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Q: Searching for post-trauma penile doctor information ( No Answer,   0 Comments )
Subject: Searching for post-trauma penile doctor information
Category: Health > Men's Health
Asked by: anon996-ga
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Posted: 04 Nov 2006 18:10 PST
Expires: 04 Dec 2006 18:10 PST
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I am a straight, healthy male in my early 20s.  Approximately four
years ago, I masturbated excessively under the influence of drugs. 
This resulted in an outward appearance of distorted skin on my penile
shaft, but also caused several urological symptoms that have not
abated since this incident.

First, on the left side of the shaft where the skin is most skewed, a
swelling independent of penile engorgement (e.g. when penis is
flaccid) occurs randomly, usually once every two weeks or so.  This
swelling can be small, or sometimes encompasses most of the left side
of the penis.  The swellings usually last between 2-6 hours, depending
on the size of the inflammation, and then disappear.

Second, when urinating, I have no sense of completion.  When I am
finished with the primary urinary stream, urine will continue to drip
out for up to a half hour after the inital urination.  In most cases,
some kind of muscle movement with my body, for example, sitting down,
will push out the urine retained wherever it is in the shaft.

Finally, with regards to arousal and erections, it is difficult to
attain an erection, and even when I am fully aroused, the penis does
not "lift" above a certain angle, meaning that it usually hangs down
instead of normally raising up to be level with the rest of my body. 
It is quantitatively harder for me to reach ejaculation, making it
impossible to engage in masturabatory or oral sex with a partner. 
When ejaculation has been reached, there is an additional discharge of
semen that comes about five minutes after the initial ejaculate, much
like the symptom I experience with urination.

I have done exhaustive research on medical websites with regards to my
condition, and have found very little information.  I have quit
smoking cigarettes and marijuana to see if that would help, but that
seems to have not helped much.  I live on the east coast of the U.S.,
and have seen about seven top urologists in a major metropolitan city
and have had numerous tests performed (endoscopic, doppler ultrasound,
color doppler, blood and hormone level tests, urodynamics, prostate
examinations, etc.) and all tests have fallen within the normal range.
 Some of these doctors have also dismissed outright any possibility of
injury, in spite of the fact that these are symptons I deal with on a
daily basis.  I have seen a professor of urology at a top
university-affiliated urological center and he, likewise, had no
explanation or solution for the problems I am experiencing.  I have
also tried Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis and, at best, they have only
provided a minimal elevation of arousal but nothing at all

At this point, I am looking for any lead to a urologist or other
doctor in the world who knows about these symptoms and could provide a
solution, and am willing to travel wherever such a doctor could be
located.  These conditions have made me miserable and I am desperate
to find an answer.  Of course I am not looking for a quack, if there
is a doctor who addresses these problems I would need to make sure
that they are highly qualified to address the symptoms.  This is very
important to my life and that is why I have set such a high price for
the answer.  Any researcher who could possibly give me a good step in
the right direction will also be tipped generously, of course.  Thank
you very much.

Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 16 Nov 2006 11:05 PST
Hello anon996-ga,

I?d like to ask you some questions to clarify your situation. 

You mention distorted skin. Do you mean stretched, like with a stretch
mark? Have any of the Dr.?s you have spoken with suggested cosmetic
surgery to fix the skin issue? Have you consulted a plastic surgeon on
this issue? What has been said about that?

You mention the swelling on the left side. Does it hurt? Get red?
Describe the swelling if you could? Has a Dr. ever looked at it when
the swelling occurs? Does the swelling occur under any circumstances
such as stress or after masturbation or intercourse? Could there be a
trigger to the swelling such as friction? Has a Dr. said anything
about this issue (When I say this, I mean this one specific part. I
know you?ve been seen many times, I?m just trying to get a picture
about specific issues)?

You mention no sense of completion while urinating. Is this a feeling
internally that you?re not done urinating or just sort of a ?leaky
valve? type thing where it?s not like you can stop the flow of urine.
Does this happen all of the time or just ONLY after you urinate. I ask
because I?m interested in why you?d continue to ?flow? if your bladder
is empty. Has a Dr. said anything about this issue? How much urine
seeps out?

Has any Dr. seen any muscle damage or damage to the corpora cavernosa?
This is the first thing I think of with difficulty maintaining or
getting an erection after penile damage has occurred.

How much semen seeps out? Is it clear or milky? 

Who are the Doctors? that you have seen? Where?

Thanks for the help.


Clarification of Question by anon996-ga on 20 Nov 2006 21:41 PST
Hi, thanks for taking time to follow-up to my question.  I will answer
your questions paragraph by paragraph:

Regarding the distorted skin; it is like a stretch mark, but it's most
obvious because a surface artery that was previously located on the
bottom-left side is now on the top-left side of the penis.  Smaller
veins that connect to it are much longer than they were previously,
which is the most distinct sign of the stretch.  None of the doctors
have suggested cosmetic surgery, and as far as I'm concerned, the
aesthetic aspect is not an issue for me.

As far as the swelling: it does not hurt (although there is sometimes
a very minimal, dull pain in same area of penis even without
swelling), but it does have an itchy/irritated feel.  The swelling is
almost always red, but occassionally not.  That affected area of the
penis (where the stretch occurred) is also usually more red than the
rest of the penis at any given time.  As for a description, it is just
that: a swelling.  I guess it could be comparable to a mosquito bite
in appearance, although when it swells to a larger size, it is way
larger than what a mosquito bite would look like.  Since its
appearance is so random, I have not had the opportunity for a doctor
to examine it directly.  It does occur sometimes after masturbation,
but not always.  Other times it seems to be just a random occurence. 
The most I've heard from doctors on this subject is that it could be
lymph, but that's about it.

About the urination; it's not something I can feel acutely (the excess
urine leaking), but it always happens everytime I urinate, but never
at any other time.  I would speculate that it is getting trapped
somewhere along the passage between the bladder and the exit of the
urethra.  Muscle movement (e.g. squatting or sitting down), or pushing
down on the base of my shaft seems to push some of it out, but even
then, I still have to wait a few minutes to make sure no more will
come out.  Doctors have been pretty dismissive of this issue, saying
that it's natural for a little urine to be retained after completion,
but in my opinion, there's a big difference between a few droplets and
the amount that I typically discharge, which is enough to make a
sizable wet spot in my underwear or even my pants.  The first doctor I
saw when I dealt with this issue did an endoscopic (something) test on
me which involved him attaching a periscope-like device to my eurethra
and visually checking for signs of stricture but that test came up
negative, although other doctors I've seen have said that he's not
very competent and he also had to ask his assistant which way the
device was supposed to be inserted.

The amount of semen that seeps out, 5-10 minutes after ejaculation, is
enough to be noticeable and leave a stain.  It's more clear than
milky.  I believe it's similar to the urination situation and that
there is some kind of stopgap somewhere that is causing the excess to
be retained.

As for identifying the doctors, I wouldn't feel comfortable saying
which ones due to the public nature of this forum but would be willing
to do so through E-mail.  They are all based in New York City and have
been highly recommended in magazines, etc.  The one other I did see
was at Johns Hopkins' urology department.  I hope this helps to
clarify.  Thanks.

Clarification of Question by anon996-ga on 21 Nov 2006 00:52 PST
Sorry, forgot to address your last paragraph, regarding muscle damage
or damage to the corpora cavernosa: one doctor (purported to be a top
ED doctor in NYC) mentioned the possibility of ligament damage, but
did not get specific at all and did not indicate there would be any
remedy.  As far as I know, I have not had any tests that would
diagnose either of these conditions; I've had an ultrasound/doppler
done but the purpose of this test seems to be to measure blood flow. 
Doing a Google search showed that in South Korea, some doctors used an
MRI to get a visual of a damaged penis' anatomy, which would seem
useful in my case, but has never been brought up by any of these
doctors that I've seen, who overall seem to have an apathy towards my
case because it is so atypical (I don't fit in with the 70-year olds
who fill up their waiting rooms).  Anway, hope this information gives
you a more clear picture of what's going on.  Thanks for your looking
into this.
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