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Q: Translation of IM ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Translation of IM
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nemi14-ga
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Posted: 19 Oct 2006 10:33 PDT
Expires: 18 Nov 2006 09:33 PST
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Need this long IM dialog translated

ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:15 PM): dao nay dep trai ra
HT(10/16/2006 10:42:21 PM): hic
HT(10/16/2006 10:42:26 PM): em qua Sinh roi a`?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:33 PM): khiep
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:38 PM): bjio moi hoi tham 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:46 PM): wa duoc 10ngay roi 
HT(10/16/2006 10:43:02 PM): thi em di xuot co thay o nha` dau 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:43:28 PM): hom gap do o nha sau ngay mai di luon
HT(10/16/2006 10:43:50 PM): the a`
HT(10/16/2006 10:43:57 PM): nghe Q noi ve em roi`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:44:12 PM): noi ji?
HT(10/16/2006 10:44:27 PM): noi 1 so chuyen ve` em
HT(10/16/2006 10:44:36 PM): nghe noi co nguoi yeu moi roi a`?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:44:49 PM): nguoi yeu nao moi?
HT(10/16/2006 10:44:59 PM): hiii
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:01 PM): ko phai a`?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:26 PM): q noi ji nua ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:34 PM): 1 vai cai nua
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:38 PM): hiiiiii
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:39 PM): nhung thay no noi vay
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:45 PM): khanh ah?
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:48 PM): thi chan ko hoi them nua
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:59 PM): kinh 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:02 PM): ji the ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:04 PM): kinh chi 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:11 PM): sao ko hoi?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:19 PM): hoi ma biet chu
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:22 PM): thi hoi co giup duoc gi nua dau ma hoi 
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:24 PM): thoi 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:32 PM): uh nhi?
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:37 PM): thay em vay roi thi anh lam sao nua
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:47 PM): vay la sao?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:50 PM): ah?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:54 PM): nho ra roi
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:02 PM): nho ra gi`
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:03 PM): ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:15 PM): chac q noi thu co thang dang thich chu ji?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:22 PM): hom di an gap q va csau
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:29 PM): no bao yeu roi` chu thich gi`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:34 PM): hii
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:43 PM): thang ay cung thich thu
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:46 PM): sao em lai noi moi thich 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:56 PM): nhung thu chua co thoi jan de thich no
HT(10/16/2006 10:48:09 PM): the van cung KHanh a`?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:48:13 PM): ko 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:48:39 PM): neu gap khanh thi lam sao di an voi may
thang ma q gap dc
HT(10/16/2006 10:48:54 PM): the a`
HT(10/16/2006 10:49:05 PM): the chia tay Khanh a` em?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:29 PM): uh
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:35 PM): chia tay lau roi 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:40 PM): nhung khanh ko dong y
HT(10/16/2006 10:49:48 PM): nghi qua'
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:51 PM): nen may lan di tron con ji?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:56 PM): hii
HT(10/16/2006 10:50:44 PM): hic
HT(10/16/2006 10:50:53 PM): the gio` em co du dinh gi chua?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:05 PM): du dinh gi ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:11 PM): cuoi chong ha ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:19 PM): hay lam giau ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:51:35 PM): ca 2 cai do 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:40 PM): sap roi 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:44 PM): dang tinh day
HT(10/16/2006 10:51:46 PM): the ko co huong ghi sao
HT(10/16/2006 10:51:50 PM): the a`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:59 PM): huong nao o day nua ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:52:29 PM): ???la sao anh ko hieu ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:52:47 PM): co huong gi la sao ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:52:50 PM): huong nao?
HT(10/16/2006 10:53:21 PM): thi huong gi de lam giau va lay chong do'
ZG(10/16/2006 10:53:41 PM): dang thuc hien day
HT(10/16/2006 10:53:54 PM): uh`
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:00 PM): cho anh coi wc em nao`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:06 PM): con anh
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:14 PM): dang o nha 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:18 PM): ko co 
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:25 PM): the a`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:28 PM): lan sau mua DA
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:36 PM): anh thi gio` di 1 minh thoi 
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:48 PM): di hoc va choi thoi 
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:52 PM): ko co ai yeu ca
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:58 PM): chan' lam' 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:04 PM): tuyet dau 
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:09 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:15 PM): sap cuoi ma 
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:17 PM): em hoi dua hay hoi that do'
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:25 PM): ai dua o day 
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:30 PM): hic
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:33 PM): dau qua'
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:42 PM): nguoi yeu ten tuyet con ji ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:42 PM): hoi cau do nhu hoi deu y'
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:51 PM): sao lai hoi deu
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:51 PM): no bo anh tu hoi thang 6 roi`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:59 PM): anh cha y t con ji?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:07 PM): sao lai bo 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:14 PM): sao no bao sap cuoi
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:14 PM): che nha` anh ngheo`
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:19 PM): ko du dieu kien 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:19 PM): kinh 
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:22 PM): va nhieu cai nua~
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:25 PM): the no bo 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:41 PM): noi dieu the ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:49 PM): the luon 
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:56 PM): ko noi sai 1 cau nao`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:57:11 PM): ko buon ah?
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:16 PM): buon chu'
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:26 PM): nhung qua 4 thang roi thi buon gi` nua`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:57:33 PM): bo me anh thich no the thi tiec ji con lon cn
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:46 PM): biet no can gi` khi yeu minh roi thi con buon gi`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:57:47 PM): moi co 4thang 
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:54 PM): uh`
ZG(10/16/2006 10:58:01 PM): no can ji?
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:01 PM): neu no yeu that thi anh cung tiec do 
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:19 PM): nhung no yeu chi vi` cai khac thi anh dau co gi ma tiec
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:25 PM): nhieu lam'
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:37 PM): nhung tom lai la can tien hon 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:58:52 PM): bo me anh thich no thi 
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:57 PM): uh`
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:01 PM): thich thi thich chu 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:14 PM): thi bo tien ra cuoi no cho anh
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:16 PM): nhung no the hien vay ca nha` anh deu thay
bat ngo va do thich hon
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:21 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:23 PM): vi anh va no y nhau the con ji ?
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:27 PM): nha` anh ko can kieu do'
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:34 PM): thoi 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:44 PM): noi noi ji the ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:55 PM): chi gi nha anh khen no lam ma 
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:02 PM): nha` anh ko can kieu nguoi nhu no'
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:13 PM): uh`````
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:35 PM): em dang cuoi a` 
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:39 PM): 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:00:42 PM): dau
ZG(10/16/2006 11:00:49 PM): thay hoi kho hieu 
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:02 PM): kho hieu sao 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:17 PM): thi dang y nhau tu dung bo nhau 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:26 PM): ai ma beit chuyen ji say ra
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:26 PM): thi no noi vay do 
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:35 PM): no bao anh ko du nhung cai no can`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:35 PM): noi doi hoi ah?
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:40 PM): no can nguoi dan ong khac
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:43 PM): no can ji?;
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:47 PM): va nhieu....nua
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:51 PM): Tien`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:56 PM): sao kp noi voi em 
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:57 PM): ma tien thi nha` anh lai thieu 
HT(10/16/2006 11:02:00 PM): ko du dap ung
HT(10/16/2006 11:02:05 PM): vi vay no bo?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:16 PM): con day can tien lam ji ?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:24 PM): neu cuoi nhau roi 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:31 PM): thi ai de cho no tiet than 
HT(10/16/2006 11:02:32 PM): noi voi em de em cuoi anh sao 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:46 PM): noi de em cho con ay mot bai hoc 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:51 PM): ve tien chu 
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:01 PM): hicv
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:07 PM): quen mat do'
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:15 PM): nhung so em ko danh duoc voi no dau 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:03:21 PM): nay
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:30 PM): no to hon em do'
ZG(10/16/2006 11:03:34 PM): chua chung kien em danh nhau voi gai bao ji ha ?
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:49 PM): chua 
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:53 PM): chi nghe em chui thoi
ZG(10/16/2006 11:03:54 PM): anh co biet ngay xua bon em bi cong an dua
vao phuong ko
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:00 PM): chua duoc tan mat nhin em danh 
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:01 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:05 PM): uh 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:18 PM): ]no to bang hoang anh ban em ko ?
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:23 PM): the de hom nao ve anh nho em nhi
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:31 PM): anh ko biet dua do'
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:41 PM): voi cai t nguoi yeu anh 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:48 PM): em ngi la no co hoc 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:57 PM): nen em ko can danh no 
HT(10/16/2006 11:05:05 PM): no co hoc nhung cung nhu vo hoc khi dung
truoc dong tien thoi
ZG(10/16/2006 11:05:07 PM): em noi cho no hieu the nao la tien thoi 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:05:24 PM): vi the voi nhung nguoi nhu the 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:05:31 PM): de em giai quyet 
HT(10/16/2006 11:05:47 PM): ma thoi 
HT(10/16/2006 11:05:49 PM): bo qua di 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:06:19 PM): so dt cua no the nao 
HT(10/16/2006 11:06:29 PM): hoi dau anh cung dinh de cho vai thang ban
xam len mat no vai dau
ZG(10/16/2006 11:06:33 PM): em nhan nhu vai cau
HT(10/16/2006 11:06:40 PM): anh ko nho nua~
HT(10/16/2006 11:06:55 PM): ko con de y' gi` nua`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:07:00 PM): kinh\
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:02 PM): coi nhu no la nguoi la
ZG(10/16/2006 11:07:04 PM): noi dieu the /
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:07 PM): kin gi`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:07:14 PM): y nhau bao lau bjio noi ko nho 
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:35 PM): anh ma nghe ai noi la no noi deu anh thi
anh ko tha nua~
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:38 PM): the luon 
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:47 PM): ko con nho gi` nua~
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:57 PM): no yeu minh vi` gi` ?
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:08 PM): minh hieu duoc cai do thi do dau hon nhieu`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:08:17 PM): kinh
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:35 PM): ma anh nghi em 
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:43 PM): chac gio` cung coi thuong anh lam'
ZG(10/16/2006 11:08:53 PM): ko 
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:59 PM): vi vay anh cung biet ma`
HT(10/16/2006 11:09:46 PM): the em o ben do lam an the nao`
HT(10/16/2006 11:09:53 PM): co tot ko?
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:16 PM): di dau roi` a`?
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:25 PM): thoi vay
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:30 PM): anh out day 
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:41 PM): noi ve chuyen con t thi anh buc minh lam'
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:49 PM): ko noi nua~
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:59 PM): chuc em thanh cong va may man' nhe
ZG(10/16/2006 11:11:04 PM): ji the ?
HT(10/16/2006 11:11:07 PM): hom nao ve VN thi nhan cho anh
HT(10/16/2006 11:11:16 PM): di dau vay 
HT(10/16/2006 11:11:21 PM): ma noi duoc cau roi lai thoi 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:11:51 PM): oi
ZG(10/16/2006 11:11:59 PM): dang ban ti 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:03 PM): xong roi 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:12 PM): khanh dang o mang 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:20 PM): no hoi nen tra loi no 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:22 PM): may cau
HT(10/16/2006 11:12:30 PM): the a`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:36 PM): chac khoang 1tuan nua ve vn
HT(10/16/2006 11:12:47 PM): the a`
HT(10/16/2006 11:12:49 PM): ve may hom
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:09 PM): visa het han ngay 22 
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:19 PM): the a`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:23 PM): nhung em di thai lan de lay them visa
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:24 PM): ko chui duoc a`?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:31 PM): chui ji?
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:44 PM): thi het han van o do do'
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:48 PM): ko 
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:55 PM): so bi bat a`?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:58 PM): di sang nuoc khac de lay them visa
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:58 PM): 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:03 PM): ko 
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:06 PM): uh`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:07 PM): so ji 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:18 PM): minh tha bat no thi thoi 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:21 PM): no dam
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:27 PM): that ko 
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:31 PM): the thi anh so em roi`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:33 PM): chu con ji?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:37 PM): uh
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:46 PM): khanh no cung so roi 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:50 PM): nen thoi roi
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:55 PM): hicc
HT(10/16/2006 11:15:05 PM): anh bi em bo chu da duoc so dau 
HT(10/16/2006 11:15:18 PM): chac so anh no vay thi phai 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:19 PM): ji co
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:30 PM): bo ji /.
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:34 PM): ai bo ?
HT(10/16/2006 11:15:39 PM): em bo 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:43 PM): ma b cai ji the ?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:50 PM): bo ai?
HT(10/16/2006 11:16:00 PM): em bo anh chu ai 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:04 PM): nay
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:09 PM): \noi lai di
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:24 PM): y con t nguoi ta dt ko dam nghe 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:29 PM): vi so no con ji ?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:38 PM): uc che nen ko can nua 
HT(10/16/2006 11:16:45 PM): troi`
HT(10/16/2006 11:16:46 PM): the a`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:56 PM): chu con ji >
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:00 PM): the gio` het uc chua?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:04 PM): thieu ji dan ong 
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:10 PM): uh`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:15 PM): tu dung 2 con danh nhau vi dan ong 
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:18 PM): anh biet la ko thieu ma`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:31 PM): thu xua ho wa
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:31 PM): the gio` het uc chua vay 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:40 PM): bjio ko uc che nuaq 
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:51 PM): the a`
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:55 PM): tuong van con uc
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:59 PM): ko 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:05 PM): uc lam ji?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:10 PM): chuyen nho
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:19 PM): vi khi anh goi dien cho em
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:28 PM): nghe em noi tuong van con uc anh chu'
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:34 PM): dau
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:50 PM): vi vay moi ko goi nua~
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:53 PM): so lai lam phien em
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:54 PM): em di an day
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:57 PM): doi wa
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:00 PM): uh`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:03 PM): ti ve noi tiep
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:07 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:07 PM): bye
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:13 PM): anh ko doi duoc dau 
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:18 PM): con phai ve ma`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:19 PM): vay 
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:25 PM): mai anh ve wue
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:25 PM): de hom khac nha 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:30 PM): the ah
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:32 PM): co hay ngoi mang ko 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:33 PM): lam ji 
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:38 PM): tham chau'
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:43 PM): o nha co mang mA
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:51 PM): sang mai co chat ko vay ?
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:54 PM): uh`
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:58 PM): khoang 11h
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:58 PM): nha` co mang
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:00 PM): ngu day
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:01 PM): uh`
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:08 PM): co nho so Dien cua anh ko ?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:10 PM): ok
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:18 PM): co
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:19 PM): khi nao len mang nhay cho anh 
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:20 PM): ok 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:23 PM): ok 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:25 PM): byeeeeee
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:28 PM): anh ko goi duoc cho so nuoc ngoai`
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:30 PM): pai pai

Request for Question Clarification by secret901-ga on 19 Oct 2006 22:02 PDT
Hi nemi14-ga,

A person named "Thu" is mentioned in the conversation.  I'm not sure
if Thu is ZG or somebody else being talked about, since the
conversation didn't make it clear.    In Vietnamese a person can be
directly addressed by name where "you" is appropriate in English. 
Could you tell me if "Thu" is ZG or someone else so that I know which
pronoun to use in my translation ("you", "me", or "she").


Clarification of Question by nemi14-ga on 20 Oct 2006 01:04 PDT
she is ZG
Subject: Re: Translation of IM
Answered By: secret901-ga on 21 Oct 2006 02:57 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi again nemi14-ga,

Below is the translation.

-----------------------------------Translation begins------------------------
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:15 PM): You're look handsome now
HT(10/16/2006 10:42:21 PM): Hic
HT(10/16/2006 10:42:26 PM): You already arrived to Singapore?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:33 PM): Horrible
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:38 PM): You didn't ask until now 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:42:46 PM): I already got here for 10 days
HT(10/16/2006 10:43:02 PM): You are never at home 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:43:28 PM): That day [we] met I was home, and I left the next day
HT(10/16/2006 10:43:50 PM): Is that so?
HT(10/16/2006 10:43:57 PM): I heard Q talk about you
ZG(10/16/2006 10:44:12 PM): What about?
HT(10/16/2006 10:44:27 PM): Said one thing about you
HT(10/16/2006 10:44:36 PM): I heard that you have a new lover, right?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:44:49 PM): What new lover?
HT(10/16/2006 10:44:59 PM): Hehehe
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:01 PM): Is that not the case?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:26 PM): Did Q say anything else?
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:34 PM): Several other things
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:38 PM): heee
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:39 PM): But that's what she/he said
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:45 PM): Khanh?
HT(10/16/2006 10:45:48 PM): I was discouraged so I didn't ask anything else
ZG(10/16/2006 10:45:59 PM): Horrible 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:02 PM): What's the matter?
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:04 PM): Why horrible?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:11 PM): Why not ask?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:19 PM): Ask to know
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:22 PM): Asking is not going to help, why bother 
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:24 PM): I let it go
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:32 PM): I agree
HT(10/16/2006 10:46:37 PM): Since you know that I'm like that, what did you do?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:47 PM): Like what?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:50 PM): ah?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:46:54 PM): I remember
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:02 PM): What do you remember
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:03 PM): ?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:15 PM): Q probably said that I found some I like
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:22 PM): I met Q and CSau the other day while I was eating
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:29 PM): She said love, not just like
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:34 PM): hee
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:43 PM): He also likes me
HT(10/16/2006 10:47:46 PM): Why did you say just like? 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:47:56 PM): But I don't have time to like him
HT(10/16/2006 10:48:09 PM): So you're still with Khanh?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:48:13 PM): No
ZG(10/16/2006 10:48:39 PM): If I meet Khanh, how can I go eat with
those guys that Q met
HT(10/16/2006 10:48:54 PM): Is that so?
HT(10/16/2006 10:49:05 PM): So you broke up with Khanh?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:29 PM): Yes
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:35 PM): We broke up a long time ago 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:40 PM): But Khanh doesn't agree
HT(10/16/2006 10:49:48 PM): Are you kidding? [literally: I'm very suspicious]
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:51 PM): So I had to go in secret several times
ZG(10/16/2006 10:49:56 PM): hii
HT(10/16/2006 10:50:44 PM): hic
HT(10/16/2006 10:50:53 PM): So do you have any plans now?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:05 PM): What plans?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:11 PM): About marriage?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:19 PM): Or getting rich?
HT(10/16/2006 10:51:35 PM): Both of those
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:40 PM): Almost 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:44 PM): I'm planning right now
HT(10/16/2006 10:51:46 PM): Don't you have any direction?
HT(10/16/2006 10:51:50 PM): Really?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:51:59 PM): What Huong are you talking about? [here ZG
mistook "h??ng" (direction) with "H??ng" (common female name) due to
the missing diacritics]
HT(10/16/2006 10:52:29 PM): What do you mean? I don't understand???
ZG(10/16/2006 10:52:47 PM): What do you mean by "Do you have any Huong"?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:52:50 PM): What Huong?
HT(10/16/2006 10:53:21 PM): The direction on how to get rich or to marry.
ZG(10/16/2006 10:53:41 PM): I'm implementing it.
HT(10/16/2006 10:53:54 PM): OK
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:00 PM): Let me see your webcam
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:06 PM): How about you
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:14 PM): I'm at home
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:18 PM): Don't have it
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:25 PM): Really?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:54:28 PM): Buy it next time
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:36 PM): Right now I'm alone 
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:48 PM): Only studying and playing 
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:52 PM): Nobody to love/loves me
HT(10/16/2006 10:54:58 PM): So boring
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:04 PM): Where's Tuyet 
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:09 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:15 PM): Aren't you getting married soon?
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:17 PM): Are you serious in your question?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:25 PM): Nobody is kidding here
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:30 PM): hic
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:33 PM): So hurtful
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:42 PM): Isn't your lover Tuyet?
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:42 PM): You're asking as if to mock me
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:51 PM): Why mock?
HT(10/16/2006 10:55:51 PM): She left me since June
ZG(10/16/2006 10:55:59 PM): Don't you love T?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:07 PM): Why did she leave?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:14 PM): Why did she say almost married?
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:14 PM): She said I'm too poor
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:19 PM): The condition is not satisfactory
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:19 PM): Horrible
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:22 PM): And many other things
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:25 PM): So she left
ZG(10/16/2006 10:56:41 PM): Did she really say that?
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:49 PM): Yes
HT(10/16/2006 10:56:56 PM): I am not changing anything she said
ZG(10/16/2006 10:57:11 PM): Aren't you sad?
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:16 PM): Of course I'm sad
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:26 PM): But 4 months had already passed, what can
I be sad about?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:57:33 PM): Your parents like her so why reget it
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:46 PM): I know what she wants when she's in love
with me so why should I be sad?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:57:47 PM): Only 4 months
HT(10/16/2006 10:57:54 PM): Yes
ZG(10/16/2006 10:58:01 PM): What does she want?
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:01 PM): If she really loved [me] then I would regret it.
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:19 PM): But she only loved [me] because of other
things so I don't regret it.
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:25 PM): A lot of things
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:37 PM): But in summary she wants money more 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:58:52 PM): Your parents like her 
HT(10/16/2006 10:58:57 PM): Yeah
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:01 PM): They can like her all they want 
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:14 PM): they are spending money for you to marry her
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:16 PM): But her action surprised my whole family
and they like her less
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:21 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:23 PM): Because you and her are in love like that, isn't it?
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:27 PM): Our family doesn't need that type [of people]
HT(10/16/2006 10:59:34 PM): Forget it
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:44 PM): What are you talking about?
ZG(10/16/2006 10:59:55 PM): Didn't your sister praise her a lot? 
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:02 PM): My family doesn't need the type of people like her
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:13 PM): Yes
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:35 PM): Are you laughing? 
HT(10/16/2006 11:00:39 PM): 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:00:42 PM): When?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:00:49 PM): It's hard to understand 
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:02 PM): How is it hard?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:17 PM): Because you're in love then suddenly broke
up for no reason
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:26 PM): Who knows what happened
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:26 PM): That's what she said
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:35 PM): She said I don't have enough of what she needs
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:35 PM): She demanded?
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:40 PM): She needs another man
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:43 PM): What does she need?
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:47 PM): and even more...
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:51 PM): Money
ZG(10/16/2006 11:01:56 PM): Why didn't you tell me 
HT(10/16/2006 11:01:57 PM): My family don't lack money 
HT(10/16/2006 11:02:00 PM): Not enough to supply [her]
HT(10/16/2006 11:02:05 PM): Because of that, she left
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:16 PM): What does she need money for?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:24 PM): If you married
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:31 PM): Then who would cause her to regret her fate? 
HT(10/16/2006 11:02:32 PM): If I tell you you'd laugh at me 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:46 PM): Tell me so that I can teach her a lesson
ZG(10/16/2006 11:02:51 PM): about money
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:01 PM): hic
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:07 PM): I forgot
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:15 PM): But I'm afraid you're no match for her
ZG(10/16/2006 11:03:21 PM): Hey
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:30 PM): She's bigger than you
ZG(10/16/2006 11:03:34 PM): Haven't you witnessed me fighting other girls?
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:49 PM): Not yet
HT(10/16/2006 11:03:53 PM): I only heard you cursing
ZG(10/16/2006 11:03:54 PM): Did you know that in the past I was
arrested by the police?
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:00 PM): I never saw you fight with my own eyes 
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:01 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:05 PM): yeah
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:18 PM): Is she as big as my friend Hoang Anh?
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:23 PM): Then when you return I'll ask for your help
HT(10/16/2006 11:04:31 PM): I don't know her
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:41 PM): T, your lover
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:48 PM): I think she's educated
ZG(10/16/2006 11:04:57 PM): So I won't need to beat her up 
HT(10/16/2006 11:05:05 PM): She's educated but acts like she's
uneducated when she stands in front of money
ZG(10/16/2006 11:05:07 PM): I'll make her understand what is money
ZG(10/16/2006 11:05:24 PM): For those kind of people 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:05:31 PM): Let me handle them
HT(10/16/2006 11:05:47 PM): Forget it
HT(10/16/2006 11:05:49 PM): Let it go 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:06:19 PM): What's her phone number? 
HT(10/16/2006 11:06:29 PM): At the beginning I thought of letting some
of my friends beat up her face
ZG(10/16/2006 11:06:33 PM): So that I can give her a piece of my mind
HT(10/16/2006 11:06:40 PM): I don't remember
HT(10/16/2006 11:06:55 PM): I don't pay attention anymore
ZG(10/16/2006 11:07:00 PM): Horrible
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:02 PM): I consider her a stranger
ZG(10/16/2006 11:07:04 PM): Your talk is prideful
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:07 PM): What's so horrible?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:07:14 PM): You're for in love for how long and now
you say you don't remember
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:35 PM): If I hear anyone say that she is mocking
me then I won't forgive her anymore
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:38 PM): That's it
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:47 PM): Don't remember anything anymore
HT(10/16/2006 11:07:57 PM): Why did she love me
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:08 PM): If I can understand that then it's less hurtful
ZG(10/16/2006 11:08:17 PM): Horrible
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:35 PM): But I think that you 
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:43 PM): are looking down at me right now
ZG(10/16/2006 11:08:53 PM): No
HT(10/16/2006 11:08:59 PM): That's why I also know
HT(10/16/2006 11:09:46 PM): How's your work over there?
HT(10/16/2006 11:09:53 PM): Is it good?
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:16 PM): Did you go somewhere?
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:25 PM): All right then
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:30 PM): I'm out
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:41 PM): Talking about T makes me frustrated/mad
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:49 PM): So I won't talk [about her] anymore
HT(10/16/2006 11:10:59 PM): I wish you success and fortune
ZG(10/16/2006 11:11:04 PM): What is it?
HT(10/16/2006 11:11:07 PM): When you're back in Vietnam message me
HT(10/16/2006 11:11:16 PM): Where did you go?
HT(10/16/2006 11:11:21 PM): That you only say one sentence and then stop?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:11:51 PM): Yeah
ZG(10/16/2006 11:11:59 PM): [I'm] a little bit busy 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:03 PM): Done
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:12 PM): Khanh is online
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:20 PM): He's asking so I answered him
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:22 PM): How many sentences?
HT(10/16/2006 11:12:30 PM): Really?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:12:36 PM): I probably will be back in Vietnam in a week
HT(10/16/2006 11:12:47 PM): Really?
HT(10/16/2006 11:12:49 PM): How many days?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:09 PM): [My] visa expires on the 22nd 
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:19 PM): Really?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:23 PM): But I will go to Thailand to get a new one
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:24 PM): Can't you just sneak?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:31 PM): Chui what? [ZG is unsure what HT just said
due to the missing diacritic.  He said "chui" (sneak) but it can be
intepreted as "ch?i" (curse)]
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:44 PM): Staying when it expired
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:48 PM): No
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:55 PM): Afraid of getting arrested?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:13:58 PM): I go to another country to get a new visa
HT(10/16/2006 11:13:58 PM): 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:03 PM): No
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:06 PM): OK
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:07 PM): Why afraid 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:18 PM): I will let them arrest me 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:21 PM): They wouldn't dare
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:27 PM): Really?
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:31 PM): Then I'm afraid of you
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:33 PM): That's right
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:37 PM): Yeah
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:46 PM): Khanh is also afraid 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:14:50 PM): So he stopped
HT(10/16/2006 11:14:55 PM): hicc
HT(10/16/2006 11:15:05 PM): You broke up with me and I'm not afraid of you 
HT(10/16/2006 11:15:18 PM): He's probably afraid of me
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:19 PM): No way
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:30 PM): Broke up what?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:34 PM): Who broke up?
HT(10/16/2006 11:15:39 PM): You broke up
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:43 PM): What did you suffer?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:15:50 PM): Broke up with whom?
HT(10/16/2006 11:16:00 PM): With me, who else
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:04 PM): Hey
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:09 PM): Say that again
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:24 PM): You were in love with T, when I called you
you're afraid to answer
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:29 PM): because you were afraid of her, isn't it?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:38 PM): I was mad so I didn't need you anymore
HT(10/16/2006 11:16:45 PM): Oh my god
HT(10/16/2006 11:16:46 PM): Is that so
ZG(10/16/2006 11:16:56 PM): What else
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:00 PM): So you're no longer mad?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:04 PM): There's no shortage of men
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:10 PM): Yeah
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:15 PM): For no reason 2 women would fight because of man
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:18 PM): I know that's there's no shortage
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:31 PM): [...]
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:31 PM): So are you still mad or not? 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:40 PM): Not mad anymore 
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:51 PM): Really?
HT(10/16/2006 11:17:55 PM): I thought you're still mad
ZG(10/16/2006 11:17:59 PM): No
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:05 PM): Why mad
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:10 PM): It's a small matter
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:19 PM): Because when I call you
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:28 PM): I heard you and thought that you're still mad at me
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:34 PM): When?
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:50 PM): Because of that I didn't call anymore
HT(10/16/2006 11:18:53 PM): I was araid I was bothering you
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:54 PM): I'm going to eat
ZG(10/16/2006 11:18:57 PM): Very hungry
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:00 PM): OK
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:03 PM): [We'll] talk more when [I] get back later
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:07 PM): hic
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:07 PM): bye
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:13 PM): I can't wait 
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:18 PM): I have to go home
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:19 PM): Oh
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:25 PM): I will go back to my village tomorrow
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:25 PM): Another time, OK?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:30 PM): Really?
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:32 PM): Do you usually go online? 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:33 PM): What for?
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:38 PM): Visiting my nephews/nieces
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:43 PM): I have Internet at home
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:51 PM): Do you chat tomorrow morning?
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:54 PM): Yes
ZG(10/16/2006 11:19:58 PM): About 11 AM
HT(10/16/2006 11:19:58 PM): I have Internet at home
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:00 PM): I'm going to sleep now
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:01 PM): OK
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:08 PM): Do you remember my phone number?
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:10 PM): ok
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:18 PM): Yes
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:19 PM): Give me a ring when you go online 
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:20 PM): ok 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:23 PM): ok 
ZG(10/16/2006 11:20:25 PM): byeeeeee
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:28 PM): I can't call number overseas
HT(10/16/2006 11:20:30 PM): Bye-bye
-----------------------------------Translation ends---------------------------

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