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Q: Aids ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: Aids
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: jeraboo-ga
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Posted: 24 Oct 2006 22:18 PDT
Expires: 23 Nov 2006 21:18 PST
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What is the statistical possibility of a man catching Aids from a woman?

Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 26 Oct 2006 14:09 PDT
From what sort of contact? Can you give us some more details?


Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 31 Oct 2006 14:36 PST
Hello again,

Without a response to the clarification I can not continue to research
this question. Please respond as soon as possible so that I can
continue to search with   the information you provide me.


Clarification of Question by jeraboo-ga on 31 Oct 2006 17:11 PST
traditional intercourse without the benefit of birth control.

Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 01 Nov 2006 13:19 PST
From a HIV Positive woman or just a random woman who may or may not
carry the disease?

Please give us as MANY details as possible about what you're looking for.

Subject: Re: Aids
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 01 Nov 2006 13:39 PST
Hi Jeraboo,

   Even a small risk is a great risk! Also, unprotected sex exposes
you to more than HIV. Don't forget about gonorrhea, syphllis,
chlamydia, herpes, trichomonas, yeast, gardnerella and human papilloma
virus. Some can be cured, some can't

  Think of it this way; If you knew that you had a 1 in 365 chance of
getting electrocuted from turning on your bathroom light in a year...
how many times would you turn on your light?

  The exact risk of contracting HIV from a woman (or man) can not be
quantified - there are too many variables.

  Please don't take ANY risk - there will be no cure if you contract HIV.

Visit these sites:

Your risk

" Women:

Women are at particular risk world wide. Currently in the US, one in
three new cases of HIV occur among women.

It is thought hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can alter
the levels of membrane co-receptors for HIV, making it easier for the
virus to infect cells.

Any vaginal infections or minor ulcerations and sores can also greatly
increase the risk of becoming infected with HIV."

"Vaginal sex can transmit HIV to either the male or the female
partner, but numerous studies in developed countries have shown that
in the absence of other risk factors (like STDs) men are two to three
times more likely to transmit HIV to women than vice versa. The area
susceptible to infection is much larger in women (vagina, cervix and
uterus) than in men (head of the penis, exposed urethra). Women are
exposed to a larger quantity of infectious fluid (ejaculate) than men
(vaginal fluids). Vaginal fluids contain less HIV on the average than
semen . And women retain the secretions within the body after sex
while men are only exposed during the actual sex act."

Alcohol + HIV

   Just practice universal precautions, as health care workers do:
Assume everyone may be infected and do not practice safe sex.

I hope I you don't feel lectured to! The thought of someone dying of
HIV from one sexual encounter upsets me! And one encounter CAN do it!

Regards, Crabcakes (a health care professional)
Subject: Re: Aids
From: stanmartin1952-ga on 25 Oct 2006 00:14 PDT
I think this number is quite small, but may be hidden in order to make
men behave more responsibly.
Subject: Re: Aids
From: frankcorrao-ga on 25 Oct 2006 07:55 PDT
I think you might want to clarify this.  Do you mean in general?  Do
you mean if you have intercourse with an hiv positive woman?  Do you
want to exclude intravenous drug use?

I think the cdc will have this information.  I know that in general
the odds of a heterosexual male who does not use share needles
becoming HIV positive are very small, comparatively.  About 5000 cases
per year in the US.
Subject: Re: Aids
From: triumfdoogooder-ga on 25 Oct 2006 17:23 PDT
... and your chances increase each time you "go down".  Don't tell her I said that!
Subject: Re: Aids
From: frde-ga on 26 Oct 2006 00:20 PDT
I don't know about the statistical probability, and I doubt if
anything other than guesses exists.

However, in the UK we recently had a case where a woman deliberately
and maliciously infected males.

HIV is rife in Africa - transmission is heterosexual.

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