of your own, cite the
references below each section or footnote them at the end, etc.

 While most questions posted on GA allow a 30-day timeframe, your
request for a 2-day deadline made this a "rush" job. Such an extensive
topic includes a lot of content that can only be briefly touched upon
in an answer format like GA. It will up to you to read the references
I have included under each section to extract additional useful
information which you feel will benefit your client in terms of
understanding this very broad subject matter. I trust you understand
that GA researchers are more focused on research as opposed to writing
actual papers.

 With that said, I believe the following information is in a format
which you can easily reconfigure in order to make it your own. Not all
of the interactive communication tools you mention are currently in
widespread use within corporations. In the instance where I could find
no examples, I have simply supplied a definition.


What is a Blog?

"Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that
is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption.
Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web

"A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The
activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog
is a "blogger." Blogs are typically updated daily using software that
allows people with little or no technical background to update and
maintain the blog."

Corporate blogs have become an effective tool for internal and
external communications.

Blogs can help companies to 

* become "thought leaders" in their field
* facilitate an arena for merging customer discussions with tips and feedback
* allow the media to "peak inside" your companies newest thoughts or 
* provide a workspace for project members to update one another without 
  handwritten memos, reports and emails 
* keep employees updated on internal matters and provide educational resources
* help in recruitment of future employees by becoming a "thought leader" in 
  your industry.
* test new ideas and products by inviting discussion. (2)


 It has been suggested that blogs might eventually replace corporate
press releases as the primary method of communicating company news.
"Bruce Lowry of Novell told The Economist that he can imagine blogs
"completely replacing press releases within 10 years." (3)


General Motors

 General Motors uses the Fastlane blog to keep consumers up-to-date on
corporate news and relevant issues.

 General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz "blogs regularly at in a blog
called "Fast Lane." His posts deal with major issues facing the
automaker, offer sneak peeks at new designs and products, and feature
a good mix of corporate and consumer news. His blog puts a human
personality to an otherwise faceless huge company." (1)

 See Fast Lane -


 IBM uses blogs to fascilitate project management.

 "IBM, which hosts about 2,800 internal Weblogs on its internal
servers, has been highly successful at using blogs in this way. One
specific example is a blog run by Phil Borremans, PR manager for IBM
Belgium and Luxembourg. According to Borremans, he has used his
internal blog for project management with a team of colleagues...We
were testing a new product and needed to keep a virtual team updated
on the progress we made...The easy way [through the blog] to comment
on milestones or issues increased the interaction in the team compared
to regular phone calls or sending out 'update e-mails.' By using
blogs, communicators can not only improve awareness externally but
also streamline the way business is conducted internally." (1)

Jupiter Media

 Creating a customer marketing channel:

 "Alan M. Meckler of Jupitermedia is a pioneer in the area of CEO
blogs. Since early 2003 he's been blogging on technology marketing in
general, and his firm's endeavors in this area in particular. He said
he views blogging as a marketing opportunity. "But it doesn't work
unless you have some personality in it," he says." (1)

See blog -


Discussing company issues and personal passions:

 "CEO Richard Edelman was among the first CEOs to launch a blog. He
uses it to articulate industry-wide positions, to discuss his
company's objectives, to surface issues the company is discussing, and
to talk about personal passions such as Civil War history. His blog,
which currently receives over 2,500 hits daily, is read by numerous
audiences, including employees of the firm." (1)

See blog -


Internal communicatin between employees

 "One of the few CEO blogs that is restricted to employee-only
audiences is that of Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel. Blogging behind
Intel's firewall, his posts candidly discuss developments at Intel and
comment on competitors and industry trends." (1)


Boeing marketing chief Randy Baseler uses his blog to connecting with
both media and customers.

See blog -


What is a Wiki?

"A website or similar online resource which allows users to add and
edit content collectively."

"A wiki is a dynamic Web site in which any user can add pages, modify
content, and comment on existing content. Unlike blogs, wikis are
interactive, allowing users to make changes to existing content and
comments. Wikis are primarily used today in companies as a
collaboration tool for employees."

"A wiki is a Web site that can be edited by anybody who is granted
permission. In a business environment, that can mean a workgroup, a
department, or even the whole company. The people who access the data
and documents in a wiki are also the authors of the wiki, making it
ideal for information sharing." (5)

 The most popular wiki website for online participants is Wikipedia. 


 Wikis are fast becoming the latest corporate tools for efficient
internal communication. The Gartner Group predicts that by 2009, 50
percent of companies will have adopted the wiki as a collaboration
tool. The inventor of the Wiki, Ward Cunningham, says "the rise of
wikis says more about how companies will be organized and how they
will distribute work than anything about technology." (4)

 Wikis can surpass email in security, are less expensive than a
full-fledged corporate intranet, and are relatively easy for employees
to navigate.

 "Wikis also can be more secure than e-mail, a key consideration when
dealing with confidential documents. If in-house counsel send a draft
of a brief via e-mail, then that draft may circulate to others outside
the intended circle. Yet, wikis restrict access. If a lawyer posts a
draft on a password-protected, firewalled wiki, then only privileged
parties can access it." (4)

"Wikis make it easy for people to put things up and modify them," says
Kevin Werbach, a technology analyst and assistant professor of legal
studies at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. "They
are extremely good when the key elements are to make sure that
information gets out to everyone and that things can be updated
quickly." (4)

"For companies that can?t afford a full-fledged Intranet, wikis are an
inexpensive substitute. If purchased through a company such as
Socialtext or Jotspot, a company can expect to spend pennies on the
dollars it otherwise would have spent. And unlike a static Intranet, a
wiki also organically grows as people contribute. This makes
maintenance easier because rather than designating an IT person to
maintain an Intranet, everyone upkeeps the wiki merely by
contributing." (4)

"Wikis can keep track of anything that goes on inside a company,"
Norton says. "You don?t have to think about how you are going to
structure your Intranet. You can just let it evolve." (4)


Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW)

 As a growing company finds corportate email and project software less
effective for internal commuication, wiki's provide a workable

"The old way wasn?t working for Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW),
the Europe-based investment banking division of Dresdner Bank. As the
company expanded into new markets and became more decentralized, it
felt its project management software and e-mail couldn?t meet its
communication and organizational needs. That?s when it decided to take
a chance on a relatively new technology known as a wiki, a type of Web
site that allows users to add and edit content in real time. DrKW
started its first wiki in 1997, well before anyone was using the term
in a corporate setting. Since then the company has found many uses for
the application. Its design team uses it to track the completion of
its Web-based projects in real time. And a wing of the bank?s equity
financing team uses a wiki to supplement e-mail, eliminating the need
to sift through inboxes." (4)


"The Corporate Strategy department of mobile communications giant
Nokia, located in Finland, has four active wikis on both open-source
and proprietary platforms. The organization has more than 50,000
employees worldwide; currently, 1,000 to 1,500 employees throughout
Nokia use wikis." (5)

Angel uses a wiki to track internal documents and conversations and
channel information to the appropriate people. The sales team also
uses it to track and catalogue lead counts and partnerships,
best-practice use of the company's software, competitive intelligence,
and internal business processes. (5)


What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. 

"RSS is a family of XML file formats for web syndication used by news
websites and weblogs. They are used to provide items containing short
descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version
of the content. This information is delivered as an XML file called
RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel."

Companies are begining to utilize RSS feeds to keep their customers
informed of news that is relevant to them collectively, or
individually. While still relatively new, as content grows, the
technology is expected to gain in popularity. RSS feeds are generated
automatically when a website is updated and can be tailored to the
specific interests of a particular customer, thus offering a distinct
advantage over email newsletters which are more general in nature and
are often blocked by spam filters. Even better, customers do not have
to return to the original website once they have subscribed to the RSS
feed aggregator in order to get a continuous stream of updated
content. (6)

As noted in the report "RSS," by Rok Hrastnik,,
companies are using RSS in a variety of ways: (7)

* as a tool to deliver internet marketing news to their readers in a timely 

* to keep customers informed of best-sellers and books of interest 
 (, coupon savings ( and the latest softwared 
  downloads and security patches (Lockergnome) 
* to allow communication between affiliate mangers.

* to deliver content in the form of mp3 interviews and radio shows. 

* to allow personal communication and expression of customer's own pictures, 
  videos & and mobile phone text via RSS feeds

* to deliver educational content

* to offer additional newsletters to their normal email delivery format. 

* to publish digital catalogues of their latest products, making them more 
  user-friendly by breaking them down into product categories

* by creating RSS autoresponders to to facilitate timely marketing contact 
  with prospective customers.

* to provide limited-access content for internal communications, teamworking 
  and other needs.

* to provide timely software updates to customers.
* to provide corporate press releases to reporters and other interested 
  parties. (7)



"Facilitating consumers travel planning and booking process with two
new offerings, has launched RSS feeds of current travel
deals and consumer-generated hotel reviews. In a category like travel,
in which specials come and go quickly, staying abreast of these deals
can be difficult and time-consuming, says the company. On new
offering, the company says new RSS feeds help travelers keep tabs on
deals to their favorite destinations so they don?t miss great travel
opportunities and new hotel reviews make it easier for consumers to
make informed hotel selections." (23)

United Airlines and Microsoft can be found on Channel 9

"If you fly United Airlines, you can hear what's going on in the
cockpit by turning the radio dial to Channel 9. Now if you want to get
inside the head of Microsoft you can tune to Channel 9 on the MSDN Web
site." Channel 9 is one of the most advanced generators of RSS feeds.
Every registered user has an RSS feed and every thread is its own RSS
feed." (12)

CareMeridian Healthcare

 "For health care company CareMeridian, blogs and RSS are modern ways
to raise its online profile and connect with prospective patient
families in a personal and authentic voice. CareMeridian is connecting
with the families of its patients via an internal blog. This allows
the families to share information with each other, as well as will as
other families who are considering using CareMeridan's services for
their loved ones. They will soon make this blog public, as well as
start another blog and RSS feed to distribute articles and stay high
in online search results to ensure those in need can find them." (11)


"Text Messaging is also called SMS. It is a service available on most
digital mobile phones that allows the sending and receiving of short
text messages between mobile phones. SMS is being used for everything
from marketing to political action." (11)

"Instant messaging is instant text-based communication over the
Internet. Software is required on both the sender?s and receiver?s
computers to instant message." (11)


Microsoft has provided an interesting example of employees using
text-messaging to communicate in lieu of phones or email. See (18)


"Instant Messaging (IM) - a text-based computer conference over the
Internet between two or more people who must be online at the same
time. When you send an IM the receiver is instantly notified that
she/he has a message."

Live Support (live chat) - "Live support is a Web service that allows
businesses to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors to
their Web site. Live support applications are commonly used to provide
immediate customer support and information to clients and customers.
Exact features and functions of live support are application specific,
however you can generally expect a live chat application to provide
real time visitor monitoring, custom chat windows, invisible traffic
analysis, Web site integration and secure administration controls."


Live Chat offers a virtual "May I help you?"


"It's a conversation you'd expect to hear at any auto dealership.
Except that this didn't happen in the show room. The exchange took
place online, at Last year, general manager Ken
Girard added a new feature to the dealership's website: live chat.
Now, instead of waiting for a visitor to click on a button and ask for
help, a service agent detects the visitor's presence on the website
and initiates a real-time conversation. "It really sets our site
apart," Girard says." (20)

247 Workspace

"Mark Denham, CEO of 247 Workspace, is onboard. The company, a seller
of office furniture based in Los Gatos, Calif., added chat to its
website in early 2005. The goal was to provide more qualified leads to
the company's sales reps. Because most customers are other business
owners looking for things such as conference tables and cubicles, the
sales process is often long and complex, involving a great deal of
back-and-forth between the sales rep and the buyers. "There are a lot
of choices and particulars in our sales process," Denham says. "We
were finding that having an individual try to sort through 600 pages
on our website was overwhelming." The outbound chat aims to simplify
things. It looks a lot like Instant Messenger, though customers don't
have to download software for it to work. Not every visitor to the
site gets a greeting. But if you hang around for a few minutes or get
seven or eight pages deep into the content, a live agent will say
hello and offer to help. In most cases, the agents simply help
visitors find the information they're looking for. "Individuals who
have engaged in text chats have a much higher sales probability than a
standard lead," Denham says. "Once we engage in a conversation, we
find the probability of a sale goes up dramatically." (20)


Avnet Computer Marketing

"At Avnet Computer Marketing, about 500 employees use IM for a variety
of tasks. In one pilot project, for example, customers can use IM to
contact technical people at the company. The software also reduces the
need to place costly international phone calls. It's too early to tell
just how much money IM is saving, Stuttard says, but he's sure that
the technology is having a positive effect on the bottom line.
Stuttard says that when all is said and done, the company hopes to
reduce its number of voice mails and e-mails, while providing faster
turnaround on decisions." (19)



A moblog is "literally a mobile phone blog, a form of photoblog that
consists of the photographs taken on users mobile phones. Particularly
useful at times of crisis and major events, in which mobloggers
(mobile phone bloggers) post direct pictures from the scene."

"Moblog is a blend of the words mobile and weblog. A mobile weblog, or
moblog, consists of content posted to the Internet from a mobile or
portable device, such as a cellular phone or PDA. Moblogs generally
involve technology which allows publishing from a mobile device.


"Vblogs add video to the format." (8)


 While Moblogs are still primarily for personal use, it is anticipated
that they will find a way into the corporate world. Realtors and Law
Enforcement Agencies are beginning to utilize Moblog technology:

"Today, the most popular use of moblogs is personal. But analysts
expect business applications, for instance, by real estate agents in
hot markets where speed is essential in getting images of new
properties to clients" (9) and "law-enforcement officers investigate
ways to use the technology." (10)


"Camera phones allow real estate agents to quickly show clients new
listings, but they also come in handy when it comes to security. With Network, agents first get permission to photograph
prospective buyers prior to a showing. The photos are then sent to a
secure database and can only be viewed under court order. Not only
does the service give agents peace of mind, but it also makes
homeowners feel safe because everyone who enters their residence is
recorded in the database. Agents pay a monthly fee for the service."



"A webcast in its simplest form is an audio or video broadcast over
the Internet using streaming media. Webcasting software also allows
synchronized slides, polling, messaging and other interactive
features. Major TV and radio networks webcast content as do
independent broadcasters. Corporations use it for internal & external
communications." (11)


Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products

"How do you get hundreds of people from all over the United States
into one room? You can either fly them all into one location and spend
more than $500,000 USD, or you can simply bring the room to them for a
fraction of the cost. Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products, based
in Brea, CA, USA, produced its first-ever interactive webcast for more
than 100 national sales reps and hundreds of corporate employees. The
two-hour event featured video cut-ins, slides, live Q&A, a contest and
other engaging content." (11)

Peter Ueberroth - used webcasting in his campaign

"Peter Ueberroth, head of the U.S. Olympic Organizing Committee and
former Commissioner of Major League Baseball, made webcasting history
when he ran for Governor of California. Mr. Ueberroth became the first
candidate for major political office to conduct live, interactive web
broadcasts simulcast on broadcast television with supporters around
the state and the world." (11)



"A smartphone is generally considered any handheld device that
integrates personal information management and mobile phone
capabilities in the same device. Often, this includes adding phone
functions to already capable PDAs or putting "smart" capabilities,
such as PDA functions, into a mobile phone."

Examples of how Smartphone technology can be used to enhance communication:

"Participants in an Intel study reported that smart phones are
especially useful for tasks such as:

* Checking calendar changes to prevent unnecessary trips and to stay on 
* Getting contact list information and calling contacts 
* Managing e-mail by monitoring messages, assessing the need to respond, and 
  forwarding or deleting messages 
* Accessing direct voice communication 

"By using smart phones, employees can take care of personal business
while still remaining in touch with messages, schedules, and
information. Performing tasks during spare moments also reduces
after-hours work." (15)


Using smartphones for Mobile Learning: 

* "Sales forces across several industries, including retail,
transportation, and pharmaceutical, face an ongoing challenge of
accessing important information whenever and wherever they need it.
The retail salesperson must know the features of every product in a
store?s inventory, as well as stay abreast of new product
introductions and changing prices. The pharmaceutical representative
must know the important differences between their products and the
competition, and understand and communicate to doctors vital
information, such as the side effects and dosage amounts." (14)

* "If a company?s sales team either attends a face-to-face training
presentation or listens to a lecture via a personal desktop to learn
about new products, these presentations and lectures can be
transferred to a mobile device to allow salespeople to access
byte-sized learning nuggets." (14)

* "M-learning also allows employees to benefit from accessing company
material they may otherwise ignore. For example, a salesperson waiting
in an airport during a layover might tap the company?s best practices
database and learn how a colleague grew a small, regional account into
a multinational, multimillion dollar client." (14)



Smartphone technology is being utilized by Medtronic as a
communication and a sales tool.

"Employees are using more than 2,000 Treo smartphones as a wireless
reference, communication and selling tool to increase sales force
productivity and to improve inventory management....Wireless access
has and will continue to improve our field sales force productivity.
Our representatives can respond quickly to customer inquiries and do
their jobs faster and better," said Jim Adams, program manager,
cardiac rhythm disease-management sales technology applications for
Medtronic. "Now, I can run monthly reports based on the number of
sales representatives who wirelessly connect, sync, make transactions
and more. New monitoring and reporting capabilities all boil down to
savings." (13)

Smartphones are helping Monster's employees to stay connected.

"Palm, Inc. today announced that Palm(R) Treo(TM) smartphones are
keeping Monster employees connected nationwide. The leading global
online careers and recruitment resource has deployed several hundred
Treo smartphones running GoodLink from Good Technology for access to
email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks on the Sprint Nationwide
PCS Network."

"Unlike laptops, the Treo smartphone can easily connect to important
information on the go and improves communication with our valuable
existing and potential customers," said Paul Nielson, senior vice
president of technology services for Monster. "Moments that would
otherwise be considered downtime are now used to check calendar
updates, email and voicemail."

With the Treo smartphone, users are more readily available to clients,
and are immediately notified when meetings are added or changed on
their calendars. When the Treo smartphone is coupled with accessories
such as a Bluetooth(R) headset, downtime on the go turns into
productive time, putting users in contact with teams and customers the
world over."  (16)


"Simply put, podcasting is publishing media files over the Internet so
anyone can download and listen to them. A podcast can be automatically
delivered to subscribers so they can listen to it when it's

"The distribution of a digital audio or video file over the Internet
via RSS. The RSS feed is what distinguishes a podcast from a simple
downloadable multimedia file. The spirit of podcasting is to create
content for modern audiences who want content when, how and where they
want it." (11)


Nike and Apple

"Nike and Apple have announced a partnership bringing the worlds of
sports and music together with the launch of Nike+iPod products. The
first product developed through this partnership is the Nike+iPod
Sport Kit, a wireless system that allows Nike+ footwear to talk with
aniPod nano. "We?re working with Nike to take music and sport to a new
level," said Steve Jobs, Apple?s CEO. "The result is like having a
personal coach or training partner motivating you every step of your

Arketi Group

"The Arketi B2B Marketing Minute is a regular podcast that covers
news, ideas and best practices that business-to-business marketing
professionals need to know. Listen in as B2B marketing consultants
from Arketi Group and others share information vital to any
organization looking to generate results and accelerate growth through
intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations." (24)

Dunlop Tires

"Dunlop Tires is using video podcasting to reach auto enthusiasts. The
podcasts are being used to deliver information about new products, the
sport of drifting and other automotive sports. Enthusiasts are
naturally drawn to the latest technologies in automotive, electronics,
communication and tires, so it?s only natural that Dunlop would build
a library of information and entertainment to help them make informed
choices," according to Dunlop brand planning manager Janice
Consolacion. "It?s another way for us to build relationships with our
target audience, the ?in-the-know? driver." (25)

The Chrysalis Group

"THE chief executive of Chrysalis Group, owner of the Heart radio
station, vowed yesterday to push into podcasting as he revealed a 10
per cent surge in advertising revenues over the past three months.
Richard Huntingford said that he had a team of employees investigating
online opportunities in an effort to exploit Chrysalis?s key radio
brands, which also include Galaxy and LBC." (26)


"In reference to new media, social networks are the online connections
and communities that develop among people and around shared interests.
It is sometimes referred to as "social computing." (11)

Online social networks can help companies "accelerate their sales,
raise money, recruit star employees and find jobs...Time being money,
online social networking is also winning favor with time-stretched
business folk. (21)

Companies are also using social networking sites like to
generate buzz for their products and services. Another site, LinkedIn,
includes members from many of the Fortune 500 companies. "Overall,
600,000 of its members are chief executives or in executive
management. The typical user has more than 10 years of work experience
and has created a large set of professional relationships with current
and former co-workers, business partners and investors and clients."

Red Swoosh

According to Travis Kalanick - CEO of Red Swoosh - "Social networks
are like grease - in some cases, gasoline - for our personal business
networking machines. If you aren't plugged in, you will be out-done by
better-connected, hyper-networked colleagues and competitors. LinkedIn
is very good for browsing relationships and hooking into your
contacts' networks. It re-connected me with high-level execs I hadn't
talked to for some time, who then helped me close various deals. And
I've hired some highly qualified contractors after connecting with
them on Orkut." (22)

Laughing Squid

Scott Beale, founder of Laughing Squid web-hosting, says social
networks are helpful because "the price is right - most are free - so
how can it hurt to try?  Since 2002, I've tried three: Ryze,
Friendster, and The not-for-profit side of my business is
very active in the art and culture world, particularly in the San
Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes when people come across my profile on
one of these networks, it reminds them that there is also a business
side to our organization. As a result, some new Web hosting order
forms have come in that list as source of referral." (22)


Mobile Publishing  - Both the act of publishing content with mobile
devices (phones, PDAs, etc.), and content that is formatted
specifically for receipt by mobile devices. As mobile devices have
become ubiquitous, they offer content providers a new distribution
channel and media format." (11)

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 I hope I have provided you with enough background information to help
you in your presentation!



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companies use online chat for customer service
businesses use online social networks to communicate
mobile publishing AND customer OR employee communication

Request for Answer Clarification by jmaustin-ga on 01 Jun 2006 02:16 PDT
Umiat-ga -

This looks outstanding.  Please give me a couple hours to review and
we'll close this out.  On first approximation, however, you have done
exactly what I hoped for.

Thank you.


Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 01 Jun 2006 05:54 PDT
Sounds good. I will be here most of the morning (Mountain Time) but
then have to leave for the afternoon. Given your deadline, I hope this
works out and my answer provides enough information.

jmaustin-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00
This question represents a bit of a stretch from the run-of-the-mill
GA questions because of the depth and range of information requested,
the format and deadline.  I am extremely impressed by how well
Umiat-ga did in providing an answer.

This kind of project is the most interesting use of this service,
IMHO, and I hope this example encourages other requesters and
researchers to participate at this level.

Thank you, Umiat-ga!

Jon Austin

Subject: Re: Need background material for overview of interactive communications tools
From: umiat-ga on 01 Jun 2006 08:42 PDT
Thank you so much, Jon, for your very kind comments and extremely
generous tip! I wish we had more appreciative customers like you.
Thanks again.

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