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Q: House Insulation ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: House Insulation
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: fielding-ga
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Posted: 05 Oct 2006 13:22 PDT
Expires: 04 Nov 2006 12:22 PST
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I own a home which has no insulaton inside the walls.  A correct
answer to this question would be to provide the web address for one or
more suppliers who sell non toxic expanding foam insulation which
could be pumped into the space between the studs through small holes in
the walls, which I would drill.  Regular expanding foam is toxic, the
product I seek has to be non toxic, designed for this very purpose.
Subject: Re: House Insulation
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2006 15:36 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Fielding,

  Air-Krete sounds like just what you want!

Q. But is it safe? I've heard an awful lot about different kinds of
insulation causing all sorts of health problems.

A. One of the most exciting things about air kreteŽ is that it uses no
hazardous materials of any kind. While fiberglass can give off
microscopic shards of glass, and cellulose must be carefully treated
to guard against fire, air kreteŽ is inherently safe because it is
made with a type of cement. It is as safe as the masonry school your
child attends or the block building you may work in.

Q. Does this product have any formaldehyde in it, or give it off in any way? 

A. There is no formaldehyde in air kreteŽ in any form whatsoever. We
guarantee it. Your air kreteŽ dealer can show the independent
third-party testing to prove it. This product is essentially
inorganic, like cement, like a rock, like a mined mineral.

Q. Could it cause a fire in my walls? 

A. air kreteŽ will not burn or support combustion when exposed
directly to the flame of blowtorch and exhibits fire characteristics
most closely associated with concrete. There is no other insulation
material which can boast of such excellent fire resistance.

Q. Will insulating my home with air kreteŽ raise the resale value of my home? 

A. Quite likely. A properly insulated home with safe, effective air
kreteŽ would be a valuable benefit in the future. Lower utility bills
are always an attractive feature to a buyer.

Q. How long will it take? 

A. Very likely, we will be able to insulate your home in just a couple
of days, depending of course on the size of your home. Our
professional crews are trained to treat your home with the utmost
respect and care while causing you the least inconvenience possible.

Q. Is this an economic thing for us to consider doing? 

A. Absolutely. Insulation is your walls is like money in the bank. In
a way you are paying for the air kreteŽ insulation right now? with
higher fuel bills. Investing in air kreteŽ makes good sense both from
the point of view of money saved on energy bills and the standpoint of
increased comfort. You can't do better than with air kreteŽ !

air kreteŽ insulation: 
?	Environmentally safe and non-toxic insulation. 
?	High thermal efficiency over time. 
?	Fire-proof and sound-absorbing. 
?	Cost effective.
?	air kreteŽ is a thermally efficient and environmentally responsible,
non-toxic insulation, which is easily foamed into open or closed
cavities in walls, roofs and ceilings.
?	At the time of application, its consistency is like shaving cream
and after a few days, it hardens into a stable foam to maintain
long-lasting, high insulation value.
?	Its basic raw material components are air, water, and cement, which
when combined, create a cost-effective, safe and high performance
product. Developed over 15 years ago, air krete's efficacy is both
time and test proven.
?	Many clients, including the Audubon Society realize the outstanding
technical and environmental qualities of air kreteŽ . The Audubon
Society installed air kreteŽ in their Headquarters in New York City, a
building, according to its architect, Randolph Croxton, that was
designed to " create a model reduce both
environmental and economic costs of buildings."

Contact Form


"Prices can vary according to installer.
Cellulose/cotton/fiberglass insulation: less than $.20 per square foot
for R-19 uninstalled.
Wet blown cellulose insulation: 50% more installed.
Air Krete: $2.00 per square foot for 2x6 walls installed.
Perlite (as loose fill): $5.00 to $8.00 per 4 cubic feet.
Rockwool: $0.50 per square foot installed in 2 x 4 wall, comparable to
cellulose in attic."

Other products, FYI:

A product from DAP allows you to avoid that mess. Daptex is made with
a latex base that allows soap and water cleanup. In addition, this
nontoxic foam cures to a bright white color that can be painted. Even
better, the foam remains somewhat flexible so it can be easily trimmed
or molded with a utility knife.
The applicator allows you to direct the foam where it is needed. Once
applied, the foam has a controlled rate of expansion that keeps it
from overexpanding and damaging building components, a real concern
with some polyurethane-foam products.
Cost: about $4 for a 12-oz. can 
More info: DAP Inc.
2400 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

   ?Polyurethane spray foam insulation has been around for years,?
states Lela Wright, VP of Sales and Marketing for UCSC.  ?However,
because of the growing environmental concerns, architects, builders
and home owners have created a revolution in the way new buildings are
planned and constructed.  We are committed to offer materials that
support the green building movement and promote energy conservation.?
PBS has solicited 13 episodes of  ?Build It Green? for national
syndication, the first home improvement-style entertainment television
show focused solely on environmentally friendly techniques.?
Contact Information:
Stephanie Gssime
602-269-9711 direct
800-289-8272 toll-free

   Great non-toxic product, but can only be used on open walls. Just FYI !
Remodeling: foam can only be sprayed in an open wall, ceiling or floor
cavity.  It can not be used through a hole in the drywall. However, if
you have an older home with inadequate insulation in the attic or
crawlspace, foam can be sprayed.  The costs involved may be more than
new construction because these areas are particularly difficult to
access. Therefore, they are priced on an individual basis. Please call
for quotes.

I hope this was the answer you were seeking! If not, please request an
Answer Clarification, and allow me to respond, before you rate!


Search Terms
Non-toxic + foam + house insulation
Green products + house insulation + foam

Request for Answer Clarification by fielding-ga on 05 Oct 2006 17:13 PDT
None of the sites you listed will solve the question, Air-Krete only
installs their product themselves, it can't be pumped through a small
hole in the wall, and they do not go west of Chicago.  I am in Utah. 
Two of the others say their product can not be applied through a hole
in the wall.  I am satisfied that you found what was out there, and it
seems like a four star rating would be appropriate.  If you want to
search further you can, but I am beginning to think I am wishing for a
product which doesn't exist, and further searching would likely be

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2006 21:27 PDT
Hello again,

  How about this one? It's the only other "non-toxic" foam I could
find, short of the DAP product I posted int he original answer.:
"All Handi-Foam Two-Component foams have an expansion ratio of up to
8:1 and carry an R-value of 6-7 per inch of cured foam. They range in
density from 1.75 to 2.0 lbs per cubic ft. and can resist a
temperature range of ?200 F to +200 F. All Two-Component foams will
cure tack-free in less than a minute, can be trimmed and cut in 2-5
minutes and are completely cured in several hours. Foam yield is best
when the foam container contents are properly warmed to a range of
75F-85F. Foam can be trimmed, sanded and painted. Foam is not UV
resistant unless painted or stained. All Handi-Foam products are
completely free of any VOC?s,CFC?s and formaldehyde."

Here is an article about all kinds of available insulation. As you can
see, Air-krete is the safest. I can find no other product for a closed

In all fairness, you did not say you wanted to install this product
yourself, but only that you would drill the holes. You also did not
state where you live, and I  have no way of knowing where you live!
There seems to be no other chocie but Air-Krete or one of the toxic

Regards, Crabcakes
fielding-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
You are good at what you do.  Thanks

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