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Q: Patio Furniture Design Trends ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Patio Furniture Design Trends
Category: Business and Money > Consulting
Asked by: yourdesigner-ga
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Posted: 25 Aug 2006 09:42 PDT
Expires: 24 Sep 2006 09:42 PDT
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Trend information for mainstream Patio furniture and accessories for
2007, 2008 and beyond for the US market.

Main focus is on Dining and Casual Seating


Information on themes colours, patterns and designs that are expected
to be emerging.

Is there an underlying global trend?

What materials are hot (Wicker, distressed wicker, wood?)

What type of wicker weaves are going to be popular?

Need as much information as possible 

This will be used to create designs for Mass Retail (Wal-mart, Home
Depot etc..) so needs to be relevant to mass not specialty.
Subject: Re: Patio Furniture Design Trends
Answered By: czh-ga on 29 Aug 2006 20:15 PDT
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Hello yourdesigner-ga,

There is a tremendous amount of information about the evolution of
trends in outdoor living styles and design. Unfortunately, the
detailed information is contained in very high priced market research
reports as this is a very competitive and highly monitored industry. I
don?t know if you?re in a position to buy these reports or if you have
some way of accessing them. Even if you don?t, I find that the summary
of what they cover and the detailed table of contents frequently give
a lot of information. Several of these include lists of key companies
in the fields.

In addition to the expensive market research reports I found lots of
articles in the trade and consumer press addressing the current trends
in outdoor living. These articles discuss both aesthetic and business
issues. One of the most interesting trends seems to be that there is
an increasing blurring of the line between specialty and mass
marketing in this industry. I think the collection of resources I?ve
provided will give you sufficient information to get a good overview
of what is coming in colors, patterns, designs and materials in the
current and upcoming seasons.

I trust that the information I?ve found will be helpful. Please don?t
hesitate to ask for clarification if you need additional assistance.

Wishing you well for your project.

~ czh ~

Outdoor and Casual Furniture 
Pub Time: 2005/10
Published by : Mintel International Group Ltd, 
Distributed by : Global Information, Inc. 
Price $ 2995.00

Retail sales of casual and outdoor furniture will reach over $4.8
billion in 2005, thanks to strong home sales, home renovation and
interest in outdoor living. Innovation in style, design, fabrics and
materials has expanded the selection across all price points. However,
competition from imports has limited profit margins for domestic
manufacturers, and prompted many to shift production overseas or
establish partnerships with Asian companies.

Exclusive consumer research reveals the attitudes, needs and behavior
of outdoor and casual furniture consumers, with analysis broken down
by demographic characteristics. Six years of specific sales data
provides a factual and impartial presentation of the market as a
whole. Mintel also evaluates the performance of individual sectors in
the market, both by material (metal, plastic, wicker, wood) and
product type (seating, tables, umbrellas and other products). Mintel
also provides details of major companies and brands in the casual and
outdoor furniture market.

Mintel uses the SPSS forecasting package to create a five-year
forecast of U.S. retail sales in the casual and outdoor furniture
market, revealing potential opportunities for growth and product
development. Continued sales growth will come largely from homeowners
replacing old furniture or upgrading to more stylish products,
especially in the process of renovating their home and outdoor living
spaces. From 2006 to 2010, sales growth will be propelled by aging
baby boomers, who will upgrade to higher-end products, and young,
ethnically diverse homeowners, who will seek stylish, but inexpensive
products. Mintel predicts moderate but steady through 2010.
Outdoor and Casual Furniture - US - October 2005
There are 34  News Stories related to this report.

Freedonia Focus on Outdoor Furniture & Grills
Full Market Research Study Includes: 
Market, Research, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Demand, Sales 

Publication Date: 01-JUN-06
Format: PDF
Immediate Online Access
Pages: 17
Study #: FF90033
Price: $500.00 	

This report discusses US outdoor furniture and grill demand for the
years 2000 and 2005, with forecasts to 2010. Topics covered include
market size, product and market segmentation, trade, market
environment, product and market forecasts, industry composition and
leading participants. Product segments include outdoor furniture,
outdoor grills, and accessories and patio heaters. Market segments
include residential, nonresidential and other markets. This 17 page
report also includes a highlights summary and resources section.

Outdoor Living Report 2005
Published Date: June 2005 
Published By: Unity Marketing Inc. 
Page Count: 162
Order Code: R395-58
Price: $2500

After years of decorating and redecorating the interiors of their
homes, American consumers are turning their energy outside to spruce
up the exterior living areas of their homes. This shift reflects a new
outdoor living lifestyle that extends family life beyond the
protective cocoon of the home's walls. Today's home is a hub for
connecting with consumers looking outside to reconnect with their
neighbors and local communities. The outdoor living market is the
focus of this new research study conducted by Unity Marketing among
1,000 U.S. homeowners.

The outdoor living market, including both outdoor living products and
services, reached $62.5 billion in 2004, rising from $60.1 billion in
2003. While the retail sales of plant materials accounted for $19.6
billion or 31 percent of the total market in 2004, the real growth
categories in the coming years will be the tools, equipment, supplies
and accessories that enhance the outdoor living lifestyle.

Order #: F160_2003TX; US$3000.00 
Published by Packaged Facts, November 2003; 240 Pages; 37 Exhibits

The study examines in detail the trends affecting market size and
growth and offers sales projections through 2008. New product trends
are covered in each category, and major competitors are
profiled?including Barlow Tyrie, Inc., Syroco, Inc., and The Coleman
Company, as well as specialty manufacturers such as Trivest, Inc.,
Weber-Stephen Products, and O.W. Lee Co., Inc. The report also
explores consumer usage rates, brand preferences, and demographics.

Retailers see booming outdoor furniture market 
Jun. 14, 2005 12:00 AM

PHILADELPHIA - Choosing outdoor furniture used to be a simple thing. A
couple of rockers for the porch, a picnic table for the backyard, some
folding lawn chairs, and you were done.

But that was when a yard was just a yard.

Now, yards and patios, terraces and decks are essential extensions of
our homes - places to retreat and relax, to play and entertain. And,
increasingly, we're furnishing them in high style.

The American Home Furnishings Alliance says sales of outdoor furniture
have more than doubled in the last decade, reaching an estimated $2.3
billion in 2003.

It's an easy sell, said Carol Christensen, patio director for Waterloo
Gardens in Devon, Pa.

"People don't have enough leisure time, and they want to make sure
that when they do get outside, the setting is something they can
really be comfortable in."

Luxury on the lawn: Outdoors is going upscale

Private outdoor spaces as cozy as those indoors
By Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal
August 4, 2006

Comfort is also big in the outdoor-furniture business, which explains
why cushioned furniture is making a comeback, said Susan Dovel, patio
manager for B&G Fireplace and Patio in Jackson Township, Mo.

Technology has helped in that regard: Advanced filling materials and
better cushion design allow seat cushions to dry faster, and acrylic
outdoor fabrics and trims have been refined to the point where they
can be as soft and lavish as their indoor counterparts.

As a result of those advances, furniture forms that mimic indoor
styles are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of the traditional
table-umbrella-chair sets, many consumers are opting for a cushioned
love seat and a couple of deep armchairs cozied up to a coffee table,
just like they might have in the family room.

Outdoor wicker remains one of the favorite styles for cushioned
seating, Dovel said, particularly in the Midwest, where tastes lean
toward the traditional.

Most outdoor wicker is woven from resin strands on aluminum frames,
although one top manufacturer, Lloyd/Flanders, uses a twisted fiber
made from Kraft Paper that's protected by a weather-resistant coating.
That process creates a wicker that's close in appearance and feel to
traditional rattan.

However, wicker is hardly the only choice. Cushioned furniture comes
in a range of frame styles, from sleek stainless steel to elegant
carved teak.

Patio table shift 
The look of patio tables is changing, too. Glass table tops are
falling out of favor, replaced by materials including plastic
laminate, all-weather wicker and resin fashioned to mimic such
substances as hand-cut stone, tile and slate. A tabletop from Winston,
a division of Brown Jordan, is made of granite set into resin to allow
for expansion and contraction without cracking, Dovel said.

Here's some guidance on what to look for and what you can expect to
find at various quality levels.
 -- Low-priced
 -- Mid-range
 -- High-end

Outdoor decor still in, as trend keeps garden sales up - Lawn & Garden
DSN Retailing Today,  Sept 9, 2002 

This upscale trend has moved into patio furniture and accessories.
Resin sales have been fiat as consumers trade up to now-affordable
aluminum and wrought-iron sets, many of which now have colorful
accents. Gracious Living expanded into resin banquet tables and
earth-tone hues that mimic wood or sandstone. Berkeley, meanwhile,
debuted several patio sets composed of a granite-resin mixture that
featured hand-painted accents or mosaic insets.

Color Trends--The current state of fabrics and finishes, part one
-- Casual Living, 8/28/2006 1:28:00 PM
Fabrics complement finishes, sister fabrics for a fuller color story

Furniture manufacturers and fabric suppliers shared their thoughts on
the current state of color while color forecasters look ahead to

Maffei Toolan said outdoor fabrics have gotten more sophisticated, and
sees two clear color stories. The first includes rich tones that
coordinate nicely with rattan and woven. This also includes a British
Colonial theme with blacks, khakis and tea stain colors, as well as
chocolate brown, reds and sage. The second is an Island motif, with
paisley, tropical and exotic patterns to achieve a ?botanical look,?
perhaps with rhododendron and fern designs as well. A printed solid,
St. Croix, also was introduced. Like a grass cloth, St. Croix is a
printed texture that makes a perfect anchor with all of the mentioned

Casual Living?s 2006 Fabric Survey & Showcase ($20)

Our Fabric Survey looks at the best-selling fabric patterns and colors
for outdoor seating -- both sling and cushion seating. Casual Living?s
annual fabric survey, conducted by fax and online in November and
December 2005, represents more than 180 casual furniture retail
outlets. For the purposes of the survey, retailers were asked about
their unit sales for five-piece dining groups or separate seating
pieces, with either cushions or slings. Well over 90% of the retailers
responding carry either five-piece dining groups or other outdoor
seating pieces. At least three-quarters of them offer such seating
with both cushions and slings.

More than 40% of retailers answering the survey are casual furniture
specialists, another one-fifth are pool and patio or hearth and patio
stores. The remaining retailers include full-line furniture stores,
garden centers, department and discount department stores,
hardware/home improvement stores, offering outdoor furniture in
five-piece dining groups or as separate seating pieces.

Outdoor Furniture Materials Outdoor furniture comes in an array of
styles and construction elements. Know the jargon before you buy.

Ten Furniture Trends Shaping American Homes
A snapshot of our lives, and how it's really lived, shows what
direction interiors are heading.

7. Outdoor furniture goes elegant. Perhaps it?s the inevitable result
of conspicuous consumption. Perhaps it?s a longing to reconnect with
nature. Perhaps it?s simply the fact that technology now allows for
finishes that can withstand even the fiercest weather conditions.
Whatever the reason, outdoor entertaining is hot right now. And not
coincidentally, outdoor furniture has become more tasteful, more
beautiful, more expensive than ever.

?It?s really not even accurate to call it outdoor furniture. It?s
leisure furniture, and it?s stunning. People are starting to think of
their outdoor spaces as extensions of their homes, and furnishing them
accordingly,? Tashjian says.

Tips/Trends for 2006 ? Outdoor Living

3. Comfort Meets Style
New cushion collections closely resemble interior living room
furniture, but are technically designed to withstand the elements and
dry quickly. Create an outdoor living room where everyone will want to
hang out by mixing seating designs, such as sofas, chat chairs and
swivel chat tables.

4. Colors Abound 
The trend in outdoor furniture is more color! You can incorporate a
dash of vibrancy with a colorful outdoor umbrella or throw pillows, or
make a bold statement by adorning your set in lively upholstery. The
HI Design Center helps to simplify the process of mixing and matching
fabrics and frame colors by grouping them into color themes. This
innovative design tool makes it easier than ever to design a space
that best reflects your colorful personality.

Casual Retailers Face More Competitors
Staff -- Casual Living, 9/1/2005

Competition inside the industry is anything but casual. Specialty
retailers face growing competition from different directions.

Catalogs, QVC, Internet sales and other direct sales also result in
increased competition for independent retailers.

The question of why specialty stores are facing higher levels of
competition from more directions than ever has a number of complex
answers. Quality is up at lower price points. Economic challenges
continue at the high end. Also, consumers are becoming more aware of
the category through more attention from consumer magazines, home
makeover television shows and national accounts' advertising blitzes.
Homeowners are investing in outdoor living spaces with hopes of adding
to resale value. It's not only for the wealthy in weather-perfect
areas, but has trickled down to include average households.

The low end of the outdoor living market is rarely found now in
specialty retail shops, but moves through mass merchants and warehouse
clubs. But it's not just at the low end anymore. Merchandising and
products at the big box stores are getting better.

The great outdoors
Make your summer living more special with this outdoor furniture.
By Kate Bonamici, FORTUNE
June 28 2006: 11:47 AM EDT

The biggest trend this year: Outdoor spaces that feel like your living
room with a better breeze. Think candles and chandeliers hanging from
trees, couch-style seating, and dining sets that encourage lingering
meals on long summer nights.

Store brand patio furniture takes its place in the sun - Brief Article
DSN Retailing Today,  April 2, 2001 

This spring's offerings continue to bring mass retailers many quality
and style elements previously available only at specialty outlets.
Wrought iron and rust-free aluminum sets with tempered glass tables,
for example, can be purchased for as little as $100. As a result, mass
has risen to become the leading channel for outdoor furniture sales.

With national brand recognition low in the category, mass merchants
have succeeded at growing their own private labels. Kmart has created
a strong brand through its Martha Stewart Everyday Garden line, now
entering its third season, while Target has added a Michael Graves set
to its own Gardenpiace patio furniture line. WalMart features two
tiers of house brands in outdoor furniture, Better Homes and Gardens
and Garden Basics.

While private-label collections ranging in price from $99 to $500 are
either the primary or sole brands offered at the Big Three, such isn't
the case with opening price point resin pieces. Syroco, Keter,
Grosfillex and Bemis dominate the market in this lower-cost arena.

A survey of 3,000 consumers last spring by The Coleman Company showed
resin taking up the majority of unit sales at 37%. Second in sales is
wrought iron at 20%, followed by aluminum and steel at 19%, wood at
17%, and wicker at 3%. Other results showed the average price paid for
a set at mass, including resin, was $162 vs. $694 for non-resin sets
at specialty stores.

Even in resin, improvements in technology have enabled vendors to
offer more stylish pieces at low price points. Textured looks and
imitation of natural finishes have become popular. "Over the last few
years, consumers have moved toward more natural materials," said Karen
Klein, director of communications for Grosfillex. "What we're trying
to do is work with natural materials and introduce metal- and
wood-lookalike materials."

Overall, sets with finishes resistant to rust and sun damage have
become the norm in patio furniture. Meadowcraft treats its wrought
iron and steel sets with rust protection, while sets with powder
coatings over steel or aluminum are commonly found in mass-market

As Asian imports now control the outdoor furniture market at mass, the
number of national brand players has dwindled. But Sunbeam, which sold
its Sunlite Casual Furniture subsidiary in 1997, is trying to break
into the market again through its Coleman division.

Imports continue dramatic increases
Staff -- Casual Living, 5/1/2006

U.S. imports of outdoor furniture rose 13%, growing to more than $1.4
billion in 2005 compared with nearly $1.3 billion in 2004, according
to data from the U.S. Customs Service, U.S. International Trade
Commission and Casual Living market research. With a 67% share, China
again dominated as the leading source country with about $961 million,
up 17% from nearly $823 million in 2004.


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