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Q: MA in Economics online ( No Answer,   1 Comment )
Subject: MA in Economics online
Category: Reference, Education and News > Education
Asked by: gnossie-ga
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Posted: 15 Oct 2006 01:08 PDT
Expires: 24 Oct 2006 14:11 PDT
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Can somebody provide me with a list of some places where you can get
an M.A. in Economics totally online?  The universities must be located
in the U.S., the must be accredited, and their programs should be
nearly totally online.

The higher quality the university, the better, please.

Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 22 Oct 2006 05:21 PDT
Can't believe this is going begging!

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 22 Oct 2006 05:25 PDT

Just to let you know, I spent quite a bit of time looking...but there
didn't seem to be any online master's program in economics.

If memory serves, the only program I found that even came close was a
master's program in Agriculture--Business and Economics.

It seems odd, but there you have it!


Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 22 Oct 2006 05:35 PDT
Okay.  Thanks anyhow.  No -- agriculture?  No.

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 22 Oct 2006 08:12 PDT
Dear Gnossie, 

Well, it seems harder than anyone has ever thought! 

I have found an abundance of: 
- Programmes "near" economy (MBAs, Masters in development studies, Finance, etc.). 
- Programmes outside the United States: several very good universities
outside the US offer such degrees.

Is any of that of interest to you?

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 22 Oct 2006 08:25 PDT
Also - found an online MA in social sciences.

Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 22 Oct 2006 11:36 PDT

No, I know about those.  No, the degree would certainly have to say,
"Masters in Economics," although it can have, say, a business
concentration or something non-specialized, as long as the chief focus
of the program was Economics.

I found something like this in the U.K.:  The University of
StrathClyde's MSC in Economic Policy and Management, which is better
than nothing.  They're in Scotland.

But I hesitate to ship with them since, despite their protestations to
the contrary, I'm skeptical whether their program would be seen as
bona fide in the States.

The program must be in economics -- macroeconomics, preferably.  You
know, GDP, IS-LM, inflation, recessions, etc.  Not really business or
management.  Or something cloudy like social science -- although you
do warrant some kudos for finding that one.

And not home economics, either!

Oh, and by the way:  just because I love tormenting you guys, I've
upped the ante on this.

Are you really going to allow this simple question to sully the
reputation of the Google research team?

Request for Question Clarification by keystroke-ga on 22 Oct 2006 13:52 PDT

So, would programs from reputable schools in Europe be acceptable for
this? I couldn't quite tell from your previous clarifications.


Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 22 Oct 2006 14:00 PDT
No.  They have to be in the U.S.  Preferably with a physical campus
somewhere, but accredited at any rate.

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 23 Oct 2006 00:29 PDT
Dear Gnossie, 

Found this one: 
MS Resource and Applied Economics 
(I am just not sure what they mean by "statewide" in the sentence:
"Traditional and Statewide Distance Delivery options available." Would
you have to live in Alaska?)

But hang on, I am still searching. I decided to scan *all* of the
economics programmes in the US!

Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 23 Oct 2006 03:48 PDT
Okay.  Wow.  Thanks for your efforts.  I never imagined this would be
so difficult to find, but I guess that something in the nature of the
study of economics makes distance learning a little laughable.

To help you out, I'll lighten up on two things:  1)  The college can
now be cruddy, even unheard of (but it still must be accredited); and
2) The program doesn't have to be TOTALLY online; there could be, say,
summer seminars of a few weeks' length that one must attend.

Does that make it any better.

Oh, and I'm in the Middle East now, not Alaska.

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 23 Oct 2006 09:43 PDT
Dear Gnossie, 

My own Lawrance of Arabia! 

So far, it seems that in general, there is a tendency at many
universities not to have an MA in economics at all, but to have only a
PhD programme.

I will keep you posted, I have already done 1/5th of the way (with no
results, as you can see).

Let me just note, regarding British universities, that several fine
universities offer DL programmes in the UK. Not only Starthclyde,
which you might be suspicious of (after all, as we all know, they
don't wear anything under that kilt). I am talking about universities
that are known worldwide.

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 23 Oct 2006 10:43 PDT
What about this one? 

Penn State, not an unknown university: 
Certificate in Community and Economic Development
"The 4 courses and field paper, also core credits of Penn State's
master of science degree in community and economic development, allow
students to work toward a degree without relocating to campus."

This also exists in Iowa State: 
Community Development Online Master's Degree Program

Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 23 Oct 2006 19:03 PDT
No, sorry, politicalguru, it's gotta be a bona fide economics course,
not something touchy-feely like that.  With calculus and regression
analysis and all that fancy stuff.

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 24 Oct 2006 00:53 PDT
Sorry Sir, no can do. Perhaps another GAR would be more successful, I
find it hard to believe that such a thing does not exist in the US.

Clarification of Question by gnossie-ga on 24 Oct 2006 03:00 PDT
Well, thanks for everything.  BTW, what's a GAR?  A google researcher?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: MA in Economics online
From: livioflores-ga on 23 Oct 2006 06:49 PDT
May be this could be helpful:
Online Colleges and Universities at U.S. College Search:

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