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Q: Tropical Aquarium Fish (freshwater) Top 100 ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Tropical Aquarium Fish (freshwater) Top 100
Category: Family and Home
Asked by: mikerex1960-ga
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Posted: 10 Oct 2006 16:10 PDT
Expires: 09 Nov 2006 15:10 PST
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I need a list of the 100 most popular Tropical Aquarium Fish (freshwater)
The list should look like this.



Mike Rex

Request for Question Clarification by easterangel-ga on 11 Oct 2006 16:53 PDT

I haven't seen a ranking of list of aquarium fishes. Would thoses
considered as as "commonly-kept" even without official numbers be ok?
Plus would a list of more than 100 be ok with you as well? It will be
about 150 or so.

Subject: Re: Tropical Aquarium Fish (freshwater) Top 100
Answered By: easterangel-ga on 11 Oct 2006 19:07 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi and thanks for the question.

Based on how you answered the clarification requests of my colleague,
bobbie7-ga, I will now post the list I found. This list has more
entries but is a more accurate one.

Adolfo\'s cory	
African	butterfly	
African	spotscale	
African	butterfly	
African	snakehead	
Agassizi cory	
Agassizs dwarf	
Altum angelfish	
Amiets Lyretail	
Angel squeaker	
Archer	fish	
Argentine humphead cichlid
Arulius	barb cichlid
Atlantic mudskipper	
Aulonocara benga	
Aurora cichlid	
Azureus	pleco
Bala shark pleco
Banded dwarf	
Banded loach	
Banded gourami cichlid
Bandit corydoras	
Banjo catfish	
Bengal loach	
Black ghost tetra
Black pacu	
Black fin	
Black skirt cichlid
Black neon cichlid
Black banded cichlid
Black arowana cichlid
Black belt cichlid
Black-spot barb	apisto
Bleeding heart	
Bleher\'s rainbowfish	
Blind cave	
Bloodfin tetra	
Bloodfin tetra	
Blue acara	
Blue lyretail	
Blue panda	
Blue tetra characin
Blue loach	
Blue cory tetra
Blue emperor	
Blue mbuna	
Blue eyed butterfly cichlid	
Blue Neon	 
Blue zebra			
Blue gourami cichlid		
Blue-barred barb	 
Blue-white labido			
Blunthead cichlid			
Boesemani rainbowfish			
Bond\'s	catfish			
Brevis	shelldweller			
Brichard\'s chalinochromis barb		
Brichard\'s slender			
Brichard`s synodontis barb		
Bristlenose catfish			
Bristlenose catfish pleco		
Bristlenose pleco			
Bronze cory	
Brown julie	
Bucktoothed tetra	
Buenos aires fish
Bulldog	pleco	
Bumble bee	
Bumblebee goby	
Burmese	loach	
Burton\'s mouthbreeder	
Bushymouth catfish	
Bushynose pleco	
Butterfly pleco profile
Butterfly cichlid	
Cardinal tetra	
Celebes	rainbowfish	
Chain loach	
Checkered barb goby
Cherry	barb	
Chinese	algae	
Chinese	banded	
Chinese	hillstream	
Chocolate gourami	
Clown loach	
Clown knifefish	
Clown pleco	
Cobalt cichlid	
Cockatoo dwarf	
Columbian tetra	
Common hatchetfish chalceus
Common pleco	
Compressed cichlid	
Concolor cory	
Congo barb	
Congo tetra acara
Congo\ tetra	
Connie\'s blue-eye	
Convict	cichlid	
Coolie loach	
Cream loach	
Crimson	spot	
Cuckoo Catfish	
Dainty cory	
Demason\'s cichlid	
Desert rainbowfish	
Diamond	tetra	
Discus tetra cory
Dority\'s rainbowfish	
Dwarf puffer	
Dwarf gourami catfish
Dwarf corydoras	
Dwarf flag	
Dwarf rainbowfish	
Dwarf otocinclus	
Dwarf suckermouth	
Dwarf sucker	
Dwarf barb	
Dwarf tanganyikan cory
Eastern	rainbowfish cory
Electric blue	
Elegant	cory	
Elephant nose	
Emerald	catfish			
Espe\'s	rasbora			
Eyespot	mouthbrooder			
Fairy	cichlid			
Finger	fish			
Firemouth cichlid			
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin cory		
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin cory		
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin			
Fish's latin			
Five-bar cichlid			
Flag cichlid dolphin		
Flagtail catfish			
Flier cichlid	
Forked-tail rainbowfish	datnoid		
Forktail blue			
Frontosa cichlid			
Garnet tetra			
Giant Brochis			
Giant gourami			
Giant red			
Giant glassfish			
Giant puffer			
Glass goby eater		
Glass catfish			
Glass bloodfish			
Glowlight tetra			
Goby fish			
Gold nugget			
Gold ocellatus
Golden banded			
Golden pheasant			
Golden julie			
Golden barb			
Goldie river panchax		
Gomezi corydoras			
Grants peacock earth eater	
Greater	scissortail			
Green terror			
Green fire			
Green chromide pleco		
Green pufferfish			
Greenface sandsifter			
Griems tetra tetra		
Guapore	Cory			
Guenther\'s mouthbrooder eater		
Guenthers notho			
Guppy tetra		
Head and			
Hi-spot rasbora			
Hognosed brochis tetra		
Honey gourami			
Honey gourami			
Honeycomb tatia	tail light tetra
Horseface loach			
Indian glassfish tetra		
Inornate rainbowfish	
Iridescent corydoras			
Jack dempsey			
Jaguar cichlid			
January	tetra			
Jewel cichlid			
Jordans	catfish	pleco		
Juba cichlid tetra		
Julii catfish			
Kenyi cichlid tetra		
Keyhole	cichlid			
Kissing	gourami	tetra		
Labeo frenatus			
Lake malawi		
Lake tebera		
Lake kutubu tetra	
Lemon tetra		
Lemon cichlid		
Leopard	cory		
Lifalili cichlid		
Lionhead cichlid		
Long-band rasbora		
Longfin	tetra		
Longnosed cory black shark
Lyretail killifish		
Madagascar rainbowfish		
Malabar	danio		
Malawi blue cichlid	
Malawi eye-biter	
Malawi golden leporinus
Malawi shell	
Marbled	headstander	
Marbled	hatchetfish	
Marbled	whiptail	
Marlieri cichlid eel
Masked julie	
Midas cichlid cichlid
Midnight peacock	
Mini cory mbuna
Moonlight gourami	
Mottled	loach	
Multiradiatus pleco	
Mustax rainbowfish
Myanmar	botia rainbowfish
Napo corydoras	
Neon rainbowfish rainbowfish
Neon tetra rainbowfish
Nyasa peacock	
Ocellated synodontis	
Olivegreen ufipa rainbowfish
One Spot	
Ornate cory	
Pacific	blue-eye	
Palespotted corydoras	
Panda dwarf	
Panda cory	
Paradise fish	
Parallel striped	
Paratrygon laticeps				
Parkinsoni rainbowfish	 
Pearl danio				
Pearl gourami tetra			
Penguin	tetra				
Peppered corydoras shark			
Peruvian panther				
Pictus catfish				
Pike livebearer		
Pink tailed				
Pondondetta rainbowfish				
Porthole catfish				
Powder blue				
Pretty cory				
Purple mbuna				
Queen danio		
Rainbow	cichlid	fin gourami
Raphael	catfish		
Red terror		
Red devil		
Red eyed		
Red port		
Red Fin		
Red striped pleco	
Red rainbowfish		
Red tailed fish			
Red bellied		
Red discus		
Redchin	panchax		
Regal rainbowfish		
Roberts	catfish	
Ropefish perchlet
Rosy barb	
Rosy tetra	
Ruby rainbowfish	
Ruby barb tetra
Rummy nose		
Sailfin	molly catfish
Salmontail catfish	
San juan	
Sand\'s	Corydoras molly
Schallers mouthbrooder	
Schwartz\'s cory	
Senegal	bichir	
Sepik glass	
Serpae tetra loach
Shark catfish eye
Short finned	
Siamese	fighting	
Siamese	tiger	
Siamese	algae	
Silver tipped	
Silver dollar	
Silver arowana dweller
Sixbar panchax	
Six-bar	lamprologus cichlid
Skunk cory	
Slender	cichlid	
Slender	rainbowfish	
Slender	mbuna	
Smudge	spot	
Snakeskin gourami barb
Spanner	barb	
Spiny cichlid	
Splashing tetra	
Spotted	medusa	
Spotted	ctenopoma	
Spotted	sailfin	
Spotted	hoplo	
Spotted	blue-eye	
Starlight bristlenose piranha
Sterbas	corydoras	
Stinging catfish	
Striped	headstander	
Striped	panchax			
Striped	julie	
Striped	raphael			
Sunset dwarf hap		
Sunshine pleco			
Thick lip			
Thorny catfish			
Threadfin rainbowfish			
Thread-finned cichlid			
Tiger barb			
Tiger barb			
Tire track			
Trewavas mbuna			
Twig catfish Squeaker		
Two spot		
Twospot livebearer		
Upside-down catfish		
Viejita	mountain minnow
Wanam rainbowfish cichlid	
Western	rainbow		
Whiptail catfish fish	
White lamprologus		
White cloud		
Wolf cichlid		
Xingu corydoras		
Yakati rainbowfish gourami	
Yellow acara		
Yellow dwarf		
YoYo loach		
Zebra loach		
Zebra danio cichlid		
FALSE firemouth			
FALSE blochi cichlid		
FALSE bandit	
FALSE julii			
FALSE rummynose			


I hope this would help you in your research. Before rating this
answer, please ask for a clarification if you have a question or if
you would need further information.
Google Answers Researcher
mikerex1960-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Perfekt and fast.

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