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Q: Info Re:The Company That Now Owns The Assets of Western Microelectronics, Inc. ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Info Re:The Company That Now Owns The Assets of Western Microelectronics, Inc.
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Asked by: webvisitor-ga
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Posted: 22 Aug 2006 01:19 PDT
Expires: 21 Sep 2006 01:19 PDT
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Up until at least 1995, Western Microelectronics, Inc. was located at
2665 Villa Creek Drive, Suite 214, Dallas, TX 75234. I do not have a
'phone number for the company, even an out-of-date one.

The company is no longer situated there, and mail sent to it at that
address is returned with "no forwarding address".

I have Googled "Western Microelectronics, Inc.", but have been unable
to locate its new address. Further, I have used reverse directories,
but to no avail.

My inability to find any *current* information about the company leads
me to believe, though I may be mistaken, that it no longer exists
under that name.

I wish to know the current status of the company. For example, but not
limited to, was it a non-US company that ceased operations in America,
did it merge with another company, was it the object of a hostile
take-over, was it discharged in bankruptcy, was it a US company that
moved its operations overseas, etc.?

In addition to learning its *current* status, I look forward to
obtaining the full names, postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax
numbers (if possible) and e-mail addresses (if possible) of the
President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Secretary/Treasuer, Chief
Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of the company that now
owns the assets of Western Microelectronics, Inc., if applicable.

Lastly, I would appreciate knowing the sources that you accessed in
order to address this question.

Thank you.

Clarification of Question by webvisitor-ga on 22 Aug 2006 01:31 PDT

In order to clarify my question, please note that I wish to contact
the principals of the company that now owns/controls the assets of
Western Microelectronics, Inc., thus the request for names, postal
addresses, etc.

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 22 Aug 2006 15:45 PDT
Hello webvisitor-ga,

I?ve found some confusing information about what might have happened
to Western Microelectronics, Inc. I?m posting the information to see
if makes sense to you and to see if what I?ve found will help you.

According to some press releases and SEC filings, Reptron Electronics,
Inc. of Tampa, FL acquired a California company named Western
Microelectronics in 1995.

Searching for additional information about Reptron and Western
Microelectronics shows the acquired company?s name to be a division of
Western Micro Technology, Inc. of Saratoga, CA.

Please take a look at these links and let me know if you think the
connection between Reptron Electronics and Western Microelectronics is
convincing to you. If it is, I will find the current contact
information you were looking for.

I look forward to your clarification.

~ czh ~
Reptron 1Q sales up 54%, net flat. (Company Financial Information)
Electronic News; 4/29/1996

CEO Michael L. Musto said: "The two distribution businesses acquired
in 1995, Cronin Electronics in New England and Western
Microelectronics in California, impacted year-to-year comparisons.
Revenues generated from Reptron's Distribution business increased 75.6
percent over the prior year period, with sales from locations existing
before the acquisitions increasing 24.4 percent. Both companies
acquired in 1995 were unprofitable when they were purchased. The
acquired New England locations are now profitable and we continue to
make progress on returning the acquired West Coast operations to

Published: May 9, 1995

? WESTERN MICRO TECHNOLOGY INC., Saratoga, Calif., which specializes
in components and systems products, agreed to sell its electronics
components distribution business to Reptron Electronics Inc., an
integrated electronics company, for $13 million in cash.

Western Micro Technology, Inc.

Saratoga, California, April 24, 1995-- ...
On Monday, April 17, 1995, the Company announced that it had entered
into a letter of intent to sell the net assets of its Semiconductor
Components Division to Reptron Electronics (Nasdaq National Market -
"REPT") at an amount approximating book value in which Reptron will
also assume certain branch lease liabilities.

Date: July 26, 1995 

TAMPA, Fla., July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Reptron Electronics, Inc.
(Nasdaq: REPT) today announced that it had completed the acquisition
of the electronic semiconductor components distribution business of
Saratoga, CA-based Western Micro Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: WSTM). The
transaction, valued at approximately $12.5 million, consists of $3.3
million of accounts payable with a remaining $9.2 million paid in
cash. Reptron also announced today that it has increased its recently
secured $35 million credit facility to $65 million.

Clarification of Question by webvisitor-ga on 24 Aug 2006 00:52 PDT
Hello czh,

Thank you for providing the information to date.

Upon reviewing the information that you posted as well as the
hyperlinked articles, it appears that some of the assets of the
company were sold to Reptron Electronics, Inc. of Tampa, FL while
others remained within a division of Western Micro Technology, Inc. of
Saratoga, CA.

Confusing indeed!

Considering that there are now two companies owning assets of Western
Microelectronics, Inc., the path that I wish to follow is to contact
the above-noted officers of each company.

As requested, please provide full names, postal addresses, telephone
numbers, fax numbers (if possible) and e-mail addresses (if possible)
of the President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Secretary/Treasurer,
Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Reptron
Electronics, Inc. of Tampa, FL and Western Micro Technology, Inc. of
Saratoga, CA.

If either or both companies have, by now, only a registered agent for
service of process, kindly supply as much contact information as

Thank you.
Subject: Re: Info Re:The Company That Now Owns The Assets of Western Microelectronics, Inc.
Answered By: czh-ga on 24 Aug 2006 13:59 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again webvisitor-ga,

I?m glad the information I found about the company you?re looking for
has been helpful. Here is the information you requested on the
successor companies to Western Microelectric, Inc.

The information for Reptron Electronics is fairly straightforward. The
information for Western Micro is much more complex as the company was
renamed, sold and merged repeatedly since 1995. The capsule summary is
as follows:

1995 -- Western Micro Technologies, Inc. moves from Saratoga, CA to
Campbell, CA after sale of electronics components division to Reptron.

1998 ? Company changed its name to Savoir Technology Group, Inc.

2000 ? Avnet, Inc. buys Savoir Technology Group and its operations are
folded into Avnet?s Computer Marketing Group (CMG) and Avnet Applied
Computing Group (AAC) with Savoir?s IBM distribution business is
assigned to Hall-Mark Global Solutions, a division of AAC.

After 2000 it is difficult to see how the former Western Micro/Savoir
operations continued as part of Avnet. I suggest that you contact the
company?s Investor Relations department to get the information you

In addition to the information I?ve already listed in my clarification
request, I?m including the results of my search in following the
threads on the various incarnations of Western Micro through it?s many
successor organizations since 1995. The key company officers, address
and phone numbers are listed for both Reptron and Avnet so that you
can contact them for whatever additional information you need.

I trust that the information I?ve provided will help with your
project. Please don?t hesitate to ask for clarification if anything
I?ve provided is confusing or needs expansion.

Wishing you well.

~ czh ~

Reptron Electronics Inc., under the symbol "RPRN.OB", is a leading
electronics manufacturing services company providing engineering
services and display integration services.

Reptron Manufacturing Services offers full electronics manufacturing
services including complex circuit board assembly and manufacturing
engineering services from over 300,000 square feet of state-of-the-art
facilities in Florida, Michigan and Minnesota.

Reptron Outsource Manufacturing and Design provides value-added
display design engineering and system integration services from its
facility in Fremont, CA.

(See also the pages for Press Releases and SEC Filings for current
information about the company.)

Credit Information

D & B Number:  08-875-3710
Federal ID Number:  38-2081116

Wachovia Capital Finance
Pat Cloninger
Vice President
110 East Broward Blvd.
Suite 2050
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33301
Phone:  954-467-2262, Ext 6688
Fax:  954-467-5520

Reptron Electronics Inc. (RPRN.OB)

Reptron Electronics Inc.
13700 Reptron Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33626
United States - Map
Phone: 813-854-2000
Fax: 813-855-1697
Web Site:

Mr. Paul J. Plante: CEO, President, COO, Director and Member of Ad Hoc
Fin. Committee
Mr. Charles L. Pope: CFO, Principal Accounting Officer and Secretary.

1995 came in roaring and went out the same way

Western Micro Leaves 
Saratoga's second-largest employer, Western Micro Technology,
announced that it was leaving town. It sold its electronic components
division to Reptron Electronics of Florida. The remaining computer
systems division moved from Saratoga to offices in Campbell. Reptron
planned to finish Western Micro's lease at its offices on Saratoga
Avenue, but was expected to eventually consolidate its portion of the
business with existing operations in San Jose. As part of the sale,
former Western Micro CEO Ron Mabry moved to Reptron as vice president.

Distribution's Top 20 Plans For 1998

1. Reorganization and consolidation. 

Western Micro is a prime example of a company that's done both. At
Fall Comdex, Scott Munro, president and chief executive of Western
Micro Technology, Campbell, Calif., announced that the company would
change its name to Savoir Technology Group. Under Savoir, there will
be two distinct and separate distribution organizations: Western Micro
Technology, which will concentrate on Intel-based sales initiatives,
and Business Partner Solutions, which will be dedicated solely to the
company's IBM-oriented business.

Channel assembly isn't anything new for midrange distributors like
Savoir Technology Group, Inc., (formerly Western Micro Technology
Inc.), Campbell, Calif., though. Western Micro's done assembly for
some time, and has three assembly facilities with plans to expand into
San Antonio and Boston.

Marshall G. Cox
Chairman of the Board
Marshall G. Cox has served as Cytori's Chairman of the Board and
Director since May 1997. Previously, Mr. Cox founded Western Micro
Technology, Inc. and served as the Company's Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, retiring as Chairman Emeritus in 1997.

Search Results for Jan 01, 1996 - Aug 24, 2006

First page archived: Apr 11, 1997
Last page archived: Jan 28, 2002

First page archived: Apr 11, 1997

Contact Western Micro
Corporate Headquarters
254 E. Hacienda Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
Toll Free: (800) 338-1600 

Archived page: Aug 15, 2000
Logo ? Savoir Technology Group
Savior Announces Shareholder Approval of Avnet Merger

Avnet / Hall-Mark is the top distributor of IBM midrange services in
the Americas, with a strong market focus on IBM AS/400, RS/6000, S/390
and Netfinity servers, storage products and software. Additional
offerings include light manufacturing, a host of leasing programs and
wireless products from Aironet and Telxon.

Avnet / Hall-Mark is also a leading distributor of Intel-based
enterprise level servers, custom solutions, software, storage and
services for value-added resellers, systems integrators and original
equipment manufacturers. We also represent world-leading hardware and
software manufacturers such as Compaq, Compaq StorageWorks, Computer
Associates, NCR, SCO, Unisys and others.

Copyrightę 1996-2001 Avnet, Inc. All rights reserved. This site is
governed by Avnet, Inc.

Last page archived: Jan 28, 2002
Path Index Error.
Sorry, we can't find the archived version of this page. The URL has
been archived but not indexed. Try another request or click here to
search for all pages on

Avnet Buys Savoir For $140 Million 
Tempe, Ariz., Fri. Mar. 03, 2000

Avnet Inc. last week agreed to buy Savoir Technology Group Inc. for
close to $140 million in stock, a deal that doubles Avnet's IBM
midrange business and makes it the No. 1 IBM midrange distributor in
the world, said company executives.

Savoir will be merged into Avnet CMG, with two Savoir segments, OEM
systems integration and storage, moving into the Avnet Applied
Computing operating group.

Avnet Inc. to acquire Savoir Technology Group for 0.13 times revenue
Weekly Corporate Growth Report, Mar 13, 2000

The Deal: The computer-parts distributor Avnet Inc., has announced
that it will acquire the Savoir Technology Group for just over $ 100
million in stock, and will also assume a portion of Savoir's debt.

Discussion: The Savoir Technology Group, formerly named Western Micro
Technology, distributes servers, hardware, and software.

Avnet Strikes Again - acquires Savoir Technology Group - Company
Business and Marketing
Electronic News,  March 6, 2000 

Savoir will be merged primarily into Avnet's Computer Marketing Group
(CMG), with about 20 percent going into the Avnet Applied Computing
group (AAC). Savoir's main products include IBM AS/400, RS/6000, S/390
and Netfinity servers. Andy Bryant, president of Avnet CMG, said
combining Savoir's sales with Avnet's would bring CMG's sales to more
than $2.5 billion and make the company the largest IBM midrange
value-added distributor in North America and around the world.

Avnet Completes Acquisition of Savoir Technology Group Inc. 

July 10, 2000--Phoenix, AZ -- Avnet Inc. (NYSE: AVT) Monday announced
the completion, as of July 3, 2000, of its acquisition of Savoir
Technology Group Inc., the leading distributor of IBM mid-range server
products in the Americas, with calendar 1999 revenues of $767 million.

A Fortune 500 company, Avnet's sales exceed $9 billion, with a pro
forma of over $10 billion, including acquisitions closed during fiscal
year 2000. The company's web site is located at

Avnet Closes Savoir Deal - Company Business and Marketing

Electronic News,  July 17, 2000  by Heidi Elliott and Marie Eve Demers
Avnet Inc., Phoenix, has completed its acquisition of Savoir
Technology Group Inc. Savoir primarily distributes IBM Corp. midrange
server products in the Americas and had 1999 revenues of $767 million.
Savoir's 600 employees in North America will immediately begin
integrating into Avnet's Computer Marketing Group (CMG) and Avnet
Applied Computing Group (AAC).

Savoir's IBM distribution business will fold into Hall-Mark Global
Solutions, an AAC division. Joe Mertens, Savoir president and chief
operating officer, has been named executive vice president/general
manager of the combined IBM Business Unit. He will report to Rick
Hamada, president of Avnet's Hall-Mark Global Solutions. Savoir's
storage products sector, with approximately $60 million in sales, and
its integration business, with about $15 million in sales, will fall
under the AAC umbrella and market to OEMs. Ed Kamins, AAC president,
said, "We also expect to transition Savoir's integration customers
into our Applied Computing Solutions business unit, which will add
incremental business without significant additional overhead, broaden
our customer base and strengthen the bottom line." Jerry Kagele,
Savoir vice president, will also join Avnet as vice president of
Applied Computing Enabling Technologies (ACET), a new business unit of
Avnet Applied Computing, reporting to Kamins. ACET's focus is on data
storage, products and systems.

Avnet, Inc.

Avnet (NYSE:AVT) enables success from the center of the technology
industry, providing cost-effective services and solutions vital to a
broad base of more than 100,000 customers and 300 suppliers. The
company markets, distributes and adds value to a wide variety of
electronic components, enterprise computing products and embedded

(This is a very large company with a complex website with very long
URLs. Instead of showing them here, I suggest that you follow the
links for Company Information, Investor Relations and Contact Us to
gather the information you need. I?ve shown some of the highlights

Avnet History -- 2000-present


Contact Us - Investor Relations
Mailing Address:
Avnet, Inc.
2211 South 47th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Investor Relations/Shareholder Services
Vincent Keenan,
Investor Relations
Tel: (480)643-7053
Fax: (480)643-7370


Corporate Facts
Exchange: NYSE
Ticker Symbol: AVT
Sector: Technology
Founded: 1921
Incorporated: 1955
Went Public: 1959
CEO: Roy Vallee
Global Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona
(Largest publicly held company headquartered in Arizona)
Employees: ~11,000 Worldwide
Auditors: KPMG LLP
Fortune 500 (2006 Rank # 212 )
Fiscal Year End: June
Sales in 70 Countries
268 Locations Worldwide


Corporate Contacts
Avnet, Inc.
2211 South 47th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(480) 643-2000


Management Team

Avnet Inc. (AVT)
2211 South 47th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
United States - Map
Phone: 480-643-2000
Fax: 480-643-7370
Web Site:

Roy A. Vallee: Chairman, CEO
Harley Feldberg: Sr. VP, President of Avnet Electronics Marketing ? Global
Richard Hamada: COO, Sr. VP, President of Avnet Technology Solutions
Operating Group
Andrew S. Bryant: Sr. VP and President of Avnet Logistics
David R. Birk: Sr. VP, Secretary, General Counsel and Chief of Staff

Clarification of Answer by czh-ga on 29 Aug 2006 10:01 PDT
Hello webvisitor-ga,

I'm glad the information I found was helpful. Thank you for the
affirmations, the five stars and generous tip.

I would be happy to work on your future projects. I suggest that you
put my name in the Subject line if you want me to handle a specific
questionm like this.

If you're in a hurry, you can set a time limit in the body of the
question, thus: "This question is reserved for czh-ga for the first 24
(48, etc.) hours."

We have many researchers from all over the world so if the company
information exists it's likely that we will be able to find it.

I look forward to your future questions.

~ czh ~
webvisitor-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $20.00
Hello czh,

Thank you very much for your answer. It was very thorough and comprehensive. 

Ideally, I would need to contact only one person; however, in light of
the many corporate changes that you described, it's clear that
communication will be made with several individuals before my
objective can be met.

In light of my not realizing how much time would be needed to address
my question, I wish to augment your compensation by $20.00.
Furthermore, since my next question will deal with online, hard-copy
and human sources/resources in order to become an expert in answering
questions about US, Canadian, UK, European, Chinese, Japanese, Hong
Kong, etc. mergers and acquisitions, may I call upon you to answer it,
if you so wish, or will the question be available to whomever locks it
first? Please advise.

Once again, thank you for your answer. Much appreciated!



Subject: Re: Info Re:The Company That Now Owns The Assets of Western Microelectronics, Inc.
From: ubiquity-ga on 23 Aug 2006 08:46 PDT
I found 3 "Western Micro electronics"

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX 75052-7609 
Phone: (972) 647-0786

HC 80 BOX 457
PIEDMONT, SD 57769-9501 
[Corporate status:cancelled]

2375 ZANKER RD STE 250
SAN JOSE, CA 95131-1143 
[still around]

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