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Q: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   7 Comments )
Subject: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
Category: Business and Money > eCommerce
Asked by: aogem-ga
List Price: $50.00
Posted: 08 Jun 2006 03:05 PDT
Expires: 08 Jul 2006 03:05 PDT
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I have found this website (indoperkasa Int Cv).
They sell electronic products, i wish to order some product from their
companies so i need all information about this company.
And also i need some advise, sould i make transaction with this company...?

Because i'm also found same website at but this
website has been close by the owner, but i found this address same like

For need answer will be appreciated.


Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
Answered By: palitoy-ga on 08 Jun 2006 03:49 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello aogem-ga,

Thank-you for your question. is a scam and I would avoid doing any transactions with them.

These are the reasons for my statement above:

1) DOMAIN REGISTRATION - If you investigate the domain name it was
registered on 27 April 2006 and is only registered for a year.  This
immediately rings alarm bells.  Would a company setting up business
really only believe they will need the domain name for a year?  Why
not register it for 10 years or more?  Of course, it costs more to
register it for more than one year and why waste the money if you
don't expect to be in business long?!

Record last updated at 2006-04-27 08:48:24
Record created on 2006/4/27
Record expired on 2007/4/27"

2) ABOUT US - On the "About Us" page the company states that they have
been in business since 2000.  If they are a technology company - as
they are appearing to sell technology products - why have they waited
6 years to register their domain name and then again why register it
for only one year.

3) CONTACT - The contact email address is a one.  These can
be obtained for free and therefore cost nothing to register, anyone
can have one.  They can be difficult to track down to the person who
is using the email address without taking legal action and even then
it may be impossible.

4) PAYMENT POLICIES - The methods of payment are all untraceable
methods of payment - bank transfer, cash etc.  If something goes wrong
it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get your money back.  If
they were a legitimate company trading for 6 years (as we are led to
believe) they surely would have set up facilities to accept credit
card payments.

5) DOMAIN REGISTRATION - The domain name registrant is the same as the
administration contact and the technical contact.  This would suggest
there is only one person running the business.  This person has also
only given one name - "Ali" - making it difficult to track him/her
down if he/she exists.

Ali +62.617788567
Jl Pasar Raya Brt Bl B 111
Padang,Sumtraa Barat,INDONESIA 34770


name: Ali
mail: tel: +62.617788567
org: Marketing

address: Jl Pasar Raya Brt Bl B 111
city: Padang
,province: Sumtraa Barat
,country: INDONESIA
postcode: 34770"

"Ali" appears to be running the technical side of the business, sales
and also marketing.  If I was to be placing a big order with a company
I would hope there would be more than one person to contact should a
problem go wrong...

6) WEB SEARCHES - A Google Search for the company domain name
indicates no matches.  If you search for "innovative products put
technology to follow your communication through" - the first line in
their About Me page - you receive a number of other hits.  None of
these hits are from the website and all are
potentially suspicious.  Why would a legitimate company feel the need
to steal the wording of another company's About Us page?

7) IDENTICAL WEBSITES - As you indicated the website is identical in
structure to many other websites on the internet (only a few details
have been changed and a few images altered).  Unless each company was
owned by the same person (which they aren't in the examples I found)
you would expect each company website to look different to
differentiate it from its competitors.  The sign of a
turnkey/out-of-the-box website indicates that not much time has been
spent on setting the website up.  These types of websites can be
downloaded free or bought very cheaply.  This is not the type of
behaviour you would expect from a legitimate company with a large

I hope this is evidence enough that this site is a scam and is not a
legitimate company.  If you require any further assistance please ask
for clarification.

Request for Answer Clarification by aogem-ga on 13 Jun 2006 07:54 PDT
I have found this website has change their
template but their forget to change the web title.....:)

Their website same like


Clarification of Answer by palitoy-ga on 13 Jun 2006 09:39 PDT
Sadly it is common and too easy to forge another person's website by
simply downloading the code and changing a few small elements.

The two domain names you have indicated appear to be registered by
different people.  One claims to be from a person in the USA and the
other in Indonesia.
aogem-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $50.00
Thank you for all the information from palitoy-ga, i will not make any
transaction with this company and also i hope to all person who want
to make any transaction with this company can read this forum.

Again Thank you very much.


Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
From: answerfinder-ga on 08 Jun 2006 04:08 PDT
In addition to palitoy?s excellent research (I'm sure he won?t mind me
adding this), I note their About Us page reveals a very clumsy

They have omitted to remove a mention to another company: PT.
Mecrotek. This has also been looked at here on GA by scriptor-ga.
Perhaps it was their last scam?

The site is now down but this is the Google cache.
Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
From: palitoy-ga on 08 Jun 2006 04:54 PDT
Good work answerfinder-ga!  There was so much wrong with this site I
hardly knew where to start :-)

I also liked their version of the current date: "Today is Thursday,
June  8, 106".  I'm not sure what calendar they are working on but if
it is the same as ours they are only 1900 years out!  This is such a
good mistake that they decided to duplicate it on every page on the
Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
From: stuebal629-ga on 08 Jun 2006 17:17 PDT
I have a comment directed towards the answer of palitoy-ga. When you
say to look at the company's website information, about how long their
domain is registered for, and if it is only a year then it is probably
a scam. Anyway, I do not find this information necessarily true. A lot
of companies, like myself, register the domain for only one year, and
it is automatically renewed unless I otherwise say so to the Domain
Registry. Therefore I do not believe that this is an acurate statistic
to go by when trying to spot scammers.
Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
From: palitoy-ga on 09 Jun 2006 01:20 PDT
Thank-you for the 5-star rating and very generous tip.  They are much appreciated.
Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, INDOPERKASA, Int CV ( ?
From: aogem-ga on 10 Jun 2006 02:19 PDT
Why i can not see this forum when i search INDOPERKASA Int CV in
google engine search ?

How to put this forum shown when some one who need information about
this company doing search with google engine search so they will not
cheat by this fraud company.


Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
From: answerfinder-ga on 11 Jun 2006 01:51 PDT
Subject: Re: This site scammer or not, indoperkasa Int CV ( ?
From: frde-ga on 12 Jun 2006 03:21 PDT

If you have a trading company then it is unlikely that you will
consider dropping the registration after one year. The annual
registration fee is trivial for even a minor concern.

Also, a 'long established' company is unlikely to have just got round
to setting up a web presence.

A recently set up web address, especially registered for just one year
is a pretty good sign of a scam - if the company is representing
itself as 'established'.

Also, some ISPs register for you and charge you annually, but really
buy years ahead.
Other registration companies 'lock' your domain address if you don't
pay up in time - in effect they hold you to ransom.

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