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Q: printer info: e.g. where to buy "print on demand" printers ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: printer info: e.g. where to buy "print on demand" printers
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nediam1234-ga
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Posted: 04 Jun 2006 09:05 PDT
Expires: 04 Jul 2006 09:05 PDT
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I need information about printers that can print books:
Where can I buy printers that can print books in perfect binding and
printers that can print hard cover books (or one that can print both)?
And what is an average size they take in a room?
And what is the price range?

I want printers that can provide print on demand (POD) service.

Subject: Re: printer info: e.g. where to buy "print on demand" printers
Answered By: hummer-ga on 04 Jun 2006 16:03 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi nediam1234,

If I understand your question correctly, you want to print pre-bound
blank books. In other words, take a bound book with blank pages (with
either hard or soft covers) and put it in a machine which will print
the text. It's a good idea, but the technology does not yet exist. POD
is the ability to print (digitally) and afterwards bind a relatively
small number of copies of a book (often just one) and get it to the
customer quickly and economically. In order to do this, all PODs
produce softcover bindings, either perfect-bound (glued) or

>>> Overview

On-Demand Book Printing and Binding
"The all-in-one concept allows the production of extremely small runs
which best of all, can be produced economically. The main factor that
separated this new Books - On -Demand (BOD) system its capability to
handle everything through an intelligent network which controls all
digital subprocesses like pre-press data through digital printing to
the finished, perfect bound or saddle stitched product. Without
getting too technical, the operating principle of the high-performance
system developed by Muller Martini is amazingly simple. Pre-press data
is processed continually on a digital press. The paper web, being a
continuous roll, is printed on both sides with the desired variable
data. The ribbon of paper is then cut into sheets, folded, and
thereafter finished on an integrated perfect binder or saddle
stitcher. The job data from pre-press is used for fully-automated
make-ready of the entire line. Color printed covers are printed
off-line on other digital printing systems and fed into the SigmaLine
as required. In short, this new SigmaLine revolutionizes the
production capabilities of the book-on-demand sector. It opens up
outstanding opportunities and perspectives for entirely new business
"But some Xerox engineers still insisted on in-line hardcover binding
systems. The general idea was to place a DocuTech into the backroom of
a bookstore, then print and bind books on demand. This does make a lot
of sense. Drink a coffee, have a nice chat with someone and then pick
up your own, customized printed and bound copy.
This is already taking place with softcover bindings. However, to
date, I have not seen a system in place that could cope with hardcover
bindings. Most likely, it would simply be too expensive and

"The third meaning of "POD" is as a description of a digital printing
service (usually using a toner-based duplication process) in contrast
to a printer using the traditional offset press. Digital printing has
minimal set-up cost as compared to traditional offset printing,
however the unit cost of production does not decrease significantly
after the first copy is printed. With traditional offset printing,
much of the cost is in the set-up and plate making process. Once the
press is running, the incremental cost of each additional copy is
actually quite low. While a particular job might cost $3.50 per copy
from a digital printer, it might cost only $0.85 per copy on a press.
But the digital printer may only have $50 (or so) in set up costs to
absorb in the job while the traditional printer is likely to have over
$1,000 in set-up costs on the same job. These economic differences
generally suggest that it is more cost effective to print 500 or fewer
copies with digital (POD) printing and that 500 or more copies should
be produced with offset printing equipment."

FoxAcre Press Book-On-Demand Bookshelf
"A Quick Guide to Book-On- Demand Printing"
"The Perfect Binding Handbook"
"Easy Hardcover Bookbinding"

Get Published
Technological developments coax would-be authors out of the closet 
* "Print-on-demand, or POD, capabilities have lowered the costs of
small print runs to the point that setup costs for a self-published
book now begin around $100, giving rise to new self-publishing
companies like Trafford, 1stBooks Library, iUniverse, Xlibris and
GreatUnpublished (most of which offer an e-book option).. So far,
self-publishing outfits are the primary users of POD, although
traditional publishers are watching the technology closely. ?POD books
will soon be served up to readers in vending machines when they insert
a plastic card into a slot,? says Elizabeth Laden, a writer on POD
POD utilizes equipment that allows books or manuals to be stored
digitally, ready to be printed on high-speed laser printers in short
runs, typically 300 or more copies. POD, which has become almost
synonymous with self-publishing, has had relatively little impact so
far on traditional publishers, who are locked into providing their
books on consignment to bookstores, and find offset printing cheaper
on a per-unit basis for their press runs of 3,000 copies or more.
* On-demand publishing, or ODP, is POD taken to the extreme: a single
copy can be printed and bound after a prepaid order arrives,
eliminating warehousing and inventory costs entirely. It?s a
technology that also offers savings to firms whose clients want
printed copies, not just PDF-format copies, of software manuals, says
Bruce Batchelor, publisher and CEO of Trafford Publishing, a pioneer
of POD and ODP technology."


The good news is, there are a few "all-in-one" PODs but unfortunately
none post prices online and all require contact to receive a quote.

1) Instabook Maker III
Print On Demand
"Print on Demand has become very popular lately. It is a phrase used
by many types of companies to describe some of their services. They go
from traditional printers using traditional printing equipment
(offset, lithography, etc.), to printing equipment manufacturers.
But what exactly is Print on Demand? (Or Print-On-Demand)? And how
does it relate to books?
Very easy: it means that you print what you need, when you need it,
and exactly in the amounts that you need it. Not one more and not one
In the case of books, it means that you don?t need to print 1000 books
-for example- when you need maybe only 100 books."

InstaBook Maker is a production system so small,
it may be installed anywhere.
7' Long (200 cms) 
3' Tall (90 cms) 
2.5' Deep (80 cms)

2) BookMachine
"The BookMachine is an automated device that can produce a soft-cover,
perfect bound, standard-format book on customer demand within three to
five minutes. The information and material to produce the book is
contained within the BookMachine (10'X3'X4') enclosure. The electronic
information for printing frequently requested books can be cached in
the BookMachine. The system also provides continual maintenance 7/24
and will have a central storage facility that will contain hundreds of
thousands of book titles. Upon customer selection, the local
BookMachine will request a specific title from the master database,
which will then be transmitted back to the local machine for

3) SigmaLine - the First Fully Integrated Total Solution for Books-on-Demand
"The new SigmaLine is the first fully integrated, commercial-quality
total solution for Books-on-Demand (BoD) production with which even
very small runs can be produced economically - from prepress data
through digital printing to the finished, perfect bound or
saddle-stitched product."

>>> Example of prices for book-making machinery

Click "Stock List" button.
Click anywhere in the sample screen shot.
Pick a category.

Here's an example:

Duplo Quadrimax
"Excellent short run perfect binder that is ideal for " On Demand" operations"

>>> Machinery (not all-in-one)

Typical set-up needed:

FirstChoiceBooks equipment list
? Potdevin Gluers
? Standing Presses
? Nipping Presses
? Rounders and Backers
? Smythe Sewer
? Oversewing Machine
? Corner Rounder
? Kensol Stampers
? Turning-In Machine
? Cover Squeezer
? Case Making Gauges
? Tipping Machine
? Dexter Building-In Machine
? Casing-In Machine
? Spine Prep Perfect Binder
? Industrial Sewing Machines Pictue
? Ludlow, (Type Maker)
? Double Fan Adhesive Binder 
? Polar and Sneider Cutters
? Baum and Stahl Folders (30"x40")
? Renz and Kugler Paper Punches 
? Meuller Martini and Sulby Perfect Binders
? Rosback and Harris Saddle Stitchers
? Heidelberg and Miehle Letter Presses
? GBC and D&K Laminators, (1-sided)
? Round Cornering Machines
? Challenge Single & Triple Paper Drills
? Side Stitchers, (Bostitch #7)
? Cerlox, Wire, Spiral Binders
? Shrink Wrapping
? Coiling Machines

FoxAcre Press
Book-On-Demand Resource Page [links to sellers]
* Binding Equipment
* Catalogs, Print & Online	
* Computer Printer Manufacturers
* Laminating Equipment
* Organizations
* Book Printers & Publishing Service Providers	
* Publications	
* Software	
* Supplies

Used Machinery

New Machinery

Oce print on demand publishing solutions

Oce printing and publish on demand solutions

Print on Demand and Publishing - DocuTech? and Xerox Nuvera?

POD Virtual Tradeshow

>>> Bookbinding

"With a Fastbind tabletop bindery, anyone can make retail-quality hard
and soft cover books!"

Binding (after print) videos

Books-in-Demand binder

A Tutorial
by Douglas W. Jones 
THE UNIVERSITY  OF IOWA  Department of Computer Science  and  Center for the Book
 1. Preparation of Sections for Photocopying
 2. Photocopying
 3. Colating and Folding the Sections
 4. Making a Cover
 5. Punching Holes
 6. Sewing the Sections to the Cover
 7. Trimming the Pages
 8. Making a Dust Jacket
 9. Alternatives
 Other Bookbinding Resources

Bookbinding tutorial,2,0,0,1,0

Book Factory Tour   	
"Welcome to Thomson-Shore's Book Factory Tour
Feel free to tour our plant. Here you will be able to see some of the
departments and equipment your book will travel through. On the way,
we hope you will receive some helpful and humorous information
regarding our book making process."

>>> Additional Links of Interest

Print on Demand ( POD )
A Lightning Source Book Example

Print-on-Demand Publishing

Do-It-Yourself Book Press

I hope this helps to unravel the mystery a bit. If you have any
questions, please post a clarification request and wait for me to
respond before closing/rating my answer.

Thank you,

Google Search Terms Used:
books on demand
books on demand machinery
book on demand equipment
print on demand book equipment 
print on demand printers
digital printing service 
nediam1234-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Thank you for clearing few thing up for me. Many links you provided
where helpfull. Cheers.

Subject: Re: printer info: e.g. where to buy "print on demand" printers
From: cousintone-ga on 13 Jul 2006 16:00 PDT
I work for Xerox if you need more info on Xerox, let me know, I'd be happy to help.

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