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Q: Diet versus Exercise ( Answered 1 out of 5 stars,   9 Comments )
Subject: Diet versus Exercise
Category: Health > Fitness and Nutrition
Asked by: dominicbird-ga
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Posted: 17 Jul 2006 20:36 PDT
Expires: 16 Aug 2006 20:36 PDT
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What case studies/articles are available, showing that diet is
significantly more effective than exercise in achieving weight-loss?
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
Answered By: hedgie-ga on 17 Jul 2006 21:40 PDT
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Neither if the two is 'more important'.  

 Equations governing the human weight is simple:    (energy-in -
energy-out) * K = change in the body weight

        Diet affects energy-in (measured in calories or Joules) - as
shown on the packages
        Exercise affects energy-out as shown by the chart below.

 Equations is not exact to the 2 decimals, since change in the body
weight is due either to storage of excess energy
 in fat tissue, or in  muscle cells - depending on amount of exercise.
One gram of fat and of muscle tissue have different energy content.
Nevertheless it is good first order approximation and it shows that
both factor are important, with exercise having
 slightly larger effect than the simple equation above would indicate.

 Here is the same thing in words:

Causative factors

When food energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, fat cells (and to
a lesser extent muscle and liver cells) throughout the body take in
the energy and store it as fat. In its simplest conception, therefore,
obesity is only made possible when the lifetime energy intake exceeds
lifetime energy expenditure

Energy expenditure of a person doing nothing (sitting on a chair,
resting) is same as  100 watt light bulb.
During exercise this expenditure goes up.

It is somewhat complicated since people use different units 
(calories, Joules, BTUs ..) for energy, as explained here:

This free on-line (download and print) booklet

has data on power consumption during exercise and energy content of foods.
The charts show how the weight of the subject changes in accordance
with the equation above.
It is valuable, since it shows the fluctuations up to 5 lb about the mean value.
Fluctuations are caused by different water content of the body, which
is affected by the
diuretics and consumption of the salt. The equation describes average
value, averaged over several
days, and/or when having a neutral diet (same amount of salts).

Here are data for power consumption during exercise

There is more under the SEARCH TERMS:sports calories burned

The other term in the equations can be found under SEARCH TERMS:
energy content of food

dominicbird-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars
Tou have not done your reaearch properly and are giving me misleading
advise. I know the answer to my question, i just wanted objective
clarification. I would like a refund.

Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: nautico-ga on 18 Jul 2006 01:54 PDT
My own personal experience has shown that, at least for me, exercise
is more important than dieting in achieving weight loss goals. If I
had to put percentages on the combo, I'd say 70% for exercise, 30% for
dieting. Stated otherwise, if I could do only one or the other (a
choice I don't have to make), I could lose weight by only exercising
vigorously, but not by dieting alone. No doubt everyone's metabolism
is different in this respect.
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: grow_old_and_die-ga on 18 Jul 2006 12:37 PDT
The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry... it is ironic
that the country where the industry is strongest (financially) is the
most obese nation! I was in China recently and I believe that a belly
shows is positive as it shows sign of wealth but generally the people
are a very healthy weight because there is more exercise in their
lifestyle. Note: Much of their diet is fried so the diet is not
necessarily that healthy!!!
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: hedgie-ga on 20 Jul 2006 03:09 PDT
           As well known, science cannot compete with strongly held
popular beliefs, superstition and advertising and myths.
It should not even try.

However, one does loose weight by fasting alone, in spite of the fact that
without exercise the metabolim slows doen during the fast.
 (It will be less then 100W - byt eq. I quoted dtill holds. To put percentages
on value of expression   X= a - b
 70 % for a
 30 % for b

is nonsense.

This book, describe weight loss by fasting.

 It is written by MD should be read before anyone attempts that 
 i(there are some precutions to be followed).

and please, read the disclaimers below. This is not a medical advice.

Rather, it is law of physics. It is sometimes called 
'law of conservation of energy'  and it's applicability to organism was
tested - even though it was never seriously in doubt. 

Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: nautico-ga on 20 Jul 2006 05:10 PDT
Hedgie, my "nonsense" notwithstanding, the 30-70 importance ratio that
I cited simply approximates what works for me. I didn't claim it was
based on science.
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: hedgie-ga on 20 Jul 2006 05:12 PDT

without exercise the metabolim slows doen during the fast.
 (It will be less then 100W - byt eq. I quoted dtill holds. To put percentages
on value of expression   X= a - b
 70 % for a
 30 % for b

should be

without exercise the metabolism slows down during the fast.
 (It will be less then 100W - but eq. I quoted above still holds. 

To put percentages on value of expression   X= a - b
 70 % for a
 30 % for b

is nonsense.

Sorry about the typos.
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: bowler-ga on 20 Jul 2006 15:04 PDT
I think the researcher dropped the ball on this one.

Hedgie, I've seen your work on other questions and realize you are an
experienced and good researcher.  But, the customer asked for articles
to support his/her claim and the answer you provided did nothing to
support the claim but expressed an opinion you had on the subject.  I
think that could have been expressed in a comment or clarifiaction
with something to the effect of "I have not been able to find any
articles supporting your claim..."

Even if you don't agree with a point of view, as a researcher you
should be objective and provide information on what they are asking
for, provided it exists.  If not then just tell the customer that
nothing exists.

I usually don't question what a researcher does but a think the
cutomer is right in this situation.
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: hedgie-ga on 21 Jul 2006 04:30 PDT

I appreciate your comment and opinion, and I do understand that 
 dominic bird is not happy.

However I do not see this as 

" Even if you don't agree with a point of view  .."

 There are opinions, and subjective experience (dreams, faith ..)
  and there are objective facts.


 has many examples showing that fasting without excercise leads to the reduction
 of weight.  Where else would the energy to run body fuctions come
from? It comes from energy stored in fat.

As I explained elswhere:
 some 'questions' are not questions, but alternative theories
or gropes. These are OK, as long as asker really wants an honest opinion

To look for evidence of something which is not true would not be ethical
(some 'sponsored research' does that - 
 - there are many "proofs" that nicotin is not adictive, and canabis is)

I do not do that. Customer can always ask for refund.

For me this is not issue of money, but issue of principle.

As I also explained elsewhere, my goals are
1) to tell the truth
2) to get 5 stars
3) to make some money

 In THAT order.

Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: myoarin-ga on 21 Jul 2006 05:09 PDT
Regardless of the differences above, from my experience, additional
exercise is beneficial in that improved muscle tone, especially around
the midriff, will improve one's figure  (even without weight loss). 
Of course, if one really has a belly, then this won't be so effective,
but if one can still "suck it in", it just takes a little willpower to
do appropriate exercises that will help eliminate that "overly
relaxed" paunch, help one's posture.

It may be a case of "he carries his weight well", but it makes a difference.
Subject: Re: Diet versus Exercise
From: boquinha-ga on 07 Aug 2006 08:24 PDT

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