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Q: What's the best way to barbecue spare ribs ( No Answer,   3 Comments )
Subject: What's the best way to barbecue spare ribs
Category: Family and Home > Food and Cooking
Asked by: mbousum46-ga
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Posted: 18 Oct 2006 11:08 PDT
Expires: 17 Nov 2006 10:08 PST
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What is the best technique for making BBQ spare ribs? I'll cook it if
you can find me a recipe that's really worth the time and effort.
Thanks for helping me answer this question.

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 18 Oct 2006 20:03 PDT
Hello mbousum46-ga,

What criteria do you want to use for evaluating "the best technique"?
There are many schools of thought on what makes the best barbecue.
What kind of information are you looking for? Thanks.

~ czh ~

Request for Question Clarification by byrd-ga on 18 Oct 2006 20:24 PDT
When clarifying you might keep in mind that the term "barbecue" also
has several different meanings, usually depending on geographical

For instance, in the U.S. midwestern states, it can mean just putting
a tomato-based sauce on some meat. In the southeast U.S. the sauce is
more likely to be vinegar-based.

In the U.S. southwest, however, barbecue is a verb not a sauce,
usually meaning grilled over an open fire, but also ofen refers to
pit-smoking over various types of wood such as oak, hickory or
mesquite, each of which lends its unique flavor to the meat. And I
believe in Australia they also use "to barbecue" to mean "to grill"
over an open fire.

So you can see that when you ask for the best technique, in addition
to clarifying your criteria for judging "best," it might also be
helpful to know if you mean just cooking technique, or saucing
technique, or both -- or what?


Clarification of Question by mbousum46-ga on 19 Oct 2006 11:34 PDT
My criteria for "the best technique" is that it tastes the best!  I
don't have a school of thought, I'm just interested in good recipes.

I'm open to grilling or smoking, or cooking on the stovetop.  I'm
definitely interested in "saucing technique", not just cooking the

Thanks for looking into this.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: What's the best way to barbecue spare ribs
From: cynthia-ga on 19 Oct 2006 15:25 PDT
THe BEST ribs are twice-baked. Try these, they are unbelievable.

BBQ Pork Ribs

This is really excellent; it?s my family's favorite for over 40 years.
It was my favorite main dish as I was growing up, and I have continued
the tradition, with a few additions...

This recipe is based upon using 4-5lbs of Country Style Pork Ribs -
Bone In.  Slice 2 large onions into thin "circles" and set aside.


Make sauce, below (all amounts are approximate: 
Ketchup base ? Put about 3 cups ketchup into a medium bowl, add the following:
Water (about 1/2 cup)
chili powder - 3T?s 
cider vinegar - 2T?s 
worcestershire sauce - 1T                                              
maple syrup about 1/3 C
chopped jalapeno?s 
celery powder 
dry mustard 
dried onion 
pork and chicken Seasoning -or- poultry seasoning 
fresh chopped garlic (or from the jar) 7-10 cloves 

I also look in the fridge to see what's available beyond this list.
I've been known to add salsa, taco seasoning, whatever needs to be
Add water at the end to get the right thickness. You want it to end up
about the same as a thin pancake batter. Maybe 1-2 cups.

Put the ribs into a LARGE flat Pyrex dish. Put onion circles over the
ribs. Pour sauce over ribs, covering everything. Put into oven, set at
325. Wait 45 minutes, turn, and cook for an additional 45-60 minutes
then shut OFF the oven. It's okay if the onions get pushed to the
bottom.  At this stage, the sauce will be very watery.  Don't Panic,
this is normal. It's also normal for the onions to begin to soften and
fall to the bottom. This is fine.

Wait at least an hour, however long it takes for the ribs to reach
ROOM TEMPERATURE ? only then turn oven back ON to 325.  DO NOT SKIP

Turn oven back on and resume cooking at 325, turning every  hour or
so. It will take another 2 to 2  hours OR SO, until ribs are done.
They are done when the meat begins to fall off the bone when you are
turning them.  Ribs will be almost black.

Subject: Re: What's the best way to barbecue spare ribs
From: cynthia-ga on 19 Oct 2006 15:26 PDT
You can cheat and par-boil the ribs first, this cuts down the baking
period, but it's NOT as good.
Subject: Re: What's the best way to barbecue spare ribs
From: ubettergo-ga on 24 Oct 2006 06:33 PDT
I'm a huge fan of the "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" recipe by Butch Lupinetti:

"Select a lean rib and cut off the visible fat. We like our ribs lean,
tender, and beautiful. Cook them low and slow. Two pounds or less will
take 4 1/2 hours at 225 degrees F. In the smoker is best.
Lay the ribs out and put your seasoning rub on them. Let them sit for
half an hour, 1 hour or 2 hours. Overnight really is best. In the

Just lay them on your grill real nice. Put the ribs (or other meat) on
the side that doesn't have the fire under it, we call the "hot and
not." Place the ribs on a rack over a pan of water (about 1-inch of
water). Fire up the other side of your grill. Set the temperature to
225 degrees F. It is important to know where 225 degrees F is on your
grill or pit. A small oven thermometer will do just fine.

Put wood chips on your fire side. Take a piece of heavy duty aluminum
foil, be sure to soak chips (we like hickory), wrap them up real good
and poke some holes in the top of the foil and then put them on the
fire or coals. Now you're smokin'! Close your lid and leave them be.
Don't be peaking. Just let them smoke. When ribs are tender and pulled
back from the bone a touch, then and only then, is when we sauce them.
Move ribs or meat to the hot side. Sauce them real good, bone side
down first.

How should I put the sauce on the ribs? The choices are dipping,
mopping and brushing. Every chef uses a different way of slathering on
their sauce. We like mopping, but feel free to experiment and use the
method you like best. And, remember, you can always put some extra
sauce on the side.

Be careful not to burn them. When your ribs or meat get bubbly, not
burnt, flip them. Sauce the other side until it bubbles. This should
take 3 to 5 minutes total. Remove from the grill and enjoy! When you
are all done and cooled down, take your tongs and discard your foil
package of chips in a metal container

This recipe was provided by professional chefs and has been scaled
down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. The Food Network
Kitchens chefs have not tested this recipe, in the proportions
indicated, and therefore, we cannot make any representation as to the


I would use just about any good store bought BBQ Sauce.

Wondering what rub to use?  I love Weber?s Classic Barbecue Rub.

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