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Q: Provillus ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: Provillus
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: bashar007-ga
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Posted: 09 Jul 2006 11:41 PDT
Expires: 08 Aug 2006 11:41 PDT
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I want to know everthing possible about a hair loss treatment product
called provillus. the herbal pills are produced by a company called
ultraherbal. i want to know if the product is effective? has any one
filed any legal cases agianst the company for selling products that
doesnt work in the U.S.A or anywhere else. please provide me with all
possible useful informaton about this product and its manufacturing
Subject: Re: Provillus
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 12 Jul 2006 15:50 PDT
Hello Bashar007,

   I have found information on Provillus and its manufacturer. If you
plan to invest in this company, I don?t think you will care for my
answer. However, if you were thinking of buying the product, you will
be glad you asked your question. What I found is not favorable for
Ultra Herbal,LLC or Provillus. The good thing is, I was unable to
locate any lawsuits or pending litigation. This may be due to the
company?s off shore location.

?The ultimate test.       Anyone can make claims. Claims are worthless
without tests. Tests establish a product's effectiveness. When a
company implies that its product stops hair loss, treats thinning hair
or grows hair, call them. Ask them for "product test information". If
they refuse, move on. Don't give them a penny.?

Using Google Scholar, I researched ?Provillus? and got zero returns.
This alone speaks volumes for the lack of any scientific studies or

Here is what a clinical study for an approved hair loss treatment,
AVODART (dutasteride),  looks like. Provillus has no such studies.:

The makers of Provillus also make breast enlargement pills, penis
enlargement pills, sex toys, etc.

Read Ultra Herbal?s own poorly written legal disclaimer, by clicking
Terms of Service + Privacy Policy

Legal Disclaimer
Statements made by la pleasures have not been evaluated by the food
and drug administration. The FDA Dose not evaluate or test herbs.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
any illness or disease. Consult with your physician for diagnosis or
treatment. Use herbs as per instructions and always watch for any
allergic reactions.

The information presented on this site is not presented with the
intention of diagnosing any disease or condition or prescribing any
treatment. It is offered as information only, for use in the
maintenance and promotion of good health in cooperation with a
licensed medical practitioner.

In the event that any individual should use the information presented
on this website without a licensed medical practitioner's approval,
that individual will be diagnosing for him or herself.

No responsibility is assumed by the author, publisher or distributors
of this information should the information be used in place of a
licensed medical practitioner's services. No guarantees of any kind
are made for the performance or effectiveness of the preparations
mentioned on this website. Furthermore, this information is based
solely on the traditional and historic use of a given herb, or on
clinical trials that are generally not recognized by any US government
agency or medical organization.

This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug
Administration, nor has it gone through the rigorous double-blind
studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly
beneficial or potentially dangerous and prescribed in the treatment of
any condition or disease.?

Provillus ingredients are primarily B vitamins, with some minerals and
saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is an herb that has been used to treat
benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). Side effects are few, but no long
term studies have been undertaken.

??act to increase urine flow, to diminish inflammation, and to reduce
muscle spasms. In Europe, saw palmetto is widely used to treat benign
prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, which is an enlargement of the prostate
gland (see details below). In the United States, it ranks among the
top ten dietary supplements in terms of sales.?

?Early in the 20th century, saw palmetto was listed in the US
Pharmacopoeia as an effective remedy for enlargement of the prostate
gland (called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH), urinary tract
inflammation, cystitis (bladder inflammation), breast disorders,
bronchitis, and laryngitis.?

?Saw palmetto's active ingredients include fatty acids, plant sterols,
and flavonoids. However, most likely these are not the only substances
within the berries that affect hormone production, and it will take
more scientific study to determine exactly how saw palmetto works.
The berries also contain high-molecular-weight polysaccharides, which
are usually associated with either anti-inflammatory or
immune-stimulant effects.?

?The AUA is also concerned about the safety of food supplements
containing saw palmetto for lower urinary tract symptoms. Most
products currently being marketed in the United States for lower
urinary tract symptoms and BPH are combinations of multiple
ingredients. Each product is often different from the other. The
various multiple components could differ within each individual
The AUA very strongly believes that each of these products marketed
for lower urinary tract symptoms and BPH should be individually tested
for safety given that each product could be different.?

?Although the legislation prohibits manufacturers from making direct
claims for the product?s use in treating, curing, or preventing human
diseases, it does not, unfortunately, prevent third parties from
making claims about a supplement?s use.

 In addition, the legislation provides a gigantic loophole for the
promotion of products that do not have established safety and
efficacy.  As a result, advertisements are allowed to claim potential
therapeutic benefits for dietary supplements. Because these
preparations are not subject to rigorous quality control, content may
vary from one batch to another and from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Even the few manufacturers that use quality control measures and
quantitate the major constituents in their products do not know
whether they are controlling the quantities of all of the potentially
biologically active ingredients contained within their products.

Finally, the vast majority of herbal products are deficient in
appropriate human toxicological analysis. A common misconception is
that these ?all natural? remedies are safe.
More recently, German clinical studies have concluded that saw
palmetto possesses a beneficial antiandrogenic and antiinflammatory
effect of particular benefit in treating benign prostatic hypertrophy
(BPH). Unfortunately, the herb has yet to pass the rigorous safety and
efficacy tests demanded by the FDA. It has been shown that contraction
of human prostate is mediated by alpha-adrenoreceptors and that
prazosin, an alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonist, produces significant
symptomatic relief of BPH. There are no studies to suggest that the
unapproved saw palmetto offers any preferential, or even equivalent,
treatment of BPH when compared with prazosin.

 Again, there exists no bioequivalence among various saw palmetto
products. No significant toxicity data for long-term use of this herb
are available, and potential interactions of saw palmetto supplements
with specific OTC and Rx medications are unknown.

?Do not take this medication without first talking to your doctor if you have:
?	cancer of the prostate,
?	breast cancer, or
?	any other sex hormone-related disease or disorder.
Saw palmetto may affect hormone levels in your body which could be
dangerous if you have any of the conditions listed above.?

?Men over the age of 50 should have their prostate examined by a
doctor on a regular basis. Saw palmetto is not a cure for BPH, it has
only been used for relief of the symptoms of BPH.

Saw palmetto has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety,
effectiveness, or purity. All potential risks and/or advantages of saw
palmetto may not be known. Additionally, there are no regulated
manufacturing standards in place for these compounds. There have been
instances where herbal/health supplements have been sold which were
contaminated with toxic metals or other drugs. Herbal/health
supplements should be purchased from a reliable source to minimize the
risk of contamination.?

?What interactions should I watch for? 
Prescription Drugs  -  In studies and case reports, saw palmetto has
been shown to increase the time blood needs to clot. When it is taken
with an antiplatelet or an anticoagulant drug, the effect of the drug
may be increased, resulting in uncontrolled bleeding.
?	Antiplatelets include Plavix and Ticlid 
?	Anticoagulants include heparin and warfarin
Because it has hormonal activity, saw palmetto may interfere with the
effectiveness of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy.?,11475,4066,00.html

?It has been suggested that saw palmetto may block some effects of
testosterone and therefore reduce male pattern hair loss, similar to
the medication finasteride (Propecia®). More studies are necessary
before saw palmetto can be recommended for this use.?

Side Effects
?The most common complaints involve the stomach and intestines, and
include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, bad breath, constipation, or
diarrhea. Stomach upset caused by saw palmetto may be reduced by
taking it with food. Some reports suggest that there may be less
abdominal discomfort with the preparation lipidosterolic extract of
Serenoa repens (LSESR). A small number of reports describe ulcers or
liver damage and yellowing of the skin (jaundice), but the role of saw
palmetto is not clear in these cases. Similarly, reports of headache,
dizziness, insomnia, depression, breathing difficulties, muscle pain,
high blood pressure, chest pain, abnormal heart rhythm, and heart
disease have been reported, but are not clearly caused by saw
palmetto. People with health conditions involving the stomach, liver,
heart, or lungs should use caution.

At least two case reports describe severe bleeding during saw palmetto
use. Caution is advised in people scheduled to undergo some surgeries
or dental work, who have bleeding disorders, or who are taking drugs
that may increase the risk of bleeding. Dosing adjustments may be
necessary. Several reports describe men with prostate cancer who
developed blood clots in the legs and lung while taking saw palmetto.
Since cancer may increase the risk of blood clots, it is not clear if
saw palmetto was the cause.

Some men using saw palmetto report difficulty with erections,
testicular discomfort, breast tenderness or enlargement, and changes
in sexual desire. Saw palmetto may have effects on the body's response
to the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, but no specific effect
has been well demonstrated in humans. Men or women taking hormonal
medications (such as Finasteride/Proscar®/Propecia® or birth control
pills) or who have hormone-sensitive conditions should use caution.
Tinctures may contain high levels of alcohol and should be avoided
when driving or operating heavy machinery.?

?There are many, many people eagerly searching for a hair loss cure.
When it's found, you'll know it. A real hair growth product or hair
loss treatment is worth billions. The media will be all over it. In
the meantime, please get educated about hair loss. It's not that hard.
Let's start right here with the simple facts of hair loss...

Hair follicles can die. Sadly, some hair follicles slowly shrink and
die in the presence of DHT. This causes 95% of all hair loss. DHT
(Dihydrotestosterone) is created naturally inside your body when the
enzyme 5 alpha reductase combines with the hormone testosterone. In
both men and women, it's called androgenetic alopecia or hair loss if
you prefer.

Your hair follicles aren't blocked, malnourished or suffering from
poor circulation. They're dying from DHT. This is what causes hair
loss. Anything that will stop hair loss, cure baldness or regrow hair
must block DHT or overpower its effects. This can only occur at the
molecular level inside your body.
Some of the hair loss products out now are really excellent. Some even
work instantly. There are, unfortunately, many hair loss scams as
well. Follow the links below and find what works for hair loss. Learn
how to spot hair loss scams, see what the government says and never,
ever fall for a hair loss scam...?

?What else works? There are other natural and manufactured products
that work for hair loss. New ones are always on the way. These have a
scientific basis for effectiveness. Here's how to find the most
effective ones and never get caught in a scam.

Contact. First, read How to spot a hair loss scam. Then weed out the
obvious scams as you scour the vast product collections you'll find
through Resources. Contact the companies whose products survive your
screening and ask for "product test information". Only pursue products
that offer test information or references to medical journal articles.

Evaluate. Don't be lazy. Your hair is at stake. When companies give
you their product's test information or references to medical journal
articles, gather them and dig for the most effective product. Evaluate
with the Clinical Crash Course.?  

?Can my doctor do something to stop hair loss?
Perhaps. Your doctor will probably ask you some questions about your
diet, any medicines you're taking, whether you've had a recent illness
and how you take care of your hair. If you're a woman, your doctor may
ask questions about your menstrual cycle, pregnancies and menopause.
Your doctor may want to do a physical exam to look for other causes of
hair loss. Finally, blood tests or a biopsy (taking a small sample of
cells to examine under a microscope) of your scalp may be needed.

Is there any treatment for hair loss? 
Depending on your type of hair loss, treatments are available. If a
medicine is causing your hair loss, your doctor may be able to
prescribe a different medicine. Recognizing and treating an infection
may help stop the hair loss. Correcting a hormone imbalance may
prevent further hair loss.
Medicines may help slow or prevent the development of common baldness.
One medicine, minoxidil (brand name: Rogaine), is available without a
prescription. It is applied to the scalp. Both men and women can use
it. Another medicine, finasteride (brand name: Propecia) is available
with a prescription. It comes in pills and is only for men. It may
take up to 6 months before you can tell if one of these medicines is

Top Ten Hair Loss Scams
1) Your follicles are blocked! Your hairs are ready to pop right out,
but your follicles are clogged. Buy our Magic Shampoo and wash the
hairs back on your head.
2) You have poor circulation! What your scalp really needs is more
blood. Then your hair can grow. Of course, even a bald scalp bleeds
profusely when cut, but ignore this.
3) Your follicles are malnourished! Vitamins and nutritional
supplements are not a cure for hair loss. Besides, there are plenty of
bald guys at the health food stores.

4) It's not from the U.S.! It's from Europe! It's from China! Well,
then it must grow hair. The U.S.A. cured polio and put a man on the
moon but - darn it! - we just can't seem to keep up with the rest of
the world and their marvelous hair loss cures.

5) It's really old! It's an ancient remedy. It's so old we almost
forgot about it. Suddenly, we remembered it!

6) Award winning formula! Oscar? Grammy? What award might this be? Scammy?

7) Anonymous testimonial! Our customer, J.R. tried it and J.R. thinks
he sees more hairs in the mirror. Forget all those medical and
research journals - If J.R. thinks he sees more hairs, it's gotta be
the cure for baldness!

8) Bugs! Bugs are eating your hair! The bug in question is a mite
called Demodex Follicularum. Science has known about them since the
1840's. They're found in all adult humans in all hair follicles all
over your body and yet hairs flourish all over your body, even in
places you'd rather not have them.

9) Hypnotize yourself! The FDA finally shut this scam down years ago,
but someone will try it again. Hypnosis might make you believe your
hair is growing, but when I snap my fingers, you're still bald.

10) True lies. Watch out. This one is particularly sneaky. They start
off with a truthful, detailed explanation of hair loss that is so
exquisite, you'll buy anything they're selling. They'll transition
seamlessly from the truth into the lie they offer. They may offer any
of the above lies.

?Along with advancing age and an inherited tendency to bald early (a
more complex link than researchers originally thought), androgenetic
alopecia is sped up by an over-abundance of the male hormone
dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the hair follicle. DHT is a highly
active form of testosterone, which influences certain aspects of
masculine behavior, from aggression to sex drive.
Testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha
reductase, which is produced in the prostate, the scalp and various
adrenal glands. Over time, DHT causes hair follicles to degrade and
shortens their anagen, or active, phase.
Technically, the follicle is still alive and connected to a good blood
supply (that's why it can nurture a transplanted follicle that is
immune to the effects of DHT), but it will grow smaller and smaller.
Some follicles will die, but most will simply shrink in size and
produce weaker hairs. The progressively shorter anagen growing cycle
means more hairs are shed and remaining hairs become so thin that they
cannot survive daily wear and tear, experts say. Hairs in balding
areas gradually change from long, coarse, thick, colored hairs into
fine, unpigmented, fuzzy hairs.?

About Ultra Herbal, LLC:
Here is the domain registration information on

Registrant [302847]:
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556

Administrative Contact [302847]:
        Domain Admin
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556
        Phone: +1.8694690224
        Fax:   +1.8694698060

Billing Contact [302847]:
        Domain Admin
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556
        Phone: +1.8694690224
        Fax:   +1.8694698060

Technical Contact [302847]:
        Domain Admin
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556
        Phone: +1.8694690224
        Fax:   +1.8694698060 is the same

Registrant [302847]:
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556

Administrative Contact [302847]:
        Domain Admin
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556
        Phone: +1.8694690224
        Fax:   +1.8694698060

Billing Contact [302847]:
        Domain Admin
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556
        Phone: +1.8694690224
        Fax:   +1.8694698060

Technical Contact [302847]:
        Domain Admin
        Ultra Herbal LLC
        Hunkins Waterfront Plaza
        Main Street
        P.O. Box 556
        Phone: +1.8694690224
        Fax:   +1.8694698060

Here is a business profile of Ultra Herbal, operating out of Saint
Kitts and Nevis, have 5 - 10 employees. This company is under the
jurisdiction of, and venue in, the Central District of the Nevis, West

The company seems to have numerous affiliations in many countries:

Mr. David Rivero seems to be in charge of selling ingredients to other
companies for re-labeling.

The US branch of this company (If it indeed is the same company) is
rated ?C? by the BBB. A rating of ?C? is number 9 on a scale of 11
grades, with AAA being the best, and F being the worst.

This page explains the rating system:

Searching the BBB by Ultra Herbal?s various websites turns up no
membership in the BBB.

   My own observation is why would I trust a company that pays so
little attention to detail to publish such rubbish as this? ?It is
provillus also essential for red blood cell metabolism. The nervous
and immune systems need vitamin B6 to function efficiently, and it is
provillus also needed for the conversion of tryptophan to niacin.
Biotin is provillus part of the Vitamin B complex and is provillus a
vitamin supplement necessary for healthy hair, scalp and nails. Biotin
will help with the condition of the hair and the scalp as well. Simply
put...Biotin is provillus Hair Food.?

?Before you purchase Herbal Phentermine or any other Ultra Herbal
products you should first check our web sites for the latest
information about these products.?
Herbal Phentermine is banned from sale in the UK by the MHRA, (MHRA ?
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)

 I can only conclude that this is one of those herbal supplement scam
companies. This company has numerous cheesy sites all over the world.
You?ll notice that there are no scientific claims to the supplement,
no research, and no documentation that this product works. The name of
the product is nowhere to be found on Google Scholar. No reliable
medical site promotes the use of this product. The sites which tout
this product are similar in nature to supermarket tabloids, while
reliable medical and health sites can be compared to the National
Geographic magazine.

If you think you are lacking in B vitamins, you?d be better served to
purchase them from a well know and reputable company. If you do decide
to spend money on this product, please notify your physician first, as
some of the ingredients will interfere with some medeical conditions 
and prescribed medications. I am most certain your physician will
concur with  my findings.

Good luck! If any part of my answer is unclear, please request an
Answer Clarification, and allow me to respond, before rating. I?ll be
happy to clarify anything here, if possible, before you rate.

Sincerely, Crabcakes

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Subject: Re: Provillus
From: keystroke-ga on 23 Jul 2006 15:35 PDT
Yes, this product is basically just saw palmetto. If you want to see
how it works, go to the store and buy saw palmetto and see if it
works-- for a lot, lot less than this company will try to rip you off

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