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Q: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer. ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
Category: Computers
Asked by: icemaker-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 07 Oct 2002 03:37 PDT
Expires: 06 Nov 2002 02:37 PST
Question ID: 73495
I would like to know how to disable the onboard sound on an advent
3511 desktop computer.  I have tried various key combinations in an
attempt to gain access to bios settings, but with no joy!  The
suppliers of the machien don't seem to know either!!!

Request for Question Clarification by alienintelligence-ga on 07 Oct 2002 03:52 PDT
Hi icemaker,

Are you trying to disable the 
onboard AC97 sound controller?

What BIOS does the computer have?
Are you unable to see the BIOS
splash screen due to a Advent
logo or something coming up instead?

You tried the basic, Function keys
F1-F12? The DEL and INS keys? The
supplier of the machine didn't know?
That's bad.


Clarification of Question by icemaker-ga on 07 Oct 2002 04:11 PDT

I fitted an Audigy Platinum EX soundcard to the machine as it came
with onboard sound only.

Although the soundcard itself works fine, the desktop replicater is
not being recognised.  All the Creative articles I've read appear to
point at disabling any onboard sound.

I've tried the keys suggested to me by PC world (F2 and Del), but the
machine simply boots as normal.  I've looked on the advent computers
support site, but my machine isn't listed yet.  Give it a year and it
might be!

And yes, I am disgusted that a question as simple as how one gains
access to the bios can't be answered by those that were so quick to
sell me the machine.

I suspect I've confused the issue further, but am more than happy to
keep trying if you need further clarification.

Thanks for trying to help me.
Subject: Re: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
Answered By: vinods-ga on 07 Oct 2002 12:54 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

There are TWO ways to do this. This depends on your computer
internals. Please try (II) before we can get to (I), because (I) is
more complicated and needs you to open up your system. If (II) does
not happen, we will deal with (I)

(I) By internal DIP switch settings
I have emailed ADVENT computers to find out which motherboard they are
using. Once I get the info for them I will be able to direct you
specifically to the location of the DIP switches on the board and what
you should do to disable the on-board sound.

If you have tried all the standard keys, like F1, 'del' etc., ADVENT
may be using a special key combination to get to the CMOS. Meanwhile,
could you please try - DEL, ESC, CTRL-ESC, CRTL-ALT-ESC, Ctrl+Alt+S or
Ctrl+Alt+Ins ?

As you said, ADVENT seems to be a 'funny' company. The site has not
listed 3511 yet, but I have emailed them about it.

I do hope I can get to the bottom of this problem, but I may need some
more time and your co-operation!

Warm regards

Request for Answer Clarification by icemaker-ga on 07 Oct 2002 13:42 PDT
Thanks for this.

Maybe when Advent email you (if they do), they'll let you in on the
secret of their classified key combination.

Were I able to, I'd sit down and plough through them all myself. 
However, being blind, tinkering with the bios needs me to persuade
someone (normally my wife) to help me out.  To her, computers are a
mystery, and I could see a fight starting after we'd hit say
combination 4 without success.

If advent aren't forthcoming, I will try all the combinations you
suggest, and the dip switch settings if it comes to that.

I have plenty of time, I'm happy that someone other than me is trying
to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks again.

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 07 Oct 2002 14:07 PDT
Hi icemaker, 

I am glad to be in a position to try and help you get through this
situation. Please let me get to know more from ADVENT (hopefully!) and
I will definitely see you through this!

warm regards

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 08 Oct 2002 09:01 PDT
hello icemaker, 

How are you doing? 

NO reply from ADVENT yet. Have you tried the alternate hot-keys to
access the CMOS?

Meanwhile, I found that the Intel 1A30 rev 17 chipset features on at
least 10 Intel motherboards. I don't know if ADVENT is using an Intel
motherboard or any other manufacturer's like ASUS etc. The only way to
know this (apart from ADVENT) is to open the machine and check the
printed name on the motherboard itself. This is a pain, so, let us
dispense with all other options before we get to the DIP switch

One thing I wanted to know, what you meant by "Although the soundcard
itself works fine, the desktop replicater is not being recognised."

I am at it!

Warm regards

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 08 Oct 2002 10:53 PDT
Now, don't you worry! I will get you through, as I said. Please
respond to my other query!

warm regards

Request for Answer Clarification by icemaker-ga on 08 Oct 2002 13:28 PDT

The Audigy platinum EX comes with a rather cool box that sits on the
desktop, in to which you can plug all manner of great toys: CD
players, anything Firewire, headphones, microphone and the like, no
more smashing your head on the desk as you scrabble about trying to
plug in at the back of the machine.  Well, I could use extension
cables but hey!

Anyway, this replicater takes the form of the aforementioned box, and
a cable which connects it to its own card.

Unfortunately, the replicater refuses to work even though it has been
properly installed.
Creative are waving the accusing finger in the direction of the
onboard sound chip which is why I'm so keen to access the bios.

Hope this helps.

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 08 Oct 2002 14:25 PDT
Oh! Okay! I call it the 'break-out' box! 

I will mail ADVENT again and again till they answer me!

warm regards

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 09 Oct 2002 12:52 PDT
hello icemaker, 

Dear customer

In order to enable us to deal with your query effectively, I would be
most grateful if you would fill in the form on the PCServiceCall

The address that you need to visit is:


Dear customer,

to enter the Bios on any machine, will either be F1, F2, F10, or
Delete. To enter the Bios, please tap the relevant key.


Above is the response I got from ADVENT service email address

Please try visiting the site they have given and do lot me know what
happened. The second email is of course an moronic or worse.

warm regards

Request for Answer Clarification by icemaker-ga on 10 Oct 2002 02:40 PDT
Yep, they are pathetic!

I've filled in their form, telling them to actually go find out the
proper combination instead of guessing.

As soon as I receive what I'm sure will be an unhelpful reply, I'll
let you know.

Now, you sound as frustrated as me which makes me feel a whole lot

Oh yes, a problem shared and all that.

... ... ... ... 

Thank you for your email.

This is an automatic verification message from Technical Support.

Your query will be dealt with shortly by one of our advisers.

Do not reply to this mail. You need take no further action until a
reply is obtained regarding your query.

Technical Support

---------------< Original Message >----------------




Reference Number=

Receipt Number=

Date Of Purchase=01/10/02

Branch Number=4957

Warranty Number=



Serial Number=

Problem=How do I access bios settings on this machine.

Please don't suggest key combinations that might work as has happened
until now, please tell me the exact key combination to use.

My aim is to disable onboard sound, if the bios settings aren't the
correct way of doing this, please tell me what are.

I realise that this is a new machine, but can't understand why it is
proving so difficult to find out how to access the bios.

Many thanks.


The case does not contain fixray diagnostics

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 10 Oct 2002 03:02 PDT
Hi icemaker, 

Sigh... What can one do with such people? As you said, please let's
wait for some reply to you. If what they say dos not work out, maybe
you can try calling them up and ...

Phone number and email from the ADVENT site:

0870 3331222 & email : (after-sales enquiry)

Also another possibility is to mail these PCWORLD guys at the
corporate address given on the ADVENT site.
please visit our Corporate web site at email us
at: or write to:
    Corporate Affairs
    DSG Retail Limited,
    Maylands Avenue,
    Hemel Hempstead,
    HP2 7TG   

If nothing from them works, we will go through the process of opening
your computer and figuring out which motherboard it is and how to find
the DIP switches on it.

As I said before, I will definitely see you through this! 

Warm regards

Request for Answer Clarification by icemaker-ga on 11 Oct 2002 02:56 PDT
Here is the latest message from PC World.

If anyone is reading this in years to come, I suggest looking
elsewhere if you need decent technical support.  I consider myself to
be fairly computer literate and can sort most problems out myself. 
The fact that the Vendor can't answer what I would consider to be a
simple question leaves me speechless.

Vinods, I'm going to close this question as I know someone that will
be able to disable sound using dip switch settings.  Many thanks for
your help.  As stated earlier, the fact that you hit similar problems
made me feel less stupid than I would have otherwise.

Dear Customer

We have no information on how to get into the BIOS of this machine, i
would try the standard ways which are pressing Del  during boot up or
pressing F2. There also should have been several readme files with the
machine, the details of which button to press will be in there.

These machine do not show up on our data so we cannot 100% say what
will get the machine into the BIOS.


Tech Support

Hardware Failure Helpline
PC Repair Line 0870 901 3000 (National Rate)

Peripherals and PC Setup Helpline
PC HelpLine 0906 752 5600 (75p per minute)

3rd Party Software Helpline
PC SoftwareCall 0906 559 7897 (1 per minute)

PC World Direct Services
Sales Line 0870 901 6000 (National Rate)

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 11 Oct 2002 05:19 PDT
Hello icemaker, 

I feel so sorry to be unable to help you completely, but I am glad you
have someone to change the DIP settings for you. I thank you for your
kind comments. Please don't hesitate to come back to Google Answers
for anything in future!

Also, another thing - while your computer is going to be opened,
please make sure everything is noted down with the appropriate brand
and ID numbers along with the specifications. This information will
serve you well in future!

warmest regards
icemaker-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Although my problem hasn't yet been solved, this researcher ran
straight in to the mind numbing incompetence that I encountered.

I asked the question in the hope that someone else had bought a
similar machine and was trying to do the same thing.

I am grateful of the support I received, when battling this company on
my own I felt I was going mad!

I feel sure that this researcher would have been able to help me out
with disabling onboard sound using dip switches, but I have found
someone that will take the machine away and do the necessary for me.

Subject: Re: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
From: mikeplokta-ga on 07 Oct 2002 04:59 PDT
Can you go to and run the Bios Agent software
to determine your BIOS manufacturer and version, then post them here.
Subject: Re: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
From: icemaker-ga on 07 Oct 2002 05:09 PDT
Will do this evening, as soon as I finish work.
Subject: Re: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
From: icemaker-ga on 07 Oct 2002 10:22 PDT
Program:   Unicore BIOS Agent Version 1.8
BIOS Date: 07/25/02
BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
BIOS ID:   07/25/2002-i845-6A69VM4XC
BIOS Eval: Copyright 2000 by Hewlett Packard Company 

Rev. 3.06  07/25/2002
Chipset:   Intel 1A30 rev 17
Subject: Re: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
From: mikeplokta-ga on 08 Oct 2002 02:42 PDT
Phoenix's web-site for the Award BIOS suggests that if F2 doesn't work
you should try Ctrl+Alt+S, Ctrl+Alt+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Ins.
Subject: Re: Disabling onboard sound on an advent 3511 Desktop computer.
From: icemaker-ga on 08 Oct 2002 10:45 PDT
Thanks for looking, unfortunately, no joy with those key combinations.

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