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Q: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: hypertokyo2-ga
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Posted: 29 Jun 2006 23:40 PDT
Expires: 29 Jul 2006 23:40 PDT
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Please give a list of five to ten television broadcasting companies in
China (Mainland and HK/Macau) which publish corporate financial
information such as annual reports. Please give relevant links to the
information. I am particularly interested in advertising revenues and
cost structures.
- The reports themselves do not have to be in English, but if possible
give English descriptions of what you link to.
Subject: Re: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising
Answered By: czh-ga on 30 Jun 2006 18:51 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello hypertokyo2-ga,

It is difficult to find financial information about some of the most
important players in the Chinese TV industry and it?s even more
difficult to find out about their advertising revenues. I found that
for some of the biggest players I was able to get information from the
financial and marketing press instead of financial reports from the
company. I hope that this will be helpful.

As you requested, I?m offering links to ten companies? financial
reports and the particular pages in these reports where they discuss
their advertising revenues and strategies.

In addition to these individual company postings, I?m also including
some sources for additional Chinese broadcast TV stations. Some of
these have websites wholly in Chinese. I thought these resources might
be useful since you mentioned that ?the reports themselves do not have
to be in English.?

I hope this information is what you?re looking for. Please don?t
hesitate to ask for clarification if you need further assistance.

All the best.

~ czh ~


1) China Central Television (CCTV)

This is the biggest Chinese TV organization. They are a government
organization and I wasn?t able to find any financial information
published by them. However, I found several articles that discuss
their advertising income and strategies that will be of interest to
China Central Television

China Central Television or Chinese Central Television, commonly
abbreviated as CCTV (Chinese: ??????? pinyin: Zh?ngguó Zh?ngy?ng
Diànshìtái), is the major broadcast television network in Mainland

Published March 14, 2006 

China advertising
Poised to become the No. 2 ad market on the planet, China and consumer
advertisers are focusing on the future of business.

Trust in TV 
Guo says commercials in primetime -- roughly between 7-9 p.m. -- make
up half of CCTV's annual revenue, and the 2004 auction of its airtime
netted China's national broadcaster 4.4 billion yuan ($543 million)
after advertising agencies took the 15% commission they are allowed by
Chinese law.

How China Buys and Sells TV
CCTV: National Network's System Helps Advertisers Go Beyond Big Cities
Published: May 09, 2006 

With so much talk in the U.S. of changing the annual TV marketplace
known as the upfront, Advertising Age decided to look into how TV ad
time is bought and sold in key markets around the world. This is the
second in a series.

The broadcaster has evolved over the past decade from backward
state-controlled behemoth into savvy commercial entity. About
four-fifths of the $37 billion spent on advertising in China goes to
TV, according to Nielsen; much of it to CCTV. Up to 90% of CCTV's
revenue comes from advertising, so to rake in as many dollars as
possible, an auction is held every November to sell prime-time slots
for the following year.

In 2004, CCTV took in about $655 million. Last November, the auction
generated almost $725 million. Although Chinese brands dominate CCTV's
airtime, for the past two years Procter & Gamble Co. has been the king
of the auction. P&G spent $47 million of its total $400 million ad
budget for China at the 2004 event for CCTV airtime last year. In
2005, P&G invested $43.5 million for 2006 airtime on CCTV.

November 23, 2005
CHINA: CCTV slot auction fails to hit target

CCTV growth rate in advertising revenue slowed to reveal ad buyers'
reluctance to spend bulk of budget on network

2) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Television Broadcasts Limited(0511)

Annual Report 2005

Management Discussion and Analysis (including advertising)

3) i-CABLE Communications Limited
i-CABLE Communications Limited

2005 Annual Report

Business Review (see page 8 for airtime sales)

STAR Group Limited
STAR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the News Corporation.

2004-2005 Company Report (no financial information)

News Corporation -- Annual Report 2005

STAR, our pan-Asian channels group, is now one of News Corp.'s most
exciting growth drivers. Its operating income more than doubled in
fiscal 2005 and I expect it to become a major profit contributor in
the years ahead.

5) Shanghai Media Group (SMG)
Shanghai Media Group (SMG)

The Shanghai Media Group (SMG), under the Shanghai Media &
Entertainment Group (SMEG), is a multimedia television and radio
broadcasting, news and Internet company. The group around 5,200 staff,
with capital assets totaling RMB 11.7 billion.

SMG?s core business is television broadcasting and related media
entertainment services including sports, showbiz, performance arts,
science and technology, and finance. The television broadcasting media
consists of 11 analogue TV channels, 90 digital paid cable TV, a full
broadcasting Internet TV service, along with 10 analogue and 19
digital radio services.

According to a survey of AC Nielsen, eleven of the group?s TV channels
have achieved a market share of 76% during prime time in 2003. Its
revenue from advertising accounts for 10% of the commercial sales
turnover in the local market. Being a producer and a publisher in the
various fields of news, movies, TV series, music, sports, finance,
entertainment and documentary, SMG is proactively pushing itself
towards the domestic and international Chinese speaking market.

6) Arcotect (Guangzhou) Technology Limited
China Digital Media Corporation
China Digimedia owns Arcotect (Guangzhou) Technology Limited
(?Arcotect GZ?) and DigiMedia Service (Shenzhen) Limited (?DigiMedia
SZ?), both are a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (?WOFE?) organized
and existed in the laws of People?s Republic of China. Arcotect GZ
operates a Cable TV business and system development in Nanhai, a
county level city in the province of Guangdong.


SEC Filings

7) China Entertainment Television (CETV)
CETV (China Entertainment Television)
China Entertainment Television Broadcast Limited. A TOM Group company 

TOM Group Limited (stock code: 2383) is listed on the Main Board of
the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.  A leading Chinese-language media
conglomerate in Greater China, TOM Group has diverse business
interests in five key areas: Internet (TOM Online), Outdoor Media (TOM
Outdoor Media Group), Publishing, Sports, Television and Entertainment
across markets in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  In each of
the areas it operates, TOM Group has secured market leadership.

Television & Entertainment

TOM Group is the majority shareholder of CETV, a 24-hour Putonghua
general entertainment channel providing the latest Asian and
International entertainment programming, as well as bringing
pioneering and innovative original productions to Mainland China

INVESTOR RELATIONS - 2005 Annual Report
Page 30ff. Television & Entertainment

8) Phoenix TV
Phoenix broadcasts internationally, and can be seen in Southeast Asia,
Australasia, Europe and the US. But its largest audience is in
mainland China, where it reaches over 42 million households, which
equates to more than 140 million viewers.
Phoenix is a public company free from the control of any government.
Phoenix is listed on the Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market, and its
two largest shareholders are News Corporation and Today's Asia, a
company that is largely owned by the CEO. These two corporations own
over 75 percent of Phoenix. Public investors own 16.4 percent.
Latest Company Results

9) Macau Cable TV (MCTV)
Macau Cable TV Limited
Macau Cable TV, Ltd.(MCTV) has been granted a 15-year Exclusive
Concession Contract since 1999 from the Macau Government.   MCTV?s
shareholders are Portugal Telecom Ventures SGPS SA, Portugal Telecom
Asia Lda, Teledifusao de Macau SA, Banco Nacional Ultramarino SA and
Ng Fok Holdings SARL.  MCTV commenced its broadcasting service on 8th
July 2000.  At present, it provides over fifty different international
channels, which are categorized as sports, movies, series, music,
news, cartoons and nature.   MCTV is keen to provide variety of
programs for different customer segments and gives them more choices. 
This not only helps broaden the customer visions, but also enriches
their life with perfect blend of entertainment and pleasure.

Macau Cable TV , Ltd.

Macau Cable TV plans to introduce a broadband Internet service next
year - a move that will give the company an edge over gray-market

10) Asia Television Limited (ATV)
Asia Television Ltd.

ATV is one of two free-to-air broadcasters in Hong Kong, the other
being its arch-rival TVB. It operates two channels: the 24-hour Home
channel, which broadcasts in Cantonese, and the 22-hour World channel,
which broadcasts primarily in English. The channels are accessible in
North America via satellite. In 2002, ATV gained approval from China's
State Administration for Radio, Film and Television to beam its two
channels to the Guangdong Pearl River Delta region.

ATV has also established a close relationship with Guangdong TV to
ensure their stable cooperation in programme productions, advertising
and sales.

Asia Television Limited Company Profile

Asia Television Limited?s views on Public Service Broadcasting 


China TV Advertising Industry
China Knowledge Press 
 October 31, 2004
 262 Pages - Pub ID: CKP1068954
Price: $395

Accenture Global Convergence Forum 2006: 
Plenary Session
Shanghai Media Group in the Globalization Era: Convergence, Innovation
and Expansion

The Chinese Media & Entertainment Landscape 
According to the ?2006 Chinese Media Industry Development Report,? the
Chinese media market was worth approximately 320.5 billion RMB (US$40
billion) in 2005, an increase of 11.9 percent on 2004.

In the advertising market, recent statistics from the State
Administration of Industry and Commerce show television advertising
continued to outperform all other media platforms, achieving total
sales of 35.529 billion yuan, a 21.8 percent rise compared to the same
time last year. Television advertising accounts for 25.6 percent of
the nation?s total advertising sales volume. At the same time, there
has been a boom in online advertising. The number of websites running
adverts now stands at 585 ? up by 311 from the same time last year, a
surge of 114 percent.

Advertising and Media in China
At the 52nd Annual ARF Convention held in New York on March 20-22,
2006, the highlights came from a contingent of researchers from China.

Paul Wang from CSM Media Research showed some hard media data.

In terms of advertising expenditures, the markets shares are 76% for
television, 16% for newspapers, 5% for outdoor, 2% for magazines and
1% for radio.

Irdeto is a world leader in content security, and provides
comprehensive solutions for digital content protection in Digital TV,
IPTV and Mobile environments.

Irdeto Access

Xinjiang Broadcast & Television Transmission Network Corp. Ltd.
Yancheng Broadcasting Television and Information Development
Yi Wu Broadcasting & Television Bureau
Taiyuan Cable TV Network Center
Foshan Broadcasting & TV Network Company
Jinan CATV
Guangzhou Broadcasting and Television Network Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Telecommunication & Broadcasting Media Digital TV Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Media Group New Media Co., Ltd.
Lin Hai Broadcasting & Television Bureau
Taizhou Tongda Cable Digital Network Co., Ltd
Zhenjiang City Broadcasting and Television Station
Fujian Radio & TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd
The State Administration of Radio Film & Television Center of Transmission
Jiaxing Broadcasting and TV Network Co.
Shanghai Stock Communication Co, Ltd.
Shaanxi Provincial Network
SkyWave TV Company Ltd
Huzhou Broadcast & TV Network Company Ltd.
Radio & TV New Technology Development Co. of Guangdong Province
Harbin Yuanshen BTV Network Co., Ltd
Pacific Century Matrix
Shanghai Interactive TV
Jilin Broadcasting & TV Network Co., Ltd
Liaoning Broadcasting & TV Information Network Co., Ltd
Hunan Broadcasting and Television Mobil TV Co., Ltd
Gansu Provinical Network (Gansu Cable)
China Broadcasting Film Television Satellite Co. Ltd
Central Satellite Television Transmission Center
Zhengzhou Broadcasting and Television Information Network Co., Ltd.
Shenyang CATV Station
Nanning CATV Station
Jiangxi Provincal Cable Network
Kunming Broadcasting TV Network Centre
Quingdao CATV
Guangdong Cable TV and Broadcasting Station
Galaxy Satellite Broadcasting Ltd
Macau Cable TV
Wuhan Broadcasting & TV Network Company
Changsha Guoan Broadcasting and Television Broadband Network Co., Ltd
Zhuhai Broadcast & TV Station
Shunde Station of Guangdong Foshan Broadcasting and TV Networks
Ningbo Digital Television Co. Ltd
Guangdong Zhuhai TV Transmission Co., Ltd

Radio & Television Broadcasting

·Beijing Television
·China Central Television
·China National Radio
·China Radio International
·Guangdong Provincial TV
·Shanghai Television

Hong Kong
·Asian Television Limited
·Commercial Radio
·Hong Kong Cable TV
·Metro Broadcast
·Radio Television Hong Kong
·Satellite Television Asian Region Ltd. (STAR TV)
·Television Broadcasts Limited

Chinese Television
 -- ATV (Hong Kong)
 -- CETV (China Entertainment Television)
 -- (China Central Television) 
 -- CTN (Chinese Television Network)
 -- RTHK on Internet (Hong Kong)
 -- Star
 -- The 8th Shanghai TV
 -- (Hong Kong)

The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Television and Radio Web Sites

Searched for Television in China Asia. Matches found: 10

1    China Central Television (CCTV) 
2    Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd 
3    Shanghai Media Group (SMG) 
4    Asia Television Ltd (ATV) 
5    China Digital Media Corporation (Digimedia) 
6    CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co Ltd 
7    Oriental Pearl Group Co Ltd (OPG) 
8    Phoenix 
9    State Administration of Radio, Film and Television 
10   Xing Kong 

CNN Asia Pacific Affiliates

Hong Kong Cable TV


Macau Cable TV


china  television or TV  financial OR advertising
china OR "hong kong" OR hk OR macau broadcast tv
china cctv OR "china central television"  financial OR advertising
searched on the names of individual TV broadcast companies
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Excellent, very helpful answer!

Subject: Re: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising
From: echan80-ga on 30 Jun 2006 06:49 PDT
The following company that publish Annual Report

TVB (Hong Kong)
Their financial information

i-Cable (Hong Kong pay TV)
their annual report

The following company that publish comapny report:

Company Report

The following is only the company wesite of television broadcasting
companies in Macau and China as i cannot see they will publish annual

Macau Cable TV

Teledifusao De Macau

Beijing Television

China Central Television

Guangdong Provincial TV

Shanghai Television
Subject: Re: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising
From: hypertokyo2-ga on 11 Jul 2006 03:35 PDT
Thanks very much for your help!
Subject: Re: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising
From: czh-ga on 15 Jul 2006 18:18 PDT
Hello hypertokyo2-ga,

Thank you for the kind words, five stars and tip.

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: China TV Broadcasters corporate financials, advertising
From: hardtofindanamenotus-ga on 23 Aug 2006 20:59 PDT
in china,
most influencing TV is CCTV?????????,
and most welcomed by chinese are these TV:
  hu nan TV??????: for its most famous brand is 'supergril'?????? in china.
  phoenix TV??????

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