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Q: Your final stats ( No Answer,   31 Comments )
Subject: Your final stats
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: hailstorm-ga
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Posted: 29 Nov 2006 05:14 PST
Expires: 29 Dec 2006 05:14 PST
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Hi fellow GARs.

Out of curiousity, what is your final (or almost final) stats for Google Answers?

Mine are something like this:

Questions Answered: 91
Answers Rejected: 1
Answers Pulled: 2
Average Rating: 4.59
Total Earnings: between $100 and $1,000
Overall Experience: priceless

Anyone else want tp share?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: pinkfreud-ga on 30 Nov 2006 11:47 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.91 
Questions Answered: 2357 
Number of Refunds: 13
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: scriptor-ga on 30 Nov 2006 11:48 PST
I am rather proud of my final stats...

Average Answer Rating: 4.77 stars
Questions Answered: 1580
Number of Refunds: 12

Plus a life-changing experience that can't be expressed in numbers.

Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: boquinha-ga on 30 Nov 2006 14:50 PST
Honest and true, more than all that . . . 

My dear researcher friends--you guys are wonderful. I'm honored to be among you.

The joy of learning.

Warm Regards,
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: boquinha-ga on 30 Nov 2006 15:12 PST
To illustrate, though I've answered under 200 questions on GA, I'm an
admin on one of our behind-the-scenes researcher forums. Here are some

Group: Admin Team
Posts: 5624
Member No.: 5
Joined: 30-December 03

There was another forum before that. Sadly it's no longer accessible.
I was pretty active there, too (not sure of numbers).

As much as I love GA (I've been a researcher from the get go), I've
been even more involved behind-the-scenes with my good colleagues and
friends. And I've learned A TON. I count my experience with GA as one
of great growth for me. My friends and colleagues, together with this
service, have taught me so much. We enjoy wonderful friendships
through our association here.

Thanks for the memories . . . :)
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: tlspiegel-ga on 30 Nov 2006 15:20 PST
Questions Answered:  829
Number of Refunds: 3
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: richard-ga on 30 Nov 2006 16:09 PST
Questions Answered: 377 
Number of Refunds: 4 
Average Answer Rating:  4.61
Overall experience:  
   I answered about 2 questions per week, making Google Answers a
pleasant hobby that paid not much.
   But Google Answers introduced me to our community of researchers,
and that's the big story.  Thanks to first Glenn and then Missy giving
us a place to know each other off-stage (long before Google made a
half-hearted effort to set up a Google group for us), I've had the
pleasure of knowing dozens of fascinating, smart, often eccentric (hi
Digs!) researchers from all parts of the world.  Regular commenters
and lurkers have an idea of what a unique group that is, but it's been
a far richer experience on the inside.
   So thank you Google for putting us together; if only you'd
allocated the resources to promote us and help us grow.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: cynthia-ga on 30 Nov 2006 16:23 PST
Researcher Ratings for cynthia-ga 
Average Answer Rating: 4.64
Questions Answered: 415 
Number of Refunds: 2
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: mvguy-ga on 30 Nov 2006 17:38 PST
227 answers, 4.70 average rating, 2 refunds. I'm not dissatisfied with that at all.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: wonko-ga on 30 Nov 2006 18:13 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.47 stars
Questions Answered: 686 
Number of Refunds: 4

Hopefully someone will resurrect the service in some form.  There is
clearly a need for it, and Researchers with the necessary skills have
already been found.

Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: justaskscott-ga on 30 Nov 2006 18:34 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.61 (including some interesting 1 stars)
Questions Answered: 1129 
Number of Refunds: 4
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: mother911-ga on 30 Nov 2006 18:47 PST the slacker

54 Answers
4.56 Rating
0 Refunds
3 Removed by my request

The nice part is all the wonderful fun people i've met here, in the
different GAR forums and of course in the Google provided newsgroup.
I've meet people from all over the world, share special moments with
them and have had the wonderful (and yet somewhat strange) friendships
with people who I have never met face to face.

The best part is I am basically the favorite GAR* among all the GARs.

*Of all GARs with beards, from NY with less then 55 answers and more then 53.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: boquinha-ga on 30 Nov 2006 20:43 PST
All right. I've checked.

Average Answer Rating: 4.82 stars
Questions Answered: 180
Number of Refunds: 0

I'm okay with that.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: rainbow-ga on 30 Nov 2006 22:08 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.79 
Questions Answered: 1290 
Number of Refunds: 1
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: rainbow-ga on 30 Nov 2006 22:11 PST
Oh, and the only Researcher in the Middle East. :-)
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: answerfinder-ga on 01 Dec 2006 00:21 PST
Average 4.73
Questions Answered: 862 
Number of Refunds: 2 

Becoming a researcher in 2002 came at a most fortunate time. I had just been 
diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and was finishing my 
former career of 30 years. I would no longer be able to work away from home 
and I needed something that would keep my brain active and challenged. 
Answering questions on Google Answers gave me this chance. Now, although GA 
is going, I am in a far better position to cope with the future.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: denco-ga on 01 Dec 2006 00:36 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.77
Questions Answered: 747
Number of Refunds: 3

I still have a few more to do, so I should be over 750 answered by the last day!
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: politicalguru-ga on 01 Dec 2006 01:58 PST
Average Answer Rating:  4.44 
Questions Answered: 1458 (weird, because if I search like that, I find
Number of Refunds: 6

One of the most enriching experiences in my life. I wish it could go on.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: livioflores-ga on 01 Dec 2006 04:26 PST
Questions Answered: 777
Answers Rejected: 4
Answers Pulled: 3
Average Rating: 4.71

It was a great experience, all of you are great. Long life to OWLS!!!!!
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: tar_heel_v-ga on 01 Dec 2006 06:31 PST
Questions Answered: 489
Avg Rating: 4.54
Refunds: 5
Experienced gained and enjoyment had: Priceless

I came upon GA when I was unemployed and while I got far from rich, it
did subsidize things and was a help.  With the end drawing near, I
decided to add up how much money I had actually made and it was much
more than I had anticipate, especially considering the last check I
had issued was in December of 2004.  After awhile, however, it wasn't
about the money.  It was about helping people.  It was about expanding
my own personal knowledge.  Most importantly, however, it became about
a group of people, scattered all over the world, from wide and varying
backgrounds, all sharing a common bond.  While it may be presumptuous
for me to speak for other GAR's, I think we would all say we are very
proud of our work here at GA and we feel that we made an invaluable

Hate to see it go.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: tutuzdad-ga on 01 Dec 2006 07:27 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.68 
Questions Answered: 1812 
Number of Refunds: 9
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: secret901-ga on 01 Dec 2006 17:18 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.93
Questions Answered: 198
Answers refunded: 0
Questions pulled: 2 (1 when I meant to post a request for
clarification and another was an answer for joel1357-ga, who later
apologized and gave a fat tip)

I started Google Answers at the end of my first year in college.  I
haven't been an active Researcher and wouldn't have reached the 100
threshhold if not for answering the 100-or-so questions in a very
specific field that I seem to have a monopoly in.  I graduated last
year and have been working in a full-time job since then.  The money
earned from Google had allowed me to buy several "luxuries" that I
wouldn't have bought otherwise.  It's been nice knowing you all,
especially you, pinkfreud. I hope something better comes along for all
of us.

Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: sublime1-ga on 01 Dec 2006 23:24 PST
I've been so busy with other things, I almost missed roll call... ; )

Average Answer Rating: 4.70
Questions Answered: 753
Number of Refunds: 3 

About on a par with the illustrious denco and livioflores.

I wonder if we'll get our final hoot rewards for passing 750?... ; )

This has certainly been the most enjoyable and entertaining
long term experience and work situation I've ever had, and
the friendships and relationships I've had (and will continue
to have) with you all are the best I've experienced in all
my work history.

Working from home has been a treasured experience, and felt
like being semi-retired - a welcome follow-up to the tensions
of my last real-life job as a case manager in mental health.

Fortunately, a friend has recently been made CEO of a company
manufacturing some unique electronic products using proprietary
electronics they invented, and he's hiring me in February, so
the timing isn't bad for me, and I'll get to do something for
a company I can respect from the get-go.

Still, if the GARs find other places to continue doing what we
do best, I'll find a way to be involved, if I can.

Y'all are top-notch and treasured companions on my errant path.

Bless you one and all!

Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: aht-ga on 02 Dec 2006 21:22 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.77 
Questions Answered: 364 
Number of Refunds: 1 
Number pulled at my request: 1

I second/third/fourth the experience to remember for a lifetime comments...

Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: gregaw-ga on 05 Dec 2006 12:28 PST
I only actively answered question for a few months this year, but
became a researcher sometime in '04.  I still use the Google blanket
they sent out for Christmas my first year!

Average Answer Rating: 4.64
Questions Answered: 65
No refunds!!!
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: feilong-ga on 18 Dec 2006 03:49 PST
Average Answer Rating: 4.66
Questions Answered: 186
Number of Refunds: 3

I love my work as a GAR. I just became too tied up with my translation
and other freelance jobs that I became less and less active as a GAR
in the past 2 years. I feel lucky that although I wasn't able to
answer that much, my answer regarding the fly and microwave was
mentioned in the "Adieu to Google Answers". I will always remember
that. To all of you my dear GAR friends, to Pink, Scriptor, Missy,
Aceresearcher, Journalist, thank you very much because I also learned
a lot from you.



To Erwin O., I hope we can meet.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: justaskscott-ga on 19 Dec 2006 06:16 PST
Currently 1142, and hopin' for a few more ...

By the way, I said that the 1-stars were "interesting" in part because
I've disagreed with some of them, but in part because I've learned
from them that no matter what I think, "the customer is always right"
(as the old saying goes).  It's the customer's question after all; and
if the customer thinks that the answer was wrong or deserving of just
1 star, I feel I need to learn from that.

I've learned a lot on Google Answers, that's for sure -- whether from
1-star ratings, doing research, or interacting with members of this
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: directrix-ga on 22 Dec 2006 00:42 PST
So weird to see this site go even though I haven't answered anything
in years. I was the biggest slacker by far, although I've always
lurked the site. If it had paid a more reasonable rate I would have
answered questions like crazy. But for me worse than minimum wage just
didn't motivate me enough. Althogh it WAS fun, I just didn't have the
time to do it strictly as a hobby.

Average Answer Rating: 4.86 stars
Questions Answered: 20!
Number of Refunds: 0

Whee! I still use the Google blanket as well.
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: nenna-ga on 22 Dec 2006 11:12 PST
Questions Answered: 539
Number of Refunds: 3
Average Answer Rating: 4.44
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: googlenut-ga on 22 Dec 2006 20:03 PST
Questions answered: 320
3 removed at my request
Average Rating: 4.81 stars
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: keystroke-ga on 28 Dec 2006 21:09 PST
Average Answer Rating:
4.45 stars
Questions Answered:
(might be 350 if I answer one more tomorrow)
Number of Refunds:

Like Gregaw, I just started answering this year, but I don't use the
Google blanket-- my sweet little dog cuddles up with it every night! 
She's under it right now.  Thanks, Google!  You keep a chihuahua warm
and snuggly.

Here are the rest of my answers:
Subject: Re: Your final stats
From: justaskscott-ga on 30 Dec 2006 16:04 PST
There are no more questions to answer.  But that won't keep me from a
comment.  (I suppose two comments are enough already.  But one more,
for old time's sake, couldn't hurt, right?)

Updated total: 1147
Updated rating: 4.62 (perhaps rounded up from 4.61500001) ;-)

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