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Q: title of this vampire/horror/erotica story? ( No Answer,   1 Comment )
Subject: title of this vampire/horror/erotica story?
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Books and Literature
Asked by: pahgo-ga
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Posted: 06 Nov 2006 22:25 PST
Expires: 06 Dec 2006 22:25 PST
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I?m trying to find out the title of a short story I read, as well as
the book where it can be found. I?m *very* hazy on exact details, but
I?ll tell the parts I CAN (mostly) remember. It was (I think) in a
collection of vampire(?)/horror/erotica stories, something along the
lines of ?Love in Vein? or ?I Shudder at Your Touch?. I read it maybe
4-5 years or so ago, but it was likely published way before then. I
seem to remember that the story was titled something like ?PO Box 666?
or ?Box 666?; something with a PO Box, I believe (but unsure).

In the story, a man meets a gorgeous woman. It may have been in a bar,
or an airport bar, where he was waiting for a plane. Not sure about
the airport part, specifically, but I do think he was in a bar. May
have even been a hotel bar. Anyway, she came in, looking all
delectable. They got to talking, drinking, & went & got a room
somewhere. MUCH was made of the fact of how GORGEOUS she was, how
classy, how it was so great this was happening to HIM, etc. He may
have originally thought she was a hooker, but she wasn?t; she was just
attracted to him & wanted him.

They did all sorts of sex stuff, which somehow involved the transfer
of blood. This is how (I think) it fit in with the vampire theme. I
don?t think she WAS a vampire, specifically, but she liked to play
with razors or knives, maybe. He was very hesitant to go along with
all this sort of stuff, but she convinced him (seeing as how she was
so sexy & fine & all, & he?d do anything to please her for this
once-in-a-lifetime experience, etc.). Anyhow, they had a long, wild,
sweaty night (or maybe it was just hours?) of passionate sex, where
this woman rocked his world. Over & over. He went along with all the
blood play & what-not; she also convinced him not to use a condom.

It was all good until the very end. She was getting dressed & getting
ready to leave, & they were talking. She calmly informed him that she
was hired by his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend or ex-lover (or
ex-somebody!) to seduce him. Apparently, he had dogged the ex out
really bad & she wanted revenge in the worst kind of way - like,
death! So, the ex put out ads in flyers, etc., looking for a really
gorgeous woman with so much sex appeal & sensuality that she could
seduce this guy & have him do, literally, anything. The kicker was:
the ex specifically wanted a gorgeous woman with AIDS! And the end of
the story was just this overwhelming feeling of dread as this woman
-this hot, sexy, classy-looking, gorgeous woman who looks like a
million bucks- nonchalantly reminded him that they just had
unprotected sex several times, plus did blood play. (Seems like there
was one other thing, as well, that they did which was ?high risk?. Cuz
I remember her saying something like, ?I was told to do as many
high-risk things with you as possible to make SURE you became
infected.?) And that now he?s gonna die - compliments of his
ex-whoever. And she put on her lipstick & her sexy, little dress &
high heels & left.

I seem to remember the ?po box? part fitting in because the ex wanted
the women to write to her at this po box to apply for the job. But
that part wasn?t mentioned until the very end of the story, so while
reading the story, I was wondering (& had to then go back & check) why
the story was even titled ?PO Box 666? or whatever it was. Also, I?m
not SURE it was in a vampire anthology, but I think it was, because I
seem to remember some little blurb about how ?not all the stories in
this collection are stereotypical vampire stories.?  But I?m fairly
certain it was in some kind of horror/erotica anthology, cuz the sex
stuff wasn?t ?glossed over.?

Anyway, that?s what I remember, tho, like I said it?s hazy; and heck,
I may even be mixing parts of other, separate stories into this main
one!  But tidbits of this chilling little story have remained in my
brain, and I haven?t been able to find it on any of my web searches. 
So, I?m hoping someone can help me find it again. I?d be SO grateful!

There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: title of this vampire/horror/erotica story?
From: phil_m99-ga on 10 Nov 2006 12:52 PST
I'm going to guess you're referring to one of two collections of short
stories by goth/smut author Poppy z Brite.

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