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Q: IM Translation from vietnamses to Enlglish ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: IM Translation from vietnamses to Enlglish
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nemi14-ga
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Posted: 24 Oct 2006 17:28 PDT
Expires: 23 Nov 2006 16:28 PST
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tt (12:06:21 AM): uh 
bb (12:06:22 AM): cai gi cung da dinh 
bb (12:06:34 AM): nhung co ai nghi toi minh luc minh kho dau
bb (12:06:41 AM): minh cung chang dau co gi
tt (12:06:49 AM): minh minh ko the bo mac gd dc 
bb (12:06:51 AM): tao noi that day
tt (12:06:53 AM): nen cu phai lo
bb (12:07:01 AM): lo it thoi
tt (12:07:07 AM): tao dang suy nghi lam nha ntn day
bb (12:07:21 AM): tao nghi may say nha khoang 5o60 trieu gi do thoi
bb (12:07:28 AM): chu o lam gi
bb (12:07:36 AM): de von mua mieng dat o que
bb (12:07:39 AM): de day 
tt (12:07:45 AM): tao dang tinh the 
bb (12:07:46 AM): sau lo ko di lam duoc
bb (12:08:07 AM): con may thang nay yeu ngay nao biet ngay day
bb (12:08:14 AM): so phan ko biet truoc dc 
tt (12:08:16 AM): uh
bb (12:08:21 AM): nhu thang viet ngay xua y 
tt (12:08:24 AM): nhung tao dang so 
bb (12:08:27 AM): de ma rut kinh nghiem 
tt (12:08:31 AM):  chac la so tao ko co con hay sao y 
tt (12:08:34 AM):  tao lo wa
bb (12:08:42 AM): may dien vua thoi
tt (12:08:45 AM): tao bjio han viet lam
bb (12:08:49 AM): ve chua khan truong di
bb (12:09:02 AM): ve sai gon co benh vien cho ray chuyen ve san
tt (12:09:02 AM): nhung no bi tac ca 2 ong dan trung ma 
bb (12:09:08 AM): o day noi tieng lam 
bb (12:09:12 AM): ve day chua di
bb (12:09:19 AM): mi ve sg di tao ao luon 
tt (12:09:23 AM): tao dt ve sg hoi roi 
bb (12:09:25 AM): tao mi thue ks o 
tt (12:09:31 AM): lan nay ve tao di chua luon
bb (12:09:32 AM): noi sao
bb (12:09:43 AM): het may tien cung phai chua
tt (12:09:43 AM): noi la phai kiem tra lai lan nua 
tt (12:09:47 AM): uh
bb (12:09:53 AM): mi noi thang day cho no lo cho mi
tt (12:09:53 AM): tao cung nghi the ?
tt (12:09:58 AM): troi 
tt (12:10:04 AM):  noi ra no bo luon thi sao
tt (12:10:08 AM): tao dang dau no 
tt (12:10:13 AM):  di chua mot minh day
bb (12:10:16 AM): no thuong minh sao bo dc 
bb (12:10:23 AM): uh the cung dc 
tt (12:10:30 AM): lay vo ma ko co con thi lay lam ji 
bb (12:10:30 AM): nhung so mat nhieu tien y
tt (12:10:35 AM): bjio no nghi roi nay
bb (12:10:43 AM): the ha 
tt (12:10:47 AM): no hoi sao ko thay co bau
bb (12:10:53 AM): the ha
tt (12:10:54 AM): tao noi la uong thuoc
bb (12:10:59 AM): uh
tt (12:11:07 AM): nhung dau mai sao dc
bb (12:11:22 AM): chac la chua dc
tt (12:30:23 AM):  bao tao ve 
bb (12:30:33 AM): no cung noi ca tao the 
tt (12:30:42 AM): no noi la 
tt (12:30:49 AM):  biet tao co nguoi y o sgp 
tt (12:30:53 AM):  va no cung the 
tt (12:31:01 AM): con bjio o vn 
tt (12:31:08 AM):  tao ca no y nhau 
bb (12:31:08 AM): no hoc o anh hay sao y
tt (12:31:14 AM): y hop dong may a
bb (12:31:16 AM): he
bb (12:31:19 AM): the ha 
tt (12:31:34 AM): no co nguoi y sap cuoi o ben ay ma 
tt (12:31:39 AM): cung xinh lam 
bb (12:31:42 AM): nguoi vn ha 
tt (12:31:45 AM): gan giong tram anh y 
tt (12:31:47 AM): uh 
tt (12:31:54 AM): nhung song ben day tu be 
bb (12:31:56 AM): thang dung tinh no hay lam 
tt (12:31:58 AM): viet kieu
bb (12:32:07 AM): uh
bb (12:32:14 AM): tinh thang dung hay lam 
tt (12:32:20 AM): sao may biet 
bb (12:32:20 AM): choi ca no tot tinh 
tt (12:32:23 AM): no ntn 
bb (12:32:29 AM): no tao thay hay danh bong 
bb (12:32:37 AM): thi may lan gap
bb (12:32:44 AM): thay the 
tt (12:32:44 AM): hii
tt (12:32:55 AM): tao cung hoi thich no 
bb (12:32:57 AM): ngu di
bb (12:33:00 AM): uh
tt (12:33:01 AM):  nhuntg ko muon ngu voi no
bb (12:33:03 AM): no dc 
bb (12:33:08 AM): uh
Subject: Re: IM Translation from vietnamses to Enlglish
Answered By: secret901-ga on 24 Oct 2006 22:01 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi again nemi14-ga,

Below is the translation.

--------------------------------Translation begins---------------------------
tt (12:06:21 AM): yeah 
bb (12:06:22 AM): it's always all about family
bb (12:06:34 AM): but who cares about us when we're suffering
bb (12:06:41 AM): I don't have much
tt (12:06:49 AM): But I can't just not care for family
bb (12:06:51 AM): I'm asking for real
tt (12:06:53 AM): So I have to take care of them
bb (12:07:01 AM): Don't worry too much
tt (12:07:07 AM): I'm thinking of building a [ntn?] house
bb (12:07:21 AM): I think that you should only spend 50-60 million
building the house
bb (12:07:28 AM): Why live there
bb (12:07:36 AM): Save capital to buy land in the countryside
bb (12:07:39 AM): It's easy
tt (12:07:45 AM): I was planning that 
bb (12:07:46 AM): If you can't work later
bb (12:08:07 AM): These guys you have to take their love by day
bb (12:08:14 AM): You can't foretell your fate
bb (12:08:21 AM): Like that guy Viet from a long time ago
tt (12:08:24 AM): But I'm afraid
bb (12:08:27 AM): Learn a lesson from your experience 
tt (12:08:31 AM): Maybe [he's] afraid that I can't have kids
tt (12:08:34 AM): I'm very worried
bb (12:08:42 AM): Don't be too crazy
tt (12:08:45 AM): I hate Viet now
bb (12:08:49 AM): Are you going back yet? Hurry up
bb (12:09:02 AM): Return to Saigon, it has Ch? R?y Hospital, they
specialize in obstetrics
tt (12:09:02 AM): But both of the Fallopian tubes are blocked
bb (12:09:08 AM): They're very famous over here 
bb (12:09:12 AM): Return here and have it fixed
bb (12:09:19 AM): You return to Saigon and I will [...] as well
tt (12:09:23 AM): I called and asked already 
bb (12:09:25 AM): We'll rent a hotel room to stay in 
tt (12:09:31 AM): This time I will have it cured altogether
bb (12:09:32 AM): What did [they] say?
bb (12:09:43 AM): I don't care about the cost, I have to cure it
tt (12:09:43 AM): [They] said that [I] have to get it checked again
tt (12:09:47 AM): Yeah
bb (12:09:53 AM): You tell him so that he pay for it
tt (12:09:53 AM): I think so too
tt (12:09:58 AM): Oh my god
tt (12:10:04 AM): What if I tell him and he leaves me for good?
tt (12:10:08 AM): I'm hiding it from him
tt (12:10:13 AM): I'm getting it fixed alone
bb (12:10:16 AM): He loves you, how can he leave? 
bb (12:10:23 AM): OK, that's fine
tt (12:10:30 AM): What's the point of getting a wife if she can't have children?
bb (12:10:30 AM): But doesn't it cost a lot?
tt (12:10:35 AM): He's already suspicious
bb (12:10:43 AM): Is that so?
tt (12:10:47 AM): He asks how come I'm not pregnant
bb (12:10:53 AM): Really?
tt (12:10:54 AM): I said I took the pill
bb (12:10:59 AM): Yeah
tt (12:11:07 AM): But I can't hide it forever
bb (12:11:22 AM): It's probably curable
tt (12:30:23 AM): I'm protecting 
bb (12:30:33 AM): He/they also told me that 
tt (12:30:42 AM): He said
tt (12:30:49 AM): he knows that I have a lover in SGP
tt (12:30:53 AM): and he also
tt (12:31:01 AM): but now we're in VN 
tt (12:31:08 AM): He and I are in love
bb (12:31:08 AM): He's studying in England or something
tt (12:31:14 AM): It's contractual love
bb (12:31:16 AM): hehe
bb (12:31:19 AM): Really 
tt (12:31:34 AM): He has a fiancee over there 
tt (12:31:39 AM): Very pretty
bb (12:31:42 AM): Vietnamese? 
tt (12:31:45 AM): Looks like Tram Anh 
tt (12:31:47 AM): yeah
tt (12:31:54 AM): But lives over there since little 
bb (12:31:56 AM): Dung has a good demeanor 
tt (12:31:58 AM): Overseas Vietnamese
bb (12:32:07 AM): yeah
bb (12:32:14 AM): Dung has a good demeanor 
tt (12:32:20 AM): How do you know?
bb (12:32:20 AM): I hang out with him 
tt (12:32:23 AM): He's [ntn?]
bb (12:32:29 AM): He plays soccer often
bb (12:32:37 AM): I met him several times
bb (12:32:44 AM): I saw him doing that
tt (12:32:44 AM): hii
tt (12:32:55 AM): I kind of like him 
bb (12:32:57 AM): Sleep
bb (12:33:00 AM): Yeah
tt (12:33:01 AM): But I don't want to sleep with him
bb (12:33:03 AM): He's ok
bb (12:33:08 AM): Yeah

-------------------------------Translation ends--------------------------------

If you need clarification, please request for it.

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Thanks - and a tip for the speedy service.  Really assists me when the
turnaround is so fast.  Thanks!

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