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Q: Christian Hard Rock ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: Christian Hard Rock
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Asked by: vhvaughn-ga
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Posted: 29 Aug 2006 16:12 PDT
Expires: 28 Sep 2006 16:12 PDT
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Is there any Biblical objections or references to Christian Hard Rock
Music? What are the true roots of the "guitar, bass guitar, Drum,
vocal" combination in reference to whether or not it is secular or
christian. Please use King James Version for Biblical references.

Clarification of Question by vhvaughn-ga on 29 Aug 2006 16:16 PDT
Some Christian Hard Rock Bands that I am specifically interested in
are; Norma Jean, The Chariot, As I Lay Dying, Still Remains, Haste the
Day, etc.

Clarification of Question by vhvaughn-ga on 29 Aug 2006 16:18 PDT
I guess it should be "Are there any Biblical.... rather than "Is there
any...     Forgive me for my poor grammer

Request for Question Clarification by tutuzdad-ga on 29 Aug 2006 16:25 PDT
There are some religious beliefs wherein there are objections to the
use of musical instruments DURING WORSHIP SERVICES. This is based on
(1) their interpretations of what certain Biblical scriptures say, (2)
what their interpretations of certain scriptures' intent (what they
appear to convey), and (3) what those religions believe the Bible DOES
NOT specifically allow.

Would you accept a brief outline of these verses as an answer?


Request for Question Clarification by tutuzdad-ga on 29 Aug 2006 17:20 PDT
What I meant to convey was this: The answer to your question, it
seems, is YES. There are some beliefs that oppose Christian Hard Rock
Music if that music is part of a "service" or a concert venue where
christians are expected to worship or praise God during the
performance. It is scripture related to this issue that I can help you
with if you like.

Clarification of Question by vhvaughn-ga on 04 Sep 2006 11:57 PDT
Sorry I took so long to reply.  tutuzdad-ga yes the scripture related
to this would be great. I am not so much concerned with rock in church
service but rather just personal listening and concert going.

Clarification of Question by vhvaughn-ga on 04 Sep 2006 12:04 PDT
jack_of_few_trades-ga or  tutuzdad-ga

( jack_of_few_trades thank you for the argument. )

This is an argument I myself have heard and am somewhat trying to
prove wrong. My thing is that was elvis the first to use "the guitar
bass etc. combo" Prior to elvis when was a guitar invented and by whom
what was there purpose. likewise with drums. When were these intrument
first combined to play together. Could it be that rock sprang from
gospel. and "sex drugs etc. lifesyle" picked up on it as they often do
things. For example if a druggie drives a motorcycle should I not
drive one. Is it the motorcycle or the person?

Clarification of Question by vhvaughn-ga on 04 Sep 2006 18:06 PDT
thank you very much for the links and incite. I once heard Billy
Graham say in regards to Christian rock "I don't understand it but I
can't condemn it" (paraphrased of course)

Request for Question Clarification by tutuzdad-ga on 04 Sep 2006 18:40 PDT
What I can speak to is the issue of music in the church as interpeted
by some religius beliefs. What I think you are asking about however is
music in general, or "the issue" of music in general. The best answer
here is probably theoretical so I shall defer to other researchers for
now because I fear that your inquiry goes beyond what I may be able to

Clarification of Question by vhvaughn-ga on 04 Sep 2006 21:41 PDT

Thank you very much for your help in helping me define my question. I
appreciate very much your help. and yes I guess you are right about
theoretical answers.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Christian Hard Rock
From: jack_of_few_trades-ga on 30 Aug 2006 04:50 PDT
Not my personal belief, but an arguement I've heard a few times:

"rock music is a product of a disoriented, despairing, drug-related
sex-mad generation. There?s no question about that. The first big rock
singer was Elvis Presley, who killed himself with drugs and who went
through women, you know, continuously. And he gave rise to the whole
rock generation. He was the first, and his whole act was sexual,
sensual, you know; it was terrible. Nowadays we think he was comical
because we?ve come so far. But the vernacular of rock music at this
particular point represents a generation that I have real trouble
identifying with. And what happens is if you put a Christian message
in that vernacular, I think Christianity suffers immensely because I
don?t think you can take that kind of medium and use it to propagate a
Christian message.

For example, in the sixteenth chapter of Acts, you have the Apostle
Paul on his missionary journey, and he came to Philippi. And a
demon-possessed girl came out and started following them around. And
the demon-possessed girl said of Paul and his traveling companion,
Barnabas, ?These men have come to show us the way of salvation.? Now,
was that the truth? That was the truth. They did come to show the way
of salvation. Paul turned around and rebuked that girl and cast the
demon out of her, because God does not use demonic mediums even to
propagate true doctrine. Do you understand? And basically the whole
rock thing is tied in with drugs and sex, and the occult, the whole
shootin? match. And people who come out of that scene find it very
difficult to listen, say to Christian ?rock? without being pulled back
into all that stuff that they had in their former life. "
Subject: Re: Christian Hard Rock
From: myoarin-ga on 04 Sep 2006 14:08 PDT
In your last clarification, perhaps you are only thinking about the
electric guitar, which was developed in the 1930s and thereafter:

And as the above site mentions, it was used in the Big Band era,
together with the bass and drums, as this site tells:

The electric guitar really came into its own with Leo Fender, a couple
of years before Elvis started singing, and he originally used an
acoustic guitar.
It wasn't his guitar playing that upset people, and they were upset,
but by his motions, so it was not the instrument but the person, as
you suggest with the motorcycle.

The acoustic guitar is a very old instrument:

The Roman Catholic Church has nothing against the guitar, of itself.
Silent Night was first accompanied by a guitar on Christmans Eve, and
the Singing Nun played the guitar.

Now the Bible:  Of course, modern instruments are not mentioned in it,
but music was part of Old Testament worship, and the Old Testament was
still the guide for the Christians in the time of the New Testament.
Here is a site that explains:

This one continues from there, specifically about Christian Rock.  Of
course, it is not impartial, but then the folks against Christian Rock
aren't either.

This site explains the acceptance of new music over the ages,
mentioning that in the Middle Ages, the Church considered instruments
to be the work of the devil:

Elsewhere, this bann against instruments in the church concentrated on
the violin, an instrument used to play dance music.  (Can't have any
foot-tapping in church.  ;-)  The article mentions that in Bach's
lifetime, things became more liberal.
Fifty years ago, many people would have been upset by hearing a combo
with bass and drums during a church service.  Some serious church
music composed since then would have upset them just as much.

Times change.  Older folks have trouble accepting that new music that
they connect with the drug scene  - maybe rightfully -  can be used by
other persons in their worship.  But I don't think the Bible can be
cited to bann modern music from the church if the content is in order.

Peace, Jack.  I really feel rather like you, but the older generation
always has been at odds with new movements.

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