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Q: market for gold banknotes ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   6 Comments )
Subject: market for gold banknotes
Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information
Asked by: liveforever-ga
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Posted: 19 Jun 2006 15:36 PDT
Expires: 19 Jul 2006 15:36 PDT
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What is the market for replica banknotes made out of 24 Karat gold?
For eg. a $100 US Dollar bill replica made out of 24 Karat gold and
What kind of people buys them, where do they buy them, who sells them
and how do they sell them.  What kind of price would they go for
Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
Answered By: belindalevez-ga on 20 Jun 2006 04:12 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
<Market for gold banknotes.

Legal issues
Banknote images are subject to specific rules governing reproduction,
which vary by country. This site gives a guide to the laws.


There are an estimated 140 million casual collectors of coins.
Estimated number of serious coin collectors ? 15 million to 20 million.
Amount spent by coin collectors $15 billion to $20 billion.
Source: American Numismatic Association. U.S. Mint.

Every year over 19 million people browse and buy antiques and collectible on Ebay.
Source: How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay... And Make a
Fortune! Dennis prince, Lynn Dralle.

The United States Mint generated revenue of $115 million in the fourth
quarter of FY2004. from its numismatic products.
During the first quarter of 2005, numismatic revenues will likely
reach about $60 million.
Source: US Mint.

Demographics of coin world readers.
Sex ? male 91%, female 5%
Median Age ? 58 years
Average household income - $84,100
Married ? 74%
Attended college ? 69%
Employed full time ? 49%
Currently these gold bank notes are sold via the internet but these
types of collectibles are commonly sold via:
Coin dealers
the internet through auction sites like ebay and on coin collecting sites.
Trade fairs/exhibitions.
Magazines aimed at collectors of coins/banknotes.
Gift shops.
Souvenir shops.
Magazines aimed at collectors of bank notes.
Numismatic News
World Coin News
Bank Note Reporter
World Coin Prices
Advertising rates

Classified ads.

Las Vegas Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show.
Held Friday & Saturday 27-28, 2006
9am to 5 pm
Sunday, October 29, 2006
9am to 3pm
The Grand Ballroom, Riviera Hotel and Casino
2901 Las Vegas Blvd., South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
For more information, call 866-362-6642 or email

Application to exhibit.
A regular table costs $650. A corner table costs $900.

Prices of replica gold banknotes.

The following replicas have been offered for sale on Ebay.
Set of seven USD gold notes - $479
Set of five Australia banknotes ? GBP 249.00
Set of six Japan banknotes ? GBP 79.00
Set of five Russian banknotes ? GBP 249.00

$100 USD banknote both sides - $259
$100 USD banknote 24k gold - $55.00
500 Euros banknote in gold - $225.13

Set of 8 gold German banknotes ? GBP 249.00


Orchids gold silver co. Ltd, established in 1997, has 3 factories
producing items made of gold, including 24k gold commemorative
banknote, gold foil stamps,3-d gold foil paintings, gold/silver
memorial coin etc.
One-sided bank note $100
Two-sided bank note $120
Gold stamp - $60 
Gold art pictures $120
Australia set of five bank notes - $210
Austria set of six - $310
Euro set of seven - $320
Germany set of seven - $320
Japan set of six - $220
Russia set of five - $210
USA set of seven - $250>

<Search strategy:>

<"collectibles market" coins billion>

<gold replica banknote>

<"coin collecting" "trade shows">

<"coin collectors" demographics>

<Hope this helps.>

Request for Answer Clarification by liveforever-ga on 21 Jun 2006 13:43 PDT
Hi, Thanks for the answer!

I was wondering if you have any other retail prices for the gold
banknote besides those on ebay?  I knew about ebay so I was wondering
if prices were much different elsewhere, but couldn't find anywhere
else that sold them.

I also knew about the Manufacturer that you listed, but was looking
for for other suppliers such as wholesalers or suppliers in North

THank you very much for your answer!  I very much appreciate it!

Clarification of Answer by belindalevez-ga on 21 Jun 2006 22:27 PDT
<The replica gold notes all seem to be from the same source. Other
replica banknotes are also made in silver. I have also found a
supplier of notes that combines gold and silver.

$1000 sterling silver banknote with 24k gold plating. Price $149.98
Source: ShopNBC

$1000  and $500 sterling silver banknote with 24k gold plating. Price $289.98
Source: ShopNBC,1071

Silver currency proofs
Price - $98
Source: Medallic Art Company Ltd.

USA $100 liberty in sterling silver
Price? $332.50
Source: InterCol London

The Commercial Bank of Wilmington N.C $100 sterling silver banknote in
presentation box.
Estimate $142.50 to $157.50

Gold banknotes
1,000 D-Mark ? Euro 499, 300
500 Euro ? Euro 299
Euro banknote set ? Euro 899

Source: Zeig

$500 note silver replica ? price $140.99
Source: Dealtime

$1000 note silver replica ? price $140.99
Source: CSN Cable Shopping Network.

Silver Euro Banknotes, set of 7, half the size of the originals ? Euro 696.00

Silver Banknotes Bank of Israel - $711
Silver replica Gurion Banknote - $219
Source: Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation

Set of 5 silver banknotes $645.00

Shopping Town Global Market Co. Ltd
Supplies gold foil Euro notes.>

Request for Answer Clarification by liveforever-ga on 27 Jun 2006 12:59 PDT
Im really sorry to be such a hassle.  I just don't feel that the
answer is very well researched.  Most of that info I have already
found with a google search.  I am not convinced that the main market
for these is in coin collectors.  Is there a reason that this is where
you focus?  Obviously this IS a banknote but it is a replica that is
mass produced.  Can you just find out one more thing for me and then
i'll let you go.  Is this a collectors item?  It seems to be but that
seems kind of funny since I can buy as many as i want and distribute
them.  Or do you think the people that buy them just don't think about

Thank you very much for bearing with me.  I REALLY appreciate your efforts!

Look forward to hearing back on this last bit..
Thank again!!

Clarification of Answer by belindalevez-ga on 02 Jul 2006 04:23 PDT
<These items would also come under the category of wall décor.
Consumer spending on wall décor was $5.9 billion in 2005. Households
spent a median of $50 on their wall décor purchase last year.
Source: Home Accents Today.$5~R~9+billion)(Brief+Article).html?refid=SEO

The reason that I concentrated on the coin collectors market is that
people tend to buy wall décor with pictures that reflect their
interests and hobbies.
Source: APA Market Survey.

As regards being a collectible. Since these items are not rare they
are not in the strictest sense collectibles. However people do collect
all manner of mass produced articles that they perceive to be
collectible. >
liveforever-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Much of the info given i already found out by google searches, however
i recognize that a very good effort was given to come up with a good
and thoughrough answer for my question.  Thanks a lot.  It was quite a
thourough answer

Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
From: pinkfreud-ga on 19 Jun 2006 15:44 PDT
Are you speaking of something like this, but made entirely of 24 karat gold?
Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
From: myoarin-ga on 20 Jun 2006 04:54 PDT
The good information that Belindalevez-ga provides reveals that these
"solid gold" replica bank notes are gold foil, each replica bank note
weighing only a couple of grams  - if we can trust the weights given. 
As with all such replicas (e.g., from  Ben Franklin Mint), the
intrinsic value of the precious metal is not significant relative to
the original selling price, and the items have no true collector's
value, being commercially produced.
The first link above for the prices of replica notes says that the
seven US dollar notes weighed a total of 7 grams and sold for $149
dollars, which is hardly the value of the gold, not to mention the
shipping cost.
Most people in most places will have no way of selling gold in this
form, so recovering the value of the gold is not an option.
Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
From: liveforever-ga on 21 Jun 2006 13:35 PDT
yes this is a little like what I am talking about, but this is 24
Karat gold and only 4 grams and much more detail.
Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
From: myoarin-ga on 28 Jun 2006 08:46 PDT
Hi Liveforever,
I agree with you that a 4 gram gold foil replica of a bank note is not
a collectable, in the sense that it will have a resale value as
something which others are collecting and have a lasting value.
They are produced in whatever quantities will sell.  Any statements
about limited numbers cannot be checked.  Gold is gold, but in Asia
gold foil is sold in small pieces to people to rub onto religious
statues at prices they can afford; it is so thin that the value of the
gold foil is reasonable.  I expect that if one opened the frame of one
of these replica dollars, it would be a disappointing experience, just
an extremely floppy piece of foil that wrinkled and lost the
impression of a banknote in your hand.
I suspect that the market is being fueled by the recent increase in
the price of gold, indeed, preying on people's desire to have
something in gold and their ignorance about what they are actually
buying and its true worth.
Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
From: liveforever-ga on 28 Jun 2006 22:09 PDT

I actually have one of these and it is pretty sturdy without the
frame.  I have had it checked out and it is pure gold and weighs about
5 grams.  It is kind of like a card but bigger.  It seems so sturdy i
actually assumed it was gold platted plastic, but it is real.  I still
agree that the gold itself is not worth that much though.  And if
someone wanted to but gold because of the prices going up then why
would they not just buy it in its simple form.
Subject: Re: market for gold banknotes
From: myoarin-ga on 29 Jun 2006 03:23 PDT
Well, yours it better than the ones on the site that gave the weight
of 7 replica notes as 7 grams.
You are right, it is better to buy gold coins or mini bars which have
a resale value.

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