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Q: same day couriers ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: same day couriers
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: eoj06-ga
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Posted: 16 Sep 2006 20:57 PDT
Expires: 16 Oct 2006 20:57 PDT
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how do same day couriers operate? I need to optimize a local same day
courier.Where can I get infomation to help me with this.

Request for Question Clarification by crabcakes-ga on 16 Sep 2006 21:36 PDT
Where do you live? City and state?

Do you need service to pick up and deliver the same day in your
immediate area or long distance?

Regards, Crabcakes

Clarification of Question by eoj06-ga on 16 Sep 2006 23:15 PDT
I live in Kingston Ontario.I`m looking at just the Kingston and its
surroundings.No long distance.Transport is by car.
Subject: Re: same day couriers
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 17 Sep 2006 00:08 PDT
Hello Eoj06,

    I recommend starting your process, by calling the courier sites
posted here, or, using search terms I have included in this answer,
locate others in your area. Most companies will require that you set
up an account with them, and you will receive a customer number.
Inquire about their billing; with an account, they may keep your
credit card number on file and charge as you go, or bill you monthly.
You will be supplied with bar-coded labels, envelopes and shipping
supplies you may need by most companies. Depending on where you live
and how often you require service, the courier may pick up the parcel
at your workplace, or you may have to drop it in a company drop box,
that is picked up at regular times, similar to the post office.

   ?If it's your first time selecting a courier, a good starting point
is to pinpoint the type of service you need, says Bob DeCaprio,
executive director of the Messenger Courier Association of the
Americas. For example, you may want scheduled service, where something
is picked up and delivered every day. Or perhaps you require routed
service, where, for instance, a courier picks up payroll checks and
delivers them to various locations. Or you may need on-demand service,
which means calling for a pickup on an as-needed basis.
Next step: Define your terms. "There's really no standardization in
the industry as to what terms like 'priority' or 'rush' mean," he
says. So make sure the courier understands exactly what you mean when
you say "rush."?

?As with anything, do some research: How long has the courier service
been in business, what areas does it serve, how many vehicles and
drivers does it have, and what services does it offer? Take the time
to check references. And if the items you're shipping require
insurance, find out if the courier can provide it. DeCaprio suggests
asking companies if they let customers order over the Internet and
track shipments online. These are relatively new services for the
industry, but are becoming increasingly available, even at smaller
Please see each site for complete information.

   ?Once you understand your overall supply chain goals, you can then
begin to formulate how courier and logistics services will support
your success.
Courier services are best suited to situations where:
?         Speed Of Delivery Is Important 
?         Average Order Size Is Small
?         Average Value Of Order Is (Relatively) High
?         Information Requirements Are High
?         Door To Door Delivery Is Required
?         Risk Associated With Non Delivery Is High
?         Docking Facilities/Equipment For Large Vehicles Are Not Available
?         Creating A Premium Image Is Important

Examples of typical criteria used include:
?         Delivery Reliability
?         Geographic Coverage
?         Features Of Service
?         Delivery Speed
?         Range Of Services
?         Competitive Price
?         Tracking/Shipment Visibility
?         Flexibility
?         Package Handling Care
?         Value Added Service Options

   ?Most couriers and messengers deliver items within a limited
geographic area, such as a city or metropolitan area. Items that need
to go longer distances usually are sent by mail or by an overnight
delivery service. Some couriers and messengers carry items only for
their employer, which typically might be a law firm, bank, medical
laboratory, or financial institution. Others may act as part of an
organization?s internal mail system and carry items mainly within the
organization?s buildings or entirely within one building. Many
couriers and messengers work for messenger or courier services; for a
fee, they pick up items from anyone and deliver them to specified
destinations within a local area. Most are paid on a commission basis.

Couriers and messengers reach their destination by several methods.
Many drive vans or cars or ride motorcycles. A few travel by foot,
especially in urban areas or when making deliveries nearby. In
congested urban areas, messengers often use bicycles to make
deliveries. Bicycle messengers usually are employed by messenger or
courier services. Although e-mail and fax machines can deliver
information faster than couriers and messengers can, and although a
great deal of information is available over the Internet, an
electronic copy cannot substitute for the original document in many
types of business transactions.?

?Sit down and call as many courier services as you can and ask them
what they charge per mile. Most charge a fee per mile for gasoline,
vehicle deterioration and business fees.?

A-1 Couriers
This service covers LA and southern California, but answers many
questions about courier service, such as:

How do you charge for messenger
Our rates depend on the mileage, the urgency and the time of day.

 How does a messenger find so many different addresses?
Each courier has a Thomas Guide and some prefer using GPS systems. 
Additionally, once a courier realizes the numbering system for Los
Angeles addresses, it gets pretty easy.

Courier Services in Kingston

FedEx in Canada

Go Local
?GO LOCAL COURIER is a local company that specializes in the
professional delivery of important documents and small parcels. GO
offers one regional and three local service levels to the
not-for-profit, professional, education, arts, and health sectors.?

?GO differentiates itself by employing account-specific, professional
couriers. Environmentally friendly vehicles make up our company fleet.
We are truly web-based. Simple web browser screens enable the customer
to place a shipment request, track deliveries and receive Proof of
Delivery in real-time, view account history and invoices.

GO cuts delivery times to 30 minutes, dramatically improving local
service. A shipment request gets directly in your courier's possession
using wireless, web-enabled hand-held devices.?
You can register online!

JJ Express
?Here you'll find information regarding our service, rates and procedures. 
J.J. Express provides same day regular and rush delivery service to
the Greater Kingston Area, as well as daily runs into the
Napanee/Belleville/Trenton, Gananoque/Brockville/Prescott,
Verona/Harrowsmith/Sydenham and Odessa/Bath/Millhaven areas.?
You can also register and arrange a pick up online!

To use their online services, you need to call first (613) 389 - 8816

Other Courier Services

I had found these companies before I knew you were in Canada. I'm
leaving them here, after removing others that do not service Canada,
as these also provide global service.

FedEx has several types of delivery services, nationwide, for just
about anything you could want.

Select the service that matches the services you need, and click the
drop down menus to find out how to set up an account.

Here is a link to FedEx One Day Service
Delivery Time: Door-to-door within hours, depending upon flight availability.
Service Days: 7 days a week; 365 days a year. 
Delivery Area: Available throughout all 50 states. 
Package Size and Weight: Up to 70 lbs. each; with no side exceeding 48".

Step One:
Open an Account
How to Open an Account:
Step 1:   Select the type of account you wish to open.

Step 2:   Sign up for a single login, or, login with your
existing user ID and password.

Step 3:   Complete the brief online account registration form. A
credit card is required for billing purposes.

Step 4:   Start Shipping! The confirmation page contains a link to
FedEx Ship Manager at, so you can begin shipping.

 Ready to Begin? Step 1: Select one of the following:
Sign up for an account with a 15% discount
Shipping online saves time and money! Save 15% on each FedEx Express®
shipment when you use FedEx Ship Manager®
at to prepare your shipping labels.
*This promotion is for a limited time. After Oct. 31, you will
continue to save, as all registered accounts will be changed to 10%.
This offer is for shipments originating solely within the United
States and only United States based payors may be participants. For
complete details, see Program Agreement.

 Sign up for an account without a discount

UPS SonicAir
?UPS SonicAir - Our same-day service provides U.S. customers with
reliable delivery of urgent shipments to every U.S. address and more
than 180 countries worldwide.
UPS SonicAir - Our same-day service utilizing cutting-edge technology
to actively manage your shipment and provide you updates throughout
the journey. Our Quick Quote capability enables you to get instant
pricing and the fastest route options within seconds.

In addition, you maintain visibility of your urgent shipment while in
transit. You receive real-time updates on your shipping status -
including any delays or reroutes during transit - in any format you
desire, whether it's email, phone, fax, PDA or cell phone.?
Sign up for an account by clicking the Register Now link.

Go Fetch
Go Fetch has service in numerous cities
You Want It Today, You Got It Today!
Whatever needs to be delivered, you can count on for
superior service. Rush pick up in under 60 minutes.  We offer
Same-Day, Rush  and Dedicated delivery of:
?	time critical documents and parcels
?	blueprints, original art
?	machine parts, heavy freight
?	computer equipment
?	medical specialists
?	purchases via the internet, local retailers
?	scheduled or routed deliveries
?	subpoena and process serving
?	legal documents requiring signatures
?	groceries, prescriptions, flowers, gifts
We handle your delivery needs efficiently, quickly and cost
effectively. Experienced, Professional Couriers. Our service is
gofetch is your on-time solution for all your time-critical shipments,
24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Go Fetch allows you to schedule a pick up right on line!

To locate other services in your area, using , use these
search terms, to locate a service near you.
same day delivery service + your city name
same day delivery service + your city zip code
same day couriers + your zip code
same day couriers + your city

I hope this is the information you were seeking. If not, please
request an Answer Clarification, and allow me to respond, before you
rate the answer.

Regards, Crabcakes

Search Terms
courier service + local + same day
Same day delivery service
Same day delivery service + Kingston Ontario
courier service + local + same day + Kingston Ontario
One day delivery + kingston Ontario

Request for Answer Clarification by eoj06-ga on 17 Sep 2006 01:52 PDT
Thanks for responding so soon.But it wasn`t the exact answer I was
looking for although some of the infomation can be useful.What I
really wanted was from an operational standpoint e.g do they have a
central dispatcher, are the couriers limited to a geographic area to
optimize delivery, or do they cover an area based on the calls they
receive,how do they adjust for high traffic which can slow their
delivery,how do they decide the optimum number of couriers etc.

PS: I already know what GoLocal does.

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 17 Sep 2006 06:35 PDT
Hi there,
  Thank you for the clarification - it does indeed help me to
understand what you wanted, as I did not gather that from your
question. In the event you ask future questions, it would be helpful
to researchers if you include what you already had, so researchers do
not duplicate your efforts. You clearly know what you want, but
researchers need enough detail to know what your goal is!   :-)

  I will be researching today and will post ASAP.

  Sincerely, Crabcakes

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 18 Sep 2006 16:58 PDT
Hello again,

  I have been unable to locate the information you are requesting. I
will contact the editors.

Regards, Crabcakes

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 18 Sep 2006 18:28 PDT
It's me again,
   I decided to take another stab and see if the following helps you
out. SOme of the links are to franchise services, but they appear to
have great tips.:

Optimizing Courier Servics

A franchise opportunity, gives ideas what is involved in running a
courrier service:

"# ntelligent dispatch technology links every driver and dispatcher to
one another to ensure unbeatable accuracy and timeliness.
# State-of-the-art hardware and software track each shipment in real-time. 
# Mobile data terminals instantly record and transmit pick-up and
"proof of delivery" information.
# Real-Time delivery data, status updates, and online reporting via . 
# Technology that efficiently manages dispatching, and improves
routing, accuracy, and chain of custody records.
# Continuous, automatic security is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

"Most courier services hire independent contractors who supply their
own cars. Companies typically split delivery fees 50-50 with their
drivers, but tend to give bonuses to veteran personnel.

Paying commissions rather than salaries makes bookkeeping easier--you
don't have to deduct taxes. What's more, commissions work as
motivators: The more deliveries a driver makes, the more he or she

Although many courier companies make verbal agreements with major
clients, it's in your best interest to draw up written contracts. This
guarantees cash flow. The downside is that you lock in prices for the
term of the contract."

"    *  To allow its drivers to use their routes as resourcefully and
proficiently as possible. Lusietto noted that as in all growing
cities, it is difficult to keep Denver?s maps updated. Denver is
growing so rapidly, by the time maps are printed, they?re already
outdated. Since HSS sends its drivers to private residences, Lusietto
said it is very easy for drivers to get turned around in new
neighborhoods. ?GeoTrac is a great tool for drivers to receive very
detailed directions.?

    * To enable its dispatchers to see the location of any of its
drivers at any point in time. ?If we have a patient on the table that
needs blood, we can ask the closest driver to stop what he or she?s
doing and handle it,? said Lusietto."

"When most people think of the need to get something fast, they first
think UPS or FedEx, Kristin says. "That's fine. They have their place,
but that's the difference between next day and same day. Same day is
that much sooner. I think that's what people don't always understand
about us."

"The UPSes and the FedExes, all the overnight services, are frankly
some of our biggest customers," says Abbott. "All the major players in
and around the state of Vermont. All the major companies."

One major company Vermont Courier serves is connected to IBM. Hot Shot
Services Inc., in Albuquerque, N.M., manages spare parts for the
semiconductor industry. "Anyplace that makes chips, we have parts
there," says Kim Householder, president of Hot Shot.

Hot Shot ships parts to Vermont Courier, where they're warehoused, and
if a machine goes down, "they can have the part and get the machine up
within one hour. Vermont Courier not only makes deliveries, but they
also maintain the inventory accuracy and then deliver parts to the

Vermont Courier is Hot Shot's "benchmark depot," says Householder.
"Their inventory accuracy is always above 99 percent; the service
rates are always above 99 percent. We're talking hundreds of thousands
of dollars for every hour these parts are down for IBM, etc."

Vermont Courier's offices and warehouse are at the same site, but
things are tight in the 3,200-square-foot space. "We have access to
another area on Harvest Lane," says Abbott. "It's about 5,000 square

"To manage EPS's growing workload, the firm started using a new IT
system in the middle of 2004, which helped introduce the call back
service. The system, which took a half year to develop, has helped the
company lower prices and gives it the capacity to process up to 5,000
orders an hour. Despite all of this, the backbone of the company's
operations - which have been located in Hole?ovice since 1998 - remain
its staff of couriers and back office employees. Of the 15 office
staff, the majority of these are dispatchers. "It is quite a demanding
job," Cornelio says. "It's mostly the dispatcher's responsibility for
consignments to be delivered on time without problems." For that
reason, EPS now takes dispatchers' training a little more seriously.
"At the beginning it was very easy because we would put a dispatcher
in an office and tell them to distribute consignments to couriers,"
she says. "[Now a new hiree must] observe the work of a dispatcher,
learn gradually and only then start doing the job themself."

Purchase a buisness plan

Another franchise


Courier Service Software

This is an interesting model:

"For instance, courier companies can gain a spurt in their efficiency
levels by the use of wireless enabled handheld printers and computers.
Admittedly, this sounds less glamorous than the idea of working from
the beach. But, it is these types of mobile applications that are
likely to make a real and tangible difference to a company?s
processes. Here, we look at some of the wireless applications adopted
by postal and courier companies to build efficient and cost-effective
delivery operations."

Campus Mail Streamlining

Mobideo Software

Logistics Software
productivity productivity

Services for Hire

University of Alberta

I hope this is of futher help! Please let me know, before you rate,
and allow me to respond.

Regards, Crabcakes
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