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Q: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   7 Comments )
Subject: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
Category: Computers > Games
Asked by: kemlo-ga
List Price: $2.00
Posted: 10 Aug 2006 10:51 PDT
Expires: 09 Sep 2006 10:51 PDT
Question ID: 754693
I am playing WoW on line and would like to get ahead of the common
herd. So my question here is,
 Is it safe to buy gold on eBay for use on WoW? i.e. are the sales
genuine and will I get what I pay for?
Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
Answered By: tisme-ga on 10 Aug 2006 11:03 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello kemlo-ga,

The answer to your question is clearly yes. While it is frowned on by
the makers of World of Warcraft (they recently banned thousands of
paying accounts of people who were selling gold), they do not ban
people who purchase gold. See a detailed story here on what happened:

My other piece of advice for you would be to find people with high
reputations on eBay, but again several eBay accounts were apparently
banned for selling gold, and people are in the process of starting
over all the time. Blizzard actively shuts down accounts on eBay
regularly now through the VERO program: Most of the
businesses are in fact legitimate (at least in delivering the goods)
and will try to get you back as a repeat customer.

Another consolation for you is that if for any reason the gold is not
delivered, you can be guaranteed that both your credit card company
and Paypal will be on your side, and will reverse the charge. For
additional advice, I recommend that you pay for it using your credit
card and Paypal (don't use your Paypal balance), because that gives
you two layers of protection.

Also two well known gold reselling service are: and (although they might be pricier than eBay).

Good luck and have fun!


Search Strategy:

ebay vero
world of warcraft gold
world of warcraft ban gold
kemlo-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thanks for your answer. It gave me confidence, I went ahead and bought
several thousand gold and now have the best dressed Troll in

Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: probonopublico-ga on 10 Aug 2006 11:18 PDT
Caution, Kemlo

Not all PayPal purchases are protected ... always check to make sure! 

See 'Eligibility' and there's also a limit of 500.

Also, when it comes to making a claim. you have to be 'in good
standing' and I believe that there is also a limit on the number of
claims you can make over a period.

I made a claim once and it was processed like a dream!

The PayPal people were very helpful and efficient.

Good Luck! 


PS I couldn't find any sepling mistakes ... Is this a record?
Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: tisme-ga on 10 Aug 2006 14:07 PDT
Hello probonopublico-ga,

Thanks for contributing. Most paypal transactions on eBay are
protected, especially if you are located in the USA/Canada. Sometimes
a seller is not protected from a chargeback, but purchasers are
usually protected. Having a credit card company involved is also
important because they put the burden of proof on the merchant (and
how can they fake prove that they delivered "gold in a virutal

Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: probonopublico-ga on 10 Aug 2006 21:58 PDT
Hiya Tisme

I wonder how PayPal would react if you pulled the Credit Card angle on 'em?

I betya they'd pull your account!

Just a-Wondering

Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: tisme-ga on 11 Aug 2006 16:49 PDT

They try hard to prevent their users from using credit cards (it
defaults to your account balance, THEN your bank account and you have
to manually go in and change it to credit card). When you do change it
to Credit Card, they ask you: "Are you sure you want to do this?" It
is common knowledge however among heavy PayPal users that you are more
protected when using a credit card because the credit card company is
another advocate for you (against PayPal if need be). Also, a bank
transfer often incurs fees and you can earn points from using a credit

Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: 2fast4all-ga on 17 Aug 2006 21:23 PDT
Sell refined elite super + items at a good prices then you will get
the gold you need, I don't play WoW but i have this skill in the other
games I play.

I don't think buy gold from ebay is safe, looks like a scam to me.
Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: sigg246-ga on 30 Aug 2006 10:57 PDT
I tried to buy gold from and here is the text of my
instant message conversation with them after waiting three days:

Gordon: please will someone help me my order should not be cancelled

You are now speaking with Pamela of Business Enquiry.

Pamela: hi 

Gordon: hello i made an order and for some reason your people are
refunding my money instead of filling the order

Pamela: order# plz 

Gordon: 3500##

Pamela: k,a sec plz,checking for u now,dont worry:) 

Gordon: my paypal payment went thru today i have the transaction
details and the payment number for you Transaction ID: 9AV06549#######

Gordon: i sent two emails stating i was disapointed that i had not
received my order yet and then they started insisting to refund me and
called my transaction a risk

Pamela: hi 

Pamela: i checked for u 

Gordon: how can my transaction be a risk it is a verified account on
paypal and the payment is fully processed

Pamela: it is for ur safe for ur deliver 

Pamela: we advice u using west uinon 

Gordon: why west union?

Gordon: why for my safety you are not telling me what the risk is you
are evading my questions with flat answers

Pamela: in fact sir, we found in the district where u order ,there are
some unsafe reason , so for ur delivery's sake

Pamela: use west uinion plz 

Gordon: at this point you have my money in your account though what district?

Gordon: what does western union offer me protection?

Pamela: form where u order 

Gordon: i ordered on your site with your paypal option with a secure
verified account and the transaction went through without problems

Gordon: now you say that it is unsafe?

Gordon: you dont make sense im sorry

Pamela: district is not the same 

Gordon: i even gave you the paypal tranTransaction saction numer here
it is again Transaction ID: 9AV06549##############

Gordon: what district?

Gordon: i will clear any problems for you

Pamela: paypal is safe ,that is ture ,but in ur district , it is
better to use west union

Gordon: but dont you see the transaction has cleared?

Gordon: the money is in your account?

Gordon: Transaction ID: 9AV06549##########

Pamela: yea so we will refund u & give u 5% discount to use west union 

Gordon: why isnt that good enough?

Gordon: nobody will tell me

Gordon: what district?

Pamela: sorry there are many reason that i cant clear it for u but it
is better for u

Gordon: what could happen to me?

Gordon: are you talking about the realm ?

Gordon: i cant beleive this

Pamela: sir in ur district there are some one will steal other's paypal to use 

Gordon: can i talk to someone on the phone

Pamela: so we advice u to use west union 

Pamela: sorry 

Gordon: i am gordon ##########

Gordon: is there a phone number

Gordon: in my district there are someone to steal thru paypal?

Gordon: but the pay,ment cleared!!!

Gordon: can i talk to a manager

Pamela: sorry sir we are on ur shoe 

Gordon: on my shoe?

Pamela: if u dont use west union , we will refumd u within 12 hrs 

Gordon: what if i just use a credit card?

Gordon: i only used paypal cuz your site stated it was safest way

Pamela: west uinion is safe too 

Gordon: i dont have an account with them

Gordon: is it likepaypal?

Pamela: oh show u how to use it 

Gordon: why does it make more sense to use another payment when you
already have my funds????????????????????????

Pamela: We would like to offer you a 5% off discount for taking
trouble to do all this.
Make sure to include your order number and email address with your payment letter. 

Receiver Last Name: Cao 
Receiver First Name: Ligeng 
Receiver City, State: Herndon, Virginia 

Once your payment has been submitted, notify us with an email to with the following information:

- Sender Last Name 
- Sender First Name 
- Sender City and State/Province 
- Sender Phone Number 
- Money Transfer Control Number 
- Amount of Transfer 
The above information must be exactly the same as what you provided to
Western Union.

NOTE: DO NOT include a secret question/answer with your payment. It
adds very little security to the payment but can cause a lot of

It is strongly recommended that you check the status of your money transfer at 

Pamela: we will safe ur delivery not only the payment sir 

Gordon: i am not sending you money until i get a refund

Pamela: yea of course 

Gordon: i will expect the gold to be delivered or i will go to paypal
immediately and log a complaint

Pamela: dont log a complaint sir it will delay ur refund 

Pamela: it is policy to take 13 days if u complaint 

Gordon: not only will you not honor our agreement but you want me to
send more money and you give me lame reasons why i cant get my order

Gordon: my district?

Gordon: you have payment send my order\

Pamela: sir we dont want ur more money 

Gordon: you say i might be a theif then you ask me to send more money

Pamela: u can get refund first 

Pamela: then pay again with ur order# 

Gordon: refund why, i still dont know

Gordon: because i might be a theif scamming you

Gordon: i am a verified account paid in full and you refuse to send my order

Pamela: sir not u a thief 

Gordon: how can someone else steal my money

Pamela: we only want to sure ur deliver off theif 

Gordon: hoew does western union change anything?

Gordon: that last sentence made no sense

Gordon: off theif?

Pamela: protect ur deliver form stealing 

Gordon: my character is named Heilzig in the alliance realm of uldaman
please send the gold to him i am not trying to scam anyone and that is
the correct character to send the gold to

Gordon: protect your deliver from stealing?

Pamela: yea 

Gordon: who is my deliver?

Gordon: it doesnt make sense

Gordon: you have my money and will not send the gold that is the
bottom line, now who looks like they are stealing?

Gordon: why havent you refunded the money yet?

Gordon: will i get a refund?

Gordon: you can refund the money immediately through paypal

Gordon: do you have a phone number?

Pamela: sorry 

Gordon: sorry about what?

Gordon: will i get a refund?

Subject: Re: Buying gold for use on world of warcraft
From: tisme-ga on 30 Aug 2006 19:30 PDT

I don't really see a problem. They didn't steal your money, they just
decided that for some reason, it was not worth the risk. Maybe people
in your area have been applying for credit card chargebacks, or maybe
you fit a profile of someone who did. They wanted you to use Western
Union because it is more like cash (you are not protected), but I have
seen legitimate service providers on the internet insist on this.
Sometimes, as with delivering virtual money, it is hard to prove and
therefore easy for the consumer to get a refund, when the product was
actually delivered.


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