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Q: My baby bumps her head on carpet ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: My baby bumps her head on carpet
Category: Health > Children
Asked by: worriedmamma-ga
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Posted: 03 Jul 2006 07:48 PDT
Expires: 02 Aug 2006 07:48 PDT
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when my 8 month old baby girl is sitting on the carpet and tries to
crawl, or just get around she sometimes toppls over and bumps her head
on the carpet, should i be concerned or am i just being overly
Subject: Re: My baby bumps her head on carpet
Answered By: eiffel-ga on 03 Jul 2006 09:07 PDT
Hi worriedmamma-ga,

Head bumps are common at this age:

  "Babies will have frequent bumps to the head when they are
   learning to crawl, pull up and walk. At this time babies
   are learning to judge distances, become coordinated and
   establish a sense of balance. The reason that babies are
   more prone to head bonks is that their heads are larger
   and heavier in proportion to their bodies than that of an
   adult ... A baby who lets out a holler and bursts into
   tears is usually all right. If at any time after the injury
   the baby loses consciousness or has a seizure, however,
   there is more cause for concern. You should call an
   ambulance immediately if either of these symptoms occurs."

   Island Parent - Bumps to Baby's Head

  "If your toddler falls and hits his head, examine him for
   other injuries, says Dr. Yacoob, and watch for changes
   in behavior. If he cries but stays alert, he's probably
   okay. Apply a cold compress to minimize swelling.

   Call the Doctor If ... Your child vomits; loses consciousness
   briefly; doesn't want to play; seems more tired, irritable,
   or quiet than usual; suffers headaches; or seems generally
   "out of it," Dr. Yacoob says. He may have a concussion. If
   there's a divot in the skin of his skull, your child could
   have a fracture. Also call the doctor if your baby falls from
   a height of three feet or more -- such as off a changing
   table; or if your child falls while being propelled, such as
   off a moving swing.

   Call 911 If ... Your child loses consciousness or has seizures."

   First Aid for Your Baby's Accidents

It's absolutely normal for a baby to topple over and bump its head
whilst learning to crawl, and I second the comment posted by fellow
researcher byrd-ga.


Google Search Strategy:

baby "head bumps"
Subject: Re: My baby bumps her head on carpet
From: byrd-ga on 03 Jul 2006 08:08 PDT
Relax, Mamma. She'll be fine. I take it this is your first child? We
all went through that. Nature has made babies' bones very soft and
flexible so that they do not hurt themselves despite the many bumps
and falls they'll experience while growing and learning how to
navigate around with that body of theirs. Lots of babies (including
one of mine) even climb up and fall right out of their cribs onto
their heads without ill effect. So yeah, you're being overly cautious.
IF she ever falls from a considerable distance onto a hard surface,
like concrete, and afterward seems sleepy or dopey, then you might
consider a concussion and take her in for a check. But otherwise,
relax.  :-)

Google Answers Researcher, Mom, Grandma
Subject: Re: My baby bumps her head on carpet
From: worriedmamma-ga on 03 Jul 2006 11:28 PDT
thanks for the info! It always helps to hear from someone els that has
been through it.  Ya it is my first baby  lol.  Still hard to see your
little one topple over and bump their heads when they cant really tell
us if they are really hurt or not.  My nervs are calming though!!!!
Subject: Re: My baby bumps her head on carpet
From: markvmd-ga on 03 Jul 2006 11:37 PDT
I'm thinking there might be a market for baby helmets for
overprotective parents. Maybe a bubblewrap turban or waterwings for
the head sort of thing.

Worriedmamma, don't ever be too shy to ask a question. The one you
don't ask will be the dangerous one.

Byrd, you might want to give serious consideration to modifying that
crib before letting anyone else use it. Ooh, or put bubblewrap all
over the landing zone!
Subject: Re: My baby bumps her head on carpet
From: steph53-ga on 03 Jul 2006 16:47 PDT
When my now 30 year old son was 9 months old, he pulled himself out of
his crib and fell head first onto the floor.

From then on , until his mid teens, he has fallen off balconies,
rocks, tops of refrigerators and trees. And you know what??? He
survived just fine....

On the other hand, when my daughter was 18 months old, I dropped her (
head first ) while I was carrying here while running down some stairs.
She sufferred from a head concussion and to this day has occasional
migraines :(


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