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Q: Nine West business history ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Nine West business history
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Posted: 24 Jul 2006 10:10 PDT
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What is the history of the Nine West business? Please address the
product line expansion and current retail distrbution of the company's
Subject: Re: Nine West business history
Answered By: czh-ga on 25 Jul 2006 14:03 PDT
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Hello kirkm-ga,

I found an excellent article that provides a detailed history of Nine
West from its founding in 1977 to its acquisition by Jones Apparel
Group in 1999. Here are the main milestones from that history. I
suggest that you review the article from for full
Source: International Directory of Company Histories, Vol. 39. St.
James Press, 2001.

1977: Jerome Fisher and Vincent Camuto form the Fisher Camuto Corporation. 
1988: Jervin Inc. is formed. 
1991: Nine West Group Inc. is formed. 
1993: Nine West begins selling shares on the New York Stock Exchange. 
1995: Nine West acquires U.S. Shoe Corporation. 
1997: SEC launches investigation of Nine West accounting practices. 
1999: Nine West is acquired by Jones Apparel Group.

In addition to this article, I?ve also collected additional historical
information about Nine West and its current parent company.

I?ve also collected some information for you about the apparel and
shoe industries to give you a better perspective on the growth and
expansion of the product lines sold by Nine West. In recent years they
have gone from being a women?s footwear retailer to also selling
apparel, handbags, eyewear, jewelry, accessories and luggage. The
links I?ve provided below provide explanations for this evolution of
the product line.

Nine West distributes its products through multiple retail channels
including their own stores, in department stores and other retail
outlets as well as online. I?m providing you with several articles
that discuss Nine West?s initiatives in addressing their customers?
needs through all these channels.

I trust that the information I?ve provided will be useful. Please
don?t hesitate to ask for clarification if I any of what I?ve provided
is lacking.

Wishing you well for your project.

~ czh ~

Jones Apparel Group, Inc.
Corporate Profile

Jones Apparel Group, Inc. (, ), a Fortune 500 company, is
a leading designer, marketer and wholesaler of branded apparel,
footwear and accessories. We also market directly to consumers through
our chain of specialty retail and value-based stores, and operate the
Barneys New York chain of luxury stores. Our nationally recognized
brands include Jones New York, Evan-Picone, Norton McNaughton, Gloria
Vanderbilt, Erika, l.e.i., Energie, Nine West, Easy Spirit, Enzo
Angiolini, Bandolino, Joan & David, Mootsies Tootsies, Sam & Libby,
Napier, Judith Jack, Kasper, Anne Klein, Albert Nipon, Le Suit and
Barneys New York. The Company also markets costume jewelry under the
Givenchy brand licensed from Givenchy Corporation and footwear under
the Dockers Women brand licensed from Levi Strauss & Co. Each brand is
differentiated by its own distinctive styling, pricing strategy,
distribution channel and target consumer. We primarily contract for
the manufacture of our products through a worldwide network of quality
manufacturers. We have capitalized on our nationally known brand names
by entering into various licenses for several of our trademarks,
including Jones New York, Evan-Picone, Anne Klein New York, Nine West,
Gloria Vanderbilt and l.e.i., with select manufacturers of women's and
men's products which we do not manufacture. For more than 30 years, we
have built a reputation for excellence in product quality and value,
and in operational execution.

Investor Resources ? The JAG Annual Report

Fortune 500 -- 2006
Jones Apparel Group
Rank: 425 (Previous rank: 416)
Get quote: JNY

Jones Apparel Group Inc. (JNY)

Jones Apparel Group, Inc. Announces Exploration of Possible Sale

NEW YORK, March 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Jones Apparel Group, Inc.
(NYSE: JNY) (the "Company" and "Jones") announced today that its Board
of Directors is exploring a possible sale of the Company. Jones said
there can be no assurance that any sale transaction will occur. The
Company has retained Goldman, Sachs & Co. as its financial advisor to
assist in this process. The Company also announced that, contrary to
recent press reports, the Company is not currently considering the
divestiture of any of its businesses or divisions.

3/21/06 -- Today's Winners and Losers: Jones Apparel

Jones Apparel (JNY:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take)
confirmed it is looking into a sale of the entire company, sending
shares up 14%. The fashion company hired Goldman Sachs as an adviser
in the process. Jones, which owns brands including Barneys New York,
Nine West and Anne Klein, noted that it isn't considering the sale of
any of its businesses or divisions. The shares shot up 9% earlier in
the day after Women's Wear Daily reported that Jones was exploring
several strategic options, and recently advanced even further to
$35.15, up $4.33, after the company confirmed the potential sale.

About the Nine West Brand

In less than thirty years, Nine West has evolved to become a
world-renowned fashion leader. Established in 1978, the Nine West
brand took its name from its founding address a 9 West 57th Street in
New York City. Today, Nine West is beloved by women around the world,
offering not just footwear, but handbags, sportswear, dresses,
eyewear, sunglasses, legwear, outerwear, jewelry, belts, hats and cold
weather accessories. Nine West recently introduced suits, luggage,
scarves and wraps and kids footwear. Nine West is a trusted fashion
advisor in every category.

Jones Apparel News Items

Nine West

Nine West Group, Inc.

Key Dates:

1977: Jerome Fisher and Vincent Camuto form the Fisher Camuto Corporation. 
1988: Jervin Inc. is formed. 
1991: Nine West Group Inc. is formed. 
1993: Nine West begins selling shares on the New York Stock Exchange. 
1995: Nine West acquires U.S. Shoe Corporation. 
1997: SEC launches investigation of Nine West accounting practices. 
1999: Nine West is acquired by Jones Apparel Group.

Source: International Directory of Company Histories, Vol. 39. St.
James Press, 2001.

(This article provides a detailed history of the evolution of Nine
West from its founding in 1977 to its acquisition by Jones Apparel
Group in 1999. The article provides a discussion of strategy, growth
and development, industry trends and financial progress.)

Nine West Group Inc.

Nine West Group has put its footprints all over the shoe industry. The
top designer and marketer of fashionable women's shoes sells footwear
(casual, career, and dress), clothing, and accessories through about
600 of its own retail and outlet stores and in department, specialty,
and independent shoe stores in the US. (Nine West licenses its name
for stores outside the US.) Its brands include Nine West, Easy Spirit,
Bandolino, Enzo Angiolini, and Calico. Manufacturers in Brazil, China,
and Italy make the company's shoes. Jones Apparel Group acquired Nine
West in 1999.

Nine West Group Inc.  (Ticker: NIN)

Company Description
Nine West Group Inc. designs, develops and markets quality fashionable
women's footwear and accessories. The company markets a full
collection of casual, career and dress footwear and accessories to
more than 7,000 departments, specialty and independent retail stores
and through 1,459 of its own retail locations. The company sources a
majority of its footwear supplies from independent Brazilian & Chinese
contractors. The footwear products are also manufactured in Italy,
Spain and other countries at factories not owned by the company. The
accessories division produces and sells handbags and small leather
goods under the names "Nine West," "Easy Spirit" and "Enzo Angiolini"
through the companys retail stores and wholesale channels. The company
incurred $4.5 million towards year 2000 expenses. Wholesale footwear
operations accounted for 61% of 1998 revenues and retail footwear
operations, 39%.

American Industries -- Women's footwear, except athletic

Nine West Group Inc
With over 15,000 employees and 1999 sales topping $1.9 billion, Nine
West dominates the market for casual, career, and dress footwear. The
company's wares are sold at 1,500 of its own retail stores, as well as
at over 7,000 locations in department stores and specialty shoe
outlets. Nearly 92 percent of Nine West's shoes are manufactured in
Brazil, China, and other foreign countries. Despite a series of
profitable acquisitions in the early 1990s, Nine West faced flagging
sales and excess inventory in 1998. As a result, the company was
purchased in 1999 by Jones Apparel Group, whose brands include Jones
New York and Todd Oldham.

(See the rest of this article for a fairly detailed description of
Nine West from its founding in 1977 to its acquisitions by Jones
Apparel group in 1999.)


Nine West, the most popular shoe and accessory brand, has the top
place in woman shoe and accessory fashion and holds 11,5% of the
market share in world shoe industry. It is the number one brand
supplying shoes to more than 8000 large stores in all over USA.

(See the rest of this article for historical facts about Nine West.)

Nine West's Stumble -- Aug. 27, 1998

So as to hold your attention (and mine) for another day, I'll actually
apply yesterday's string of theoreticals to a popular consumer
franchise, Nine West Group, the designer and retailer of women's
leather shoes, purses, and bags. You've probably seen this company, or
one of its labels, in malls across the country. Nine West sells its
merchandise under multiple brands, like Amalfi, Enzo Angiolini (I
always hear good things about this one), 9 & Co., and Pappagallo. Nine
West also has licensing agreements to sell shoes and handbags under
the popular Calvin Klein and Evan Picone trademarks.

We're talking about a classic Peter Lynch company here, with bustling
storefronts across the country and a known brand that draws
repeat-purchasing customers. That's just what we look for when we hunt
down Cash-Kings -- a good name, healthy demand, and the habitual
purchase of convenience merchandise. As for the stock, Nine West has
been public since early 1993, and its share price ran from $20 in
February, 1993 to $58 by October 1996.

Those boots are made for walkin'. 
But let's take a look at the development of its business over the
three-year period beginning February 1996 and ending February 1998.
February marks the close of Nine West's fiscal year each year. Is Nine
West the sort of company we'd invest in?

Deal of the decade: Nine West Group's U.S. Shoe coup capped 10 years
of unprecedented influence.(Company Profile)
Footwear News,  December, 1995

STAMFORD, Conn. - In an era bursting with multi-billion-dollar deals -
Disney's purchase of Capital Cities/ABC, Westinghouse's acquisition of
CBS, Federated's merger with Macy's - one women's footwear co buying
another might have been brushed aside with a casual "Who cares?' But
because one of those women's footwear companies was Nine West Group
Inc. and the other U.S. Shoe Corp., a whole lot of people cared.

Search Results for Nine West Group Inc. (Historical news reports)

Federal Trade Commission
In the Matter of Nine West Group Inc.
File No. 981 0386, Docket No. C-3937
April 18, 2000


5. In connection with the sale and distribution of Nine West branded
products, Respondent, in combination, agreement and understanding with
certain of its dealers, beginning in January 1988 and continuing
thereafter until at least July 31, 1999, engaged in unlawful
contracts, combinations, or agreements, in unreasonable restraint of
interstate trade and commerce.

6. The combinations and contracts consisted of continuing agreements,
understandings or concert of action among Respondent and certain of
its dealers, the substantial terms of which were to fix, raise,
maintain or stabilize the retail prices at which Nine West products
were advertised and sold to the consuming public.

March 6, 2000
Nine West Settles State and Federal Price Fixing Charges
State Attorneys' General Settlement Obtains $34 Million In Overcharges 

Nine West Group Inc., one of the country's largest suppliers of
women's shoes, has agreed to settle charges that it engaged in resale
price fixing with certain dealers in violation of federal and state
antitrust laws. Nine West sells shoes under the brand names Nine West,
Amalfi, Bandolino, 9 & Co., Calico, Easy Spirit, Evan-Picone,
Pappagallo, Capezio, cK/Calvin Klein, Selby, Joyce, Westies, and Enzo
Angiolini. Nine West entered into separate settlements with the
Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys General for 56 U.S. states,
territories, commonwealths, and possessions. The FTC's order will
prevent Nine West from engaging in these illegal practices in the
future. In addition, Nine West's settlement with the Attorneys General
requires Nine West to pay $34 million. The money the Attorneys General
collect will be used to fund women's health, educational, vocational,
and safety programs.

Antitrust Meets Women's Rights 
March 08, 2000

May 22, 2006
EEOC Said Hispanic Women were Sexually Harassed and Racially Insulted 

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - Nine West and Jones Apparel Group will pay
$600,000 to victims of sexual harassment, national origin harassment
and retaliation, and take substantial steps to prevent future
workplace bias as part of a major litigation settlement announced
today by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Slumping Nine West tries on designer shoes
Wednesday, May 31, 2006
By Rachel Dodes, The Wall Street Journal

Nine West, the slumping affordable-footwear brand, is trying to spice
up its image by hitching itself to the glamorous world of fashion

At a splashy New York fashion show tonight, Nine West, owned by Jones
Apparel Group Inc., plans to unveil three limited-edition designer
collections that will be available in stores for just a month each.
Models will strut down the catwalk wearing footwear and accessories
designed by British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, along with items
by emerging talents Sophia Kokosalaki and Thakoon Panichgul.

The show marks the launch of "Project Front Row," Nine West's plan to
lure customers with a small number of expensive designer products -- a
strategy that is part of a broader trend by midtier and mass
retailers. The three Nine West collections, which are set to hit
stores over three months beginning Sept. 1, will range in price from
$160 to $350 a pair, at least double the cost of typical Nine West

"Part of the allure is having a very narrow distribution," says Stacy
Lastrina, Jones Apparel's executive vice president for marketing and
creative services. The shoes will be sold in Nine West's top 20 retail
stores based on sales and on a special section of the Web
site. The footwear also will be available at 40 of Federated
Department Stores Inc.'s Macy's stores.

By focusing on the new collections, though, Nine West may be ignoring
its main problem: Its regular styles are not resonating with
consumers. The company became too trendy in the past few years,
fashion observers say, and lost touch with its core audience of women
looking for inexpensive but sensible footwear.

The new strategy comes at a tumultuous time for Jones Apparel, which
is exploring a possible sale of the company. The designer collections
are part of Jones Apparel's efforts to bolster the Nine West division,
which has annual sales of about $1.9 billion and produces and sells
footwear and accessories for more than a dozen brands, including Easy
Spirit, Enzo Angiolini, and Bandolino.

The limited-edition strategy is relatively easy for retailers to
execute. In Nine West's case, production runs will be limited to about
2,000 pairs of shoes for each style, and 500 bags. If a collection
doesn't go over well with consumers, the company won't get stuck with
excess inventory. But Nine West doesn't think the collections will

Jones Apparel CEO Peter Boneparth says limited-edition footwear and
accessories are aimed at creating a "halo effect," around the entire
Nine West brand. By pairing the label with high-end designers, he
says, consumers will feel the retailer is on the cutting edge of
fashion. "Our customers will come in and say they feel better about
Nine West," he says.

Nine West catches designer bug

This fall US footwear company Nine West is launching a series of
collaborations with established and up-and-coming designers. During
the first three months, starting in September, parent company Jones
Apparel Group, has invited Vivienne Westwood, Thakoon and Sophia
Kokosalaki to design for the firm. According to WWD each designer's
collection will be available in only 20 of Nine West's top stores and
40 of department store Macys' top locations, and via their respective

With these high-profile collaborations, Nine West is hoping to boost
is brand image. However, the deal works both ways: the brand's
distribution network can help the designers ? with little of no
distribution in the US ? to reach a new consumer group. As was the
case with H&M's collaboration with Stella McCartney and Karl
Lagerfeld, to name an example, both parties will benefit. ?In the most
recent research for Nine West, we learned that the consumer loves the
brand and relationship, but her buying is all about impulse,? Jones'
executive vice president for marketing and creative services, Stacy
Lastrina, told WWD. ?She likes to be exposed to things that others
maybe can't have.?

Jones to Give Nine West the Boot? (JNY)
Posted on Mar 17th with stocks: JNY 

Despite all of the changes CEO Peter Boneparth has made at Jones
Apparel Group (ticker: JNY), his biggest imprint may be yet to come.
Boneparth is reportedly considering the sale of Nine West. From
Women's Wear Daily:

Financial sources said Nine West does about $1 billion in annual
wholesale volume, and about another $900 million or so in retail
sales. A sale of the entire operation could bring in at least $2
billion for Jones, some Wall Street analysts predicted... While the
footwear sector is profitable, one Wall Street analyst noted it's an
area of little growth. The brand, however, generates a "decent amount
of cash flow," the analyst said.

CRM News Update #23 -- April 2006
A report of CRM best practices in the retail industry 
Nine West Group 
Integrating Data & Processes to Drive Multichannel Emails Through the Roof

At the 11th Annual CRMC, Dianne Binford, then Vice President of
Multichannel Marketing at Nine West/Jones Apparel Group, and Ed
Henrich, President of Henrich Enterprises and formerly president of
Yesmail, showed the conference audience how they took an
non-automated, multichannel email process for one brand, and turned it
into a seamless, automated process for 11 brands.

Unlike in the case of Easy Spirit, whose emails are customized
according to size, the Nine West emails are customized in other ways,
including the types of discounts and special offers they receive. For
example, regular customers might receive an email with a 10% discount
incentive, while VIP customers might receive a 15% discount. VIP
customers are reminded of their free shipping privileges, and so on.

Size/width and discount offers, however, are not the only ways that
the emails are personalized. Because they can be customized at the
individual record, each customer can receive a different offer with
different styles, different copy, different subject line, extra banner
ads, etc. etc.

III. Data Integration
?None of this has been easy,? explained Dianne. ?We have been doing
this since our email program launch in October of 2000, and it has
always been a tremendous amount of manual effort. Merging address and
email, knowing a customer across all channels, pulling together her
preferences across those channels, understanding her store transaction
as well as web transaction history, her call center interactions,
website and email preferences, finding the missing data and filling in
the holes, and understanding her lifetime value across channels?.it
really is a big task.?

At Nine West Group, 75% of revenues from email recipients come from
store purchases even though most of those people subscribed to an
email on the website; if that?s the case for you and you?re not
connecting purchase data from both channels, then the analysis simply
isn?t there.

May 10, 2002   
Nine West finds the vast majority of e-mail-driven sales come in the store

Multi-channel retailers who think that e-mail offers apply primarily
to online sales are missing a key measure of an e-mail campaign?s
success, Dianne Binford, head of the direct-to-consumer group at shoe
manufacturer and retailer Nine West Group Inc., tells

Binford says that 50% to 70% of response to e-mail offers comes in
Nine West?s 700 retail stores. Nine West has been using personalized
e-mails in a program managed by YesMail Inc. to target customers who
shop online and at its retail stores.

Nine West sends monthly e-mails to a database of 200,000 customers
based on their shoe size, preferences and locations, as well as other
factors. Binford says Nine West has been so pleased with the results
of e-mail marketing that it plans to collect more e-mail addresses
from store customers by encouraging clerks to ask customers for their
e-mail addresses and by explaining the benefits of receiving the
e-mails. Customer now provide their e-mail addresses when they sign up
at the point of sale to be on mailing lists.

CRM Solution helps Nine West Group support multichannel vision

Harper's Index for July 1999

Chance that a pair of women's shoes sold in the U.S. is sold by Nine West: 1 in 5


Nine West Group Inc
Jones Apparel Group
"Nine West" company OR corporate history OR founding OR sold
Nine West Group Acquires U.S. Shoe Corp.
"Nine West" product line
"Nine West" "product line" growth OR  expansion
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Subject: Re: Nine West business history
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Hello kirkm-ga,

I'm glad the information was useful. Thank you for the five stars and nice tip.

~ czh ~

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