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Q: What companies provide emergency management services. ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: What companies provide emergency management services.
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: jdlquestion-ga
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Posted: 10 Nov 2006 12:17 PST
Expires: 10 Dec 2006 12:17 PST
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I would like  a list of  companies that provide services to local and 
state municipalities after hurricanes or other natural disasters.  
Such services might be debris management and/or they might 
help local and state municipalities apply for funds from FEMA and State
Agencies. The services they offer are both actual and technical and
can cover a broad range. 

Their SIC codes might be 8711, 8741 or  8742. They might also have
NAICS codes such as 541330, 541611 or 541612. A single company might
provide services that fall under all of theses codes and more.

Examples of companies that provide one or more of these services are
PBS&J, Global Options and Malcolm Pirnie. They are engineering firms.
Look at them in order to understand the type of company I am
interested in.

I would like list of these companies (small, large, public and private)
in the US and possibly Europe and their web sties or contact
information. But US companies are my primary interest.

Request for Question Clarification by keystroke-ga on 10 Nov 2006 19:31 PST
Hello jdlquestion,

How many companies would you like on this list?


Clarification of Question by jdlquestion-ga on 10 Nov 2006 22:08 PST
I already have 10 but would like to see another 10 or 15.  If you can
really research and find even more than another ten (Europe included)
then I will add a "tip" that is equal to the list price. This has been
hard to price bit I would really like to find as many as you can. This
can include some companies that you think "should" be interested in
entering this field because they have shown they are expanding into
different markets and disciplines. Does this help?
Subject: Re: What companies provide emergency management services.
Answered By: keystroke-ga on 11 Nov 2006 09:43 PST
Hello jdlquestion,

Thank you for your question!

Your clarifications did help me to know a bit more what you wanted.  I
included a number of "full service" disaster management response
companies and some that are much more specialized, such as providing
helicopters to fight forest fires.  I believe that I have covered most
bases, though, as far as emergency management goes! If I'm incorrect
and I have not, just let me know with a clarification and I'll get
back to you as soon as possible.


Kenyon International Emergency Services

"Kenyon International Emergency Services teams have responded to the
world?s largest disasters including World Trade Center 2001, Tsunami
2004, Katrina 2005 and hundreds of air crashes since 1929. We are the
world?s most experienced and comprehensive Disaster Management
company, ready to help organizations respond to crises anywhere,
anytime. We coordinate emergency services connected with accidents,
terrorist attacks and natural phenomena."


DavisLogic Inc.

BMS Catastrophe
(Warning: unfortunately, their site is exceedingly slow to load in
browsers other than Internet Explorer.  It also has a very long and
dramatic flash intro that you will probably want to skip.)
BMS Cat supplies disaster recovery to businesses around the world
after fires, floods, hurricanes and other natural phenomena.  They are
headquartered in Texas and serve the entire United States, in addition
to other countries.

"A fire, hurricane, tornado or flood does not have to be a total
disaster. Facilities, electronics, telecommunications, industrial
machinery, documents, carpets and furniture most often are restorable
to their pre-loss condition. Our disaster recovery and restoration
techniques help turn would be losses back into assets."

Blackman-Mooring Steamatic Catastrophe, Inc. (BMS-CAT)
Brent Lee, Regional Director (Southeast Region)
450 Cemetery Street, Suite 201
Norcross, GA 30071
800-433-2940; (228) 806-9550 (mobile)
Disaster recovery services, odor removal, vacuum freeze-drying.
BMS-CAT provides extensive recovery and restoration services and is
able to handle almost any size emergency. Recovery services include
paper-based materials as well as electronic equipment and magnetic
media. Book and document collections are vacuum freeze dried for
approximately $40 per cubic ft. based on a 500 cubic foot load.
Portable blast freezer is available.

Northeast Document Conservation Center
100 Brickstone Square
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 470-1010 (24 hrs.)
Basic advice and references in the event of an emergency. Staff
conservators are also available for expert consultation. The field
rate for conservation is $530/day. There is no charge in case of dire


(SOLINET) Southeastern Library Network
1438 W. Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30309
Services include referrals to conservators, specialized consultants,
and other service providers; also disaster recovery advice after an


American Freeze-Dry, Inc.
411 White Horse Pike
Audubon, NJ 08106
(856) 546-0777; 1-800-817-1007
Able to vacuum freeze-dry 50 cubic feet at a cost of $55-60 per cubic
foot. Can also make arrangements for larger quantities with McDonnell
Douglas (thermal vacuum drying) or a Canadian company with a
500-cubic-foot vacuum freeze-dry chamber.


Belfor USA
2300 Fourth Street
Atlanta, GA 30084
Disaster recovery, dehumidification, mold removal, magnetic media
recovery, vacuum freeze-drying.
"As pioneers in the field of decontamination and recovery of technical
equipment, BELFOR remains the leader in the recovery of contaminated
and damaged equipment of all types, including equipment from the
semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries."

Tulane University Magazine

"A recovery team of Tulane facilities administrators, accompanied by
experts from Belfor Recovery Services -- hired by Tulane to handle the
recovery work -- went room-to-room, assessing damage and prioritizing
demolition, mold remediation and reconstruction. Belfor, an
international disaster mitigation company, came highly recommended by
the University of Miami, where they were wrapping up repairs from a
Category 1 hurricane that hit earlier in the season. Belfor had also
worked with Tulane after less-serious flooding in May 1995."

2425 Blue Smoke Court South
Fort Worth, TX 76105
800-856-3333 (24-hr. hotline); (817) 535-6793
Vacuum freeze-drying, disaster recovery of computer media, microfiche
and microfilm, books, business records. Vacuum freeze-dry chamber has
an 800-cubic-ft. capacity; the rate for freeze-drying varies but is
generally about $60 per cubic foot. Also has a thermal freeze-drying
process that employs heat and a cold trap. During the drying operation
materials cycle from ?40 to 60 .


Munters Corporation?Moisture Control Services
6900 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 1
Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 242-0935; 1-800-Munters (1-800-686-8377)
Disaster recovery services, building dehumidification, drying
services, microfilm drying services. Will dry to customer?s
specifications or will recommend an appropriate method. Choices
include: vacuum freeze-drying, in-situ drying through
dehumidification, or stabilization by freezing materials to be dried
at a later time. The vacuum freeze-dryer has a 100-cubic-foot
capacity, and cost is approximately $50 per cubic foot with a
reduction for quantities greater than 500 cubic feet.


Solex Environmental Systems
PO Box 460242
Houston, TX 77056
1-800-848-0484 (24 hr. hotline); (713) 963-8600
Vacuum freeze-drying, portable freezing chambers, environmental
control systems, decontamination.

Document Reprocessors
5611 Water St.
Middlesex, NY 14507
(585) 554-4500; 1-800-437-9464 (24 hr. hotline)


Data Recovery and Reconstruction (Data R&R)
PO Box 35993
Tucson, AZ 85740
(520) 742-5724
A charge of $75 per drive is required for decontamination of fire- or
water-damaged drives. No charge for preliminary diagnostics.


Excalibur Data Recovery, Inc.
Valley Office Park
13 Branch Street, Suite 207B
Methuen, MA 01844
1-800-466-0893 (24 hr. hotline); (978) 681-1200
Fax: (978) 681-1203
Data recovery from losses caused by many types of disasters. They have
experience working with many types of media and more than twenty
operating systems.


6 Sullivan Street
Westwood, NJ 07675
(201) 666-7880; 1-866-D8A-RESQ (1-866-382-7377)
Offers evaluations based on a flat rate of $75 per drive and includes
all diagnostic services related to determination of recovery


On Track Data Recovery
11411 Isaac Newton Square

Reston, VA 20190



Smolian Sound Studios
1 Wormans Mill Court
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 694-5134
Well known for offering all types of audiotape restoration. Also works
with acetate and shellac discs.


PO Box 195
Lodi, NJ 07644
1-800-852-7732; (201) 440-6589
Magnetic media restoration and reformatting.



Eastman Kodak Company
Disaster Recovery Laboratory
1700 Dewey Avenue
B-65, Door G, Room 340
Rochester, NY 14650
800-EKC-TEST (352-8378)
Reprocesses original camera films (only Kodak brand) free of charge.
There is no limit on the number of rolls. Films should be packaged
according to Kodak's instructions that are given when Kodak is


Fuji Microfilm
Atlanta, GA 957-3854
Microfilm recovery (Fuji film only).


New England Micrographics
750 E. Industrial Park Drive
Manchester, NH 03109
1-800-340-1171; (603) 625-1171
Reprocesses any amount of water-damaged microfilm, and also provides
off-site storage for microfilm and computer media. Cost is based on
the size and nature of the request. Works with Fuji film and also
Ilford color film.


Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts
264 South 23rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(315) 545-0613
Provides advice about recovery of various types of collections. A
photograph conservator is on staff to advise on recovery and treatment
options for photographic collections.


Strohl Systems--
disaster recovery software and disaster consulting


911 Security
extra security for emergencies


ACSI, Inc.
Advanced Containment Systems, Inc.

provides emergency containment systems for workers and equipment

Advanced Containment Systems, Inc.
8720 Lambright Road
Houston, TX 77075


Western Forest Fire Services Association

List of vendors:


OK's Cascade Company

disaster response, personnel base camps, equipment rental, mobile
showers, laundry and kitchens


Nuway Emergency Food Catering Service


135 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 543-3202
Fax: (406) 542-1822


P.O.Box 136
136 Main Street
Kevin, MT 59454-0136
Phone: (800) 337-2151
Fax: (406) 337-4151
Contact: Ray Christiaens


21885 Highway 299 E.
Bella Vista, CA 96008
Phone: (530) 549-5522
Fax: (530) 549-5521


P.O. BOX 1563
Rapid City, SD 57709
Phone: (406) 656-9616
Fax: (406) 656-9616


116 W Kanab Creek Drive
Kanab, UT 84741
Phone: (435) 644-2488
Fax: (435) 644-8148

Houston's Trail's End
"The Houstons have fed forest firefighters all over the west. They are
capable of setting up a restaurant anywhere. Their operations have
taken them to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming,
Montana, Idaho, and California to serve others. Since the beginning,
Houston's has prepared and served over three million meals at remote
sites all over the west. This certainly proves that they know how to
take care of people. It's their business, and they take great pride in
personal service and providing hospitality second to none."


24 E. Flores
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: (520) 792-3145
Fax: (520) 792-3058
Contact: GARY SNEVA 


732 NW Maple Ave.
PO BOX 818
Redmond, OR 97756
Phone: (503) 947-3394


El Dorado Water and Shower


Henderson Aviation


San Joaquin Helicopters


After Disaster

cleanup services


The O'Brien Group
complete disaster services

"The calm during a storm.  We are The O'BRIEN'S Group, the response
management experts who bring the people, resources, and experience you
need when disaster strikes. We provide a broad portfolio of emergency
management, response, homeland security and vessel services."



"DRC Services

    * Debris Management
    * Hazardous Waste Response, Remediation, and Disposal
    * Construction Management
    * Project Management
    * Demolition Management
    * Marine, Bridge, Road, and Civil Construction
    * Landfill Management
    * Manpower
    * Equipment Leasing
    * International Work Camps
    * Real Estate Management"


Command Post Communications


Worldwide Drying

"World Wide Drying is a Massachusetts based company dedicated to
disaster recovery response and business continuation, following
catastrophic water damage. Whether you're a senior executive
responsible for a contingency plan, a facilities manager with years of
disaster recovery experience or an insurance representative, World
Wide Drying must be your vendor of choice."



"For 37 years Crowder-Gulf has been providing recovery services to
help communities and local governments deal with some of the worst
natural disasters to hit the U.S. Crowder-Gulf has the strong
financial backing, personnel, equipment resources to provide the most
efficient management of disaster response services."



"The Emergency Management Services Division offers local governments
and businesses comprehensive emergency management planning,
mitigation, training, exercise and regulator compliance services. CGA
is an innovative consulting firm with an extensive history of
providing contractual government services for cities throughout South
Florida. Our longstanding municipal partnerships and government
experience enables CGA to offer a comprehensive package of contracting
services to local governments of which public safety is a vital
component. Our experienced emergency managers, planners, public
administrators, engineers, public utility specialists, and information
technology staff can pool their talents to comprehensively address the
full-range of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery needs of
your organization."


State of Alabama Records Disaster Recovery Vendors

State of South Carolina Disaster Recovery Archive

Yahoo Directory--
Business Disaster Recovery Services

Yahoo Directory--
B2B Emergency Services

Atlantis Vendors

Yahoo B2B Directory-- Emergency Services

FEMA Authorized Vendors

Search terms:
belfor recovery services
kenyon international emergency 
houston's trail's end, inc
cattlemen's meat co
blaggs food service
eldorado water and shower
command post communications
henderson aviation
san joaquin helicopters
debris management disaster

If you need any additional clarification, let me know and I'll be glad to help.


Request for Answer Clarification by jdlquestion-ga on 11 Nov 2006 18:11 PST
Hi keystroke,

Thank you very much for the information.  I just looked at  it
quickly. At first glance I think there are only 6 companies that match
the criteria which is more "full service."  Rather than say what
didn't seem to fit, here are the SIX that did: BMSCAT; KENYON;

These along with the ones I mentioned in my question offer a good profile. 

The smaller companies that offer specialized services such as computer
data recovery or rebuilding a house are outside of what I need
although I appreciate your thinking. The exception to this is if they
only offer debris removal then they would be of interest.

Also I am very interested in those 'emergency management" companies
that work with FEMA or the States such as Florida, the Carolinas,
Texas, Lousianna, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virgina or Georgia.
Florida is of intense interest. Also, these companies can work with
the counties and local municipalities since they all have the need and
authority to contract with emergency management consulting and
engineering groups.

Can you take another go at this. We are getting closer.


Request for Answer Clarification by jdlquestion-ga on 12 Nov 2006 20:39 PST

Hi. I am just wondering if you are going to continue working on this.
I definitely need some more info more in line with my last
clarification. Please let me know your intention.


Request for Answer Clarification by jdlquestion-ga on 13 Nov 2006 19:13 PST
Hi Keystroke,

Are we still in communication? The question still needs more
clairification.  If I don't hear from you by Tuesday I am going to
repost the question or ask Google for a refund. Where are you?

Clarification of Answer by keystroke-ga on 13 Nov 2006 21:40 PST
Hello jdlquestion,

I'm sorry about the delay in responding.

The email system is not working right now, so a Researcher has to go
back through all of his or her answered questions to find
clarifications manually.  Sometimes there can be a bit of a delay :)

I will try to find some more companies that fit your criteria ASAP and
get back to you.


Clarification of Answer by keystroke-ga on 13 Nov 2006 23:55 PST
Hello jdlquestion,

Thanks for asking for clarification and letting me give it another go.

Since you're very eager for information, I'm going ahead and
publishing what I have found on the subject tonight.  This is all I
can do for tonight as it's getting late and frankly past my bedtime. 
Just to let you know, this is in off-the-cuff, rough draft-type form
because I'm posting before I've done my complete research. I will
delve into the topic a bit more tomorrow as needed.


I believe that Belfor also provides full service disaster recovery services--

Here's their description anyway:

"Structural dehumidification, mold remediation, fire restoration,
structural cleaning and decontamination, contents restoration,
electronics and machinery restoration, book and document reclamation,
magnetic media recovery, and reconstruction services"

National Headquarters
2425 Blue Smoke Court South
Fort Worth, TX 76105

Phone: (800) 856-3333 (24 Hour Hotline)
Fax: (817) 536-1167 

Here are some additional companies that I found.  Let me know how
these work for you.

If you don't mind, could you also clarify what you mean for me by
"emergency management" companies in regards to the individual states
you mentioned?  Do you refer to companies like BMS Cat (which actually
try to manage emergencies) and these same types of companies or to
consulting companies that do clerical-type work for the counties to
help them get federal money for projects (but do none of the actual
projects themselves)?  I'm not entirely clear on what exactly you're
wishing for with that, so it'd be great if you could give me a bit
more info.


National Catastrophe Restoration, Inc.


Woods Restoration Services

from: (Katzman & Korr

  "Woods Restoration Services, Inc.
Quote From Site: Woods Restoration Services, LLC., is a full-service
disaster restoration company with extensive experience in large-scale,
complex fire, flood, and weather-related damage restorations. Founded
in 1990 by Phillip, Martin, and Tim Woods, the company has become one
of the largest and fastest growing restoration companies in the
country. Headquartered in Newington, CT, Woods Restoration Services
operates seven full- service regional field offices in Connecticut,
New York, New Jersey, South Carolina and Florida, and maintains a
nationwide disaster recovery consulting function."


ARS Services


CAT Global Inc.
Glenn Ray
11125 Darryl Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
225-275-0700;  Fax 225-275-7030;
Water, Fire, Smoke, Mold, Documents, Bio-hazards - you name it - we
handle it. With over 30 years industry experience and one of the
largest fleets of equipment, CAT Global is your best source for
restoration services. Toll Free 866-417-0701


Bechtel Engineering

Bechtel is assisting FEMA with the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.


CH2M Hill

Government Clients--

"CH2M HILL's more than 18,000 employee-owners help municipal,
regional, state, and federal clients develop and manage infrastructure
and facilities that improve efficiency, safety, and quality of life
wherever we work and live... We have helped the U.S. Departments of
Energy and Defense clean up nuclear and hazardous waste, and build and
realign military bases locally and abroad... And, in the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina, CH2M HILL is providing temporary housing in all
four of the affected states, and classrooms and municipal buildings in



"Dewberry Opens New Orleans Office

In addition to supporting the firm?s emergency management contracts,
the New Orleans office plans to provide full-service architecture,
engineering, planning, and program management to assist the region?s
rebuilding efforts."

Emergency Management
  City of Houston, Texas
  Federal Emergency Management Agency
  Solid Waste Authority, Palm Beach County, Florida
  Sussex and Kent Counties, Delaware

Dewberry has a long list of county and local clients on the Profile
page of their website.



Government clients:

One of FEMA's contractors for Hurricane Katrina--

"As one of the world?s largest engineering procurement, construction
and maintenance service organizations, they procure a large volume of
industrial goods and services."



Contracts with the Navy after disasters such as hurricanes


Shaw Group

"Contracted by the Army Corps of Engineers for construction and
related services, including pumping of floodwater from the city of New
Orleans, and by FEMA to provide support services, including housing
assistance for displaced residents."


North American Catastrophe Services, Inc.

Taxpayer Blog

"North American Catastrophe Services, Inc., (NACS) builds mobile
command centers, or remotely deployed emergency operations vehicles.
The company has done work for numerous local, state, and federal
agencies, and is classified as a small business."

[editorial note: since this company got $60 million in contracts from
FEMA for Hurricane Katrina, I don't think it meets many people's
definition of a "small business".]


Alltech engineering firm

Taxpayer Blog


Michael J. Baker Inc.

Taxpayer Blog


URS Group Inc.

"URS is the largest global engineering design firm and a leading U.S.
federal government contractor providing a comprehensive range of
professional planning, design, systems engineering and technical
assistance, program and construction management, and operations and
maintenance services."


Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR)

 Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) is a 100 year old global engineering,
technology, and construction services company working in the
hydrocarbon and chemical industries and employing 60,000 people. It is
also the engineering and construction arm of the oil services giant
Halliburton. The firm is split in two divisions: Government and
Infrastructure, which accounts for about three-fourths of sales, and
Energy & Chemicals. KBR has a 60 year history of working for the
military and governments around the world on a plethora of projects.
KBR's recent work in Iraq has been the focus of scrutiny and
investigations, landing two of its employees in prison.
Source: KBR Website and


Sterling Construction


TJC Engineering, Inc., Louisville, KY


Whitesell-Green Inc.

"Our experience in public/private construction and design-build
contracting has positioned us to respond immediately and
professionally to the needs of any project in Florida, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee."


WG Yates



Ashbritt Inc.

"Therefore, we organized our company into four divisions: Disaster
Recovery Services, Solid Waste Services, Engineering Services, and
Special Environmental Services. These divisions are complimentary of
each other and assist the parent organization in delivering fully
integrated solutions to clients at the Federal, State, and Local
government level, and a select list of private organizations."


Ceres Environmental

"Ceres is able to provide all necessary personnel and resources for
disaster debris removal, debris site management, and
collection/generation of FEMA required project documentation. Our
documentation personnel will maintain a presence at your offices in
order to work closely with your staff to identify and secure all
eligible FEMA reimbursements.

We have offices and equipment at our locations in:

    * Bonifay, Florida
    * Houston, Texas
    * Minneapolis, Minnesota"



"ECC delivers engineering, construction, and environmental solutions
to complex challenges facing Government and commercial organizations


James Construction Group

"JCG provides its services to a wide range of private and public
clients throughout the United States. With revenues exceeding $150
million and an employee base of over 1,100, JCG is known as one of the
largest general contractors in the Gulf Coast region."




Phillips and Jordan

(debris removal)


Here are some emergency management companies that specifically work
with FEMA in the states you mentioned:

First Restoration Services (FRS)--
based in North Carolina

Catastrophe Division:

FEMA Involvement:


Google Directory-- Restoration

Taxpayers for Common Sense

Search terms:
complete disaster restoration services
restoration companies fema
First Restoration Services (FRS)
bechtel counties florida

If you need any additional clarification, let me know and I'll be glad
to assist you.


Request for Answer Clarification by jdlquestion-ga on 14 Nov 2006 21:34 PST
Hi Keystroke,

Thanks. I will take a look at what you have provided. Also tomorrow I
will asnwer you question regarding what I mean by "emergency

Request for Answer Clarification by jdlquestion-ga on 17 Nov 2006 12:28 PST

I have been extremely busy and am just now getting to look at your
research. Hopefully this is enough and hits the mark. If not I will
get back to you and if it works, I will rate this.

There are no comments at this time.

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