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Q: Complete List of Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Fish etc... ( No Answer,   0 Comments )
Subject: Complete List of Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Fish etc...
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Asked by: bigdadda-ga
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Posted: 03 Aug 2006 15:17 PDT
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Hello - 

I need a complete list of common names for freshwater and saltwater
fish and other living creatures (inverts, corals, live rock, live
plants) that one would purchase for a home aquarium.  A good starting
place for answers is,

The list needs to be in simple text format with one listing per line.  Each
name should be capitalized like this:


Bahama Starfish
Blue Urchin
Pencil Urchin
Bubble Tip Anemone

And so forth . . . 

There is no answer at this time.

The following answer was rejected by the asker (they received a refund for the question).
Subject: Re: Complete List of Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Fish etc...
Answered By: easterangel-ga on 03 Aug 2006 16:06 PDT
Rated:2 out of 5 stars
Hi! Thanks for the question.

Here is the list:


Angelfish  Arabian
Angelfish  Bicolor
Angelfish  Blue
Angelfish  Blue Face
Angelfish  Blue Girdled
Angelfish  Blue Moon
Angelfish  Blue Ring
Angelfish  Coral Beauty
Angelfish  Emperor
Angelfish  Flame
Angelfish  Flameback
Angelfish  French
Angelfish  Gray
Angelfish  Half Black
Angelfish  Keyhole
Angelfish  King
Angelfish  Koran
Angelfish  Lamark
Angelfish  Lemon Peel
Angelfish  Midnight
Angelfish  Potter's
Angelfish  Pygmy
Angelfish  Queen
Angelfish  Regal
Angelfish  Rock Beauty
Angelfish  Rusty
Angelfish  Six Bar
Angelfish  Vermiculated
Basslet  Black Cap
Basslet  Royal Gramma
Blenny  Bicolor
Blenny  Canary
Blenny  Midas
Butterflyfish  Black and White Heniochus
Butterflyfish  Copperband
Butterflyfish  Double Saddle
Butterflyfish  Golden
Butterflyfish  Klein's
Butterflyfish  Lemon
Butterflyfish  Long Nose
Butterflyfish  Melon
Butterflyfish  Pakistan
Butterflyfish  Pearlscale
Butterflyfish  Pebbled
Butterflyfish  Racoon
Butterflyfish  Raffle's
Butterflyfish  Teardrop
Butterflyfish  Threadfin
Butterflyfish  Tinker's
Catfish  Coral
Clownfish  Bicinctus
Clownfish  Maroon
Clownfish  Melanopus
Clownfish  Ocellaris
Clownfish  Orange Skunk
Clownfish  Pink Skunk
Clownfish  Tomato
Clownfish  True Percula
Damselfish  Allens
Damselfish  Blue Devil
Damselfish  Blue Reef Chromis
Damselfish  Domino
Damselfish  Four Stripe
Damselfish  Garibaldi
Damselfish  Green Chromis
Damselfish  Orange Tail
Damselfish  Sergeant Major
Damselfish  Three Stripe
Damselfish  Yellow Tail
Eel  Green Moray
Eel  Hawaiian Dragon
Eel  Ribbon
Eel  Snowflake
Eel  Tesselata
Eel  Zebra
Filefish  Orange Spot
Goat  Bicolor
Goby  Bar
Goby  Catalina
Goby  Firefish
Goby  Gold Head Sleeper
Goby  Neon
Goby  Purple Firefish
Goby  Rainford's
Goby  Yellow Clown
Goby  Yellow Watchman
Goby  Yellowhead Jawfish
Grouper  Marine Betta
Grouper  Miniatus
Grouper  Panther
Grouper  Six Line
Hawk  Arc Eye
Hawk  Flame
Hawk  Long Nose
Lionfish  Dwarf
"Lionfish  Dwarf, Fuzzy"
Lionfish  Fu Man Chu
Lionfish  Radiata
Lionfish  Volitan
Moorish Idol
Pipefish  Alligator
Puffer  Dogface
Puffer  Porcupine
Puffer  Stars and Stripes
Ray  Blue Dot
Tang  Achilles
Tang  Blue
Tang  Blue
Tang  Clown
Tang  Convict
Tang  Gold Rimmed
Tang  Naso
Tang  Powder Blue
Tang  Purple
Tang  Sailfin
Tang  Sohal
Tang  Unicorn
Tang  Yellow
Triggerfish  Blue Line
Triggerfish  Blue Throat
Triggerfish  Clown
Triggerfish  Niger
Triggerfish  Picasso
Triggerfish  Pinktail
Triggerfish  Undulated
Wrasse  Bird
Wrasse  Bluehead
Wrasse  Cleaner
Wrasse  Dragon
Wrasse  Harlequin Tusk
Wrasse  Six Line
Wrasse  Yellow


African Butterfly
Algae Eater  Chinese
Algae Eater  Golden
Angelfish  Black
Angelfish  Marble
Barb  Albino Tiger
Barb  Arulius
Barb  Black Ruby
Barb  Checkered
Barb  Cherry
Barb  Clown
Barb  Golden
Barb  Golden Tiger
Barb  Green Tiger
Barb  Red Tail Tinfoil
Barb  Rosey
Barb  Tiger
Black Banded Leporinus
Blind Cave Fish
Catfish  Channel
Catfish  Feather Fin
Catfish  Ghost
Catfish  Lima Shovel Nose
Catfish  Oto
Catfish  Pangasius
Catfish  Pictus
Catfish  Spotted Talking
Catfish  Upside Down
Cichlid  Black Convict
Cichlid  Blue Ram
Cichlid  Butterfly
Cichlid  Electric Blue
Cichlid  Electric Yellow
Cichlid  Festive
Cichlid  Firemouth
Cichlid  Golden
Cichlid  Green Terror
Cichlid  Haplochromis Livingstoni
Cichlid  Jack Dempsey
Cichlid  Kenyi
Cichlid  Kribensis
Cichlid  Malawi Eye Biter
Cichlid  Managuense
"Cichlid  Oscar, Red"
Cichlid  Pink Convict
Cichlid  Red Devil
Cichlid  Rusty
Cichlid  Salvini
"Cichlid  Severum, Gold"
"Cichlid  Severum, Green"
Cichlid  Trewavasae
"Cichlid  Zebra, Red"
Cory  Punctatus
Danio  Giant
Danio  Zebra
Discus  Blue
Discus  Brown
Discus  Common
Discus  Pineapple
Discus  Red
Eel  Peacock
Eel  Tire Track
Eel  Zig Zag Yellow Tail
Elephant Nose
Glass Fish
Goldfish  Black Moor
Goldfish  Bubble Eye
Goldfish  Common
"Goldfish  Oranda, Black"
"Goldfish  Oranda, Calico"
"Goldfish  Oranda, Red"
"Goldfish  Oranda, Red, and Black"
Goldfish  Telescope
Gourami  Blue
Gourami  Dwarf
Gourami  Moonlight
Gourami  Pearl
Gourami  Pink Kissing
Gourami  Powder Blue Dwarf
Killifish  Aphyosemion bivittatum
Killifish  Diapteron cyanostictum
Killifish  Nothobranchius guentheri
Knife  African Brown
Loach  Clown
Loach  Kuhli
Loach  Zebra
Molly  Black
Molly  Gold
Molly  Lyretail
Molly  Sailfin
Paradise Fish
Piranha  Black
Piranha  Red
Platy  Red
Plecostomus  Blue Eyed
Plecostomus  Queen
Plecostomus  Royal
Puffer  Giant
Rainbowfish  Australian
Rainbowfish  Lake Kutubu
Rasbora  Harlequin
Shark  Bala
Shark  Black
Shark  Rainbow
Shark  Red Tail
Spade Tailed Apisto
Swordtail  Gold Wag
Swordtail  Green
Swordtail  Marigold Wag
Swordtail  Painted
Swordtail  Pineapple
Swordtail  Red Wag
Tetra  Black Neon
Tetra  Black Phantom
Tetra  Black Skirt
Tetra  Bleeding Heart
Tetra  Bloodfin
Tetra  Cardinal
Tetra  Glow Light
Tetra  Neon
Tetra  Rosy
Tetra  White Skirt

Live Rocks & Corals

Encrusting Gorgonian   
Purple Frilly Gorgonian 
Brazilian Rose Coral 
White Encrusting Zooanthid  
Porous Sea Rod 
Black Sea Rod  
Red Sponge 
Red Boring Sponge 
Variable Yellow Boring Sponge  
Yellow Calcareous Sponge 
Sea Urchin 
Flower Coral  
Lumpy Overgrowing Sponge 
Green Finger Sponge 
White Lumpy Encrusting Sponge 
Viscous sponge 
Sea Frost  
Christmas Tree Worm 
Ghost Feather Dusters  
 Social Feather Duster 
Variegated Feather Duster  
Spaghetti Worm 
Jewel Box 
Sessile Barnacles 
Crested Oyster 
Lister Purse Oyster 
Sponge Oyster 
Giant Tunicate 
Flat Tunicate 
Row Encrusting Tunicates 
Red Tube Tunicate 
Black Condominium Tunicate 
White Condominium Tunicate 
Banded Arm Brittlestar   
Sponge Brittlestar 
Golden Crinoid 
Beaded Sea Star  
Reticulated Brittlestar  
Orange Ridged Seastar  
Giant Basket Star 
Rock Boring Urchin 
Unbranched Hydroid 
Feather Brush Hydroid 
Tubular Horn Bryozoan 
Pearly Orange Encrusting Bryozoan 
Sponge Anemone 
Light Bulb Anemone 
Pale Anemone 
Coralline Algae -Reef Cement 
Coralline Algae 
Lesser Star Coral 
Hidden Cup Coral 
Speckled Cup Coral 
Knobby Star Coral 
Tube Coral 
Large Leaf Watercress Algae 
Dead Man?s Fingers 
Fuzzy Tip Algae 
Fuzzy Finger Algae 
Green Feather Algae 
Feather Algae 
Y Branched Algae 
Sargassum Algae 
Green Porcelain Crab 
Stone Crab 
Spanish Dancer Nudibranch 
Lettuce Sea Slug 
Fuzzy Chiton 
White Spotted Engina 
Jewel Box 
Turkey Wing 
West Indian Top Shell  
Turbo Snail  
Long Spined Star Shell  
True Tulip 
Dark Mantis 
Cryptic Teardrop Crab 
Yellowline Arrow Crab 
Large Claw Snapping Shrimp 
Bearded Fire Worm  
Boring Serpulid Worm 
Sea Spider 
Fire Coral 
Antillean Fileclam 
Flamingo Tongue clam 
Atlantic Thorny Oyster 
Flamingo Tongue Cowrie 
Nimble Spray Crab 
Red Night Shrimp 
Pederson Cleaner Shrimp 
Banded Coral Shrimp 
Medusa Worm 
Corkscrew Anemone 

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Reefer Rocks:
I hope this would help you in your research. Before rating this
answer, please ask for a clarification if you have a question or if
you would need further information.
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Request for Answer Clarification by bigdadda-ga on 03 Aug 2006 18:37 PDT
That's not doing it for me. As stated in my question, take a look at and you'll find a boatload of species in the
saltwater category alone that you missed.  And as for the freshwater
category, check out,
for a bunch that are not on your list, again as I stated in my
question.  Finally, I need the names in the order that people would
search for them - for instance, Arabian Angelfish, not Angelfish 
Arabian.  Also, only one space between the names, not two - Arabian
Angelfish, not Arabian  Angelfish.


Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 03 Aug 2006 18:51 PDT
Ok. I will take a look again into this.

Thank you for your patience

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 03 Aug 2006 20:05 PDT

The formatting is taking a lot longer than expected. Iwill just pst
this piece by piece so you can start on some of the dat. I will have
the saltwater list first.


Juvenile Annularis Angelfish	 
Annularis Show Angelfish	 	
Red Sea	Asfur Angelfish	 
Bicolor	Angelfish	 		
Black Angelfish	 		
Blue Angelfish	 		
Changing Blue Koran Angelfish	 
Juvenile Blue Koran Angelfish	 
Blue Line Angelfish	 	
Blueface Show Angelfish	 	
Bluefin	Pygmy Angelfish	 	
Coral Beauty Angelfish	 	
Cream Angelfish	 		
Eibli Angelfish	 		
Emperor Angelfish	 		
Changing Emperor Angelfish	
Juvenile Emperor Angelfish	
Red Sea Emperor Angelfish	 
Fisheri Angelfish	 		
Flagfin Angelfish	 		
Flame Angelfish	 		
Flameback Angelfish	 		
Juvenile French Angelfish	
Juvi Medium French Angelfish	
Show French Angelfish	
Goldflake Angelfish	 		
Grey Poma Angelfish	 	
Lamarck	Angelfish	 		
Lemonpeel Hybrid Angel	 	
Lemonpeel Angelfish	 		
Majestic Angelfish	 		
Multicolor Pygmy Angelfish	 	
Potters	Angelfish	 		
Pygmy Angelfish	 		
Queen Juvi Angelfish	 	
Queen Medium Angelfish	 	
Queen Show Angelfish	 	
Regal Angelfish	 		
Red Sea	Regal Angelfish	 
Rock Beauty Angelfish	 	
Rusty Angelfish	 		
Vermiculated Angelfish	 		
Yellow Pygmy Angelfish	 	
Yellowfin Pygmy	Angelfish	 	
Image Missing			
Bartlett Anthias			
Blue Eyed Anthias		
Dispar Anthias			
Fathead	Anthias	
Hawaiian Bicolor Anthias
Lyretail Anthias	
Pink Square Anthias
Sunset Anthias	
Image Missing	
Blackcap Basslet	
Chalk Basslet	
Harlequin Bass	
Lantern	Basslet	
Orangeback Basslet	
Royal Gramma	
Tobacco	Basslet	
Wrasse Bass	
Image Missing	
Bicolor	Blenny	
Lawnmower Blenny		
Midas Blenny		
Redlip Blenny		
Scooter Blenny		
Red Scooter Blenny		
Andaman	Butterfly		
Atlantic Longnose		
Blackback Butterfly		
Blacklip Butterfly		
Chevron	Butterfly		
Copperband Butterfly		
Double Saddle Butterfly	
Eclipse	Butterfly		
Red Sea	Golden Butterfly
Hawaiian Lemon Butterfly	
Heniochus Butterfly		
Red Sea	Larvatus Butterfly
Latticed Butterfly		
Longnose Butterfly		
Meyeri Butterfly		
Ornate Butterfly		
Pearlscale Butterfly		
Punctato Butterfly		
Black Pyramid Butterfly	
Yellow Pyramid Butterfly	
Raccoon	Butterfly		
Red Sea	Raccoon	Butterfly
Saddleback Butterfly		
Teardrop Butterfly		
Threadfin Butterfly		
White Collar Butterfly			
Yellowhead Butterfly								
Bangaii	Cardinal				
Candy Stripe Cardinal			
Flame Cardinal				
Orbicular Cardinal				
Pajama Cardinal				
Split Banded Cardinal							
Bicinctus Clownfish Red Sea		
Black &	White Percula Clownfish	Aquacultured
Black Footed Clownfish			
Blue Jumbo Stripe Clownfish		
LargeCinnamon Clownfish				
Aquacultured Clarkii Clownfish				
Wild Clarkii Clownfish			
Fire Clownfish			
Aquacultured Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish 
Wild Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish 
Wild Maroon Clownfish			
Aquacultured Percula Clownfish			
Percula	Clownfish			
Wild Pink Skunk	Clownfish		
Wild Saddleback	Clownfish	 		
Wild Sebae Clownfish	 		
Tomato	Clownfish	 					
3 Stripe Damsel		
Beau Gregory Damsel		
Blue Reef Chromis		
Cloudy Damsel			
Domino Damsel	
Green Chromis	
Javanese Damsel	
Jewel Damsel	
Purple Chromis	
Yellowbelly Damsel		
Fridmani Aquacultured	
Galaxy Dottyback	
Neon Dottyback Aquacultured
Purple Pseudochromis	
Purpleback Pseudochromis		
Banana Eel	
Barred Moray Eel
Blackedge Eel	
Fimbriated Eel		
Goldentail Moray		
Green Wolf Eel	
Hawaiian Dragon	Eel	
Snowflake Eel		
Tesselata Eel		
Zebra Eel			
4 Wheel	Drive Goby
Black Clown Goby	
Citron Clown Goby	
Green Clown Goby	
Rusty Clown Goby	
Diamond	Goby		
Engineer Goby		
Feathered Dragonet		
Firefish Goby			
Purple Firefish	Goby		
Golden	Headed	Sleeper	Goby	
Hector's Goby			
Jawfish	Tiger			
Longfin	Sleeper	Goby		
Mandarin Dragonet Green		
Mandarin Dragonet Spotted		
Goldline Neon Goby		
Group Neon Goby	 	 
Purple Tilefish			
Red Spotted Sandperch		
Redlined Tilefish			
Scissortail Goby			
Banded Shrimpgoby	
Barbershop Shrimpgoby
Blue Speckled Shrimpgoby
Blue Spot Watchman Shrimpgoby
Pink & Blue Shrimpgoby
Yellow Watchman	Shrimpgoby
Sleeper	Banded	Bullet	
Tiger Goby		
Zebra Goby		
Image Missing		
Blacktip Grouper		
Coney Grouper		
Blue Hamlet		
Butter Hamlet		
Golden Hamlet		
Indigo Hamlet		
Shy Hamlet		
Leaflip	Grouper	
Marine Betta	
Panther	Grouper	
Saddle Grouper	
Image Missing	
Arch Eye Hawkfish
Flame Hawkfish	
Freckled Hawkfish	
Longnose Hawkfish	
Lyretail Hawkfish	
Pixy Hawkfish	
Red Spotted Hawkfish
Coral Hogfish	
Cuban Hogfish	
Lyretail Hogfish	
Spanish	Hogfish					
Venomous Antenneta Lionfish		
Venomous Fuzzy	Dwarf Lionfish	
Venomous Radiata Lionfish		
Venomous Volitan Lionfish					
Batfish	Pinnatus			
Empty Hermit Crab Shells	 
Empty Hermit Crab Shells	 
Flashlight Fish			
Flying Fish			
Goatfish Bicolor			
Goatfish Yellow			
Golden Pilot Jack		
Moorish	Idol		
Parrotfish Princess		
Pipefish Alligator		
Ringed Pipefish 		
Red Emperor Snapper	
Black Seahorse	
Red Seahorse	
Yellow Pony Seahorse	
Cardinal Soldierfish		
Glass Eye Squirrel
Venomous Big Eye Squirrelfish
Samurai	Venomous Squirrelfish
Stargazer Electric		
Sweetlips Oriental		
Sweetlips Spotted		
White Spotted Filefish			
Black Mask Red Sea
Dogface	Puffer		
Golden Puffer		
Hawaiian Blue Puffer	
Hawaiian Saddle	Puffer	
Hawaiian Spotted	Puffer	
Porcupine Puffer		
Large Porcupine Puffer		
Spiny Box		
Stars and Stripes Puffer
Striped	Dogface		
Valentini Puffer				
Achilles Tang		
Atlantic Blue Tang	
Red Sea	Blonde Naso
Blonde Naso Tang	
Blue Hawaiian Tang	
Blue Hippo Show	
Blue Hippo Tang	
Blue Hippo Tang	 
Blue Line Tang	
Chevron	Tang		
Clown Tang		
Convict	Tang		
Venomous Foxface		
Gold Rim Tang	
Kole Tang		
Blue Spotted Kole Tang
Lopezi Tang		
Mimic Tang		
Eibli Mimic Tang	
Juvenile Mimic Tang	
Naso Tang		
Orange Shoulder Tang	
Palani Tang		
Powder Blue Tang	
Powder Brown Tang	
Red Sea	Purple Tang
Sailfin	Tang		
Red Sea	Sailfin	Tang
Scopas Tang		
Red Sea	Sohal Tang
Tennent	Tang		
Vlamingi Tang			
Yellow	Tang						
Asassi Trigger Red Sea	
Trigger Juvi Blue Line
Trigger	Red Sea	Blue Line
Trigger	Male Blue Throat
Bursa Trigger			
Clown Trigger			
Clown Trigger Juvi		
Flagtail Trigger			
Hawaiian Black Trigger		
Humu Humu			
Niger Trigger			
Ocean Trigger			
Queen Trigger			
Rectangular Trigger		
Undulated Trigger		
Yellowmargin Trigger		
Yellowmargin Trigger Juvi	
Bluehead Wrasse		
Brown Bird Wrasse	
Cleaner	Wrasse		
Red Sea	Cleaner	Wrasse
Dragon Wrasse		
Eight Line Wrasse	
Filament Flasher Wrasse	
Fourline Wrasse		
Green Bird Wrasse	
Harlequin Tusk		
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse	
Hawaiian Flame Wrasse	 
Lightning Wrasse			
Lubbock's Fairy	Wrasse		
Lunare Wrasse			
Mystery	Wrasse			
Orange	Collar Wrasse		
Pennant	Fairy Wrasse		
Pinstripe Wrasse			
Red Coris Wrasse		
Red Tail Wrasse		
Rooster	Fairy Wrasse		
Royal Wrasse			
Sixline	Wrasse			
Red Sea	Twin Spot Wrasse
Velvet Fairy Wrasse		
Yellow Wrasse

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 03 Aug 2006 22:40 PDT

Aquacultured MultiRock		
Blue Palm		
Glass Goblet Brain Coral
Green Closed Brain Coral
Green Favites Brain Coral
Green Goblet Brain Coral
Green Open Brain Coral
Moon Brain Coral
Orange Lobo Brain Coral
Red Goblet Brain Coral
Red Open Brain Coral
Bubble Coral		
Green Bubble Coral	
Pearl Bubble Coral	
Coral Candy Cane	
Carnation Orange	
Carnation Red	
Chili Coral	
Christmas Tree Coral
Clove Polyp	
Colt Coral	
Purple Distichopora		
Green Echinophyllia		
Pink Echinophyllia		
Elegant Coral	
Fine Grape Coral
Fox Coral	
Frogspawn Coral	
Galaxea	Coral	
Goniopora Green	
Goniopora Yellow	
Green Star Polyp	
Hammer Coral		
Hammer Coral Branching	
Hammer Coral Orange	
Hard Tube Coco Worm
Horn Coral Aquacultured	
Green Branching Horn Coral	
Green Velvet Horn Coral	
Leather	Cabbage		
Leather	Cladiella		
Leather	Devil's	Hand	
Leather	Finger		
Leather	Multiple Toadstool	
Leather	Stubby Finger	
Leather	Toadstool		
Leather	Toadstool Small	
Montipora Capricornis			
Blue Mushroom Coral
Blue Spotted Mushroom Coral
Blue Stripe Mushroom Coral
Bullseye Orange	Mushroom Coral
Chocolate Mushroom Coral
Crumb Mushroom Coral
Frilly Mushroom	Coral
Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral
Green Bullseye Mushroom	Coral
Green Elephant Ear Mushroom Coral
Green Lights Mushroom Coral
Green Rhodactis Mushroom Coral
Green Spotted Mushroom Coral
Lavender Mushroom Coral
Mottled	Mushroom Coral
Neon Green Mushroom Coral
Orange Tufts Mushroom Coral
Pimple Mushroom	Coral
Purple Bullseye Mushroom Coral
Purple Yuma Mushroom Coral
Red Mushroom Coral
Red Pimple Mushroom Coral
Rhodactis Mushroom Coral
Ricordea Yuma Mushroom Coral
Streaks	Mushroom Coral
Striped	Green Metallic Mushroom	Coral
Teal Mushroom Coral
Watermelon Mushroom Coral
Green Ricordea Mushroom Polyp
Orange Ricordea Mushroom Polyp
Purple Umbrella Mushroom Polyp
Umbrella Mushroom Polyp
Pagoda Rock			
Coral Pipe Organ
Green Plate Coral
Green Long Tentacle Plate Coral
Long Tentacle Plate Coral
Neon Green Plate Coral
Orange Plate Coral
Pink Long Tentacle Plate Coral
Black Sun Coral
Black Branching	Sun Coral
Orange Sun Coral
Torch Coral			
Blue Xenia Anthelia		
Xenia Colony			
Xmas Tree Rock		
Yellow Polyps					
Polyps Zoos	 	 	 	 	 
Brown Zoos			
Clay Zoos			
Colored	Zoos			
Green Zoos			
Green Center Zoos			
Green Eye Zoos			
Green/Blue Zoos			
Lime Zoos			
Orange Zoos			
Pink Zoos			
Red Zoos			
Steel Blue Center Zoos			
Super Green Zoos			
Super Orange Zoos			
Fiji Live Rock

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 03 Aug 2006 22:57 PDT
Finally here is the list for freshwater.


24 carat Gold Molly
Adolfos	Cory		
African	Glass Catfish	
Albino	Driftwood	Catfish	
Albino	Festivum		
Red Tailed Shark Albino
Tiger Barb Albino
Eater FALSE Siamese Algae
Eater Lemon Algae
Eater Siamese Algae
Altum Angelfish		
Gold Angelfish		
Koi Angelfish		
Marble Angelfish		
Silver Angelfish		
Archer fish		
Axelrods Rainbowfish	
Bala Shark	
Banded Cichlid	
Bandit Cory	
Albino Tiger Barb
Gold Barb
Green Tiger Barb
Koolaid Barb
Rosy Barb
Schwanefeld's Barb
Tiger Barb
Tinfoil Barb
Batfish	Freshwater	
Betta female	
Betta male	
Black Banded Leporinus
Black Neon Tetra	
Black Phantom Tetra	
Black Skirt Tetra	
Black Widow Tetra	
Blackfin Cory		
Bleeding Heart Tetra	
Blind Cavefish		
Bloodfin Tetra		
Blood Parrot		
Blue Gourami Albino Morph
Blue Gourami Cosby Hybrid
Blue Gourami Traditional Color
Boeseman's Rainbowfish		
Bolivian Ram		
Brochis	Hog Nosed	
Bronze Cory		
Butterly Ram		
Cardinal Tetra		
African	Glass Catfish	
Albino Driftwood Catfish	
Jordan's Catfish	
Pictus Catfish	
Redtail	Catfish	
Upside Down Catfish	
Blind Cavefish
Striped	Pike Characin
Banded Cichlid
Firemouth Cichlid
Five Bar Cichlid
Lemon Cichlid
Midas Cichlid
Purple Cichlid
Six Bar	Cichlid
Texas Cichlid
Zebra (White Morph) Cichlid
Clown Loach		
Colombian Shark		
Colombian Tetra		
Common Hatchetfish		
Congo Tetra		
Adolfos	Cory		
Bandit Cory		
Blackfin Cory		
Bronze Cory		
Fiddler Crab		
Pearl Danio		
Zebra Danio		
Diamond	Tetra		
Dojo Loach		
Albino Driftwood Catfish	
Dwarf Gourami		
Emperor	Tetra		
FALSE Siamese Algae Eater
Festivum Albino		
Fiddler	Crab		
Fighting Fish		
Figure Eight Puffer	
Firemouth Cichlid		
Five Bar Cichlid	
Five Stripe Lamprologus	
Freshwater Batfish		
Giant Whiptail		
Glass Catfish African	
Gold Barb	
Gold Dust Molly
Gold Weather Loach
Golden Whiptail	
Blue Gourami
Dwarf Gourami
Golden Gourami
Honey Gourami
Kissing Gourami
Leeri Gourami
Marbeled Gourami
Moonlight Gourami
Opaline Gourami
Pearl Gourami
Powder Blue Gourami
Three Spot Gourami
Green Sailfin Molly
Green Tiger Barb
Hatchetfish Common	
Hog Nosed Brochis
Honey Gourami	
Jordan's Catfish	
Kissing	Gourami	
Koolaid	Barb	
Labidochromis sp Yellow		
Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish
Lake Wanam Rainbowfish
Lamprologus Five stripe
Lamprologus Six	Stripe
Leeri Gourami	
Lemon Algae Eater
Lemon Cichlid	
Lemon Lamprologus	
Lemon Tetra	
Leporinus Black Banded
Loach Clown	
Loach Dojo	
Loach Weather	
Madagascar Rainbowfish	
Marbled	Gourami	
Marigold Lyertail Swordtail
Marigold Swordtail	
Marigold Wag Swordtail
Melanotaenia Splendida Tatei	
Midas Cichlid		
Millions Fish		
Gold Dust Molly
Green Sailfin Molly
Red Sunset Sailfin Molly
Moonlight Gourami		
Neon Rainbowfish		
Neon Tetra Black	
Opaline	Gourami		
Pacu Silver		
Palembang Puffer		
Papuan Rainbowfish		
Parrot Blood		
Pearl Danio	
Pearl Gourami	
Pictus Catfish	
Piranha	Red Bellied
Platy Red Tuxedo
Platy Red Wagtail
Pleco Royal	
Powder Blue Gourami
Puffer Figure Eight
Purple Cichlid	
Axelrods Rainbowfish
Boeseman's Rainbowfish
Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish
Lake Wanam Rainbowfish
Madagascar Rainbowfish
Neon Rainbowfish
Papuan Rainbowfish	
Red Rainbowfish	
Bolivian Ram	
Butterfly Ram	
Rasbora	Red		
Red Bellied Piranha	
Red Eye	Tetra	
Red Fin	Shark	
Red Rainbowfish		
Red Ram		
Red Rasbora		
Red Sunset Sailfin Molly
Red Tailed Shark Albino
Red Tuxedo Platy	
Red Wagtail Platy	
Redtail	Catfish		
Rosy Barb		
Royal Pleco		
Ruby Shark		
Rummy Nose Tetra	
Sailfin	Molly		
Schwanefeld's Barb		
Albino Red Tailed Shark
Bala Shark
Colombian Shark
Red Fin Shark
Ruby Shark
Silver Shark
Siamese	Algae Eater	
Siamese	Fighting Fish	
Siamese	Tigerfish		
Silver Dollar Myleus Rubripinnis
Silver Dollar Metynnis Argenteus
Silver Pacu		
Silver Shark		
Six Bar	Cichlid	
Six Stripe Lamprologus	
Spotted	Pimelodus		
Striped	Pike Characin	
Marigold Swordtail	
Marigold Lyertail Swordtail	
Marigold Wag Swordtail	
Black Neon Tetra	
Black Phantom Tetra	
Black Skirt Tetra
Black Widow Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
Bloodfin Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Colombian Tetra
Congo Tetra
Diamond Tetra
Emperor	Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Red Eye	Tetra
Rummy Nose Tetra
White Skirt Tetra
Yellow Tetra
Texas Cichlid	
Three Spot Gourami
Tiger Barb	
Albino Tiger Barb
Green Tiger Barb
Tigerfish Siamese	
Tinfoil	Barb	
Upside Down Catfish
Weather	Fish	
Weather	Loach	
Weather	Loach Gold
Whiptail Giant/Golden	
White Skirt Tetra
Yellow Tetra	
Cichlid	White Morph Zebra
Danio Zebra
Danio Long Finned Zebra

I hope this would be of help to you.

Thanks again.

Request for Answer Clarification by bigdadda-ga on 04 Aug 2006 05:05 PDT
Thanks.  But there is still a bunch of inverts missing from this page:
 Anemones, snails, sponges, starfish, urchins, shrimps, scallops,
nudibranch, lobsters, gorgonians, feather dusters, cucumbers, crabs,
conches, clams, etc....  Some are listed in one or the other of your
lists, but the majority are not.  Likewise, there are a bunch listed

As for freshwater, there are a bunch missing that are listed on this
site:  There are others

Also missing are the live plants that I asked for.  Check out
 Here's another source:

This is pretty frustrating.  For $75, I expect more.  I don't believe
I should have to tell you where to look for the answers.  Tell me how
you would like to proceed.

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 04 Aug 2006 05:14 PDT

Google Answers Researchers cannot guarantee a complete list since we
may never know that we have covered everything. Thgere will always be
something left behind. To check and cross-check each and every list
that can be found out there is pretty cumbersome. I have tried my best
to cover two very comprehensive lists here.

I hope that this response clarifies the mechanisms of my answer.

Request for Answer Clarification by bigdadda-ga on 04 Aug 2006 09:51 PDT
Thanks for your answer.  I don't accept the completeness of your
response for the following reasons:

1.  In my original question, I expressly ask for a "complete" list.  I
don't expect that you will run down every resource on the internet,
but I do expect complete answers based, at a bare minimum, on the
resources I provide in my question.  You have not done even that.  If
you didn't feel you could provide a complete list as requested, you
should not have taken on the project.

2.  I expressly ask for living plants in my question.  You have not
provided this at all.

3.  I found the resources I list in my previous "request for answer
clarification" in about two minutes time.  I don't think it's asking
too much to require the researcher to have located at least those and
ensure that the list is as complete as possible as requested.

At $75, I am paying more than 95% of those requesting answers.  And,
the task I requested is as simple as they come - cut and paste or type
out a simple list of names.  If you didn't feel you could handle it,
you shouldn't have taken it on.

I am happy to address this with the google answer-editors if you'd like.

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 04 Aug 2006 16:35 PDT
Hi again!

Sorry but we must reply to clarifications in our answers so this is
the reason you are getting this.

Your original question and the subsequent clarification showed that to
check and In my work I used a source
other than this and you corrected me. So I used the ones you've
suggested. And this is the result. The other additional list you want
me to manipulate isn't wihin the bounds of your original question.
Plus it would've been difficult to check these things with each other
because of the large list.

Just to clarify my position.


Request for Answer Clarification by bigdadda-ga on 04 Aug 2006 18:10 PDT
Ok, to respond to your most recent reply:  First, as I state in my
question, the two sources I list in my question are "starting places",
which would suggest to rational people that they're not the end. 
Second, even assuming for argument's sake that you are for some
strange reason limited to the two sources contained in my original
question, your lists are not complete as compared to those two
sources.  Third, contrary to your statement, the "other list" that I
want - live plants - is "wihin [sic]" the bounds of my original
question, as it's expressly stated in my question.

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 04 Aug 2006 18:27 PDT
Ok. Thanks for your reply. I have also put this in the attention of the editors.

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 04 Aug 2006 19:50 PDT
One more note and just to clarify on the "starting places" reference.
This is the reason why I initially chose to have a different source
from the one you have. My mistake however and I admit was I
disregarded the two sites altogether. So I tried to make up for it in
the clarification.

This is just a clarification on that matter.

Thanks again.
Reason this answer was rejected by bigdadda-ga:
The answer was incomplete and the researcher refused to complete the
answer nothwithstanding several requests.  More detail can be found on
the actual question and related posts.

Thank you.
bigdadda-ga rated this answer:2 out of 5 stars
The researcher's answer was incomplete.  I asked for a simple but
complete text list of animals.  The researcher missed numerous animals
and then refused to complete the list even though I gave him the
websites where he could find the information.  In addition, the
researcher missed a whole category of animals and, when I raised that
fact to him and again showed him where to find the information, he
ignored my request.  So, overall, a poor response and I've requested a
refund as a result.

There are no comments at this time.

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