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Q: IM Translation from Vietnamses ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: IM Translation from Vietnamses
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nemi14-ga
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Posted: 26 Oct 2006 03:03 PDT
Expires: 25 Nov 2006 02:03 PST
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bb (12:04:57 AM): no treu may
tt(12:05:00 AM):  may cuoi di 
bb (12:05:03 AM): bang cai dau lau y
tt(12:05:08 AM):  tao muon de con wa may ah
bb (12:05:13 AM): chac cuoi nam 
bb (12:05:19 AM): tao cung thich 
bb (12:05:25 AM): nhung gio chua co tien 
tt(12:05:26 AM): nhung may oi 
bb (12:05:28 AM): de kho lam 
tt(12:05:31 AM): tao so ko de dc 
bb (12:05:32 AM): tao da co gi dau 
tt(12:05:35 AM):  tao buon wa
tt(12:05:46 AM): tao muon co bau wa
bb (12:05:50 AM): it ra lay chong de con cung phai co von hoac cai nha de day
bb (12:05:58 AM): ve chua benh di
bb (12:06:08 AM): tao nghi may nen lam nha nho thoi
bb (12:06:10 AM): that day
tt(12:06:13 AM): lan nay ve sg tao len thanh pho chua 
bb (12:06:15 AM): gio tao nghi roi
tt (12:11:33 AM): tao dang hy vong the ?
bb(12:11:33 AM): neu ma mo thi phai noi ca no
bb(12:11:42 AM): ko thay vet mo
bb(12:12:01 AM): mi chat voi ai rua
tt (12:12:07 AM): ko 
tt (12:12:10 AM):  voi mi 
tt (12:12:15 AM):  nhung dang suy nghi
tt (12:12:22 AM): ve viec con cai
bb(12:12:39 AM): ngi lam gi
tt (12:12:45 AM): buon 
bb(12:12:55 AM): chac chua dc chu trac buong tung thi ko sao dau
bb(12:13:05 AM): mi kheo vao
bb(12:13:09 AM): phai co tien 
bb(12:13:19 AM): la ko bun ok
tt (12:13:31 AM): uh
tt (12:13:45 AM): nhung tac buong trung la ko chua d c
tt (12:13:50 AM): nguoi ta bao the ?
tt (12:13:56 AM): tao thi ko biet ji
bb(12:14:00 AM): troi
bb(12:14:07 AM): mi noi lam tao choang 
bb(12:14:11 AM): ma sao lai bi the 
bb(12:14:18 AM): mi lam gi ma de no tac rua
tt (12:14:43 AM): tao lam sao biet dc 
tt (12:14:46 AM):  cai so ma 
bb(12:14:52 AM): thoi 
bb(12:14:59 AM): ko nghi nua
bb(12:15:06 AM): mi ve sg tao ve ca mi
tt (12:15:10 AM): ok
bb(12:15:14 AM): roi di kham xem sao
bb(12:15:18 AM): tao thi lo
tt (12:15:22 AM): tao dang muon ve som day nay 
bb(12:15:28 AM): tinh tao van con ham choi qua
bb(12:15:34 AM): thoi 
tt (12:15:37 AM): tao muon o lai vn mot thang 
tt (12:15:44 AM):  nhung thang nay no o muoon
bb(12:15:46 AM): 2 tuan nua ve cung dc
tt (12:16:04 AM): muon o lai vn lau hon 
tt (12:16:09 AM):  de co thoi jian y 
bb(12:16:09 AM): roi tao ve
tt (12:16:17 AM): uh
bb(12:16:21 AM): the may 1 tuan nua ve di
tt (12:16:28 AM): uh 
tt (12:16:36 AM):  hay la the 
bb(12:16:41 AM): uh ve di
tt (12:16:45 AM): 1tuan nua no di cong tac 
tt (12:16:52 AM): tao o sgp mot minh thoi
bb(12:17:10 AM): the ve di
bb(12:17:13 AM): o lai lam gi
bb(12:17:17 AM): dien ah
tt (12:17:19 AM): uh 
bb(12:17:26 AM): the mai mua ve di
tt (12:17:30 AM): de mai xem lai ve va lich cua no da
bb(12:17:35 AM): ve sg kham va chua luon 
tt (12:17:38 AM): no dat ve cho tao roi 
tt (12:17:47 AM): tao cung dang tinh the 
bb(12:17:49 AM): 1 tuan nua cuoi em gai anh dung 
bb(12:17:52 AM): tao phai di
tt (12:17:55 AM): uh
bb(12:18:04 AM): may ve kghoang 3 ngay thi tao vao ok
tt (12:18:04 AM): noi anh dung la tao ko di duoc nha 
tt (12:18:08 AM): ok
bb(12:18:23 AM): uh 
bb(12:18:33 AM): ok
bb(12:18:42 AM): ngu di
tt (12:18:46 AM): hay may vao day lam nhu ngay xua vai ngay 
tt (12:18:56 AM):  roi cho arf luon 
bb(12:18:57 AM): cai ly o trong day
bb(12:19:02 AM): h
tt (12:19:03 AM): the vao di 
bb(12:19:04 AM): uh 
bb(12:19:11 AM): nhung minh phai tu tim
bb(12:19:17 AM): o trong day nhieu lam 
tt (12:19:20 AM): thi cu thu xem 
tt (12:19:25 AM):  chac tao ko lam dc dau 
bb(12:19:26 AM): tao ca may lam them nhe
tt (12:19:29 AM):  tao di chua benh da
bb(12:19:33 AM): chua benh ha 
bb(12:19:36 AM): uh
tt (12:19:37 AM): tao so ko lam dc
bb(12:19:43 AM): chac the
bb(12:19:54 AM): chac mi phai nam vien mat 
tt (12:20:02 AM): hiii
tt (12:20:09 AM):  lam tao lo
tt (12:20:14 AM): mi da gan ve chua 
bb(12:20:20 AM): nguoi ta noi neu bi tac buong trung chac chan phai mo ha
tt (12:20:31 AM): thi con ay noi la mo 
bb(12:20:33 AM): luc nua
tt (12:20:36 AM):  nen tao ko kham nua 
tt (12:20:38 AM):  ve luon 
bb(12:20:40 AM): con sg 
tt (12:20:55 AM): sg noi di kham lai lan nua xem sao da
bb(12:20:55 AM): sg noi gi?
tt (12:21:05 AM):  kham lai
tt (12:21:10 AM): cho chac 
bb(12:21:17 AM): uh
tt (12:21:25 AM): o hn nguoi ta cung noi 
tt (12:21:28 AM):  nen chua som 
bb(12:21:30 AM): tao dang so lan nay chua nay 
tt (12:21:32 AM): dung de lau wa
bb(12:21:37 AM): uh
tt (12:21:45 AM): may the la may man 
bb(12:21:49 AM): lan nay ma chua la chac tao phai de
tt (12:21:54 AM): tao muon cung ko dc
bb(12:21:56 AM): chu tao ko no long nao nua
bb(12:22:03 AM): ma de la doi tao kho
tt (12:22:03 AM): the cung dc 
tt (12:22:09 AM):  nhung de la phai cuoi di
bb(12:22:10 AM): la phai lay chong luon
tt (12:22:13 AM): ok
bb(12:22:15 AM): chu sao
bb(12:22:18 AM): nhung tien 
bb(12:22:28 AM): aif thi buye ko lam gi ca
bb(12:22:44 AM): la tao va con di a xin
tt (12:22:49 AM): thi dc cai nay mat cai kia 
tt (12:22:54 AM): hiiii
tt (12:22:58 AM): bo me dung 
tt (12:23:00 AM): lo ji 
bb(12:23:05 AM): mi co tin lan nay ma chua la phai de ko
tt (12:23:13 AM): mi de di 
tt (12:23:16 AM):  tao ung ho 
tt (12:23:20 AM): so mi ko dam thoi 
bb(12:23:20 AM): ai lo dc mai cho minh 
bb(12:23:24 AM): tao con bo me
tt (12:23:24 AM):  chu neu7 tao chua 
tt (12:23:27 AM):  tao deluon 
bb(12:23:37 AM): bo me ai lo cho tao
bb(12:23:50 AM): the doi tao moi bat hanh
tt (12:24:00 AM): minh ko bang tao 
bb(12:24:02 AM): bun lam 
bb(12:24:06 AM): hi
bb(12:24:08 AM): ai noi]
tt (12:24:09 AM):  ko de dc moi la bat hanh 
bb(12:24:20 AM): mi xem lai tau kho voi nha ntn
bb(12:24:32 AM): nhung mi chua dc la chac 
tt (12:24:32 AM): thi cung giong nhau ca
tt (12:24:40 AM): tao hi vong the 
bb(12:24:42 AM): nhung vu mi to hon vu to ok
tt (12:24:48 AM): haaaaaaaaa 
tt (12:24:57 AM):  khu mi to hon tao 
tt (12:24:59 AM): ok
bb(12:25:04 AM): heeeeeeeee
bb(12:25:10 AM): hoa ok
tt (12:25:14 AM): uh
bb(12:25:14 AM): ko ngu ha 
tt (12:25:17 AM): co 
bb(12:25:21 AM): mi chat thang day lam gi
tt (12:25:22 AM):  tao phai di ngu 
tt (12:25:27 AM):  mai no di lam som
bb(12:25:29 AM): di di
bb(12:25:32 AM): mai buon tiep
tt (12:25:34 AM): ngoi nhin tao 
tt (12:25:36 AM): ok 
bb(12:25:37 AM): nt cho thanh cai
bb(12:25:40 AM): hi
tt (12:25:42 AM): uh 
bb(12:25:48 AM): nt cho thanh hoi tha  nhe
tt (12:25:49 AM): tao cung nt cho no sem da
tt (12:25:55 AM): ok 
bb(12:26:09 AM): thang thanh biet tao co ny roi va no buon lam nhung
no ko noi gi ca tao
bb(12:26:32 AM): no noi no ve anh luon ko qua day nua
tt (12:26:40 AM): the ha 
bb(12:26:40 AM): tao noi dung dt cho tao
tt (12:26:53 AM): chac no thich may that day
bb(12:27:07 AM): no di xe nhanh the la dam phai vao vien hom do nat het mat 
bb(12:27:13 AM): tao nghi the
tt (12:27:18 AM): troi 
tt (12:27:25 AM): lam lai chung minh thu ha ?
bb(12:27:36 AM): hi
bb(12:27:38 AM): hhhhhheeeeeeee
tt (12:27:42 AM): haaaaaaa
bb(12:27:45 AM): mi lam tao bun cuoi qua
tt (12:27:56 AM): tao ko nghi la noi the dau 
tt (12:28:01 AM): nhung chac la the 
tt (12:28:09 AM):  vi no di xe nhu an cap y
bb(12:28:14 AM): hi
bb(12:28:30 AM): thang dung hom day cung bi say suoc het chan 
tt (12:28:44 AM): dung ko biet di xe may thi phai
tt (12:28:51 AM): no co bjio di dau
bb(12:28:51 AM): co
tt (12:29:02 AM): tao phai deo no suot 
bb(12:29:29 AM): the ha 
bb(12:29:40 AM): hom no tao thay no di ma 
tt (12:29:45 AM): it lam 
bb(12:29:49 AM): uh 
bb(12:29:57 AM): may co lien lac ca no ko 
tt (12:30:04 AM): thang dung no lam ji ko nhi?
tt (12:30:11 AM): thinh thoang 
tt (12:30:16 AM): hom truoc tao nt 
bb(12:30:16 AM): tao ko biet 
tt (12:30:20 AM):  no keu nho tao 
bb(12:30:21 AM): nha no mo ks ma
tt (12:30:23 AM):  bao tao ve 
bb(12:30:33 AM): no cung noi ca tao the 
tt (12:30:42 AM): no noi la 
tt (12:30:49 AM):  biet tao co nguoi y o sgp 
tt (12:30:53 AM):  va no cung the
Subject: Re: IM Translation from Vietnamses
Answered By: secret901-ga on 26 Oct 2006 22:29 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi nemi14-ga,

Below is the translation.  I left the abbreviations untranslated, but
here are some of what I think they mean:
SGP: Singapore
SG: Saigon
VN: Vietnam
HN: Hanoi

-----------------------------------------Translation begins---------------------
bb (12:04:57 AM): He's mocking you
tt(12:05:00 AM):  Get married
bb (12:05:03 AM): By using a skull[?]
tt(12:05:08 AM):  I really want to have kids
bb (12:05:13 AM): Probably at the end of the year
bb (12:05:19 AM): I like it also
bb (12:05:25 AM): But [I] don't have money now 
tt(12:05:26 AM): But hey
bb (12:05:28 AM): Having kids is very hard
tt(12:05:31 AM): I'm afraid that I can't have kids
bb (12:05:32 AM): I don't have anything
tt(12:05:35 AM):  I'm so sad
tt(12:05:46 AM): I really want to get pregnant
bb (12:05:50 AM): In order to be married and have kids I must at least
have some capital or a houe
bb (12:05:58 AM): Return and get cured
bb (12:06:08 AM): I think you should build only a small house
bb (12:06:10 AM): I'm serious
tt(12:06:13 AM):  This time [I] return to SG and go to the city to get cured
bb (12:06:15 AM): I already thought so
tt (12:11:33 AM): I hope so
bb(12:11:33 AM):  If you have surgery you have to tell him
bb(12:11:42 AM):  can't see the surgery marks
bb(12:12:01 AM):  Who are you chatting with?
tt (12:12:07 AM): No
tt (12:12:10 AM): With you 
tt (12:12:15 AM): But I'm thinking
tt (12:12:22 AM): about kids
bb(12:12:39 AM): Why think about it?
tt (12:12:45 AM): Sad
bb(12:12:55 AM): Probably curable, [some ailment with] ovaries are no problem
bb(12:13:05 AM): you enter carefully
bb(12:13:09 AM): must have money
bb(12:13:19 AM): then you don't feel sad
tt (12:13:31 AM): yeah
tt (12:13:45 AM): But blocked ovaries are probably incurable
tt (12:13:50 AM): They said so?
tt (12:13:56 AM): I don't know anything
bb(12:14:00 AM):  Oh my god
bb(12:14:07 AM):  Your statements shock me 
bb(12:14:11 AM):  How did that happen?
bb(12:14:18 AM):  What did you do that cause it to be blocked?
tt (12:14:43 AM): How should I know?
tt (12:14:46 AM): It's my fate
bb(12:14:52 AM):  Oh well
bb(12:14:59 AM):  Don't think about it anymore
bb(12:15:06 AM):  You return to SG and I'll return with you
tt (12:15:10 AM): ok
bb(12:15:14 AM): Then go have it checked
bb(12:15:18 AM): I'm worried
tt (12:15:22 AM): I want [you/me] to return soon 
bb(12:15:28 AM): I still want to play
bb(12:15:34 AM): Let's not talk about it
tt (12:15:37 AM): I want to stay in VN for a month 
tt (12:15:44 AM): But this guy doesn't want to
bb(12:15:46 AM):  Return in 2 weeks
tt (12:16:04 AM): [I] want to stay in VN longer
tt (12:16:09 AM): So that I have more time
bb(12:16:09 AM):  Then I will return
tt (12:16:17 AM): OK
bb(12:16:21 AM):  Then you return in a week
tt (12:16:28 AM): OK
tt (12:16:36 AM): How about this 
bb(12:16:41 AM):  OK, return
tt (12:16:45 AM): Next week he/she will have to travel for work 
tt (12:16:52 AM): I will be in SGP alone
bb(12:17:10 AM):  Then [you] return
bb(12:17:13 AM):  Why stay
bb(12:17:17 AM):  Are you crazy?
tt (12:17:19 AM): OK 
bb(12:17:26 AM):  Buy a ticket tomorrow
tt (12:17:30 AM): OK, I'll check his/her schedule tomorrow
bb(12:17:35 AM):  Return to SG to have it looked at and cured as well
tt (12:17:38 AM): He/she already ordered my ticket
tt (12:17:47 AM): I was planning that
bb(12:17:49 AM):  Dung's younger sister is getting married in a week
bb(12:17:52 AM):  I have to attend
tt (12:17:55 AM): OK
bb(12:18:04 AM):  I will go in there within 3 days of you returning
tt (12:18:04 AM): Tell Dung that I can't attend 
tt (12:18:08 AM): ok
bb(12:18:23 AM): yeah
bb(12:18:33 AM): ok
bb(12:18:42 AM): Go to sleep
tt (12:18:46 AM): Or you go in there and do it like old times for several days
tt (12:18:56 AM): Then leave arf[?] altogether 
bb(12:18:57 AM): Ly is in there
bb(12:19:02 AM): h
tt (12:19:03 AM): Then go in there
bb(12:19:04 AM): Yeah
bb(12:19:11 AM): But then I must look for myself
bb(12:19:17 AM): There are plenty there
tt (12:19:20 AM): Just check and see
tt (12:19:25 AM): I probably can't do it
bb(12:19:26 AM):  We both do it together, all right?
tt (12:19:29 AM): Let me have it cured first
bb(12:19:33 AM): Getting cured?
bb(12:19:36 AM): Yeah
tt (12:19:37 AM): I'm afraid that I can't do [it]
bb(12:19:43 AM): Probably so
bb(12:19:54 AM): You probably have to stay in the hospital 
tt (12:20:02 AM): Hihihi
tt (12:20:09 AM):  You make me worried
tt (12:20:14 AM): Are you almost returning?
bb(12:20:20 AM): Did they say that blocked ovaries require surgery?
tt (12:20:31 AM): She said surgery
bb(12:20:33 AM): In a while
tt (12:20:36 AM): So I didn't have it checked anymore 
tt (12:20:38 AM): [I just] left
bb(12:20:40 AM): How about [the people in] SG?
tt (12:20:55 AM): [The people in] SG said [I should] have it examined
again to see what's the matter with it
bb(12:20:55 AM): What did [the people in SG] say?
tt (12:21:05 AM): Have it examined again
tt (12:21:10 AM): To be certain
bb(12:21:17 AM): OK
tt (12:21:25 AM): The people in Hanoi also said 
tt (12:21:28 AM): it should be cured early
bb(12:21:30 AM):  I'm afraid of getting pregnant this time 
tt (12:21:32 AM): Don't leave it alone for too long
bb(12:21:37 AM): Yeah
tt (12:21:45 AM): You're lucky 
bb(12:21:49 AM):  If I get pregnant this time I have to carry it full term
tt (12:21:54 AM): Even if I want to, I can't
bb(12:21:56 AM): I can't bear to do it anymore
bb(12:22:03 AM): But if I borne a child my life will suffer
tt (12:22:03 AM): That's all right
tt (12:22:09 AM): But if you borne a child you must get married
bb(12:22:10 AM): I must find a husband
tt (12:22:13 AM): ok
bb(12:22:15 AM): That's right
bb(12:22:18 AM): But money 
bb(12:22:28 AM): [if] aif say bye and don't do anything
bb(12:22:44 AM): then I and the kid will have to beg
tt (12:22:49 AM): You get some, you lose some 
tt (12:22:54 AM): hiiii
tt (12:22:58 AM): Dung's parents 
tt (12:23:00 AM): Why worry 
bb(12:23:05 AM): Do you believe that if [I] get pregnant this time I
will carry it full term?
tt (12:23:13 AM): You should borne the child
tt (12:23:16 AM): I support this
tt (12:23:20 AM): I'm just afraid that you won't dare to do it 
bb(12:23:20 AM): Who can take care of us forever 
bb(12:23:24 AM): I still have my parents
tt (12:23:24 AM):  If I get pregnant 
tt (12:23:27 AM):  I will carry it full term
bb(12:23:37 AM): Whose parents will take care of me?
bb(12:23:50 AM): That's why my life is unfortunate
tt (12:24:00 AM): you can't compare to me 
bb(12:24:02 AM): Very sad 
bb(12:24:06 AM): hee
bb(12:24:08 AM): Says who
tt (12:24:09 AM): Not being able to borne kids is unfortunate 
bb(12:24:20 AM): Check again, I'm suffering with ntn's family
bb(12:24:32 AM): But you'll be sure to have it fixed 
tt (12:24:32 AM): It's all alike
tt (12:24:40 AM): I hope so 
bb(12:24:42 AM):  But your breasts are bigger than big
tt (12:24:48 AM): haaaaaaaaa 
tt (12:24:57 AM): Your [...] is larger than mine 
tt (12:24:59 AM): ok
bb(12:25:04 AM): heeeeeeeee
bb(12:25:10 AM): So we're even, ok?
tt (12:25:14 AM): OK
bb(12:25:14 AM): Aren't you sleeping?
tt (12:25:17 AM): Yes
bb(12:25:21 AM): What do you chat with him?
tt (12:25:22 AM): I have to go to sleep
tt (12:25:27 AM): He goes to work early tomorrow
bb(12:25:29 AM): Go ahead
bb(12:25:32 AM): We'll continue tomorrow
tt (12:25:34 AM): Look at me
tt (12:25:36 AM): ok 
bb(12:25:37 AM): Message Thanh's place
bb(12:25:40 AM): hihi
tt (12:25:42 AM): OK
bb(12:25:48 AM): Message Thanh and ask him to let go
tt (12:25:49 AM): I'll message him to see what's up
tt (12:25:55 AM): ok 
bb(12:26:09 AM): Thanh hears that I have a lover and he's very sad but
he didn't say anything to me
bb(12:26:32 AM): He said he'll return to England permanently and not
come here anymore
tt (12:26:40 AM): Really?
bb(12:26:40 AM): I said don't call me
tt (12:26:53 AM): He must really like you
bb(12:27:07 AM): He drove that fast and hit Vien that day in the face
bb(12:27:13 AM): I think so
tt (12:27:18 AM): Oh my god
tt (12:27:25 AM): [Does he have to] make the verification letter again?
bb(12:27:36 AM): hee
bb(12:27:38 AM): hhhhhheeeeeeee
tt (12:27:42 AM): haaaaaaa
bb(12:27:45 AM): That's ridiculous
tt (12:27:56 AM): I don't think that's what's said 
tt (12:28:01 AM): But that's probably the case
tt (12:28:09 AM):  Because he drives like a robber
bb(12:28:14 AM): hee
bb(12:28:30 AM): That day Dung also hurt his foot 
tt (12:28:44 AM): He probably can't drive a motorbike
tt (12:28:51 AM): He's never done it
bb(12:28:51 AM): Yes
tt (12:29:02 AM): I always had to drive him 
bb(12:29:29 AM): Really?
bb(12:29:40 AM): I saw him driving the other day 
tt (12:29:45 AM): Very rarely
bb(12:29:49 AM): Yeah
bb(12:29:57 AM): Do you contact him? 
tt (12:30:04 AM): Does Dung do anything?
tt (12:30:11 AM): Sometimes
tt (12:30:16 AM): The other day I messaged [him] 
bb(12:30:16 AM):  I don't know
tt (12:30:20 AM):  He said he misses me 
bb(12:30:21 AM): His family opened a hotel
tt (12:30:23 AM): Asked me to return
bb(12:30:33 AM): He told me that too 
tt (12:30:42 AM): He said
tt (12:30:49 AM): He knows that I have a lover in SGP 
tt (12:30:53 AM): And him too

------------------------------Translation ends-------------------------------

If you need clarification, please request for it.

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