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Q: How can I get teacing credential again? ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
Subject: How can I get teacing credential again?
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Asked by: marksesl-ga
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Posted: 01 Nov 2006 23:46 PST
Expires: 28 Dec 2006 22:47 PST
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Hello, you're going to drop dead when you read this question.  I had
California teaching credentials and was later convinced of misdemeanor
sex offences called CPC 647.6 Child Annoyance or Molestation.  My
credential to teach Science and Art was revoked.  The acts I was
convicted of were incredible minor.  Is there any way that I can get
reestablished again as a teacher in another state?  The convictions
were about 9 years ago.

Clarification of Question by marksesl-ga on 19 Nov 2006 06:05 PST
To address some of the comments given below: I'm now teaching
conversational English at a university overseas.  Not a bad job, but
at some point I'd like to return to the U.S.

What did I do?  I was a middle school art teacher and I gave a 12 year
old girl a pat on the knee who requested a dollar for giving me the
privilege of doing it.  It was stupid of me, but at the time it just
seemed like harmless horseplay.  That girl went out bragging about
getting a dollar out of me, so later another girl came into my class
demanding a dollar, sticking her hand out repeatedly.  I finally stuck
out the dollar, but then crumpled it back into my hand and shook her
hand instead of just giving her a dollar.  They said my shaking her
hand was an act of molestation.  And, the third count involved no
physical contact at all.  A girl asked me if I had ever had sex in
water and I replied "No, I don't have sex because my mommy would spank
me."  This was viewed a sex talk with a minor.

To me this seems like some pretty harmless stuff to lose one?s right
to teach and have to register as a sex offender for life, but others
may not agree.  Sex offenders can also not teach at community colleges
in Calif., pretty much making my M.A. worthless too.  I also would
have to register at any University I would want to attend as a sex
offender.  Imagine someone with a full eight years of college, a B.A.
M.A. and teaching credentials now having to register with the campus
police as a sex offender, though no sexual crimes were ever committed
while attending universities during all those previous years.

It all seems like mass hysteria to me.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: How can I get teacing credential again?
From: frde-ga on 02 Nov 2006 04:29 PST
Your spelling is atrocious, but I suspect that you have been on the
bottle or having a toke to get up the courage to post this.

Maybe you should look at teaching in a prison.

- not a joke, a serious suggestion

Check it out.
Subject: Re: How can I get teacing credential again?
From: marksesl-ga on 02 Nov 2006 22:46 PST
Actually there are no spelling mistakes, but two type-o's; "convinced"
should of course be "convicted" and "incredible" should  be
"incredibly."  Thanks for the suggestion.
Subject: Re: How can I get teacing credential again?
From: frde-ga on 03 Nov 2006 01:23 PST
Fair enough

On reflection, I think my suggestion might be quite a good idea.

Good Luck.
Subject: Re: How can I get teacing credential again?
From: irlandes-ga on 08 Nov 2006 09:34 PST
The mood in this nation now towards anything that even reeks of child
molestation is very hostile. While we have no idea what 'incredibly
minor' offenses might be that resulted in being convicted of crimes,
then losing your certificate to teach, it does seem somewhat
oxymoronic with no more detail than given.

Last year, the Quad-Cities (Iowa/Illinois) passed a city ordinance
which prohibited any registered sex offendor from living within, I
forget, maybe two miles or some such number of any school; pre-school;
day care center; etc. This was a deliberate attempt to force them all
out of town. This sort of law has apparently been approved by courts
in other states.

A local prosecutor said he was bothered by that. He said there was a
local man who a few years ago, had an under-age girl friend, and her
parents had him thrown in prison. After he served his time, and he was
forced to register as a sex offendor, the now adult woman married him,
which is what she had in mind all the time. They had a couple children
and now they were all going to suffer by being forced out of their
home.  The prosecutor asked exactly who was going to be protected by
this broad law.

That is the sort of hostility at present.  Clearly from ancient times,
15 year old girls have fallen in love with 21 year old men. Today, we
treat the men as pedophiles.

Be very careful. If you were not required to register as a sex
offendor in those days, any attempt to rock the boat could cause bad
things to happen to you.

Also, you need to understand people in general are going to note your
belief that it is possible to be convicted of this sort of named
charge, and lose your license to teach, while really not doing much of
anything wrong.

Wake up!!!

Find yourself some sort of menial job, whatever you have been doing
for 9  years. It is insane to think you can teach again in the United
States. Maybe Thailand?
Subject: Re: How can I get teacing credential again?
From: queanliz3-ga on 15 Nov 2006 21:41 PST
As a preservice teacher, I am sickened that you could even think about
wanting to teach again.

Most people who are convicted of things like molestation recommit
their crimes. Have you ever considered that, if you were to teach
again, the temptation would again arise? What would you do? Do you
feel that you are a safe person around children?

If I were an administrator at a school you were applying, there would
be no way in hell I would hire someone with that on their record. The
administration/school district would be liable should you ever act out
again, and they won't want that worry.

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