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Q: My Cat's Favourite Spot..... ( No Answer,   6 Comments )
Subject: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
Category: Family and Home > Pets
Asked by: steph53-ga
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Posted: 24 Aug 2006 17:35 PDT
Expires: 23 Sep 2006 17:35 PDT
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Hi GA Community,

I need some advice...

My five year old thoroughly spoiled kitty, Albert, has a strange place he likes
to curl up on when I am on the computer.

Although he has the run of our home, and is basically allowed to set
his furry self wherever he pleases, too often I find him curled up on
my toilet seat!!!

Whats with that????

I'll admit I have a nice, soft toilet seat cover on the toilet, but
why would he chose this instead of my comfy bed or pillow????

This only happens in the evenings when I am otherwise busy and he
knows it annoys me because I have to "shoo" him off whenever I have to
use the "facilities".

Has anyone else had this dilemma?


Request for Question Clarification by pinkfreud-ga on 24 Aug 2006 18:17 PDT
For many years we enjoyed the company of a wonderfully eccentric old
tabby cat named Elvis Pussley. Elvis loved to nap in some of the
weirdest places. The house has lots of downy cushions and soft beds,
but Elvis chose some pretty bizarre places to doze:

Request for Question Clarification by cynthia-ga on 24 Aug 2006 18:22 PDT
Pink, those are amazing photos!

Clarification of Question by steph53-ga on 25 Aug 2006 04:44 PDT
Wow, Pink!!!!

Those piccies are wild!!!!

I have to wonder what makes a cat sleep in places like that!!!

Your "Elvis" sure beats my Albert as far as "weird places" are concerned.

Clarification of Question by steph53-ga on 25 Aug 2006 04:48 PDT
Here is Albert when he was a "Cat of the Day" in July 2005.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
From: probonopublico-ga on 24 Aug 2006 21:23 PDT
Albert is showing his displeasure.

Obviously you have peeved him ...

My guess that it's because you failed to take a photo of him on the throne.

Next time , get your camera out QUICK!

Of course, you could always thwart him by leaving the lid open or by
closing the door.

On second thoughts, maybe if you did leave the lid open then he would
do the thing that most gentlemen do.

Subject: Re: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
From: markvmd-ga on 24 Aug 2006 22:33 PDT
Oh, wow, (that is to say, Holy Cats!), Pink's pictures are great.
"Hangover" should be entered in as many photo contests as possible.

Steph, fear not for Albert's sanity. He has found a spot that is warm
enough (or cool enough) and comfy for him plus he gets to interact
with you a bit, which he likes. So long as he is not camped out there
because he is driven by thirst, he's fine.

Bryan, you are quite obviously not a cat owner! Closed doors are a
challenge to any cat and those with claws will eventually remove
enough of the door to gain access. It may take several years of
patient work but they are very much Steve McQueen in this aspect.

The cat will usually undertake the "Big Dig" carpentry operation when
you are deeply asleep the night before an important
meeting/trip/test/etc, or any time when the raked claws on wood door
will rattle the adjoining rooms in surprisingly the same manner and
sound as a mild earthquake...
Subject: Re: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
From: probonopublico-ga on 24 Aug 2006 23:28 PDT
Hi Mark ...

It is true. I am not a cat owner but I do know that Albert does not
have any claws and I took that factor fully into account when making
my recommendation.

However, on further thought, I suggest that Steph should just leave
both the door and the lid open and then the next time that Albert
takes a leap ...

Steph will have the makings of an even better piccy ...

Like even Pinky has never seen before.

Let's start The War of the Cat Snappers.

Subject: Re: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
From: nelson-ga on 25 Aug 2006 04:35 PDT
Well, that sort of thing wouldn't happen if women would just remember
to put the toilet seat back up after using it.
Subject: Re: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
From: frde-ga on 27 Aug 2006 04:39 PDT
If Albert is half Siamese then he might have a bit of a thing about water.
Subject: Re: My Cat's Favourite Spot.....
From: myoarin-ga on 27 Aug 2006 08:59 PDT

One:  He likes his throne there.  Not many subjects present, but as a
royal Siamese, he has to have a throne.

Two:  He knows it is the one place y'gotta go, thus assured of your
respectful attention  - see "one".  As a true sovereign of his people,
he has no problem with dismounting his throne to accomodated his
favourite subject.

Of course, if you don't show due respect by turning up his royal
cushion, he may take umbrage.  Can't have mere commoners sitting where
he rests his royal bottom.  :-)

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