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Q: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat ( No Answer,   6 Comments )
Subject: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: joel_r-ga
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Posted: 05 Jul 2006 06:55 PDT
Expires: 14 Jul 2006 06:38 PDT
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I am not a (for lack of a better term) superstitious person. Last
night I was working on a bunkie on our property, and i heard one of
the cats make a reeeow sound. I walked out of the bunkie, and there
was one of our cats sitting behind a black cat I had never seen
before. My cat was just inspecting this one, and they appeared to be
getting, along, so I thought nothing of it. Except that the black cat
wouldnt take its eyes of me. I was trying to hiss at it to scare it
away, and it wouldnt budge. I walked back to resume work inside the
bunkie, and the cat was still staring at me through the bunkie window.
Like I said, I am not a superstitious person, and I am somewhat
skeptical towards spirits, psychics, etc.  But every time I think
about it, I get a feeling inside my stomach like it meant something. I
told my girlfriend, and she feels the same way. I am trying to get an
interpretation from someone who is less skeptical and more
knowledgable in this field than I am. Any speculation is welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Clarification of Question by joel_r-ga on 05 Jul 2006 12:06 PDT
I guess this is a bit of a dumb question. The mp3 clip was
interesting, but I am obviously asking a question that is very hard to
research. Just waiting for a psychic/voodoo witch/miss cleo to login
and answer I guess :) Hope it's a least entertaining...

Request for Question Clarification by tisme-ga on 05 Jul 2006 19:41 PDT
I am sure pinkfreud could make it quite an entertaining read... pink
is the closest to Miss Cleo on the researcher side that I know... :)


Clarification of Question by joel_r-ga on 07 Jul 2006 06:16 PDT
...just posting a blank message to fullfil the clarifaction
notification that keeps coming up
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
From: canadianhelper-ga on 05 Jul 2006 07:18 PDT
Here is an mp3 audio clip from Quirks and Quarks (a science show in
Canada on CBC radio) that has a segment on Why Cats Stare.
Subject: Re: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
From: pinkfreud-ga on 05 Jul 2006 12:23 PDT
When you ask for input from someone "more knowledgable in this field,"
what field do you have in mind?

I believe in certain spiritual realities, but I also believe that
there's a huge amount of pseudo-spiritual hokum in the world. If a
certain phenomenon can easily be explained by non-supernatural means,
I think it makes sense to accept that explanation rather than seek
mumbo-jumbo causes from alleged experts in the paranormal.

IMHO, the staring behavior of cats is well-documented, and does not
require an explanation that comes from The Twilight Zone. ;-)
Subject: Re: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
From: joel_r-ga on 05 Jul 2006 13:28 PDT
thanks for the reply pinkfreud. When I say "this field", Im not sure
what I mean. I guess I mean someone who studies the paranormal, or has
heard theories about this kind of behavior from a cat that would give
a skeptic like me such an eerie feeling. I am forcing myself to
approach this with an open mind and an "i dont actually know
everything about the universe" attitude. I just slapped this question
on here to make my experience make more sense to me. Thanks!
Subject: Re: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
From: edejl-ga on 05 Jul 2006 14:35 PDT
What's a bunkie? Like a bunker?
Subject: Re: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
From: myoarin-ga on 05 Jul 2006 18:29 PDT
Lots of stuff about black  - and white -  cats:
Subject: Re: Superstition - A Staring Black Cat
From: joel_r-ga on 06 Jul 2006 06:30 PDT
yeah, a bunkie is like a small cabin

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