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Q: Business Leaders and Pandemic Threat ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Business Leaders and Pandemic Threat
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Asked by: safetyissues-ga
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Posted: 19 Sep 2006 17:56 PDT
Expires: 19 Oct 2006 17:56 PDT
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I'm very interested in how the business community is responding to the
threat of a bird flu pandemic and is showing some corporate social
responsibility. Could you help me put together a comprehensive list of
business figures who are cropping up in the news or with websites and
offering leadership, guidance, innovation, resources? Please include
local and national companies who would be most likely to be involved
in the areas of prevention, preparedness, response or recovery. Where
possible, a link to a good article and/or press release about each
would be most helpful. Thank you.
Subject: Re: Business Leaders and Pandemic Threat
Answered By: umiat-ga on 21 Sep 2006 00:56 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello, safetyissues-ga!

 I found numerous companies that are making headlines for raising
awareness, educating the business community, outlining emergency
plans, and preparing emergency products and services in the event of a
bird flu pandemic. At this point, most of the effort stems from local
and national government agencies, organizations and non-profits. I did
not include these because they don't fall under the "business"
category. Unfortunately, many private businesses are still woefully
unprepared for a potential bird flu pandemic.


Maintains a Pandemic Preparedness website. Also consults with
businesses to help design emergency plans in the case of a flue

"Since January 2004, International SOS has had a team of medical
experts tracking the spread of Avian Flu A/H5N1, researching the
developing body of knowledge, and developing products and services to
assist clients. Over 350 companies subscribe to our "Pandemic
Information Service" and we have assisted over 100 companies to
develop their pandemic plans. See testimonials.

Pandemic Website


Launched an informational website about a potential flu pandemic:

"While we all hope that an Avian Flu pandemic does not become a
reality, we also recognize that 'hoping' is not a viable strategy
should it actually come to pass," stated MEDEX Assistance President
and CEO Bruce Kirby. "Free and open access to information about such a
dangerous global health risk is, in our view, the reasonable and
responsible approach."

Mexex Pandemic website


Preparedness planning:

"ICF International is engaged in developing pandemic flu preparedness
plans by addressing the needed coordination among all levels of
government and the private sector, and testing or exercising the plans
in numerous communities/regions. This assistance results in more
efficient use of budgets for pandemic planning and ultimately boosts a
community's level of preparedness."


Channing Bete Company publishes an extensive array of up-to-date
resources for organizations who serve communities that could be
impacted by pandemic influenza, avian flu, or bird flu.

See Publications


Releases a Pandemic Planning Toolkit for businesses:

"Roche today released a comprehensive guide to help facilitate
pandemic influenza planning among U.S.-based businesses, many of which
are not yet fully prepared for the potential public health crisis and
its impact on their organizations, according to several recent
surveys.  The new, 70-page on-line Toolkit  provides information and
practical advice in response to questions posed by business managers
about the avian flu threat in general, and the role of antivirals, in
See the Pandemic Toolkit


Sponsored a live webcast on business preparation in the face of a flu pandemic:

"On June 8, Interwise Inc., a global leader in unlimited voice, Web
and video conferencing for the enterprise, will be sponsoring a free
Webcast to help businesses understand and prepare for a potential
Avian Influenza pandemic. During this 1-hour interactive event,
featured Gartner Vice President and Research Fellow Ken McGee will
lead a discussion to review likely scenarios offered by global health
leaders, explain why conventional business continuity plans will not
be effective in addressing those scenarios, and outline the steps that
business leaders should take today to prepare for the first pandemic
of the information age."

See "Avian Influenza Pandemic Threat: Interwise to Sponsor Live
Webcast Featuring Leading Analyst on What Businesses Must do to
Prepare." Business Wire June 6, 2006


Has launched "etraining" for Pandemic preparedness:

"Chalk Media Corp. ("Chalk"), a leading provider of eLearning
solutions, today announces the release of Pandemic Influenza
Preparedness eTraining, in partnership with the emergency preparedness
specialists at Global Consulting. The solution is designed for sale to
businesses of all sizes and government markets, and is part of Chalk's
Expert Series of content......."

Read "Chalk Announces Availability of Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Etraining - eLearning Specialist Chalk Joins Emergency Preparedness
Specialist Global Consulting to Offer Unique, Significant Solution.


IBM is developing software in a cocooperative effort with health
authorities to launch the Global Pandemic Initiative:

"IBM and over twenty major worldwide public health institutions,
including the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, today announced the Global Pandemic
Initiative, a collaborative effort to help stem the spread of
infectious diseases.

With growing concerns over potential outbreaks of new strains of
disease, and their ability to spread more easily because of modern
transportation, IBM scientists have formed a steering committee with
worldwide health organizations and universities to guide efforts to
address the issue. Together, they will explore the use of advanced
analytical and computer technology as part of a global preparedness
program for responding to potential infectious disease outbreaks
around the world.

IBM will bring to bear several of its key technologies and is
establishing healthcare "Innovation Centers" at the company's
worldwide Research laboratories to work with the global healthcare

Read further... 


IBM has also devleloped a service to "assess a company's ability to
cope with a pandemic flu outbreak and deal with widespread employee
absenteeism and some of the other problems that might arise.

Brent Woodworth, global leader of IBM's Crisis Response Team, said IBM
will review a company's existing disaster preparedness procedures and
interview company officials to look for gaps in planning. As people
become ill, are quarantined or decide to just stay home, companies
will be forced to make do with fewer workers and deal with possible
supply chain disruptions."

Read "IBM offers flu readiness service for companies - It's designed
to help evaluate disaster plans in case of a pandemic."


"ORC Worldwide has begun organizing meetings throughout California to
facilitate local planning and preparations for an avian flu pandemic.
The effort stems from myriad reports that local health departments and
businesses would be valuable first-line resources to deal with the
impact of such an event. ORC?s Western Occupational, Safety and Health
(WOSH) Group has been working with corporate clients to develop
continuity plans in the event of a bird flu crisis.  A division of ORC
Worldwide, a premier human resources consulting company, the WOSH
Group has been monitoring business preparedness through formal
surveys, informal polling of human resources professionals and
informational meetings for business representatives featuring medical
and health experts."


Prepared an Influenze Pandemic Simulation in collaboration with the
World Economic Forum to "provide and opportunity for senior executives
from leading private and public sector institutions to explore the
implications of an influenza pandemic on the European continent."


Raising awareness and preparedness with conference sponsorship:

"Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) is sponsoring a
pre-conference seminar before the National Public Health Preparedness
Summit in Washington, D.C. Public health specialists, STC staff, and
an invited National Association of City and County Health Officials
(NACCHO) will present "Pandemic Influenza: Preparedness Tools and

Multiple speakers will share ideas and lessons learned on how to best
protect the public health in the event of a pandemic influenza
outbreak.  STC Senior Public Health Consultant Erich Daub will present
"Pandemic Influenza Pre-Test: Preparedness Training, Exercises,
Simulation, and Testing. The presentation is based upon previous
tabletop exercises that the company has facilitated.

"STC Sponsors a Pre-conference Seminar at the National Public Health
Preparedness Summit in D.C."


Has prepared a white paper educating contact centers in developing a
framework to help maintain business continuity during a flu pandemic.

See "Preparing for Pandemic: Common Practice and Contact Center
Planning." July 2006.

Company website


 A leader in focusing on business preparedness in the face of
emergency, Go2Gear has turned attention to helping companies prepare
for a potential flu pandemic.

See news links


Piribo is helping to educate:

"Piribo, the online destination for business intelligence for the
biotech and pharmaceutical industry, has now added a new report called
"Avian Influenza". The purpose of this report is to describe the
threatening world pandemic caused by avian influenza, also known as
bird flu. This report discusses the origins of the disease, the
bird-to-human infection risks, the catastrophic health crisis avian
flu poses, and the efforts by world governments and international
health organizations to mitigate of the impact the threat to humans."

Read "Piribo: Avian Influenza, New Publication Announcement."


Offering critical communications solutions in the face of a potential pandemic:

"3n (National Notification Network), a leading mass notification
system provider, today announced the launch of the 3n Pandemic
Communication Solution developed jointly with pandemic communication
and organizational crisis communications expert, Dr. Robert Chandler.
The 3n Pandemic Communication Solution addresses the many aspects of
critical communications during a major health crisis by guiding
organizations in assessing communication gaps, understanding key
audiences and related messaging needs and priorities, and testing and
validating pandemic communication strategies before an outbreak

Read "3n Announces Industry's First Pandemic Communication Solution."
Market Wire. 8/2006


Helping to educate the insurance industry on potential risk scenarios:

"In response to a growing insurance industry need, Risk Management
Solutions (RMS) today announced the completion of a probabilistic
model for assessing the risk of influenza pandemics across multiple
countries.....Although a number of pandemic influenza scenarios have
been publicized, effective risk management requires quantification of
not only the severity of an event, but also the likelihood of the
event occurring. The RMS model incorporates over 1800 pandemic
influenza scenarios that take into account such factors as likelihood
of the pandemic occurring, infectiousness and lethality of the
pandemic, demographic impact, country of outbreak, vaccine production,
and national countermeasures...."Pandemic influenza could potentially
deal insurers a triple whammy, simultaneously causing unprecedented
life and health claims losses, investment portfolio downturns at a
time when insurers most need liquidity, and reduced staff and
management productivity through the spreading of sickness among
company personnel," stated Dr. Andrew Coburn, RMS project lead on
influenza pandemic risk modeling."


Raising awareness and preparedness with conference sponsorship:

Sponsored the "2006 Summit on Pandemic Disease Avian Influenza."

About the Performance Institute:

"The Performance Institute is a private, non-partisan think tank
seeking to improve government performance through the principles of
performance, competition, accountability, and transparency."


Raising public awareness through television:

UCTV will present a variety of shows to help educate and prepare the
public during September (National Preparedness Month ), including one
on avian influenza.

"September is National Preparedness Month and University of California
Television (UCTV) is joining in this public education effort with
emergency preparedness programming every Monday night ranging from
practical advice to the latest information about bioterrorism and
avian influenza."


Aramsco has become a recognized leader in emergency preparedness
products. They have added an entire product line on their website
dedicated to products and educational materials related to avien flu.

Aramsco's "Bird Flu Headquarters."


"Myovec AG recognizes the challenge presented by the avian flu virus A
H5N1 for the health of both birds and humans, and immediately began to
search for contacts with companies, which have developed the
diagnostic tools required to identify this infectious agent."

See "Myovec AG Accepts the Challenge of a Possible Avian Flu Epidemic."
See "Myovec AG Receives Exclusive Rights to Avian Flu Test."


Raising awareness and preparedness with conference sponsorship

Sponsored the 2nd Bird Flu Summit this summer!

About New-Fields

"The recognized leader in offering a team solution to Corporate
Pandemic Preparedness by applying new, state of the art technologies
with responsive, high quality service and products. By leading the
industry in thought and innovation along with effective
implementation, we have created a huge opportunity for all companies
to protect their most valuable asset: THE EMPLOYEE, providing yet
another avenue for protecting our families.

SMARTROOM has introduced a product, which answers the question no one
wants to ask: Is Corporate American ready for a flu pandemic?"



Marsh, a leading risk and insurance services firm, has a survey, a
video presentation and reports on it's website "to help organizations
understand the risks posed by a possible avian flu pandemic and
evaluate their level of preparedness."


"Avian Flu: Business Thinks The Unthinkable."

"Few U.S. companies are prepared for bird flu outbreak." 5/1/2006

"Survey Finds Companies 'Very Concerned' About a Possible Flu Pandemic
Despite Pandemic Worries, Few Companies Plan for Loss of Key Employees."

"Groups fighting bird flu start anti-coziness drive."

"Social Distancing' Experiment To be Unveiled at NY Conference on Pandemic Flu."


 I hope these links are helpful. While this list is probalby far from
complete, these are the only company names that emerged after many
hours of research with numerous search parameters.

 Note that I did not include vaccine manufacturers or the myriad small
companies that always seem to spring up with one or two disaster
items! I did not think they were really the main focus of your

 Let me know if I can clarify anything futher. I will certainly help if I can!


Search Strategy

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Global Pandemic Initiative
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Request for Answer Clarification by safetyissues-ga on 21 Sep 2006 07:27 PDT
Hello, umiat-ga

From your work so far do you think there's information available to
expand the following 2 lists, namely, companies who have attended
events, sponsored events, or officially invited by government
organizations to attend an event? Let me know if this would warrant a
2nd question. Thanks! - safetyissues-ga

Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 21 Sep 2006 08:28 PDT
Many of the conferences are either for public health officials and
organizations, or do not list the business attendees. I am working on
this right now to see what I can find. There is no need to open a new
question. I will post the information as a clarification.

One thought is to contact the various conference sponsors after the
event and ask for a list of attendees. I don't know how amenable they
would be to providing that information, but it is worth a try.

I will get back to you today with what I find!

Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 21 Sep 2006 10:41 PDT
Hello again, safetyissues!

 I spent the past several hours searching sites of past and upcoming
conferences focused on the impact of a bird flu pandemic on the
business community. I think you will be able to cull quite a number of
business names from the following links. I didn't pull them out for
you since I was unsure whether you wanted them to be completely
visible to everyone who passes by here!


"Pandemic Influenza: Principles and Techniques for Communicating
Effectively in High Stress and High Concern Situations."

 Early Registrants (a few private businesses in the list)



Preparing for Pandemic Influenza

 Early Registrants



"Bulls, Bears and Birds: Preparing the Financial Industry for a Pandemic."

 Organizations in Attendance


Continuity Insights - Resiliency for the Real World

Scroll down to see Sponsors and session presenter from private business


2007 Business Continuity and Corporate Security Conference


List of Exhibitors


Facing the Threat of a Pandemic Influenza ( See company sponsors on left sidebar)

 Contact name at the bottom might give you information on who attended
the conference

 More conferences planned around the country


"Risky Business : Planning for Pandemic Flu Conference."

 See Organizations in attendance


Infragard National Conference (includes Pandemic preparedness for businesses)

 See List of Sponsors


Pandemic Influenza: Maintaining Utility Operations and Business
Continuity : Conference
You might get a name or two from the presenters


Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness 

(scroll down to see who will attend)


Telework, Business Continuity and Preparing for a Pandemic or Other
Critical Business Interruptions -

 See sponsors on right


The following conference sites do not list any attendee business
names. Perhaps you can contact them in hopes they will divulge their
attendee lists. Contact info is on the links.

Dealing with a Flu Pandemic in the Workplace - Event co-sponsored by:
MPRI, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, Baxter Healthcare Corporation and the
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health

Ensuring Business Continuity in a Crisis: Developing a Pandemic Flu Readiness Plan

Pandemic Preparedness Symposium for Businesses

Avian Flu, Pandemic Diseases, and their Economic and Social Consequences:
A Template for Preparedness

SMC Business Councils - Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
 SMC website -

Business Continuity and Pandemic Flu Planning


 Let me know if these extra links help!


safetyissues-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00
Outstanding job, umiat. Fast, thorough, useful notes, precise links.
Couldn't ask for better results. You're a great asset to Google
Answers and the business community.


Subject: Re: Business Leaders and Pandemic Threat
From: umiat-ga on 21 Sep 2006 11:14 PDT
Thank your for you kind words and extreme generosity, safetyissues!
You are a pleasure to work with!

Subject: Re: Business Leaders and Pandemic Threat
From: lifeisgreat05-ga on 16 Oct 2006 15:41 PDT

Your research is impeccable.  The information is a huge asset to
families and corporations.

Please visit SmartRoom's newest website devoted exclusively to
Pandemic Preparedness at for additional
information on cost effective, user friendly Air Filtration &
UltraViolet Light or Shower Decontamination Kits for use in homes,
schools and business.

Best Regards,

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