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Q: Translation vietnamese to emglish ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Translation vietnamese to emglish
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: nemi14-ga
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Posted: 04 Nov 2006 23:38 PST
Expires: 04 Dec 2006 23:38 PST
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hanb (07:59:56 PM): hi thu
tt (08:00:00 PM): uh
tt (08:00:23 PM): com chua
hanb (08:00:27 PM): chua
hanb (08:00:34 PM): tau nau chao an 
tt (08:00:35 PM): di hoc ve ha ?
hanb (08:00:38 PM): dang gan nha'
tt (08:00:40 PM): sao an chao
hanb (08:00:44 PM): tau met ko di hoc
hanb (08:00:52 PM): rang mi biet han cuoi vo 
hanb (08:00:56 PM): han nhan chua
hanb (08:01:00 PM): om ma
tt (08:01:00 PM): tao biet lau roi 
tt (08:01:10 PM): nhung no noi la cuoi gia vo 
tt (08:01:17 PM):  chu ko phai that 
tt (08:01:26 PM): nhung hom nay tao xem lai lan nua 
tt (08:01:34 PM):  thi co ca giay dang ky ket hon
tt (08:01:42 PM): va anh chung no dang lam tinh nua 
tt (08:01:48 PM): tao chet mat
hanb (08:01:55 PM): the ha
tt (08:02:00 PM): co quay bang dia nua ma 
hanb (08:02:00 PM): xem o dau 
tt (08:02:07 PM): o nha cho o dau 
hanb (08:02:08 PM): troi
hanb (08:02:12 PM): nguoi o dau 
tt (08:02:14 PM):  tren tang 3 de do ao y
tt (08:02:22 PM): nguoi my 
tt (08:02:28 PM):  ten la lisa
hanb (08:02:28 PM): xinh ko
hanb (08:02:34 PM): may noi cho no biet chua
tt (08:02:36 PM): cung binh thuong 
tt (08:02:42 PM):  nhung thay chung no yeu nhau lam'
tt (08:02:59 PM): no biet la tao biet chuyen chung no cuoi roi
hanb (08:03:04 PM): rang mi biet 
hanb (08:03:17 PM): the sao no doi cuoi ma
tt (08:03:19 PM): con alin dua chia khoa cho tao xem
hanb (08:03:23 PM): hay la no bo roi
tt (08:03:29 PM): tao ko biet 
hanb (08:03:34 PM): alin noi ca may ha
tt (08:03:34 PM):  no noi la bo nhau roi 
hanb (08:03:48 PM): chac la vay
tt (08:03:48 PM): noi nhieu va tao cung nhin thay nhieu 
tt (08:03:51 PM): uh 
tt (08:03:55 PM):  cuoi han hoi roi ma 
hanb (08:04:09 PM): sao con ay lai bo ve mi nhi
tt (08:04:13 PM): nhung tao ko biet nen phai lam ji bjio 
hanb (08:04:15 PM): hay thang nay lam gai qua
tt (08:04:25 PM): vi no lam gai nen bo nhau 
hanb (08:04:28 PM): mi phai xem da
tt (08:04:38 PM): tao nghin lai roi 
hanb (08:04:39 PM): no chiu ket hon moi duoc cuoi
tt (08:04:43 PM):  ko cuoi xin i het nua ca
hanb (08:04:45 PM): nguoi thiet la minh
hanb (08:05:00 PM): chu no la nguoi nuoc ngoai thay doi nhanh lam 
tt (08:05:05 PM): uh 
hanb (08:05:08 PM): gio minh con tre dep 
tt (08:05:11 PM):  tao biet the 
hanb (08:05:12 PM): that day 
tt (08:05:28 PM): nhung ko biet lam ji bjio nua 
tt (08:05:35 PM): bo no hay tiep tuc 
hanb (08:05:37 PM): thoi ke di 
hanb (08:05:41 PM): cu lam tien da
hanb (08:05:46 PM): cu yeu 
hanb (08:05:52 PM): dien ma bo
hanb (08:05:59 PM): no cho tien do phai di lam 
tt (08:06:08 PM): nhung tao so o voi no 
hanb (08:06:10 PM): tao ca aif cung the ma 
tt (08:06:11 PM):  tao co tinh cam 
hanb (08:06:14 PM): so gi
hanb (08:06:27 PM): tao ko biet noi the nao ca
tt (08:06:28 PM): lo sau naytao y no 
tt (08:06:32 PM):  thi chet mat
hanb (08:06:37 PM): co kha nang 
tt (08:06:46 PM): bjio tao ghen voi no roi
hanb (08:06:49 PM): hay mi yeu thang nao o vn di 
hanb (08:06:54 PM): de chia se tinh cam 
tt (08:06:57 PM): tao so yeu no lam
hanb (08:06:59 PM): the ha
tt (08:07:09 PM): yeu ai bjio 
hanb (08:07:09 PM): ma sao con alin cho may xem do cua no
tt (08:07:15 PM): uh 
tt (08:07:18 PM):  vi tao hoi ma 
hanb (08:07:20 PM): ?
hanb (08:07:29 PM): alin noi no co vo chua
tt (08:07:41 PM): co roi 
hanb (08:07:42 PM): ??
hanb (08:07:49 PM): alin noi ha
tt (08:07:50 PM): 10 nam roi
hanb (08:07:54 PM): troi
tt (08:07:59 PM): btrang cung noi voi
hanb (08:08:05 PM): the chac bo nhau roi
tt (08:08:24 PM):  the no cung bao la bo roi
hanb (08:08:37 PM): chac the 
hanb (08:08:41 PM): thi gen gi nua'
tt (08:08:53 PM): nhung bo roi nhung no van giu nhung thu day lam ji
tt (08:09:07 PM): nhung chua ly hon ma 
hanb (08:09:15 PM): the may co xem phim lam tinh cua no chua
hanb (08:09:23 PM): thi noi no ly hon di 
tt (08:09:23 PM): ko co phim 
tt (08:09:25 PM):  co anh thoi 
hanb (08:09:35 PM): nhung may phai xem thang nay thoi gian da
tt (08:09:35 PM): phim con alin ko cho xem
tt (08:09:40 PM): \uh 
hanb (08:09:41 PM): the ha 
tt (08:09:51 PM): tao muon ve vn wa
hanb (08:09:52 PM): nhu the cung lo lam 
tt (08:09:55 PM): o voi no the nay 
hanb (08:10:01 PM): nguoi nuoc ngoai ko hieu dc dau 
tt (08:10:02 PM):  tao ko chiu dc
tt (08:10:10 PM): uh
hanb (08:10:12 PM): mi giong tao dot truoc
hanb (08:10:17 PM): dau dau lam 
hanb (08:10:21 PM): ko chiu dc 
tt (08:10:27 PM): tao muon ve
hanb (08:10:31 PM): nhung phai cho lay tien da 
hanb (08:10:53 PM): chat ca ai the 
tt (08:11:17 PM): ko 
tt (08:11:21 PM): tao chan wa 
tt (08:11:22 PM):  thoi
hanb (08:11:26 PM): thoi ke
hanb (08:11:29 PM): mi yeu han roi
tt (08:11:33 PM): nhung tao muon ve wa
hanb (08:11:35 PM): nen moi the
tt (08:11:37 PM): uh 
tt (08:11:41 PM):  tao cung nghi the 
hanb (08:11:41 PM): the tien thi sao 
hanb (08:11:48 PM): qua gey lang ma choi
tt (08:11:51 PM): chac phai cho no lay tien 
hanb (08:11:56 PM): dung nghi
tt (08:11:58 PM):  chu may nghi tao ko can tien chac 
hanb (08:12:01 PM): gio tien la so 1
tt (08:12:02 PM): ngu ji 
tt (08:12:04 PM):  ma ke no 
hanb (08:12:07 PM): may ko bo dc no dau
tt (08:12:08 PM): cho no lay tien da
tt (08:12:14 PM): sao ko bo dc
hanb (08:12:16 PM): cung giong tau va aif thoi
hanb (08:12:28 PM): vi no ko cho may bo dau 
tt (08:12:29 PM): nhung cu nghi den la tao chet mat 
hanb (08:12:34 PM): voi nua no co tien 
tt (08:12:38 PM): tao ko nghi the 
hanb (08:12:39 PM): minh sao bo dc no
tt (08:12:48 PM):  so minh ko bo dc no thoi 
hanb (08:12:49 PM): mi yeu han qua roi
tt (08:12:56 PM): chu no thieu ji gai
tt (08:13:07 PM): tao co ti y roi nen moi the 
hanb (08:13:12 PM): thi cu lay tien da
hanb (08:13:18 PM): yeu nhieu y
tt (08:13:20 PM): bjio tao hoi han vi da noi chuyen nay voi moi nguoi
Subject: Re: Translation vietnamese to emglish
Answered By: secret901-ga on 05 Nov 2006 16:50 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi again nemi14-ga,

Below is the translation.

---------------------------------Translation begins-----------------------------
hanb (07:59:56 PM): Hi Thu
tt (08:00:00 PM): Yeah
tt (08:00:23 PM): Did you eat yet?
hanb (08:00:27 PM): Not yet
hanb (08:00:34 PM): I'm making rice congee 
tt (08:00:35 PM): Did you just get back from school?
hanb (08:00:38 PM): I'm near home
tt (08:00:40 PM): Why are you eating rice congee?
hanb (08:00:44 PM): I was tired so I didn't go to class.
hanb (08:00:52 PM): You know he's already married?
hanb (08:00:56 PM): Did he message you?
hanb (08:01:00 PM): I'm sick
tt (08:01:00 PM): I already know a while ago
tt (08:01:10 PM): But he said it's a fake marriage 
tt (08:01:17 PM): Not real
tt (08:01:26 PM): But today I looked again 
tt (08:01:34 PM): I even saw the marriage license registration
tt (08:01:42 PM): And pictures of them making love
tt (08:01:48 PM): I think I'm going to die
hanb (08:01:55 PM): Really?
tt (08:02:00 PM): They even videotaped it
hanb (08:02:00 PM): Where did you see it?
tt (08:02:07 PM): At home
hanb (08:02:08 PM): Oh my god
hanb (08:02:12 PM): Where is [she] from? 
tt (08:02:14 PM): On the third floor/compartment where we put clothes
tt (08:02:22 PM): American
tt (08:02:28 PM):  Her name is Lisa
hanb (08:02:28 PM): Is she cute?
hanb (08:02:34 PM): Did you tell him?
tt (08:02:36 PM): [She's] OK
tt (08:02:42 PM):  But generally I think they're really in love
tt (08:02:59 PM): He already knows that I know about them marrying
hanb (08:03:04 PM): That you know?
hanb (08:03:17 PM): They why did he want to marry you too?
tt (08:03:19 PM): Alin gave me the key to see it
hanb (08:03:23 PM): Or did he leave her?
tt (08:03:29 PM): I don't know 
hanb (08:03:34 PM): Did Alin tell you?
tt (08:03:34 PM):  He/she said that they already left each other
hanb (08:03:48 PM): Probably so
tt (08:03:48 PM): She said a lot and I also saw a lot
tt (08:03:51 PM): OK
tt (08:03:55 PM):  He already asked me about marrying 
hanb (08:04:09 PM): Why did she return to you?
tt (08:04:13 PM): But I don't know what to do now
hanb (08:04:15 PM): Maybe this guy is a womanizer
tt (08:04:25 PM): Because he's a womanizer that they left each other
hanb (08:04:28 PM): You have to look first
tt (08:04:38 PM): I already looked again
hanb (08:04:39 PM): He/she has to agree to marry for the marriage to happen
tt (08:04:43 PM):  No more marriage or engagement at all
hanb (08:04:45 PM): You're the one who loses
hanb (08:05:00 PM): He's a foreigner, they change really fast
tt (08:05:05 PM): Yeah
hanb (08:05:08 PM):  Right now you're still young and pretty 
tt (08:05:11 PM):  I know
hanb (08:05:12 PM): It's true 
tt (08:05:28 PM): But I don't know what to do now
tt (08:05:35 PM): Should I leave him or continue? 
hanb (08:05:37 PM): Ignore it
hanb (08:05:41 PM): Just make money first
hanb (08:05:46 PM): Just love
hanb (08:05:52 PM): Just be crazy
hanb (08:05:59 PM): He gives you money, you have to work
tt (08:06:08 PM): But I'm afraid of living with him 
hanb (08:06:10 PM): Aif and me are like that too
tt (08:06:11 PM):  I have love
hanb (08:06:14 PM): What's to be afraid of
hanb (08:06:27 PM): I don't know what to say
tt (08:06:28 PM): I'm afraid that I'd love him later
tt (08:06:32 PM):  Then I'd just have to die
hanb (08:06:37 PM): There's a chance of that
tt (08:06:46 PM): I'm already jealous with him
hanb (08:06:49 PM): Why don't you love some guy in Vietnam
hanb (08:06:54 PM): To share your love
tt (08:06:57 PM): I'm very afraid of falling in love with him
hanb (08:06:59 PM): really?
tt (08:07:09 PM): Who should I love?
hanb (08:07:09 PM): But why did Alin let you see his stuff?
tt (08:07:15 PM): Yeah
tt (08:07:18 PM):  Because I asked 
hanb (08:07:20 PM): ?
hanb (08:07:29 PM): Did Alin say if he's married?
tt (08:07:41 PM): He is
hanb (08:07:42 PM): ??
hanb (08:07:49 PM): Did Alin say that?
tt (08:07:50 PM): For 10 years
hanb (08:07:54 PM): Oh my god
tt (08:07:59 PM): Btrang already said that
hanb (08:08:05 PM): Then they're probably separated a long time already
tt (08:08:24 PM):  He also said that they are already separated
hanb (08:08:37 PM): Probably so
hanb (08:08:41 PM): Then what's there to be jealous about?
tt (08:08:53 PM): But if they're separated why keep those things?
tt (08:09:07 PM): But they're not divorced
hanb (08:09:15 PM): Did you watch the video of them making love?
hanb (08:09:23 PM): Then tell him to divorce
tt (08:09:23 PM): No video
tt (08:09:25 PM):  Only pictures 
hanb (08:09:35 PM): You have to see this guy for some time
tt (08:09:35 PM): Alin didn't let me see videos
tt (08:09:40 PM): Yeah
hanb (08:09:41 PM): Really? 
tt (08:09:51 PM): I want to return to Vietnam
hanb (08:09:52 PM): It's worrying like this
tt (08:09:55 PM): If you live with him like this 
hanb (08:10:01 PM): Foreigners can't understand it
tt (08:10:02 PM):  I can't stand it
tt (08:10:10 PM): Yeah
hanb (08:10:12 PM): You're like me last time
hanb (08:10:17 PM): Full of headaches
hanb (08:10:21 PM): Can't stand it
tt (08:10:27 PM): I want to return
hanb (08:10:31 PM): But you have to wait until you receive money
hanb (08:10:53 PM): Who else are you chatting with?
tt (08:11:17 PM): No
tt (08:11:21 PM): I'm so discouraged 
tt (08:11:22 PM):  Forget it
hanb (08:11:26 PM): Leave it alone
hanb (08:11:29 PM): You are already in love with him
tt (08:11:33 PM): But I really want to return
hanb (08:11:35 PM): That's why you're like that
tt (08:11:37 PM): Yeah
tt (08:11:41 PM):  I think so too 
hanb (08:11:41 PM): What about the money? 
hanb (08:11:48 PM): Come over to Geylang and play
tt (08:11:51 PM): Probably have to let him get the money
hanb (08:11:56 PM): Don't think about it
tt (08:11:58 PM):  Don't you think I need money?
hanb (08:12:01 PM): Now money is your number one priority
tt (08:12:02 PM): Why be stupid
tt (08:12:04 PM): Who cares about him
hanb (08:12:07 PM): You can't leave him
tt (08:12:08 PM): Let him get the money first
tt (08:12:14 PM): Why can't I leave him?
hanb (08:12:16 PM): Just like me and aif
hanb (08:12:28 PM): Because he won't let you leave him 
tt (08:12:29 PM): But just thinking about it kills me
hanb (08:12:34 PM): Besides, he has money 
tt (08:12:38 PM): I don't think that way
hanb (08:12:39 PM): How can you leave him?
tt (08:12:48 PM):  It's my fate not to leave him 
hanb (08:12:49 PM): You already love him too much
tt (08:12:56 PM): There's no shortage of women for him
tt (08:13:07 PM): It's come to this because I fell in love
hanb (08:13:12 PM): Just get the money first
hanb (08:13:18 PM): love a lot
tt (08:13:20 PM): Now I ask him because I already talked about this with everyone
----------------------------------Translation ends-----------------------------

If you need clarification, please request for it.
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Thanks Sceret!

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