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Q: details wanted on SwissCash / Swiss Mutual Fund 1948 ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: details wanted on SwissCash / Swiss Mutual Fund 1948
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Asked by: tekguy-ga
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Posted: 06 Nov 2006 14:16 PST
Expires: 06 Dec 2006 14:16 PST
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There is a website at that claims you can spend
money and make 300%, and everything is insured by Swiss Mutual Fund

I want to know:
What is Swiss Mutual Fund (1948)?
Where is it registered?
Is it legally capable of providing insurance?
Who are the registered owners of SwissCash and Swiss Mutual Fund
(1948)? (They claim to be registered in Dominica...can this be

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 06 Nov 2006 19:48 PST

I was hoping to be able to answer your question, but I have to attend
to other business, so I will unlock this so that hopefully one of my
colleagues can provide an answer.

But I just want to say...this company has SCAM written all over it.  

In all likelihood, no one can provide explicit answers to your
questions because the answers don't exist...there aren't any
registered owners, there are no company records, and so on.

If it were my funds, I wouldn't get within a hundred miles of these guys!!!

As they say, *caveat emptor!*

Subject: Re: details wanted on SwissCash / Swiss Mutual Fund 1948
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 07 Nov 2006 15:09 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

May I humbly suggest finding somewhere else to invest your funds.

I've been able to conduct a fairly intensive search for the business
history of SwissCash aka Swiss Mutual Fund.  It appears to be an
entirely fictitious company, with little more than a website behind
it.  It doesn't exist.  Everything I've seen suggests that it is a

Swiss Mutual's website claims that it is a $9 billion company, that
has been in business for many decades.  An enterprise this size would
have a very hard time staying under the radar, yet Swiss Mutual
Fund/SwissCash does not appear in any listing of legitimate businesses
or funds.

And there are other signs of problems.

Let's begin with their website.  According to their whois record:

the site was first created in 2005:

"Domain Registration Date: Thu Jun 16 11:40:59 GMT 2005 "

This is always a sign for caution.   Why would a company that has been
in business for decades just be getting around to registering its
website little more than a year ago?

The sister company,, is a few years older, having
come into existence in 2002:
Creation date: 01 Sep 2002 10:21:34 

so they have a verifiable history at least four years (not decades!) old.


The "company" says that it is headquartered in Dominica.  Yet, there
is no listing for any company by that name in the Dominica phone book:

nor is their any listing for the alleged head of Swiss Mutual Fund,
Michael Mansfield.

Swiss Mutual Fund's site says they are licensed in Dominica by "The
Central Bank of Dominica" and the "Securities Commission of Dominica":


Licenses & Regulators
Swiss Mutual Fund is fully licensed by the Government of Dominica. The
Dominican has established a comprehensive regulatory framework that
includes five regulators and supervisors. The Central Bank of Dominica
and the Securities Commission of Dominica ensure adherence to
international standards of performance, service and confidentiality
for Banks and Trust, Securities Broker Dealers, and Securities
Investment Advisors.


Yet, there are no government phone listings in Dominica for agencies
with either of these names, or anything even close:

As a matter of fact, Dominica does not have its own central bank, but
uses the services of a Regional Bank:
...The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank was established in October 1983.
It is the Monetary Authority for a group of eight island economies
namely - Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica,
Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and
the Grenadines.

Swiss Mutual Fund/SwissCash is not listed at a recognized fund in any
mutual fund directory that I checked, such as the Yahoo International
Funds directory:

nor are the company names registered to do business in New York State,
even though they provide a New York address:
Department of State
Division of Corporations
Search Our Corporation and Business Entity Database

and, if you need more convincing, nor are they listed in the Dun and
Bradstreet directory of more than 25 million global businesses:

And believe me, D&B isn't likely to miss a $9 billion company.  

By the way, I called SwissCash's NYC phone number and no one answered,
nor did a machine pick up.  Apparently, some people have actually had
their calls answered, but never in a professional way that indicates
there is a real business at the other end:

One last notable absence.  The US Securities and Exchange Commission
has the reports of hundreds of thousands of companies on file from
around the world, and electronically searchable.  Swiss Mutual Fund
claims to have been a multi-billion dollar fund servicing the
corporate world, yet not one of the companies in the SEC database
makes mention of either Swiss Mutual Fund or SwissCash:

Recently, the government of Malaysia issued a warning on SwissCash:
Malaysians Advised Not To Invest In Swiss Mutual Fund      

And as the above article points out, the Swiss Mutual Fund has
absolutely nothing whatever to do with Switzerland.

I hope this is ample enough evidence to convince you that there is no
such thing as the Swiss Mutual Fund or SwissCash.

However, if you need any additional information, don't hesitate to
ask...Just post a Request for Clarification, and I'm at your service.



search strategy -- searched Google and a variety of specialty
databases for [ "swiss mutual fund" OR swisscash ]

Request for Answer Clarification by tekguy-ga on 09 Nov 2006 09:12 PST
Really good response, and I appreciate it very much.

One last issue...they bank with Barclay's, so that implies that
Barclays has checked them out to some degree, and must monitor the
deluge of funds coming in to their account...
Their details are:

Beneficiary Name
SMF International Limited

Beneficiary Account No.

Beneficiary Bank
Barclays Bank PLC

Beneficiary Bank Address
13 Library Place, St. Helier, JE4 8NE, Jersey

Bank Branch Sort Code


GB59 BARC 2045 0964 0383 88 (For European Wire Transfer ONLY)

Beneficiary Address
Union Square Building, Elizabeth Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas.

Currency: United States Dollar - USD

Can you look into this, and see if there this SMF International is
perhaps legit in some way?

Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 09 Nov 2006 09:46 PST

Thanks for the feedback.  I checked out SMF International Limited and
it appears to be the same story as for SwissCash and Swiss Mutual
Fund...there just ain't no such critter.

The fact that they list their operations as being in the Bahamas:

Beneficiary Address
Union Square Building, Elizabeth Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas

is interesting.  What happened to Dominica, I wonder?

Anyway, no Bahamas phone book listing, nothing in Dun & Bradstreet, or
in fund reports, etc.  No sign that it's a real company.

Hope that helps.


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 09 Nov 2006 09:48 PST
P.S.  I forget to mention in my original answer that I also checked
newspaper databases, both for US as well as Caribbean and other
international news sources.  Nothing showed up, except for the
Malaysia warning notice.  I would think that a multi-billion dollar
fund promising -- and delivering -- 300% returns or more would have
come to the attention of the press...don't you?
tekguy-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
good work

Subject: Re: details wanted on SwissCash / Swiss Mutual Fund 1948
From: cynthia-ga on 06 Nov 2006 21:13 PST
This pretty much sums it up:

614 more hits here:

"Swiss Mutual Fund " scam
Subject: Re: details wanted on SwissCash / Swiss Mutual Fund 1948
From: amirwaffi-ga on 15 Nov 2006 06:46 PST
swiss mutul fund said,

Dominica is recognized worldwide as a first-class financial services
centre, having established one of the world's first financial services
sectors in the 1930s.

but you can see dominica became the independent nation at logical fact?
please read at

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