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Q: C.F.I.D.S. Retreat Center ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: C.F.I.D.S. Retreat Center
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: cynda-ga
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Posted: 15 Sep 2006 20:35 PDT
Expires: 15 Oct 2006 20:35 PDT
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I am looking for a CFS, also known as CFIDS, retreat anywhere in the
United States except for the east coast or northern U.S. I would like
to go somewhere where it is not cold as I currently reside in
California. However, please let me know of all such places you can
find. I would want a list of retreats and facilities. I need somewhere
where I can get away for a month to three months and is a reasonable
price per month. I would prefer that the retreat also offer some
treatment options or nearby CFS doctors but mostly I need rest and
relaxation in an environment with people who also have chronic fatigue
syndrome and not just fibromyalgia. The two are sometimes linked but
CFS has different symptoms. I do not want a short term treatment
facility or live out treatment facility. It must also offer retreat
and relaxation from the struggle of living everyday with a chronic
illness. I already know of one such retreat in
Gloucester, MA and their sister project in Aiken South Carolina. The
website for this project is! So I do not want
either of these as my answer since I have already put extensive
research into them. The term pwc in the beginning of that website
stands for "people with chronic fatigue syndrome". I have also done a
search for CFS facilites without any real luck in finding a retreat
like atmosphere. Mostly I found clinics just for treatment. My illness
is called CFS and CFIDS and can be found on web sites like "webmd",
the Centers for Disease Control site, and at but these
sites only list symptoms and not where to go for rest and treatment.
However The CFIDS Association of America whose website is the and phone number is 800-442-343? or 704-365-2343 may be
able to help you in your search. Thank You very much for the help. I
appreciate it and I need it! Cyndaga

 Thanks C. W.
Subject: Re: C.F.I.D.S. Retreat Center
Answered By: boquinha-ga on 17 Sep 2006 11:28 PDT
Hi Cynda!

What a challenging request you have! I have spent many hours and made
many phone calls over the past several days on this research and have
found a myriad of resources for you and I?m delighted to share them
with you. I hit so many walls in my research time and time again
(phone numbers on websites that claim to help you book resorts but
customer service representatives explaining that they don?t work for
such-and-such a website, locations with answering trees but no to
little human help, leads on resorts that claim to be helpful for those
with CFS, but are in fact nothing more than Botox centers and the
like, etc.) but I?ve kept at it. It?s difficult to find many resorts
or spas that completely meet every one of your requirements, but I?ve
found a handful that fit what you seek very well and I?ve found
several others that fit what you request somewhat well (perhaps the
length of stay?it?s very difficult, if not impossible, to find a place
to get away for several months, for instance-- or some other aspect is
slightly different than what you seek but the other aspects outweigh
that enough that you may be interested, etc.). I?ll start with some
information for you, several spas that fit the bill quite well (I?m
really excited to share them with you), and some other locations that
may also be of interest to you.

I?ve found an interesting article that talks about the need for more
cohousing for people with CFIDS. The author illustrates the need for
housing and why it?s been so difficult to get this kind of housing to
exist! The place you mentioned in MA and SC seems to be the first of
its kind.

I am so sorry to hear of your struggles with CFIDS. That doesn?t sound
easy. I am somewhat familiar with CFIDS generally and began my
research by looking further into it so that I can greater empathize
with your plight and find a place that would be helpful to you. The
symptoms, the chronic persistence, the condition--it all sounds like
it can be quite debilitating and frustrating. I really admire you for
being so proactive in your own treatment. I?ve noticed that depression
can be a symptom of CFIDS. As someone who has struggled deeply with
debilitating depression, I cannot even fathom what it must be like to
chronically suffer both emotionally AND physically for so long! And I
also know what it?s like to deal with a condition that is often
stigmatized or considered to be ?all in your head? and that gets my
ire up more than I can tell you. I believe that it is a horrible thing
to say or imply to someone rather than simply dealing with what the
person is saying. The pain is very real. Yikes! I digress. (See how it
fires me up?) Anyway, I guess what I?m trying to say is that given how
difficult your condition is, I?m quite frankly hopeful and delighted
to see so many resources and facilities available to you to help you.
I?m excited to share them with you! Here we go.

CFIDS Resources

To be complete and thorough with you, I am providing you with
additional information and resources. You are likely familiar with
many of these, but some may be new and this way, you have a complete
resource at your fingertips (and printed out, if you choose).

CFS Resources on Housing
Here is a whole list of housing resources for you. It says it?s a CFS
resource, but does not appear to be CFS-specific in its scope.

CFS Support
This page lists various practitioners nationwide (and internationally)
that offer various treatments CFS (just like you?ve mentioned, CFS and
Fibromyalgia are often linked--some Fibromyalgia resources are mixed

Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, Inc.
You may find this link very interesting. It represents the (very
visual) results of a survey on Fibromyalgia and Fatigue).

The organization itself may interest you?they offer a holistic
approach and have many locations nationwide and also offer out of town
treatment packages.

BellaOnline ? The Voice of Women
This is a wonderful resource full of things like book reviews, tips on
daily living, blogs, articles, holistic and nutritional approaches,
and forum discussions with even more resources!

This page is interesting?it?s a page for people who suffer from CFS
who have also been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

A National Assessment of the Service, Support, and Housing Preferences
by Persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFIDS Association of America
You?ve mentioned this resource, but it seems to be a main one that
bears repeating. - Principles in Healing of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
This is an article on some healing principles related to CFS. There is
also additional information available on the site itself.

This is another article ? Dale Guyer, M.D. on treating CFS
This page has a very brief article on Hydrotherapy and Balneotherapy.
And this page also allows you to sign up for a CFS Newsletter.

New Health Medical Center
Not sure how willing you are to travel for treatment vs. spa, but this
place looks impressive as does the doctor who runs it.

Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Spas For People with CFS


The very first spa I want to share with you is The Raj. Omigosh, it?s
so beautiful! And they offer so much! It is not an MD medical spa, but
it is considered ?America's premier Ayurveda Health Center.?

Take a look at their homepage:

Here is some information about The Raj.

Here is an explanation of what makes The Raj experience unique:
?At the heart of The Raj programs are the profound treatment programs
that help restore balance and reawaken the body?s natural healing
mechanisms. But the treatments are only a part of a comprehensive
approach to creating health. Guests at The Raj also gain an
understanding of how all the various aspects of their lives are
interrelated and contribute either positively or negatively to overall
well being. Guests learn to understand how individual factors in their
make-up affect physical tendencies, moods, cravings, motivation, and
behavior. And guests learn how simple shifts in diet, exercise, and
daily and seasonal routines can enhance their progress toward
increased strength, stability and vitality. Not only do our guests go
home feeling renewed in body and spirit, they also report that the
benefits from their stay continue to grow long after they have
returned home.?
They also explain what a typical day is like. The setting sounds very
open and like a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people who
respect one another.
?A stay at The Raj begins with meeting your Ayurveda Health
Consultant. The evaluation includes Maharishi Ayurveda Pulse
Assessment, an ancient diagnostic technique acknowledged by the World
Health Organization. By placing three fingers on the wrist, the
Ayurveda Health Consultant can feel the level of imbalance in the
body, even before specific symptoms of imbalance become manifest. A
Maharishi RejuvenationSM Program is then designed for the particular
needs of each guest.
Each day guests receive a series of prescribed treatments that last
from two to three hours. These treatments, while luxurious in nature,
have profound healing and purifying effects. Guests rave about both
the experience of having the treatments and the results they feel
At meals guests have the option of joining other guests or eating at a
private table. This tradition of family-style meals makes The Raj
enjoyable for those traveling alone?many guests remark on the
friendships that are established during their stay. The vegetarian
diet is organic, low fat and specifically designed to support the
treatment program.
During non-treatment times guests can take a walk, weather permitting,
on acres of trails threading through forests and meadows or enjoy
classes and videotapes on Ayurveda principles. Yoga classes are
offered twice a day. The Yoga classes at The Raj are not intensive,
but teach a simple series of exercises that can be done at home.
Dinner is followed by a guest speaker ? either an Ayurveda Health
Consultant or a visiting expert on some aspect of Ayurveda knowledge.
Lectures are given in a relaxed living room-style setting. Before
retiring to bed for the evening, guests share hot, spiced milk and
then are encouraged to listen to Vedic sounds, which are piped into
the all rooms.?
The Raj is also located in a setting that is conducive to medical attention. 

?Fairfield, Iowa is the home of Maharishi University of Management
(MUM) and the Maharishi College of Consciousness Based Health Care.
In 1990, at an international conference in Holland where experts in
the field of Ayurveda gathered under the direction of Maharishi Mahesh
Yogi, the concept was introduced of creating a ?Mayo Clinic" of
prevention based on Maharishi Ayurveda. Because of all the research in
the field of Ayurveda that was being conducted through MUM, it was
decided that Fairfield would be the ideal location for the new
project. Eventually the development that included The Raj and the
NIH-funded Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention grew to
become its own city: Maharishi Vedic City, the first new city in Iowa
in over 25 years.
Pioneering research on the Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Health
continues to be done through the University and the Institute
including the recently published research of Dr. Robert Herron,
showing that the Maharishi RejuvenationSM Programs can reduce
fat-soluble toxins by over 50%.?
Here is information on their in-residence treatment programs:

Here is their specific information about how they treat CFS and the
program they offer:

Now, that one seems a bit pricey to me but I?m not sure if it is for
you. Another issue to consider is whether or not you have health
insurance and how much it might cover if you do. But prices are
relative and this spa fits what you seek in so many ways that it?s
worth listing to at least consider. You seek rest and relaxation and
The Raj certainly seems to deliver. I?m impressed with their program
for CFS specifically.


This one if much more affordable than many I?ve seen and offers a
slightly different kind of experience. It is located in New York and
although that?s not high on your list, you?ve requested that I list
anything I find, so I do believe this one is worth a look! Also, the
dates they offer are in the summer, as the retreat center is closed
between October and June. This is more of a retreat than a spa, but
specialize specifically in helping people who suffer from CFIDS.

?Our health retreats are designed to heal and rejuvenate the body and
mind. This is not a spa experience; it is a comprehensive program that
introduces a way of living that leads to sustainable weight loss and
good health. The combination of a living foods diet, exercise, colon
care, health education classes, yoga, meditation and more allow a deep
experience of well being that can not be found elsewhere. We
specialize in helping people with weight loss issues, diabetes,
chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic conditions.?

Here is a short testimonial about success with clients who have CFS:

?Chronic Fatigue - it is not unusual for people with long-term chronic
fatigue to experience dramatic increases in vitality and energy. We
have had people arrive with strength only to walk slowly about the
grounds who, at the end of a retreat, were able to fast-walk the
four-mile trail just off the grounds. One participant arrived after
having spent almost two years barely able to get out of bed.
Complications from surgery had led to a year of antibiotics and a
subsequent energy crash. By the end of the retreat, she was able to
jog  mile up hill. After returning home, she e-mailed us that her
children wanted to know, "What have you done with our mother?!" Her
husband called us overjoyed.?

Doesn?t that sound wonderful? It?s an interesting site to explore and
they have additional CFS testimonials on the ?What People Have To Say?


This one is located in Southern California and is truly
world-renowned. It is lead by Dr. Deepak Chopra himself. This one is
not set up for you to be there for a month at a time, but rather for
about a week. However, the participants who attend seem to be
extremely rejuvenated. I am thoroughly impressed with what they have
to offer.

Deepak Chopra has an audio seminar all about CFS that?s available here:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the many conditions that are
addressed through the Chopra Center?s Ayurvedic approach.

Here is a portion of an interview with David Simon, one of the
founders, together with Deepak, of the center:

?Julie: What diseases do you think that we could effectively tackle at
this point in time on a large scale with an Ayurvedic approach?

Dr. Simon: I think everything. But I think the most direct and obvious
niche for Ayurveda in the west right now is gray zone conditions where
people are clearly suffering, but medicine doesn?t have a lot to offer
? chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, myalgia, and also a lot of
psychiatric problems like low levels of depression, insomnia, anxiety,
panic. I think all kinds of intermittent cardiac, palpitation
conditions that people get put on different medications for.?

Here is information on their spa. At this link, you can explore
various treatments and packages.

The Chopra Center also offers seminars to which I alluded earlier. The
seminar that seems right for you is called ?Journey Into Healing.?
?Join internationally acclaimed physicians and best-selling authors
Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D., for this classic Chopra
Center workshop on mind-body health.
Founded on the principle that health is more than the absence of
disease, Journey Into Healing explores and explains the fusion of
modern Western medicine and the ancient healing arts of the East.

Learn to bring balance into your life and enhance your health and
well-being with practical tools and timeless techniques that are easy
to integrate into your daily routine.

This fusion of ancient healing arts and western medical technology has
been sought after by health care practitioners for decades -- join
Deepak & David and a host of healthcare professionals on this
Ayurvedic immersion.?

They also offer complete medical consultations on site:
?The Chopra Center is pleased to offer integrated medical
consultations by David Simon, M.D. and his qualified colleagues. These
consultations address a person?s health concerns from a physical,
emotional and spiritual perspective. Integrating the theoretical
frameworks of Ayurveda and modern science, these sessions focus as
much on the person who is facing a health challenge as the health
challenge being faced.

During a typical evaluation, the doctor takes a complete medical and
lifestyle history and performs a physical examination that looks at
the body both as a physical system as well as a field of intelligence,
reflecting the needs and choices of a person?s life. Based upon this
assessment, a personalized body/mind/spirit health-enhancing
prescription is formulated, including recommendations on diet, stress
management, exercise, emotional healing, nutritional and herbal
supplements, and sensory modulation. If indicated, appropriate
laboratory testing or specialty consultation is suggested.?


The Bridge is located in beautiful Southern Utah. Its website explains, 

?We recognized that changes were needed in many people's lives who
were caught in a cycle of chronic pain or unresolved suffering. We
understood that these various conditions could make getting through a
simple day seem like a struggle. We wanted to help. We proudly offer
The Bridge as the distinctive alternative for health recovery. For
those who have been on the edge of losing hope, The Bridge Health
Recovery Center has literally restored life. Our insightful, caring
staff and highly integrated, personalized and comprehensive approach
is here for your new beginning.

Like any great story, ours continues to unfold with each guest adding
an element and new chapter to The Bridge. Our program is much more
than a facility, it is made up of respected professionals using both
traditional medicine and alternative methods, with the core focus
being you. We know how to help your body heal itself, and we've
designed the best program in the country to restore health back in
your life.?

The Bridge is also fairly pricey, but again offer a pretty big
insurance guarantee and reimbursement (about $5000). Their prices are
all-inclusive for a 19-day stay. They do offer some additional

?All-Inclusive Pricing
The price for the program is all-inclusive. This means nothing further
out of pocket is needed for your stay. Specifically, the price

    ? Round-trip airfare from any major U.S. city up to $500. 
    ? Transport to and from St. George airport
    ? Lodging for three weeks
    ? Initial medical evaluation
    ? Exit medical evaluation
    ? All clinical appointments for three weeks
    ? All calorie counted nutritious meals for three weeks
    ? Weekly blood work performed (general health panel) 
    ? Daily fitness classes
    ? Daily lectures
    ? Weekly workshops and workshop materials
    ? Therapeutic massage treatment available weekdays
    ? Free individual Personal Training sessions
    ? Physical Therapist sessions
    ? Professional Counseling
    ? Stress management therapy
    ? Deep sleep training
    ? Free use of The Bridge's facility including computer access and
workout equipment.
    ? Trip to Zion National Park
    ? One free return stay in on of our semi-annual "Life After The Bridge"
       sessions (airfare/travel not included). Must be used within 1
year following the program.
    ? All student materials concerning taking the program home
    ? Cookbook of meals prepared during your stay at The Bridge
    ? All applicable taxes and surcharges

The rate for the complete 19 day health recovery program:
Cabin Double Accommodation: *$12,900. Quaint, rustic; next to the facility.
Triple Accommodation: *$13,900. Within the main facility, large rooms with 3 beds.
Standard Double Accommodation: *$15,900. Big, beautiful rooms within the facility. 
Private Single Accommodation: *$24,900. No roommates.
Please see below for applicable discounts.?

Some Different Locales to Consider


Located in La Quinta, CA, Wellmax offers a 1-2 day diagnostic health
program to better assist in treating you holistically. It?s not a spa,
but rather a center for preventive medicine.

The assessment is very thorough.


This place is located in Mexico but it sounds so impressive, it bears
mentioning for someone like you who seeks hope and help. Sanoviv
Medical Institute isn?t really a spa, but more of a holistic hospital
that is world-renown for treating many different health conditions,
including CFIDS.

Here is more information and a short video about the hospital and its
initial 4-day diagnostic Complete Health Assessment visit.


This one isn?t nearly as impressive as the others and little
information is offered on their limited site. They?re also not located
in the U.S. Overall, doesn?t appear terribly impressive, but they do
specifically address CFS and it seems to be a work in progress, so
it?s worth noting, perhaps as a future alternative.

More Resources For You

This is another similar question I?ve answered about spas. There may
be information of interest to you there, too.

And here are some wonderful resources for searching for spas and
resorts around the country and around the world!

Here is a guide to medi-spas and stay spas with medically based programs:

Here is a guide to spas offering pain management programs and services
(most appear to be day spas):

Here is a list of Medical Spas

Spa Finder

Here is a form you can fill out and a representative can help you:

Spa Magazine?Search Feature
Spa Pass?search for spas all over the world

I truly do wish you well in what you pursue and I applaud your
commitment and your drive in finding answers like this. I think it?s
great when people take a stand for their own health. I hope that you
find this information useful! If you have any need of further
clarification, please let me know how I can help. Well wishes!


Search terms:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(CFS OR CFIDS OR Chronic Fatigue) (Retreats OR spas)
Medical spa chronic fatigue
Medical spa CFS
Medical spa CFIDS
CFIDS housing
CFS housing
Co housing CFS
Coho CFS
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