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Q: Conservatorship ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Conservatorship
Category: Family and Home > Families
Asked by: roberta4me-ga
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Posted: 02 Aug 2006 12:18 PDT
Expires: 01 Sep 2006 12:18 PDT
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Did not have money for attorney and Probate Attorneys won accusation
of "mishandling of father's assets" and succeeded at not paying
father's hospital bills and my costs for twelve years of care and not
giving me my share of assets at death and accused me of "bad faith"
and litigous person(Claims were timely filed for over $250,000 against
father's assets for 12 yrs of care, new conservator received $60 hr,
atty Irene Silverman, over $700 ea hr for $120,000 in assets, made
herself conservator before case went to probate, ignored father's
will. Received$60,000 from my bond agent. $60,000 still in father's
account at time of her death in 2000.
Forbid me to file claim for seven years.  Currently there is lien on
both my homes for doctor bills, $60,000.00 plus 10 % per annum
Surcharge on my homes (2). The decision was in 1992. When I paid off
my homesteaded home, the deed is being held in trust. I cannot get equity 
loan on either property. Surcharge was sopposed to pay off Dr. Bills.
My only income is Soc. Security $1000. Was accused of "living off my
father", Perjury was rampant,documents were forged. I was getting
Spousal Support which was used to support father because costs were
not reimbursed.

I believe I was extorted by attorneys who had prior malpractice cases
in similar cases during their case against me. One attorney took over $20,000 in
fees, before he lost his license for other case and filed Bankruptcy.
Harry Charles Taub is still practicing in Santa Cruz, Ca Major
attorney, Irene Silverman took rest of father's assets and do not know
happened to them. Father was euthanized in nursing home(let bleed to
death)while I was still legally conservator.  Is it beyond statute of
limitations to file case re: extortion of father's assets.  Attorney
appointed new person to be conservator and bought condominium with
assets with income to be sent to her. (she denied). She died in 2000
without settling father's assets. This attorney, wife of prominent
Starbucks owner. Since  I was not guilty of any of their accusations,
is this extortion? I was stalked by them, my children were contacted.

What do you propose that I do in this situation to clear the liens
from my homes out of Trust ?? and get my share of father's assets and
work that I did for 12 years?
Subject: Re: Conservatorship
Answered By: keystroke-ga on 02 Aug 2006 12:34 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
I hope that your situation works out in the end.  My mother's friend
had a similar thing happen to her-- she had personally taken care of
her father in her home for 10 years and when he died, her four
brothers turned against her and had his will overturned. It was her
actual house that she owned but their father had lived in it with her
for 10 years. Because he had given her money to pay for the utilities
and things like that (keep in mind that she had taken care of him 24/7
during this time and he lived in her home) her brothers and their
lawyers "proved" to a judge (who was since convicted of fraud in
another case, but that doesn't overturn his previous judgements) that
he had already paid her not only her entire share of the inheritance
but that SHE owed THEM money for taking away their inheritance (which
they were not supposed to get in the first place pursuant to his
wishes). She had to sell her home (which meant a lot to her as she had
lived there with her deceased husband when he was alive) at auction
and her brothers didn't care if she'd been left out on the street. Her
father had left everything to her in his will and wanted her to have
it for taking care of him, and she ended up with nothing.  It's not as
if he was an incredibly wealthy man, either. It continually amazes me
what people will do to other people, in the name of money.

Coincidentally, this happened probably around 1992 also.

Clarification of Answer by keystroke-ga on 02 Aug 2006 12:39 PDT
That was obviously meant as a comment, but now that I've answered your
question, I'll have to provide you with an answer!

I'll let you know soon what I find. I'll need some more details,
however. What exactly was your alleged mishandling of father's assets
and how did that get the attorneys out of paying for your father's
hospital bills? I would think that even if you HAD mishandled the
assets, they would still have to pay for his hospital bills.

Request for Answer Clarification by roberta4me-ga on 02 Aug 2006 13:15 PDT
As per answer, not sure how to reply to your question. However, to be
exact, Atty, sister, and three children accused me of "generically"
living off of my father. Attorney wentover my accounting and
disallowed almost everything, dr. bill for placement into nursinghome,
charging for gasoline for driving father to and from dr's etc,
disallowing Phychiatric evaluation (evaluated by sister's doctor as
having Alzheimer's). Conservatorship hearing had allowed me to have
$500 a month for father's care but attorney had negected to give me
dates. Accounting was not filed by attorney Timely and the $500 ea
month was disallowed, 1985-1992. Accounting regulations were not
succinct and decsions as to how to use the money was not succinct
either.  Atty told me I should have put father in a nursing home, but
he was combative and nursing homes would not take him. One nursing
home sent him to UCLA for lobotomy. I found him and took him out of
hospital on my own.  I did not pay nursing  home or their "rotten"
care. The pysochological evaluation was for this nursing home and who
also charged an extra $1500 to allow him to be accepted.  Atty claimed
the physychlogical evaluation was for me, not for father. Laundry &
clothing costs were not reimbursed. Persons hired to care for him
while I took a break were disallowed. So on and So on.

Judge ordered that I be paid $17,000 then disallowed it because of
$500 mo. $20,000 was reported to be missing (suspect nephew stole it
from bank account fraudaulent forgery, he works for Bank of America
and bragged about viewing bank accounts).

Accounting by new conservator was passed carteblance as was fees of Atty. Atty
was being treated with chemotherapy ,etc for breast cancer during this
situation. I was not allowed to go to father's funeral, although
atty's changed trial dates ad infinitum.  Atty was not given to me
when I claimed I had no assets.

Your righ, Judges had history of fraud in LA courts. I appealed. My
few attorneys I had off and on did not appear in court after taking
fees up front.
They were threatened by Atty. Irene Silverman and they would not appear.

Probably more than you wish to know.  

One nursing home charged $1200 ea month. Atty claimed I cheated and
the monthly payment was only $800 ea. month. This was very cheap
$1200. Diaper charges were not allowed or ensure prescribed by doctor
was not disallowed.Even nursing home gave my faher alcohol and he
became rampant and had to be tied to the bed and was also beaten in
the hallway and kicked by child of CNA and ribs were broken.  One
patient ate his feces and was raped by another patient. Father was
found by me in hall closet, put there by CNA who thought it was funny.

Request for Answer Clarification by roberta4me-ga on 02 Aug 2006 13:27 PDT
Judge ordered hospital bills to be paid from assets, but the nursing
homes sent to collection and billed me and liened my home. Then
disbursement hearing date was not sent to me and hospital bills were
not paid even though affadavits were filed timely by hospitals.
Hospitals claimed I signed personally when I had signed as conservator
when he entered nursing home. More lies.

Nursing home where father died sent father to morgue with signature of
RN, no cause of death. I filed with police department, mysterious
death. He died 30 days after new conservator got money (which he got
with help of hospital Dept of Soc. Services) He quickly spent money on
condominimum and sent income from rental to atty.

I fully believe this was extortion, Rico Racketeering by City of Los
Angeles and Palm Springs, Riverside County and these attorneys.  New
temporary conservator went into hospital and took father saying father
had noone to care for him before any court hearing. Hospital released
roberta4me-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
Thanks for your answer. Your friend California too. 1992 was year for
Euthanasia and Dr. Kavorkian. Father's last Dr. was prison Dr, no
affiliation with hospital and picketed for Euthanasia, had lost
license for prescribing illegal Demerol to drug addict and caused wife
death in ca. He is practicing in this neighborhood again. Still had
license in Georgia. Our institutions no longer represent american
people's wishes.

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