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Q: Medical-related fundraising by children ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Medical-related fundraising by children
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: poultyinmotion-ga
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Posted: 07 Aug 2006 06:41 PDT
Expires: 06 Sep 2006 06:41 PDT
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What time of year are kids 8-12 most likely to get involved in a
fundraising effort that is not connected with their school? (E.g.,
raise money for a hospital)?  Is summer vacation a good time or not?
Subject: Re: Medical-related fundraising by children
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 07 Aug 2006 10:11 PDT
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Hello Poutryinmotion,

  What a great screen name! LOL!

    Summer, spring break, fall break and Christmas time would probably
be best for kids, considering their academic schedule. Consider too
what you are selling (if you are)? chocolate bars would not be best
for a hot summer fundraiser! The time of year will certainly depend on
your product, the ages of the children, how many events you have
annually, the ages of the children, the weather in your location
among, and your group of kids. The most important aspect is to out the
?fun? into fundraising!

However, according to this About site, fall is a time when a great
deal of fundraising is already going on; funds for the football team,
school trips, uniforms, etc.

According to OXFAM, Christmas time is a good time: ?Children are
taught that it is good to give as well as receive and for most
charities it is the most important time of year for fundraising.?

?Also, he notes, late summer is traditionally the "driest time of
year" for fundraising.?

If the donors are children as well, consider tying the fundraiser in
with an already planned event, such as a homecoming game, Halloween
parties, or field trips.

?Since there is no perfect or ideal model for fundraising, community
groups are encouraged to share their techniques. Remember the five key
ingredients to successful fundraising are:
1.	Know what motivates individuals/groups to donate 
2.	Know your project 
3.	Be aware of potential sources of funding 
4.	Develop a strategy 
5.	Be familiar with your own organization

?Seasonal Events All-Year Round
There is always a time of year for fundraising. Here are some
suggestions for every month.
?  Share your heart on Valentines Day ? Sell heart candies or cookies
or decorate and sell Valentine's cards.
?  Sell single flowers or bouquets at a large corporation. Employees
can purchase flowers and cards from guild members for fellow employees
to be delivered on Valentine's Day or May Day.
?  St. Patrick's Day ? Sell green teddy bears or lucky clovers. 
?  Easter Egg Sale ? One guild member might decorate Easter eggs and
sell them to other members at a guild meeting or in the community.
?  Time for Spring Cleaning ? have a rummage sale with your guild's collection.

There are more suggestions on this page. (Of course, a cocktail party
would not be appropriate for children!)

?Moreover, certain fundraising activities just naturally lend
themselves better to certain times of year. Establishing an annual
calendar for fundraising will allow you to carry out these activities
at the optimal time of year and obtain the best possible results for
your efforts. For example, if you are planning a river festival or
river trip, the spring or summer will probably be the best time of
year; the best time to mail out a request to join is probably in
January-March, or September-November; if you are looking for
support, you should start early in the year (or even at the end of the
preceding year)because the whole process, from initial research to
approved grant, can often take 9 months; and putting together a good
raffle should probably start in April or May, to take advantage of the
summer months for selling the tickets.?

The majority of fundraising sites really pick no time of year, and
many sites recommend having 4-6 fundraisers throughout the year.

??the period from April through June is the second best time of year
for fundraising.?

These pages have lots of fundraising tips:

?Integrate Fundraising with Other Activities
Your fundraising plan should fit together hand in glove with your
annual program/action plan. Develop a fundraising plan that maximizes
your program goals. For instance, if one of your projects is to
develop a river greenway that will not only improve the quality of
life in your town but will also attract tourism and make your river
healthier, be sure to include within your fundraising plan a strategy
to recruit business memberships, since the business community will
very much appreciate the benefits your organization?s project will
have for the town. Also, consider reaching out to civic associations.
By connecting
with them, you will be achieving your project goal of increasing
stakeholders, plus you will be raising money at the same time. If you
are planning an annual meeting to inform the community about your
organization, consider incorporating a fundraising element, such as a
live (or silent) auction, a dinner, a raffle, or a concert, into that
program activity. For almost any program activity you plan, you should
be able to come up with a fundraising activity to complement it.?

?Seek wisdom from past experience Results will vary with the amount of
fundraisers done previously, number going on at same time (yours and
others), time of year, etc. Look at this fundraiser in context of
others - done this one before, done it every year, competing group
just did it, or our cheerleaders did this one before and it was a big

Successful past fundraising ideas could and should be repeated, but
remember that your customer base is often close to eighty percent the
same customers from year to year. Spice it up; try something new and
different that will increase your revenue.?

?Watch for off-season opportunities. Many suppliers are more willing
to help when they're not busy.

A construction firm could do repairs on your property when work is
slow. A hotel can provide meeting rooms when occupancy is down.
January and February or the summer months can be slow periods for a
wide variety of businesses. For others, winter is a dead time. Ask
them to tell you when their off-peak periods make it easy to give.
That doesn't mean you should wait until the slow period to ask. Just
let donors know that you will be pleased to wait until the quiet
season for the actual work to be done. Be sure to include the timing
in your planning.?

    In summary, the time of year seems less important than the
planning of your fundraiser. There are so many variables. If this
answer does not completely answer your question, please request an
Answer Clarification, and allow me to respond, before you rate this
answer. In your request, let me know the ages of the children, what
kind of fundraiser you are planning, the target donors, and the
purpose, and I will do further research for you.

Good Luck!
Sincerely, Crabcakes

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poultyinmotion-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Very exhaustive - Great references.  Thanks so much

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