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Q: Commercial Airline Pilot Training Sponsorships ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Commercial Airline Pilot Training Sponsorships
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Asked by: jun123-ga
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Posted: 03 Sep 2006 06:35 PDT
Expires: 03 Oct 2006 06:35 PDT
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I am looking to become a commercial airline pilot, but i do not have
the funds required to cover the training costs. i want to avoid
getting a loan from the bank because of the high interest rates. i
have looked almost everywhere on the internet looking for a commercial
airline that offers a pilot sponsorship that pays for all the training
and in return i work for them for a certain amount of years, slowly
paying them back. I do know that these sponsorships exist and a lot of
airlines have stopped them recently, but there are some airlines that
still do them. Which ones do? and how do i apply? Are there any pilot
training companies that offer a similar sponsorship? if so which ones?
and gow do i apply?! i do not mind being based in another country if
required for the training. i am 18 years of age, i have just finished
my A-levels, so i beleivce this is the right time for me to apply. I
hope that you can give me some good advice and point me in the right
direction for becoming a commercial airline pilot.
Looking foreward to hearing from you!

Request for Question Clarification by answerfinder-ga on 03 Sep 2006 06:53 PDT
To assist a researcher as to your exact requirements, I assume you are
rejecting the terms of this training scheme offered by Easyjet and
other airlines?

You are seeking an airline that will pay for all the training, without
any financial commitment from you, and then for you to pay them back
over a number of years. Is that correct?
Subject: Re: Commercial Airline Pilot Training Sponsorships
Answered By: keystroke-ga on 11 Sep 2006 22:49 PDT
Hi jun123,

Thank you for your interesting question. As you know, airlines have
had to cut back of late. However, I could find three sponsorships that
you seek and a few sponsorships which require an initial bond (in case
you drop out) and the payments on that bond are held until after you
graduate from training, upon which they are taken over by your
sponsoring airline. Since if you stay with the program there will be
no financial debit from you for these schemes, I have included them as
fully paid. Here are the fully paid sponsorship/training schemes that
I could find:

==Atlantic Flight Training==
Coventry, UK
"Training is fully funded by Atlantic Airlines, including
contributions to living expenses during training. The scheme lasts
approximately two years, and exposes trainee pilots to the overall
operations of the airline.


On successful completion of all mandatory courses, including type and
line training, a position as a fully fledged Commercial Pilot will be
available on one of Atlantic Airlines aircraft types.


Industry standard salaries are paid on completion of training.  


All Atlantic Airlines asks in return is for your dedication to duty as
a line pilot for a minimum of 5 years from the completion of your



Atlantic Flight Training Ltd,

Anson House, Coventry Airport West,  

Coventry CV8 3AZ, UK 



Telephone:  +44 (0)845 4500530


Fax:            +44 (0)845 4500531



==Highland Airways==
Coventry, UK

Highland Airways has a "cadet" scheme which is offered to very few
applicants a year, giving them a 75,000 bond which will be paid back
over seven years' time working for Highland Airways.

===Air Atlantique==

Air Atlantique is a small airline, no jets, which hosts a sponsorship
scheme with a few places each year. As expected, the places are highly
competitive. There are no pre-planned dates for selection. After
training, you must work for Air Atlantique for four years after
completion of training (training usually takes 14 months.)
"The sponsership recruitment happens whenever there is the need. CV
can be held for a while before invite to initial interview. I would
hazard the next intake will be around the end of the year or early in
the new year. From call for interview to start date can be very quick,
a couple of weeks! Good luck with the application."

==CTC Wings Scheme==

This is a program which takes you to New Zealand for flight training.
You must be an EU national. You must provide a bond and if you can't
afford the bond, you can take out a loan from a high street bank that
CTC has dealings with. At the completion of your scheme, an airline
will select you as a pilot and that airline will commence paying back
your bond (or will pay you and you pay back your bond.)

"Who pays the interest on my loan?
If you borrow money to provide the bond, you are liable to repay the
loan and interest, normally with repayments deferred until you are
employed. As a cadet pilot, during employment the airline will repay
your bond in repayments that equate to those that you will be required
to make to your bank. As an ATP pilot entrant, you would be making
those repayments out of your salary on employment."

The airlines will pay back the payment you are required to make to the
bank, which includes any interest payments, also.

"OK, it all sounds great, but what?s the catch?
There isn?t one! The only thing you need to remember is that it?s
going to be tough to get through the selection, and the number of
places is limited. If you are one of the select few, then you are
going to have to prove yourself to us and perform very well throughout
the training course. Failure to achieve our exacting standards will
result in disappointment and may have financial ramifications."

Here is a thread discussing this sponsorship:

"- they pay for all your training and extras (said to be 100,000
worth) and give you about 14,000 in allowances; you don't need to pay

- they eventually get their money from the airline

- until they get paid you are bonded to them for 60,000 to secure
their expenditure

- they don't fancy chasing people who do a runner for the bond, so
they get you to deposit it with them (over about 14 months)

- if you don't have the money, they have a bank who will loan you the
money unsecured on favourable terms (fixed rate interest at quite a
low rate, repayments not required until employed)

- when they get paid by the airline, they give you all your money back

- the bonding arrangement is employed by the airline as well; you'll
be required to deposit 60,000 with them

- the airline pay off your bank loan (or you if you put up your own
bond) over 7 years at the rate of 1,000 per month which means you get
back 84,000 which covers the interest that the bank charge (if you
borrowed from them)

- the pay you get from the airline is pretty competitive as a starting
salary but less than an experienced pilot would get. The bond
repayments are in addition to the basic salary and are not taxed

It seems to me to be very similar to the old BA cadet scheme except
the bond is cash rather than just contractual. Certainly it seems a
much better deal than most cadet schemes I've looked at which are only
part-sponsorship as they require a sizeable payment for your own

==Easyjet and CTC==

Easyjet has a special program with CTC, in which the same terms as
above apply, but the applicant is committed to Easyjet for seven

"CTC and easyJet will pay for most of the training throughout the
course. Because this is a significant exposure to both the airline and
CTC, you will be required to deposit a cash bond for 60,000. Apart
from the cost of the Foundation Course (approximately 3000) the
difference between 60,000 and the full cost of training is paid by
easyJet. Don't worry - if you don't have access to this large amount
of money required for the foundation course and the bond, there is an
excellent low cost arrangement with a high street bank available
through CTC's scheme - the loan is available on an unsecured basis and
at a low rate of interest. The bond payment is not required all in one
lump - but is made in instalments as you progress through the training
If you take advantage of the loan system, repayments are not required
until the training course is complete.

On employment, we will pay you the sponsored scale of salary for the
first seven years and also, each month, a repayment of that bond that
you gave us at the rate of 1000 per month for 7 years. Thus you will
be able to repay the bond loan from the bank over that same seven year

To apply, you must be at least 19 and no older than 30, an EU national
and possess no reason to not be allowed to live and work in New

"Although most sponsorship schemes have now been withdrawn, those that
remain require some payment from the cadet: usually in advance of
training; often sums in the range of 18,000 to 33,000. The easyJet
/CTC Wings Cadet Scheme only requires you to fund the Foundation
Course (about 3000) and to provide the bond ? both of which may be
financed through our funding partner. We pay you back this bond when
we employ you."

==GAPAN Scholarships==

The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators gives out a scholarship
each year covering full costs of flight training. There is only one
given out each year, and if a qualified candidate is not found, it's
not awarded. There are other, partial scholarships also available.


Search terms:
british airways pilot sponsor
thomsonfly sponsorship pilot
ctc sponsorship pilot
atlantic flight training pilot sponsorship
charter airlines pilot sponsorships
gapan scholarships
highland airways pilot sponsorship

If you need any additional help or clarificiation, let me know and
I'll be glad to assist you.


Request for Answer Clarification by jun123-ga on 17 Sep 2006 05:18 PDT
Yes that is correct
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