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Q: Vietnamese Translation of Instant Messenger Dialog ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Vietnamese Translation of Instant Messenger Dialog
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nemi14-ga
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Posted: 21 Sep 2006 03:03 PDT
Expires: 21 Oct 2006 03:03 PDT
Question ID: 767219
I need the following Instant Messaging text translated.  I realize
instant messaging uses no tonation marks and also employees slang and
abbreviation so I will accpet best effort.

c: o nha co mang roi day
c: o nha co mang roi day
c: co j cu len mang nt cho chi nhe
c: khoe ko?
c: sao lau roi ko thay tin j the?
c: bjo c ngheo roi ko choi nua ah?
p: oi
c: hic hic
p: chi dang o dau the ?
c: dang o nha
p: the ha ?
p: em cung dang o nha 
p: nh co may tinh ma 
c: vua di benh vien hut e be ve
p: troi 
p: ji the ?
c: lai co e be ma
p: sao ma lam the ?
c: nhung jai quyet xong roi
p: sao ko cho em bot di
p: the ha ?
c: ac ac
p: chi oi 
c: thao nao sao den the
c: oi
p: cai nha cua chi canh ben da co nguoi thue chua 
c: co 1 a den thua roi
p: the ha 
p: the chi co biet nha nao cho thue nua ko 
p: tu 6 tram toi 1500 000
p: em la bi
p: chi hoi dum e cai
c: thay bao o ngho xa dan 3 co cai nha 1500 000
p: co dep ko chi
c: e co thua ko chi hoi cho
p: chi hoi luon cho em di nhe 
c: thay bao cung dc
c: ngay mat duong
p: thu 2 em qua thue luon 
c: o to vao dc ma
p: chi hoi luon cho em dc ko
c: e dang o dau
p: em dang o sgb
c: uh
c: cu ve di chi hoi cho
c: thu dau e?
p: no dang lay do an 
p: o day c biet may phong ko 
c: thu 2 ca 2 dua ve ah
p: vang ah 
c: thay bao co 2 tang
p: ok c
p: ve em dt cho chi 2 chi em di xem nhe 
c: uh
p: c co ban nao ban xe sbaysi ko
c: neu ko cho c o tren tang 3 no sap bi duoi roi
c: de c hoi xem da
p: vang ah 
p: cam on chi 
c: o cho c cung dc ma lai je nua
p: nhung het phong dung ko
c: no sap don di roi
p: the luc nao don 
p: tuan sau co don ko 
p: nhung het phong dung ko
c: chac la het thang
p: csau ah ? thu
p: dao nay lam dc ko?
p: lam chi rua
c: van dang o nha thoi
c: con e thi sao?
c: dao nay the nao?
p: em cung the
c: c chan lam
p: chi o nha ma van co t tieu 
p: the la suong roi
c: suong cut day
p: chi oin 
c: dang dau dau ma chet mat
c: oi'
p: tien ma nao the vao may tinh de danh dien tu va chat thi co dat ko
p: ua the de chat va danh dien tu mot tieng mat bao nhieu tien 
c: c ko biet
p: con bi hoi ngay nagyma 
p: ke no
c: uh
c: kc the nao roi
p: luon roi
c: lau ko thay no dt j ca
c: that ko day
p: uh
p: ke no
c: c voi gu cung chia tay lau roi
p: thu2 em ve minh buon chuyen
p: that ko?
c: bgio nha co mang roi
p: bjio c yeu ai?
c: co j cu len mang nhe
p: ok
c: chang yeu ai ca
c: dau dau lam
p: thanh va dung the nao
p: chi co gap bon ay ko ?
c: van the
p: hwa dung nt em 
c: thi thoang van den nha choi tham chi
p: uh
p: ma sao ko di lam di 
p: o nha lam ji?
p: hoang anh thi sao
c: may hom truoc thanh cu du di choi nhun c dang om
c: vua di benh vien ve
c: co e be ma
p: haaaa
p: voi ai the?
c: h a van the
c: gu
p: de di 
c: jai quyet xong roi
p: y minh nua ko ?
p: h anh con lo de ko?
c: van the ma
p: um
c: buon cuoi lam e ah
p: sao?
c: co cua thang gu nhung a nam lai dua chi di bv
c: va tra tien ho c
p: ha
c: the moi chet chu
p: chac nam nghi la cua nam 
c: may ngay nay a nam toan mua do an den cho c thopi
p: troi
p: the gu bit o?
c: ko biet dc
c: vi c voi a nam moi quan he ma
c: biet cung quan tam c lam
p gu biet nam den ko?
c: nhung ko biet chuyen a nam
p: umm
c: gu bao van yeu c lam
c: chac no ko bo dc c dau
p: nhung c bo roi ma
c: uh
p: em nghi chac ko bo dc dau 
c: bo ma di lam chu
c: the nay thi chet that day
p: lai nhu em va kc , h anh
c: hiiiiiiiiii
p: thoi y ai thi y nhung di lam di
c: nhung bjo chan yeu lam
p: o nha tien dau ma tieu
p: chan ma van y nam 
c: bjo chi nghi den tien thoi 
c: dau co
p: nghi den tien va nam chua
c: choi do buon thoi
p: khiep 
c: co anh huong j dau
p: choi do buon minh thiet thoi
c: luc nao trong dau c cung chi nghi den tien thoi
p: ngu voi nam ko co tien thi thiet roi con ji?
c: tien lam minh dau dau qua
c: may ngay ko co tien toan la nam dua tien cho tieu
p: sap toi em cho chi gap bo cua em
p: no ve vn day
c: no co ve ko?
p: co 
c: the ah
c: hay qua nhi
c: the da an com chua 2 dua?
p: no ko ve cung 
c: sao vay?
p: nhung khi nao em sang thi no oi ve 
p: roi sang cung em ma
c: dot sau ah?
p: an xuc xich roi
c: troi
p: co nghia la thu em ve 2tuan moi sang 
c: sao ko an com ah
p: thi no ve dua em sang ma
p: ko co com ma
c: o hieu roi
c: ko lau ma an
p: thinh thoang moi dau ma 
c: uh
p: nau buoi trua
p: buoi toi di an voi no
c: co j e dt vao so 090 cua nchi nhe
p: ok
c: thoi chi di an com day
c: co j nt sau nhe
p: ok 
p: di an di
p: beeee
p: bye
Subject: Re: Vietnamese Translation of Instant Messenger Dialog
Answered By: secret901-ga on 22 Sep 2006 21:14 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi again nemi14-ga,

Below is the translation.  I've tried to put ambiguities in footnotes
at the end of the translation.  From the conversation, we can tell
that c is an older

woman than p (possibly older sister).

------------------------------Translation begins--------------------------
c: We have Internet at home now
c: We have Internet at home now
c: If you have anything you can message me online
c: How are you?
c: Why haven't you messaged me in a while?
c: Is it because I'm poor that you won't talk to me?
p: Yes
c: Hic hic [crying sound]
p: Where are you at?
c: At home
p: Really?
p: I'm also at home
p: Thanks to the computer
c: Just got back from the hospital, brought home a baby
p: Oh my god
p: What?
c: Another baby?
p: Why so many?
c: But it's already been resolved
p: Why don't you give me some of yours
p: Really?
c: Ack ack
p: Hey older sister
c: I don't think we'll resort to that
c: Yes?
p: Does the house next to yours have a renter yet?
c: Yes, a man came to rent it
p: Is that so?
p: Do you know any other house for rent?
p: From 600 [thousand] to 1,500,000 [??ng a month]
p: I am Bi
p: Could you ask for me?
c: Thay[1] sai at the "xa dan 3" alley there's a house for 1,500,000
p: Is it pretty?
c: Are you interested? I can ask for you
p: Can you ask for me?
c: Thay said that it's all right 
c: Right at the street
p: I can come over on Monday to rent it
c: You can even park cars
p: Can you ask for me
c: Where are you at?
p: I'm at Sgb
c: Yes
c: Just return and I'll ask for you
c: Where is Thu?
p: She is getting food
p: Do you know how many rooms it has?
c: Are both of you returning on Monday?
p: Yes
c: Thay said there are 2 floors
p: OK
p: When I return I'll call you and we both can go see it, all right?
c: OK
p: Do you have any friends selling Sbaysi [motorbike?]?
c: If not then at my place there's someone getting kicked out
c: I'll ask for details
p: Yes
p: Thank you
c: My place is all right, and it's pretty cheap
p: But it's out of rooms, right?
p: They are moving out soon
p: When?
p: Are they out by next week?
p: But it's out of rooms, right?
c: Probably at the end of the month
p: Can you ask for me?
p: How is your work nowadays?
p: What are you up to?
c: Just staying at home
c: How about you?
c: What are you doing nowadays?
p: I'm also like you
c: I'm very bored
p: You stay at home yet you still have money to spend
p: That's great
c: It's not great
p: Hey older sister
c: I have a splitting headache
c: Yes?
p: How much do the cards to use the computer for word processing and chatting cost?
p: Are the cards to access the computer to do word processing and
chatting expensive?
c: I don't know
p: Bi is uneasy
p: Ignore her
c: OK
c: How is KC?
p: He left
c: He hasn't phoned me in a while
c: Is that true?
p: Yes
p: Ignore him
c: Gu and I also parted ways
p: We'll talk about it when I return on Monday
p: Really?
c: We can go on the Net from home now
p: Who do you love now?
c: If there's anything just go online
p: OK
c: Not in love with anyone
c: Only headaches
p: What's up with Thanh and Dung?
p: Do you see them?
c: Still the same
p: Dung messaged me yesterday
c: They sometimes come over to visit me
p: OK
p: Why don't you go to work
p: Why stay at home?
p: How about Hoang Anh?
c: Thanh invited me to go out several days ago but I was sick
c: Just got back from the hostpital
c: With a baby
p: Haaaa
p: With whom?
c: H[oang] A[nh] is still the same
c: Gu
p: [???]
c: I resolved it
p: I want to ask
p: Did H[oang] Anh help in the birth?
c: Just the same
p: Um
c: It's very ridiculous
p: Why?
c: It's Gu's kid but Nam took me to the hospital
c: And paid for me
p: Really?
c: That's why it's ridiculous
p: Maybe Nam thought it was his
c: Nam bought me food these past several days
p: Oh my God
p: Does Gu know?
c: He doesn't know
c: Because Nam and I just have relations recently
c: I know he cares about me
p: Does Gu know that Nam come to your place?
c: But he doesn't know about Nam
p: umm
c: Gu sai he still loves me very much
c: He probably can't bear to let me go
p: But you left him
c: Yes
p: I think [he/you] can't leave [you/him]
c: Leave so that we can go work
c: If this keeps up I am going to die
p: Just like me and KC, H[oang] anh
c: Hihihi
p: People can have opinions, but you should go to work
c: I'm sick of love
p: Where do you get the money to spend if you stay home
p: Sick yet you still love Nam
c: I only think about money now
c: Not true
p: Just money and Nam
c: I just do it[2] to have some fun
p: Disgusting
c: It doesn't affect anything
p: If you do it for fun then you'll lose out
c: I only think about money
p: If you sleep with Nam and get no money, then you lose out, don't you?
c: Money gives me headaches
c: On days when I don't have money, Nam gave me money to spend
p: Soon I will introduce you to my boyfriend/girlfriend
p: He/she is returning to Vietnam
c: Is he/she returning?
p: Yes
c: Really?
c: That's great
c: Did you two eat?
p: He/she is not coming back with us
c: Why?
p: He/she will return after I get back [here]
p: And then return with me
c: At a later trip?
p: We ate sausages
c: Oh my god
p: It means that after Thu and I return for 2 weeks
c: Why don't you eat rice?
p: Then he/she will return to bring me back
p: We don't have rice
c: Oh, I understand
c: Why do you eat before you cook rice?
p: We only make it sometimes
c: OK
p: Cook for lunch
p: At night she and I eat out
c: If there's anything call me at my 090 number
p: OK
c: I'm going to eat rice
c: If there's anything message me later
p: OK
p: Go eat
p: Byeee
p: Bye

---------------------------------Translation ends---------------------
[1]"Thay" can be a name of a person or it can be "th?y" (to see) or
"th?y" (teacher).  If it means "to see" then the statement would mean
"I saw in the

newspaper" instead of "Thay said"
[2]The speaker uses "ch?i", which means "to play". "?i ch?i" means "to
go out".  In this case, I think the speaker is referring to sex.

If you need clarifications, please request for it before rating this answer.
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