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Q: Taxes in Canada ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Taxes in Canada
Category: Business and Money > Finance
Asked by: merlocke-ga
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Posted: 15 Jun 2006 14:29 PDT
Expires: 15 Jul 2006 14:29 PDT
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How many different Taxes are there in British Columbia, Canada?

I would like a comprehensive list of taxes both hidden and direct
(Liquor, Tobacco, Property Taxes, Parking Taxes, Income Tax, etc)
Just a brief description of the tax, what it's for, and what the rate
is will suffice.
Subject: Re: Taxes in Canada
Answered By: hummer-ga on 15 Jun 2006 17:01 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi  merlocke,

Well, as you might suspect, tax is a bit complicated and it's
impossible to make one neat and tidy list due to so many variables and
exceptions. You'll find what you need at the following websites, click
on the links for full details.

Current Tax Rates
Following are the current applicable tax rates for the tax Acts
administered by the Consumer Taxation Branch.
Social Service Tax Act
Sales tax (PST) 	
Current Rates
  7% on goods and services, except alcohol and some passenger vehicles
(effective October 21, 2004)
  10% on alcohol
  7% - 10% on passenger vehicles (effective February 22, 2006)
    * Less than $55,000 - 7%
    * $55,000 to less than $56,000 - 8%
    * $56,000 to less than $57,000 - 9%
    * $57,000 or more - 10%
Hotel Room Tax Act
Hotel/motel/B&B room tax 	
Current Rates
8%, plus an additional 1% or 2% municipal and regional district tax in
some communities. Please see Bulletin HRT 007, Municipal and Regional
District Tax, for a listing of communities and rates.
<Bulletin HRT 007, Municipal and Regional District Tax>
8% hotel room tax 
2% municipal tax 
Municipal and regional district tax applies in the following areas:
[see list]
Motor Fuel Tax Act
Fuel tax, including gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas and various other fuels 
Current Rates
Various depending on type of fuel. Please see Bulletin MFT 005, Tax
Rates on Motor Fuels.
<Bulletin MFT 005, Tax Rates on Motor Fuels>
Tobacco Tax Act
Tobacco tax, including cigarettes, tobacco sticks, loose tobacco and cigars 	
Current Rates
Various depending on type of tobacco. Please see Bulletin TTA 005, Tax
Rates on Tobacco Products.
<Bulletin TTA 005, Tax Rates on Tobacco Products>

Taxable Services
Social Service Tax Act
"This bulletin explains how social service tax, also called provincial
sales tax (PST), applies to purchases of taxable services in British
Columbia. The general PST rate is 7%."

British Columbia Government
BUDGET AND FISCAL PLAN 2003/04 ? 2005/06
Ministry of Finance - 
Part 2: Revenue Measures
[see other revenues]

Social service tax (PST) is British Columbia?s retail sales tax. It
applies to the following:
    Retail merchandise purchased or leased in the province
    Certain labour services such as automobile repairs, engine
tune-ups and camera repairs
    Short-term rentals of passenger vehicles
    Motor vehicle parking charges in most parking sites in the Vancouver region
    Telecommunication services
A 7% sales tax applies to most taxable purchases and leases. The
exceptions are as follows.

Social Service Tax Act
Hotel Room Tax Act
Motor Fuel Tax Act
Tobacco Tax Act
Horse Racing Tax Act

Federal and BC Provincial Income Tax Rates Table

PST Table for all provinces

I was glad to work on this for you - when in doubt, figure 7% is going
to be added and you won't be far off! If you have any questions,
please post a clarification request and wait for me to respond before
closing/rating my answer.

Thank you,

Google Search Terms Used: 
british columbia taxes rates
british columbia income tax rates
british columbia revenue budget

Request for Answer Clarification by merlocke-ga on 15 Jun 2006 22:46 PDT
Thanks much hummer,

I just need a few more numbers and I'll be set.

Do you have links for the following as well?
I'll double the amount to $20 since this is quite a large list.

(All specific to BC if possible)

Corporate Income Tax rates 
Payroll taxes
Real estate property tax
Personal Property Taxes
Business Taxes
Gasoline Taxes
Import Duty taxes
Excise Taxes
Road taxes
Utility Surcharge taxes (if any)
Environmental Levy Taxes
Air Travelers Security Tax

I've heard in places that there were 200 some odd taxes, and I wanted
to get some research completed for a presentation. You've done great
so far, thanks a bunch.


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 16 Jun 2006 06:48 PDT
Hi merlocke,

Here you go, ten of the twelve you requested. I must go keep a dental
appointment and I'll be out the rest of the day. I'll search again for
the environmental and utility taxes tonight or tomorrow but I wanted
to get the others to you now.

1) Corporate Income Tax rates - (click on link for more details)
"Low Rate"  4.5% 	
"High Rate" 12%

2) Payroll taxes
If you mean Payroll Deductions, you'll find that and other info here.

3) Real estate property tax
Rate of tax
3 (1) The tax payable under this Act is
     (a) 1% of the first $200 000 of the fair market value of the
taxable transaction, and
     (b) 2% of the remaining fair market value of the taxable transaction.

4) Personal Property Taxes - links to
# Property Tax Deferment
# Property Transfer Tax 
# Rural Property Taxes
# School Property Tax

Comprehensive 2006 Tax Table:

More info:

5) Business Taxes

Lots of links

6) Gasoline Taxes - *Click on link for much more*
Vancouver 20.50 per litre 
Victoria     17 per litre 
Province   14.5 per litre

7) Import Duty taxes
Import duties are federal, you can find info here:

8) Excise Taxes
Current Rates of Excise Taxes - Revised May 2005

Excise Taxes and Excise Duties

9) Road taxes
BC Road Tax for vans ($35.00)

10) Air Travellers Security Tax (ATSC): The Canadian Parliament has
enacted an Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC) to fund security
personnel and security equipment in response to the events of
September 11. For domestic itineraries, the ATSC tax is 6.00 CAD
one-way to a maximum charge of 12.00 CAD. For transborder itineraries,
the ATSC tax is 6.00 CAD / 5.00 USD one-way to a maximum charge of
12.00 CAD / 10.00 USD. For international itineraries, the ATSC tax is
24.00 CAD for each return or one-way trip.
[See more]
What are the additional charges in my Fare?
Fuel - NAV - Canada Insurance - ATSC - Airport Fees


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 16 Jun 2006 18:38 PDT
Dear merlocke,

Thank you for your nice note, rating, and tip! I'm glad to hear that I
was able to get you off to a good start. Here are the final two:

11) Environmental Levies
The following environmental levies are in addition to PST.
  A $3 environmental levy applies to new tires designed for motor
vehicle use priced at $30 or more.
  A $5 environmental levy applies to new lead-acid batteries weighing
two kilograms or more. 

12) Utility Surcharges

merlocke-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
This is a wonderful start to my studies - thanks much.

Subject: Test - ignore
From: kevnet-ga on 19 Jun 2006 17:04 PDT
Hummer, you are truly awesome with your answers.
Subject: Re: Taxes in Canada
From: hummer-ga on 19 Jun 2006 19:25 PDT
Thanks for your note, kevnet, it's always nice to hear from someone
who has indirectly benefited from one of my answers. I'm not sure
about "truly awesome" but I can say for certain that I try my best to
be helpful. Thanks again, sincerely, hummer

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