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Q: Vietnamese Translation of Instant Messenger Dialog ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Vietnamese Translation of Instant Messenger Dialog
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nemi14-ga
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Posted: 08 Oct 2006 00:56 PDT
Expires: 06 Nov 2006 23:56 PST
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I need the following exchange translated.

ptt: dang ngu voi gai ha?
ptt: toi wa di ks voi gai ha ?
ptt: day di
v82: em a`
ptt: dang o dau the ?
v82: hom qua anh doi dt cua em 
ptt: nay nay
v82: anh ngu luon ngu som lam
v82: 10h 20 anh da ngu roi
ptt: em dt cai ly noi anh di choi roi
v82: uh chac no ko biet tuong anh di choi
ptt: hom nay ko di lam ah ?
ptt: hay lai noi doi la di lam 
v82: dang gio ve an com
ptt: kinh 
v82: 1h2 roi con gi
ptt: khoe noi doi lam 
v82: em moi goi la khoe noi doi' y
v82: noi doi ko biet met moi ko biet nguong mom`
v82: em la su phu
ptt: kinh
ptt: sao biet 
ptt: jiong anh ma 
ptt: the anh bao em dt co viec ji ko ?
v82: giong gi ma giong
v82: co viec moi goi dc ha
ptt: goi nhieu wa ko on
v82: anh o nha` chan' dt cho em noi chuyen cho do vbuon`
ptt: um 
v82: roi ngu luon
ptt: nhung thinh thoang thoi 
ptt: goi nhieu wa la anh ko bo em dc dau
v82: vay thoi anh ko goi nua
ptt: hiiiiiiiiii
v82: com nuoc gi chua
ptt: roi
ptt: nau com m a
v82: ai nau '
ptt: day
ptt: cai hang 
ptt: nghi ma 
v82: anh tuong vo chong no ' doi bo nhau ma
ptt: um 
v82: sao lai di cung nhau the
ptt: bo nhau 
ptt: nhung co em chang nhe chung no lai cai nhau truoc mat em 
v82: o` cung [hai
ptt: thang ay so em lam chu bo
v82: cung phai
v82: anh biet roi em thi ai cha so
ptt: tet nay 2vo chong no ve lam don 
v82: the a
v82: thoi buoi bay gio chan that 
v82: thich thi yeu thich thi cuoi 
v82: chan roi thi bo
ptt: um 
ptt: minh cung the ma 
v82: em cung the dung hon
ptt: song theo kieu tay 
ptt: cho thoai mai 
ptt: ep buoc nhau lam ji ?
v82: uh em thich thi di ma song
v82: anh la nguoi VN anh song dung phong cach nguoi VN
ptt: neu sau nay anh lay vo 
ptt: anh va vo anh ko y nhau nua 
v82: anh nghi ko co dau 
ptt: thi nen ly hon 
ptt: do kho ca 2
v82: tinh anh khac moi nguoi o diem nay day
ptt: tat nhien anh se ko bo vi co con roi 
ptt: nguoi ta ko muon bo 
ptt: vi so con buon 
ptt: hon nua co gang song la vi con 
v82: uh the thi em khuyen 2 dua no di
ptt: nhung bo me chong bat 2dua phai bo nhau 
ptt: 2vo chong no van y nhau 
v82: thoi` dai gi roi 
v82: ma bo me bat dau con ngoi day 
v82: dung la ko dang mat dan` ong
ptt: vi bo me chongnen chung phai bo nhau '
ptt: kinh
v82: dan ong con trai ma nhu vay thi vut di chu dc tich su gi
ptt: khiep
v82: phai dau tranh vi tu tuong cua minh` 
v82: chu ko vi nay vi kia ma bo cuoc
ptt: tu tuong cua anh la tim thay em 
v82: nham roi em oi 
ptt: nhung no y bo me no nen bo vo nay di lay vo khac 
ptt: thieu gi gai 
v82: moi nguoi nghi 1 kieu 
v82: chiu thoi 
ptt: thoi ke no
ptt: anh ngu day roi ah?
v82: anh day tu 7h sang co
ptt: dang lam ji?
v82: bao dam? hom nay anh se mat ngu 
ptt: sao the /?
v82: anh ko biet lam sao bay gio mat an mat ngu kinh khung
v82: cu 2 hom ngu 1 lan
v82: 1 bua an 1 ti la thay no roi
v82: anh cu thuc cho den khi that met thi moi ngu dc
v82: em dang lam gi do
ptt: oi 
ptt: cai hang goi ve trong chau 
v82: vay thi ve trong chau di 
v82: anh ve an com
ptt: chac anh nho em wa nen ko ngu dc chu ji ?
v82: chac la vay roi 
v82: anh nghi cuoc doi nay neu thieu em anh se ko song dc dau
ptt: anh o nha chu di dau ma ve an com 
v82: em hay quay ve voi an hdi
v82: lam vo an hdi nhe 
ptt: chang di chat tu toi wa ko ve
ptt: anh noi ji co
v82: ham a` moi ra ngoai ngoi chut
ptt: the ve an com di
v82: Em co nho an hko
ptt: thinh thoang e nho anh
ptt: nhung
ptt: thinh thoang anh lam em so 
ptt: nen ko the nho mai dc 
ptt: bao jio anh lam em so 
ptt: em lai ghet anh 
ptt: em muon chay tron
v82: vay a
v82: buon that sao cu phai the chu
ptt: boi vi anh lam em so ma'
ptt: binh thuong em nh
ptt: anh di tim em la em lai so 
v82: em muon tron tranh anh , de thuan loi cho em 
v82: Thoi 
v82: Anh ve an com chut em ve chong chau di
v82: con Hang no dinh di dau a`
ptt: oi
v82: em dang chat voi ai nua ha
ptt: em dang be chau 
ptt: ko ?
ptt: voi anh nhung 
ptt: chau em co doi chat voi anh 
ptt: no ko cho em chat 
v82: hihi no biet gi dau 
ptt: no hoi bac kc y ai roi?
v82: bo khi 
v82: em noi voi no la` bac KC chi yeu moi minh` bac Thu thoi
ptt: no noi 
ptt: ko dc 
ptt: vi bac no con phai o lai trong no 
ptt: ko the di lay chong dc
v82: em noi voi no la 
ptt: anh dung co ma tan tinh em nua di 
v82: bac Thu lon roi bac con phai co cuoc song cua bac 
v82: chau da co me chau roi
ptt: nhung no y em 
ptt: va em cung y no tu khi no chua chao doi co
v82: den luc no lon roi no con phai di kiem ban gai 
ptt: thoi ve an com di
v82: lap gia dinh chu ko the o ben bac thu mai dc
ptt: noi linh tinh
v82: nay` anh tan tinh em a`
ptt: chu con ji 
v82: anh da bao gio di tan tinh em chua
ptt: bay gio day'
v82: lam gi co
ptt: co
ptt: anh dang tan em day con ji 
ptt: thoi ve di 
v82: thoi an hko tan nua 
ptt: em dua chau ve day
v82: anh cung ve an com day 
ptt: hiiiiiiiiii
v82: nho ve anh nhieu` 1 chut nua di 
v82: roi em se cam thay dc anh tot voi em the nao` nhe cu*ng
v82: bibi
Subject: Re: Vietnamese Translation of Instant Messenger Dialog
Answered By: secret901-ga on 08 Oct 2006 17:44 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi again nemi14-ga,

Below is the translation.
------------------------------------Translation begins---------------------------
ptt: Are you sleeping with some girl[1]?
ptt: Did you go to a hotel with some girl last night?
ptt: Wake up!
v82: Hey there.
ptt: Where are you at?
v82: Yesterday I waited for you to call 
ptt: Hey hey
v82: I fell asleep very early
v82: I was already asleep by 10:20
ptt: I called Ly and she said that you went out
v82: She probably didn't know and thought that I went out
ptt: Don't you have work today?
ptt: Or are you lying that you're working
v82: It's lunch time
ptt: Horrible
v82: It's already 1:02
ptt: You lie so well 
v82: It's you who lie so well
v82: You never tire of lying and yet you accuse me of lying
v82: You're the master
ptt: Horrible
ptt: How do you know 
ptt: Just like you
ptt: Is there a reason why you told me to call?
v82: How is it like me?
v82: So you only call when there's a reason?
ptt: It's not right to call too often
v82: I was bored at home, so I called you to cheer up
ptt: um 
v82: Then I fell asleep
ptt: Only sometimes
ptt: If you call too often then you can't leave me
v82: OK, I won't call anymore
ptt: hiiiiiiiiii
v82: Did you eat yet?
ptt: Yes
ptt: Cooking
v82: Who's cooking?
ptt: Here
ptt: Hang 
ptt: [We're] off work
v82: I thought those two [Hang and her husband] threatened to leave each other
ptt: um 
v82: Why are they still together?
ptt: They leave each other
ptt: But with me there they can't fight in front of me
v82: Live with Hai
ptt: He's afraid of me
v82: That's right
v82: I know, everyone is afraid of you
ptt: They will return this T?t (Vietnamese New Year)
v82: Really
v82: It's so discouraging at this age and time
v82: If they want, they just fall in love, then marry
v82: When they grow tired of each other, then they just leave
ptt: um 
ptt: It's the same with us 
v82: You're like that, right?
ptt: Live the Western lifestyle 
ptt: more comfortable
ptt: Why constrain each other?
v82: OK, if you like it then live that way
v82: I'm Vietnamese so I live the Vietnamese way of life
ptt: If you marry some day 
ptt: and you and your wife no longer love each other
v82: I don't think it will happen 
ptt: Then you should divorce 
ptt: Both will be less burdened
v82: I'm different from other people in this respect
ptt: Of course you won't leave because you already have kids
ptt: People don't want to leave 
ptt: Because the kids will be sad
ptt: Moreover, they will try to live for the kids
v82: OK, then you should advise them
ptt: But the husband's parents want them to leave
ptt: Those two still love each other
v82: What kind of age we live in 
v82: that children stay where their parents place them
v82: he's not fit to be a man
ptt: They had to leave each other because of the husband's parents
ptt: Horrible
v82: That kind of man is good for nothing
ptt: Horrible
v82: [He] has to fight for [his] beliefs
v82: [He] can't give up because of this or that reason
ptt: Your belief is to find me 
v82: You're mistaken
ptt: But he loves his parents so he abandoned this wife to find another 
ptt: There are plenty of women
v82: Each person thinks his way
v82: One can't do anything about it
ptt: Oh well, leave them be
ptt: Did you wake  up?
v82: I woke up since 7 in the morning
ptt: What are you doing?
v82: I'm sure I will lose sleep tonight.
ptt: Why is that?
v82: I don't know why but recently I have been losing sleep and appetite.
v82: Sleeping once every 2 days
v82: I feel full after eating just a little each meal
v82: I stay awake until I was really tired; then I can sleep
v82: What are you doing?
ptt: Oh
ptt: Hang called me home to look after the kid
v82: Then go home to look after the kid
v82: I'll go home to eat
ptt: Is it because you miss me that you can't sleep?
v82: Probably
v82: I think if you're not in my life then I can't live
ptt: Aren't you at home? Why do you have to go somewhere to eat
v82: Come back to me
v82: Be my wife
ptt: Chang went chatting since last night and haven't returned
ptt: What did you say
v82: ham just went outside
ptt: Go home to eat
v82: Don't you miss me?
ptt: I sometimes miss you
ptt: But
ptt: Sometimes you scare me 
ptt: So I can't miss you forever 
ptt: Whenever you make me scared 
ptt: I hate you
ptt: I wanted to run and hide
v82: Is that so
v82: So sad, why does it have to be like this
ptt: Because you make me scared
ptt: I normally [miss you?]
ptt: but when you go looking for me I'm scared
v82: You want to hide from me, so that it's more convenient for you
v82: Oh well
v82: I'll go home to eat, you should return to look after the kid
v82: Where is Hang going?
ptt: Yes?
v82: Are you chatting with someone else?
ptt: I'm carrying the kid
ptt: No
ptt: Just with you
ptt: But the kid wants to chat with you 
ptt: he/she doesn't let me chat 
v82: hihi he doesn't know anything
ptt: He asks who uncle KC is in love with
v82: [undecipherable]
v82: Tell him Uncle KC only loves Aunt Thu
ptt: He said
ptt: Not possible
ptt: Because his aunt has to stay to look after him
ptt: And she can't marry
v82: You tell him that
ptt: Stop trying to woo me 
v82: Aunt Thu is old, she has to have her own life
v82: You already have your mom
ptt: But he loves me 
ptt: And I also love him since before he was even born
v82: When he's old enough, he will look for a girlfriend
ptt: Go home and eat
v82: and then marry.  He can't stay with Aunt Thu forever.
ptt: You're speaking gibberish
v82: Am I wooing you?
ptt: What else
v82: Have I ever wooed you?
ptt: Right now
v82: No way
ptt: Yes
ptt: You're wooing me; what else can you be doing?
ptt: Go home
v82: OK, I'll go eat and stop wooing you 
ptt: I'll take the kid home
v82: OK, I'll go home 
ptt: hihhihi
v82: Miss me some more 
v82: Then you'll realize how good I am to you, honey
v82: bye
--------------------------------------Translation ends-----------------------
[1]"gái" can also be short for "gái ?i?m" (prostitute)

If you need clarification, please request for it.
nemi14-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Thanks Secret!

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