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Q: Reprint rights / Public domain material for health ebooks and reports ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Reprint rights / Public domain material for health ebooks and reports
Category: Health
Asked by: clickstar-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 19 Jul 2006 08:15 PDT
Expires: 18 Aug 2006 08:15 PDT
Question ID: 747733
I am looking for about 10 ebooks and/or special reports which I can
use for my own commercial purposes. I won't actually be selling them,
but would like to include them as free bonuses to all customers who
buy my main health related product. With each ebook and/or special
report you find, there has to be no problems whatsoever with me
re-using the material for my own purposes. I would prefer you to find
a list of books/reports which are free for me to use, but in cases
where you can't I will be happy to consider paying for them.

Here is the list of topics to be covered:
1. Natural Cleanse
2. List of Acid and Alkaline Foods
3. Cellular Health 
4. Hydration
5. pH Library / pH Value of foods
6. Healthy Tips
7. Healing Foods For A Healthy Life
8. Healthy Recipes
9. Smoothies recipes
10. Weight Loss
11. Look and feel younger
12. Holistic healing
13. Overview of mental health and well-being
14. Longer, healthier, happier life
15. Eliminate panic and anxiety

Note, I have listed 15 topics above, but if you can only find
books/reports covering 10 of the above topics, then I will be happy.

Request for Question Clarification by kriswrite-ga on 19 Jul 2006 10:14 PDT
Thus far, I have the following information for you:

* Seven public domain pamphlets/articles on anxiety and panic

* Two public domain pamphlets/articles on general mental health

* Seven public domain pamphlets/articles on weight loss

* One public domain pamphlet/article on healthy recipes

* Seven public domain pamphlets/articles on healthy eating

* Three public domain pamphlets/articles with health tips

* Three public domain pamphlets/articles on cleansing/detoxing the body

* Three public domain pamphlets/articles on general healthy living

* One public domain pamphlet/article on hydration

Plus three sources for additional public domain pamphlets/articles on
these topics. Would this constitute a suitable Answer?

Subject: Re: Reprint rights / Public domain material for health ebooks and reports
Answered By: kriswrite-ga on 19 Jul 2006 13:22 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello clickstar~

Since requesting clarification, I found more information for you and I
believe it completely meets your requirements. I've found 44 articles
in 12 different categories, plus I've provided additional links for
similar, copyright free material.

Everything listed here is absolutely reprintable (without requesting
permission or paying a fee).

Kind regards,


"Facts About Anxiety Disorders," U.S. Government:

"Panic Attack Symptoms," U.S. Government:

"Depression," U.S. Government:

Additional government pamphlets on anxiety may be found here:

"Tips for Combating Depression & Anxiety," Give Me Articles:

"How To Stop a Panic Attack," Give Me Articles:

"Beating Anxiety and Stress with Golden Root," Give Me Articles:

"Stress Relief Advice,"

See also more copyright free articles on stress at


"Directory of Mental Health Resources," U.S. Government:

"Fact Sheets: Major Mental Disorders," U.S. Government:


"Weight Loss for Life," U.S. Government:

"Finding a Weight Loss Program that Works for You," U.S. Government:

"Setting Goals for Weight Loss," U.S. Government:

"More Than Counting Calories," U.S. Government:

"Fitness & Exercise," U.S. Government:

You'll find more government pamphlets on weight loss here:

"Can Eating Fruits & Vegetables Help People Loose Weight?" CDC:


"Recipes and Tips for Healthy, Thrifty Meals," U.S. Government:


"The Food Guide Pyramid," U.S. Government:

"An Action Guide for Healthy Eating," U.S. Government:

"A Consumer's Guide to Fats," U.S. Government:

"Revealing Trans Fats," U.S. Government:

"How Much Are You Eating," U.S. Government:

"Top Fourteen Foods to Avoid," Give Me Articles:

"Nutrition For Everyone," CDC:

"What You Can Do to Stay Healthy," U.S. Government:

"Healthy Children," CDC:

"Preventing Chronic Disease," CDC:


"Why You Need An Isagenix Body Cleansing Detoxification," Give Me

"Detox the Body," Give Me Articles:

"Detox Your Body for Excellent Health," Give Me Articles:


"Natural Solutions for Frequent Colds," Give Me Articles:

"twelve Ways to Overcome Sleep Disorders," Give Me Articles:

You'll find a host of other articles on health at Give Me Articles:

"The Importance of Drinking Water for Your Health," Give Me Articles:\


"Can Antioxidants Prevent Cellular Damage?"


"Holistic Medicine As Compared with Other Medical Practices,"

"Holistic Medicine,"

For a list of other copyright free articles covering everything from
aromatherapy to alternative medicine, see


"How to be Happy,"

"Manifest the Life You Want,"

"How to Attain and Retain Peace of Mind,"

"Why Should You Find Your Life's Purpose,"

For more copyright free articles on well-being, please see

Additional sources of copyright free material include:

* Reprint Articles:


reprint holistic health, ebooks reprint holistic health, ebooks
reprint health, ebooks reprint, "public domain" health articles, U.S.
government pamphlets, U.S. government paplets, government report

Request for Answer Clarification by clickstar-ga on 19 Jul 2006 13:59 PDT

Many thanks for your quick response. I will thoroughly review it
within the next 12-24 hours. However, at a first glance it appears
that none of the sources are actual ebooks. Please point out how many
ebooks you have found for me. Thanks in advance.

Clarification of Answer by kriswrite-ga on 19 Jul 2006 15:31 PDT
Clickstar, you are correct. None of them are e-books. In your
question, you asked for "ebooks and/or special reports." I was unable
to find any free e-books in the subject areas you desired, but I found
plenty of reports. Some are available in standard print format, and
others are also available in html code.


Request for Answer Clarification by clickstar-ga on 20 Jul 2006 01:10 PDT
I specifically asked for ebooks in both the title of my request and
the in the main body of my request. If I've asked for 10 health ebooks
and/or reports, I would expect a REASONABLE number of the resources
you find to be ebooks. ZERO does not constitute a reasonable number.
Articles are easy to find; its the ebooks that require more work, and
hence the reason why a higher price attached to the question.

Please answer the actual question that was asked or I will complain to
Google and cancel this question.

Clarification of Answer by kriswrite-ga on 20 Jul 2006 08:50 PDT
I will ask the editors to remove my Answer.


Request for Answer Clarification by clickstar-ga on 20 Jul 2006 09:27 PDT
What does removing the answer actually mean? 

You have done 80% of the work, it just needs completing, so removing
the answer seems a bit drastic.

Are you not able to finish the answer yourself?

If you are not able to complete this answer, does this mean that
someone else will do it instead?

Clarification of Answer by kriswrite-ga on 20 Jul 2006 11:47 PDT
Hi clickstar~

Again, I'm sorry you're not completely satisfied with my Answer. Given
your wording, I was under the impression that e-books OR reports would
be satisfactory.

To answer your questions: Removing the answer means that everything
I've provided will be deleted by the editors.

If you'd like, I am willing to try again to find some e-books for you,
but there are several important things we need to clarify.

First, format. In your mind, what constitutes an e-book? For example,
does a PDF file constitute an e-book? (I have already provided several
PDF files.)

And if not, what format(s) are acceptable? 

Also, I may have found a few copyright free books online that would
suit your topics, but they are simple webpages. Would these qualify as
e-books in your mind?

If I am still unable to find e-books that suit your criteria, we have two choices:

* The editors can remove my Answer (which they might do, anyway,
unless they take the time to completely read these clarifications).
Possibly, then, another Researcher will come along and tackle your

* Or you can accept an Answer that, unfortunately, does not include e-books.

Just let me know what you'd like.

Kind regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by clickstar-ga on 21 Jul 2006 07:49 PDT
Thanks for the clarification. It seems a shame to lose what you have
researched so far. I would be happy for you to find 2 or 3 ebooks for

My definition of an ebook - is something of substantial content (30
pages+) that could easily be passed off as real book if it were to be
printed out and bound. An ebook would normally have a cover done with
fancy graphics, and assuming the content is good the ebook can be sold
online or given away as a valuable free bonus. Most ebooks are in PDF
format, but if you've found something in another format, I can always
convert it to PDF myself.

I hope this clarifies matters. I look forward to seeing what else you can find me.

Clarification of Answer by kriswrite-ga on 21 Jul 2006 08:41 PDT
Hi clickstar~

Thank you for your clarification. Here are several ebooks that you may
find suitable. Each costs a small amount:

* "750 Best Selling eBooks" (a CD-ROM whose sale price includes free
reprint rights):

* "200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes" (scroll down)

* "Your Battle with Insomnia" (scroll down):

* "404 Self Improvement Tips" (scroll down):

Kind regards,

ebook* reprint rights health
clickstar-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Researcher got there in the end.

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