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Q: website based, database searching software package? ( Answered,   5 Comments )
Subject: website based, database searching software package?
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: nyctechguy-ga
List Price: $75.00
Posted: 29 Nov 2006 15:35 PST
Expires: 29 Dec 2006 15:35 PST
Question ID: 786757

I'm looking for a database search software utility that I can install on a website.

Basically I have around 35,000 records in an excel file that I'll need
to import into a database (sql, or whatever the search software
needs).  There's around 12 different fields per record (first name,
last name, location, employment record, etc).

There needs to be some sort of password protection to the software, so
not everyone on the internet can access this information.  If there's
access level controls that would be great too (i.e. users can read and
add records; admins can read, add and delete records, etc)

The records need to be searchable by specific fields (e.g. only last
name) or by the entire database (search all 12 fields in all records
at once).  If there's a way to select certain fields for a search that
would be great too (i.e. only search employment record and last name,
not first name, etc) but it's not essential.

One last thing (I know I'm asking for alot) is that the software
should have some way to find and remove duplicate entries.  If this is
done manually (search for a specific entry and then delete the extra
results) or automatically (some sort of de-duping utility) as long as
there's a way that would be great.

I'm willing to pay for a commercial software package to accomplish
this task, but if there's a freely available software package that has
all the functionality I'd love to save a couple dollars as well.

Please let me know if I can clarify my needs to help answer this
question.  I need to get this solved pretty quickly (fast turnaround
on a project) so I'm putting a pretty high price on this questions.

Thanks in advance!
Subject: Re: website based, database searching software package?
Answered By: hummer-ga on 21 Dec 2006 18:59 PST
Hi nyctechguy,

WebData includes your first five "must have's" in their feature list.

1) Excel file that I'll need to import into a database (sql, or
whatever the search software needs).
2) Some sort of password protection to the software, so
not everyone on the internet can access this information.  
3) Users can read and add records; 
4) Admins can read, add and delete records
5) The records need to be searchable by specific fields 
6) Some way to find and remove duplicate entries.  

Webdata Classic and Webdata Pro

WebData Features
1) Import Data from any comma or tab delimited text file.
2) Each member has a unique username and password
3) Users may search and/or add data according to admin's configuration.
3) Members can add data to the database, and modify or delete only
items he/she added.
4) Admin can Add, remove, or modify fields.
5) Supports complex "AND" and "OR" searches

WebData Pro

In regards to number six, duplicate entries, it would be best to
eliminate them first in your Excel file prior to uploading.  I know of
several people who are very happy with Duplicate Master.

The Duplicate Master V1.4 - freeware

Here is one happy camper from a previous question I worked on:

Additional Links of Interest:

Online Database Software i-Database 
"Our online database supports the following features:
 * Edit database like an online spreadsheet
 * Copy/paste data directly from Excel to create a new database
 * Upload a 'csv' file from Excel in minutes
 * Allow visitors to query the database to only display records that
match their search criteria
 * Ability to display database in a neatly formatted and presentable
way for visitors to see
 * Intelligent Features
   o Converts large amount of text to textareas so information in cell
can be scrolled
   o Automatically converts URL's to links saying Click here
   o Converts URL's to images into the acutal images. So image would
display in cell instead of the URL
   o Converts search criteria to drop downs and radio buttons if
repeatable data is found for that field
* Allow clients to register and search for their records only. An
example would be mantaining a database of school records . Students
can register with their student id to find all matching information in
the database for them only.
* Allow an adminisitrator to update the database by adding/deleting
records from an extreamly simple and compact web interface
Our database software is very customizable so it is easy for us to
modify it for your needs. The system was coded in a modular format
which allows us to customize chunks of code without affecting the
overall logic and functionality of the system. No two clients use
identical versions of our system! The end result is a highly
customized software at a very affordable price."

BizDB Advance

"Easy as 1-2-3
Never before has the process been so simple. Simply add a database and
give it a name; then add some fields and categories to the database
and you're ready to upload! With a little modification of the HTML
templates your database will be looking just how you want. ezDatabase
comes with customizable multi-level search forms, inserted into your
templates with a single command."

I was glad to find WebData for you, I hope it's just what you are looking for.

Thank you,

Google Search Terms Used: online database software searchable
Subject: Re: website based, database searching software package?
From: dreamboat-ga on 29 Nov 2006 20:02 PST
Since I have been the project manager of developing such databases, I
must say that I don't think you'll find anything *perfect* that is
pre-packaged. However, there could be a PHP Programmer out there who
could develop it for you for a couple hundred bucks. If it were me,
I'd go to something like and pay a song, but be
ready to deal with an offshore consultant. I have found most of them
dying to get my work and quite willing to please, but if you're not
used to taking it slowly and double-checking that they understand
exactly what you want, then it can be difficult. I suppose that's why
I became a project manager--'cause I deal with them very well.
Subject: Re: website based, database searching software package?
From: nyctechguy-ga on 29 Nov 2006 20:23 PST
Yeah, I didn't really expect to find the perfect out of the box solution.  

I guess I should add that I do have some php/html and basic
programming skills.  As long as the core functionality that I'm
looking for is there I can tweak the rest until it works properly.  If
I had the time I could implement it myself from scratch, but I'm far
too busy with other clients (freelance tech support) to sit down and
plow through it.

Thanks for the comment, if you know of anything that's easily
customizable and fits the basic requirements I'd love to get a link
and take a look.
Subject: Re: website based, database searching software package?
From: till-ga on 29 Nov 2006 23:54 PST
Could this be an option for you ?
I´m using this system frequently for online database purposes:
Baseportal Online Database system
( )
You can try the free version to see if it meets you needs.

Subject: Re: website based, database searching software package?
From: nyctechguy-ga on 30 Nov 2006 09:05 PST

Thanks for the tip, but I'm not sure Baseportal's right for me.  Is it
in active development?  The user agreements was dated January 2004.  I
can't find any contact info for the developer and the message board
seems to be all spam.

There's an option to buy the software for installation onto my own
server in the faq:
but the link is dead, and with no company contact info I have no way
of tracking down a working copy.

I did signup for an account and setup a basic database, however I
don't see a way to import my existing records, am I missing something?
 I can't retype 35,000 records into the database.

Do you know of any other software packages?

Thanks again
Subject: Re: website based, database searching software package?
From: till-ga on 04 Dec 2006 07:26 PST
hello nyctechguy-ga,

the software is ready to use and you can import csv files.
there´s some spam on teh message baord, yes. but still you will get
help there in case you got problems and there´s email support from
the latest version of baseportal is just being published, still you
can use version 2 which i´ve got in use.
importing isn´t difficult once you´ve creatd your first test database
see "management" for the import filters.

i´d be happy if you accepted this as an answer.


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