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Subject: startrek
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Movies and Film
Asked by: shely1-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 28 Oct 2006 14:01 PDT
Expires: 27 Nov 2006 13:01 PST
Question ID: 777866
need the info about all places in the word that show startrek items or
props< i have  a few big  replica  pcs from the movy, that i want to
sale tham>

Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 28 Oct 2006 16:38 PDT
Hello, shely1,

 Am I correct in assuming that you are looking for places that will
buy your items from you to sell on their site, or various auction
sites that allow individuals to list movie replicas and props that
they have for sale?

 There are numerous sites that sell Star Trek replicas and props, but
they are not the types of sites that buy items from individuals.

 While I can provide a number of sites which might buy your items from
you, or reference auction sites where you can list your memorabilia, I
cannot list ALL sites from around the world, especially if they are in
other languages and I cannot understand what they are selling!

 Let me know your thinking on this!

Subject: Re: startrek
Answered By: umiat-ga on 28 Oct 2006 21:28 PDT
Hello, shely1-ga! 

 To be honest, aside from selling your Star Trek collectibles on
online auction sites, you will be hard-pressed to find a buyer who
will pay you for your items unless they are authentic movie props or
exceedingly rare.

 I have compiled some sites that sell Star Trek memorabilia from
collectors like yourself, but I have no way of knowing if your items
are what they are seeking.

 The best way to advertise your items to a worldwide audience is to
post them on eBay! Aside from eBay, your next best bet might be the
Intergalactic Trading Company mentioned below.


From Star

Q. "I have some Star Trek merchandise that I would like to sell, but I
don't know how much it is worth. How do I find out?

"Like most collectible merchandise, Star Trek memorabilia is worth
however much someone is willing to pay for it. There is no fixed
price, just a general ballpark figure based on the rarity of the item.
If you do possess something that you feel is of value and would like
to find out how much it may be worth, we would suggest you try one of
the online auction sites like There, you can either sell
your merchandise or at least get an idea how much a similar item is
worth if you wish to sell it by other means. On the other hand, you
may just want to keep it!"


From  "Buying and Selling Trek Merchandise."

"A lot of people have written me about how to buy and sell Star Trek
action figures, books, scripts, and other merchandise. I've tried to
help as best I can, but I'm a firm believer in going to the experts.
So in addition to my own inevitable opinions, I have some real live
professional merchandise movers here with some advice for you.

"Feel free to make use of my Sci-Fi Forum (link's to the left) to post
announcements about stuff you're looking to buy or sell, and make use
of other Star Trek boards out there as well, as long as there's no
injunction against it in their rules. Don't forget about non-Internet
places to advertise. Star Trek and Sci-Fi Magazines out there are good
places to post ads, and they usually don't charge much. Be sure not to
make your ad look too professional, or people won't read it. And don't
forget to be friendly and positive in your tone."

"If you've really got a lot of stuff to sell or trade, setting up your
own Website really doesn't take long, and I personally have found that
Websites are great ways to purchase merchandise as well. Just be sure
you have a firm price (tax and shipping and handling included) before
saying yes to anything. And use Paypal."

read further...


More about selling your Star Trek items:

Star Trek Merchandise, Democracy, and the Internet

Part II -- Online Auction Advice and Practicalities

 "Star Trek items get their own category on eBay and other sites, so
it's not necessary to spend a lot of money for special listing
options, like color and boldface. Dedicated Trekkers will check all
the new stuff as it comes in......"


This is the best way to reach buyers from around the world while
earning the most money for your items. You can either post them for
bidding or set the price as "Buy Now."

See the listings and prices for Star Trek memorabilia below. As you
can see, certain items are commanding some high prices.

* If you are truly uncomfortable selling them yourself, I would
recommend contacting some of the larger Star Trek sellers on eBay and
asking them if they would like to buy your items.


I don't know if this site is of any interst, but it may be an outlet
for you to sell your items.

"Occasionally I get email from people who want to sell some of their
Star Trek stuff. I would buy all these items myself, but alas, my
money supply is not unlimited. This purpose of this page is to give
you as collectors an opportunity to respond to people who may contact
you concerning item(s) they want to unload, er ... sell. This will
never be a buy/sell site. My work here is for hobby reasons only.
Therefore, I will not be posting a seller email page. If you are a
collector and want your name and email address posted, submit it


"Intergalactic Trading Company was formed in 1976 by Sue Cornwell and
Mike Kott.  Sue had been watching Star Trek since its inception in
1966.  During her college days in Maryland, majoring in Art and
Sociology, she and a group of friends heard about the first ever Star
Trek convention in 1972, in New York City."

"Intergalactic Trading Company is now one of the major players in the
world of science fiction collectibles.  With a single item add placed
in Starlog Magazine in 1978, the mail order business started with a
bang.  Intergalactic now ships orders to more than 30,000 regular
customers around the world.  In addition to their mail order
department, they?ve added two retail stores in the Orlando area and a
website to serve Internet customers."


 "Certainly, but be advised that with our inventory of several million
items we often do not "need" many of the items in your collection. 
While we do still make cash offers for collections, we prefer to sell
your collection for you through our Trading Assistant Program. In this
program, authorized by eBay, we will sell your collection on eBay
using our expertise in marketing. Payments will be collected, orders
processed, and items shipped to the buyers. We do ALL the work and
keep a percentage of the net sales as a commision. We have
successfully sold collections as small as one item and as large as 26
palletts of merchandise filling a 53 foot trailer. If you are
interested in having us market your collection for you send us an
e-mail or give us a call."

See the Star Trek items in their catalog


"Welcome to The Prop Store of London, one of the worlds leading
vendors of movie props and costumes as collectible items. We
specialise in offering our clients the opportunity to obtain items
that are becoming recognised as a new form of art: "Prop Art". Items
that have been crafted and created by top industry professionals for
use in film and television productions around the world. It is our
opinion that these items should be preserved and presented to
collectors to ensure their survival for future generations to enjoy."

"The Prop Store of London is continually interested in acquiring movie
props and costumes from the smallest of items to the inventory of an
entire film. Please contact us if you have items for our

Star Trek items in their inventory


Looking For / Wanted:

I am always on the lookout for sci-fi related props and good quality
replicas.	Props From the Movies Armageddon, Blade1, Blade Trinity,
VanHelsing and Starship Troopers and From the TV Shows Stargate,
Stargate Atlantis and Star Trek."


"Movie props are our speciality and have been since the Seventies. We
are based in Elstree Film Studios and have a huge collection of
vintage film props, sci-fi movie props, and full size characters from
all the classics!"

"We are always looking for new pieces to add to our collection We pay
top prices and work closely with the Elstree Heritage Group to
preserve and protect our history. If you have anything from the old
movies, please call us."


"We do offer some items for sale in the "For Sale Sections". So please
check that out and please e-mail with any questions or comments! Also
let us know if you have anything for sale or if you need help with
anything, we'll be glad to help."

See some of the current Star Trek items for sale


 If you are interested in reading a book about Star Trek collectibles, see:

"House of Collectibles Price Guide to Star Trek Collectibles, 4th
Edition" (Paperback) by Sue Cornwell


 If you need additional help or clarification, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Good luck! 


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Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 29 Oct 2006 08:15 PST
Here are some more places where you might be able to sell you replicas:

Ann's Collectables

"Now in our 3rd year of finding unique items from Fandom, Ann's
Collectables is happy to bring you the best in unusual merchandise.
Now - you can participate too! Join our "Collaborators" and add your
items to our site. Just click over there on the "Services" button. We
will increase the bandwidth commensurate with the number of member
sites added. We provide a simple MS Word compatible template for you
to add your items to. All orders go directly to you without the high
cost of your own commercial website. Fee's are charged on a quartely
basis. Keep your site up for just a bit or a long time. No long term
contracts here.

 See the Star Trek items others have listed


"By the way, if you purchased a prop from one of the Paramount stores,
and want to sell it, email us a picture and we'll make you an offer."


 You can always browse the Star Trek group listings to see if see
there is an avenue for selling your items.
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