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Q: Gifts for my Girl Friend ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   8 Comments )
Subject: Gifts for my Girl Friend
Category: Relationships and Society > Romance
Asked by: lovenihal-ga
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Posted: 16 Sep 2006 22:29 PDT
Expires: 16 Oct 2006 22:29 PDT
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I have a friend who is 22 yrs. of age. she is a very good friend of
mine(not my girl friend yet - don't have any plans as such), i spend a
lot of time on her and really care for her. she likes spending time
with me, she's good and i have no complaints.

I keep sending her lots of gifts(we live in different cities). She
never had any complaints on my gifts, but in general she thinks i am
not romantic enough(nothing sexual), that i am a bit rusty and dont
put up myself to the modern styles and so on.. To be frank what i am
is much different what she thinks of me. we havent been together for
much time, so she doesnt really know me in person.

anyways, my question is, if anyone could suggest me of some gifts that
would make her feel pleasant, happy and excited, something that
appeals romance(again just pleasant romance between friends and
nothing else).

This is not to project myself as what she is looking for, but just
want to make her happy. she is looking for some fun, excitement from

I would appreciate if anyone could suggest some gifts, provide me with
the addresses/web links to buy them. also, i am looking for gifts
around $50, because i send her gifts verrry often(like 2-3 a month)
and obviously cannot spend hundreds of dollars on every gift.

so in short am looking for "gifts that would make her feel pleasant,
happy and excited, something that appeals romance(again just pleasant
romance between friends and nothing else)"

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Clarification of Question by lovenihal-ga on 17 Sep 2006 09:19 PDT
Thank You for your comments myoarin-ga!! I appreciate your advice and your time.

"The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Richard Howard -
May 15, 2000" - is this the one you are talking about?

"The Tale of the Rose: The Love Story Behind The Little Prince by
Consuelo De Saint-Exupery - Jan 14, 2003" - i found this one too ..

which of the two would you suggest?

Thanks again myoarin-ga!!

Clarification of Question by lovenihal-ga on 17 Sep 2006 16:43 PDT
Thank You very much Myoarin! Appreciated!!

yes Boquinha, I shall leave the question open - hope to get few more
good advices/suggestions. I need lots of them anyways!! Would
definitely appreciate your advice too..

Thanks again!!
Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
Answered By: boquinha-ga on 20 Sep 2006 13:03 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
Hello lovenihal-ga!

It?s taken me a while to put this together?I?ve been under the weather
and also busy with some things, but I?ve also been doing research for
your question, going through my bookmarks for gift ideas and looking
on the web for more links for you. I LOVE gift giving! And I really
enjoy brainstorming creative ideas. I?m excited to share what I?ve got
with you!

First off, I do want to say that I agree with myoarin about how it can
make a person uncomfortable to be peppered with gifts ALL the time. A
nice once-in-a-while gesture (or even often) is nice, but too much can
make the gifts seem trite after a while, especially if there?s even a
hint of unrequited romantic love?it can be awkward. You sound like a
dear, caring friend who enjoys making your friends feel special. I
respect that. And I have some fun ideas for you.

Okay, let?s start with Emerson. If you want to read some great advice
on gifts and gift giving, I highly recommend this beautiful essay.

One of the most famous lines from that essay is ?Rings and other
jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only gift is a
portion of thyself.? So, keeping that in mind, remember that the best
gift you can give your friend is the gift of YOU and your sweet

That being said, let?s brainstorm! I think the neatest gifts are
really thoughtful ones?ones where you?ve truly considered the person
and likes and dislikes and get or put something together. I love gifts
that show effort and true consideration. Of course, there?s lot of fun
things you can do/make yourself?a big poster board letter made with
candy bars, a scrapbook of pictures and ticket stubs and notes, etc.
Okay, let?s talk more ideas!


Speaking of Emerson, how about a book of Emerson?s work? Just look at
the reviews on this page! Emerson is wonderful and I can?t recommend
his works highly enough. They speak for themselves. Oh, and by the
way, he has some wonderful essays on friendship. :)


Now, these are more on the romantic side, but you can choose and
tailor it to fit your needs. I?ve used this site with another friend
to give a gift to a mutual friend of ours who loves romance novels.
She got SUCH a kick out of having a personalized romance novel with
HER name in it! She loves her book! It?s great fun! The prices are
reasonable and they ship them out REALLY fast! I?m very impressed with
the concept and site and product.


This is a FANTASTIC website for browsing fun gift ideas by recipient
and likes and dislikes and occasion and hobbies and so forth. They
have such categories as movie buff, chocoholic, organic only, dreamer,
forgetful, fidgeter, and more! It is SUCH a fun site to use and
explore. Have fun with this one!


This site is really neat, too. It?s much more altruistic than most
?gift? sites out there and I think it would be so neat to get (or
give) a gift like this! Basically, you can donate money to a really
neat cause (you have MANY from which to choose) and put it in her
name. What a sweet and unique gift!

Here is their catalog?you can give gifts all over the world that
benefit kids, women, health, education, the environment, etc:

Is there a cause she feels strongly about? Find an organization that
is aligned with her feelings and passions and choose a gift! She gets
a certificate explaining the gift. Their FAQs show an image of what a
certificate looks like (and the page itself answers many more
questions, too):

The gifts range from about $20 and up into the hundreds and thousands.
There are selections like the following:

?GlobalGiving Computer Classroom for Education
Your gift helps provide a year's supply of educational materials to a
child in Thailand. This project will give more than 280
underprivileged children an education and the possibility for a
future. $35
. . . 

Central Asia Institute School Supplies
Your donation covers the approximate cost of annual school supplies
for a student at the Central Asia Institute's schools in rural
Pakistan or Afghanistan. $20
. . . 

Daniel Pearl Foundation PEARL World Youth News Reporter Certification
Your gift will help a high school student become a PEARL Certified
Reporter with a new found respect for diversity and other world views.

. . . 

Women for Women International Job Skills Training in Afghanistan
Your gift provides one Afghan woman with job skills training so she
can earn an income to support her family. Women for Women
International teaches both traditional and nontraditional job skills.


Does your friend like to cook or have family recipes that she loves?
This site provides cookbook software and lets you design your own

?Let The Cooks Palate cookbook software help you express your culinary
palate.  With no prior computer experience, you can actually create
and print complete cookbooks with beautiful artwork and custom
designed chapters.  With the new Cooks Palate you can organize
favorite recipes, analyze their nutrition, plan meals and even create
decorative menus for entertaining.  Great gift idea!?


This game is really good for any age?it?s a personalized game that you help make!

?More Fun Than Blowing Out Candles, Longer Lasting Than a Cake!
Birthday Gamesake® is a perfect way to annually celebrate a child?s
birthday or to honor a milestone birthday ? 13th to 95th. Add cards
annually to a child?s Gamesake® and it becomes a diary of their life.

It?s easy and fun to create! Before or during the birthday
celebration, family and friends record their favorite memories of the
birthday honoree on the enclosed gift cards. The board can also be
personalized for the birthday honoree by labeling destinations and
creating new ones.

It?s unique to play! Birthday Gamesake® follows the life of the
birthday honoree from birth (bassinet) to the cake. The personally
created gift cards (recorded by friends and family) move the players
through the board. The first player to reach the cake wins!

Contents: board, 300 gift cards (to be completed by family and/or
friends), 4 pens, 1 die, 6 pawns, directions, instruction card (to
display to friends and family).

Ages 7 and up.?


This is kind of a fun message in a bottle gift. They have a friendship
section, too.

You can see the bottles here:

And the messages here (friendship?there are 13 possible selections and
you can also create your own):


These don?t just have to be about romance. YUM!


There are a lot of sites like this?more fun foods presented beautifully!


I LOVE these!! Your friend either considers herself a child of the 80s
or 90s. Whatever it is, check out this page:

Yes! Amazon offers REALLY neat decade box gifts! We?ve purchased a 50s
one for my mom and she loves it and got such a kick out of it!! She
tells all her friends about it. Everyone?s enjoying reminiscing with
the candies!

More fun basket and jar ideas here:

Amazon also offers gourmet food and lots of other hometown favorites,
so if she?s away from home, look up some of her favorite foods here:


I know that sounds weird, but if she loves mustards (I know I do!),
she?ll love these selections. The other reason I mention this page is
because they have a lot of other really neat stuff.


TONS of gift ideas in different categories here:


I have no idea if this applies to her (and I hope it doesn?t), but I
do think this list is a thoughtful collection of ideas for anyone who
struggles like this and simply for people in general.


This is such a neat site! We?ve given site subscriptions a few times
for this site and it?s always well received! How neat is this?! It?s
good for family and friends!

?It is so important to encourage our parents and grandparents to write
their life memories. Give the gift of Remembering ... a one-time
registration fee to The Remembering Site as a gift for Mother's Day,
Father's Day or birthdays so that your grandparents, parents, or
siblings can easily write, share, archive, and print their life

Give the gift of Remembering ... a one-time registration fee to The
Remembering Site as a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or birthdays
so that your grandparents, parents, or siblings can easily write,
share, archive, and print their life memories.

Imagine giving the greatest gift ever - the opportunity for your
mother, father or loved one to write their life story.  Writers have
access to over 1,000 questions from childhood through grandparenthood
and all the phases of life in between.

You can answer just one or all of the questions, answering only the
questions that are relevant to your life - - memories from your
childhood, your neighborhood, family memories, what it felt like to
say goodbye to your parents on your first day of college or when
leaving home, the times spent with your children, and how you lived
your life.  Your ups, your downs, what you thought and what you
believed in.

When you're finished in one week or one year, you can e-mail your life
story to friends and family, have it archived on our site for others
from around the globe to read, or have your book printed to give to
loved ones.?


This is one of my all-time favorite sites to browse. They have SUCH
neat ideas! It?s like Sharper Image meets Romance meets Creative

?Launched in 1999, RedEnvelope?s mission is to make gift giving?no
matter what the occasion or circumstance?simple and fun. Through a
unique assortment of gifts, many created exclusively for us, and our
easy to use Web site and seasonal catalogs, we offer a shopping
experience that?s inspired, modern and convenient.

The name RedEnvelope comes from an Asian tradition in which gifts are
often presented in a simple red envelope?a timeless symbol of good
fortune, love and appreciation. We believe that whether a gift is a
token of gratitude or a grand gesture of love, its giving and
receiving is a cherished occasion in itself.?


This one is more on the romantic side, but in case it ever DOES
progress that way, the site is full of ideas:


Okay, I know that I?ve gone WAY overboard here and given you much more
than you?ve asked, but that?s what happens when a researcher is
excited about what she is researching! I love this stuff and hope it
helps you out! I admire your dedication to your friend and wish you
well with your gift giving and your friendship! I hope that you find
this information useful! If you have any need of further
clarification, please let me know how I can help! Enjoy!


Search terms:
Personal bookmarks and ideas
lovenihal-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
Hi boquinha-ga, that was very meticulous and well researched. Thanks
for your help. Appreciated!!

Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: myoarin-ga on 17 Sep 2006 05:12 PDT
My advice:  don't try to send so many gifts but write letters  - real
snailmail paper letters with pretty stamps.  Letters will be much more
personal than even a well-chosen gift; they will give you a better
chance to show her what you are really like.  The pleasure of
receiving a personal letter in a real mailbox is different from that
of clicking open an email.   A slow flirt by snailmail has a higher
quality than the quick repartee of answering an email.
If she likes you enough to care, she will take the trouble and enjoy
responding the same way.

Also, all those gifts:  even if till now you have found ones that she
really appreciates, it is probably hard for her to thank for each of
them with the same feeling that you put into them.  "Peppering" a girl
with gifts puts her in a bind, knowing you are laying out money for
them.  Yes, it could be a bit demeaning, insinuating that she is
susceptible to gifts to gain her attention, or that she might need
them  - for whatever reason.

The favorite gift about friendship is the very small book, "The Little
Prince," highly recommended.  Even if she already has a copy or two
from her first boyfriend and maybe someone else, the sentiments
haven't grown old or trite.

Good luck.
Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: myoarin-ga on 17 Sep 2006 14:57 PDT

Yes, the first one.  I see that there are now two English
translations, by Richard Howard and Katherine Woods.  Katherine's was
the original translation.  The review on the site below explains the
background of the book and indicates that Richard Howard's translation
is better, but for decades lots and lots of people have been happy and
charmed by Katherine's translation, so I don't think that matters. 
(In fact, I have a suspicion that the new translation is just to
establish a new copyright.)

Click on one of the items here to find the review, further down the page:

You can also compare the texts on the above site, since the first item
is Katherine Woods's translation, and the 2nd one (60th anniversary
edition) is that of Richard Howard.  After clicking on the item, click
on the picture at the left with "search inside".

I hope you like "The Little Prince", and if you do, that your friend
will like it even more.  :-)

Regards, Myoarin
Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: boquinha-ga on 17 Sep 2006 15:08 PDT
My advice to you is to leave the question open, so that you can
continue to get good suggestions! I like Myo's advice. I've also got
another idea or two that I'm considering as well. I may post later
today or tomorrow.

Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: aussietpp-ga on 18 Sep 2006 11:38 PDT
Send her Flowers at work.

Have them delivered in the morning so she can enjoy them all day.

Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: pinkfreud-ga on 21 Sep 2006 16:00 PDT
I thought Boquinha's answer was great. Much more than I would have
expected for five dollars. A three-star rating is a bit of a shock.
Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: lovenihal-ga on 21 Sep 2006 19:06 PDT
I apologise my dear friend boquinha-ga, it was supposed to be a
"FOUR". i overlooked it. apologise once again!!

possibility that i could change the Rating? please let me know!!
Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: czh-ga on 21 Sep 2006 19:48 PDT
Dear lovenihal-ga,

It seems this is the first question you've posted on Google Answers
and you don't realize what an immense value you got for your $5.00.
According to the Google Answers Pricing Guidelines, this fee requires
a very brief answer with 1-2 links. You got several pages of excellent
recommendations that should have rated 5 stars. Unfortunately, once a
question is rated, the rating cannot be changed.

Sample Questions at Various Price Points

$2 - $5 -- Can be answered with a single link or a single piece of
information. Sometimes, if a researcher is personally interested in
the question's subject, they may provide a longer answer.

You may wonder why researchers are commenting on your low rating. Let
me assure you, most of us believe in excellent service and view our
star ratings as a reflection on our performance. 3 stars are the
equivalent of getting a C in school. Clearly, this answer deserved an

I wish you good luck with your girlfriend. Affirmations go a long way. Try it.

All the best.

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: Gifts for my Girl Friend
From: boquinha-ga on 23 Sep 2006 13:46 PDT
I'd like to thank my good colleagues for their comments on this page.
I appreciate it very much.

Lovenihal, thanks for asking, but the rating cannot be changed. I'm
admittedly disappointed to see a 3 star ding my rating when I truly do
strive to provide excellent service to our clients. This one
particularly stings because I put a lot more effort into your question
than required according to the payment guidelines. Because I spent
over 2 hours researching and compiling your answers, I made less than
$1.80/hour. Granted, that was my choice, partly because I enjoy the
topic so much. Just the same, I certainly gave more than 3 stars'
worth. And, I might argue, more then 4, too. Good luck with your
friend. I hope my suggestions help you out!


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