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Q: American literature ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: American literature
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Books and Literature
Asked by: preyslc-ga
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Posted: 28 Oct 2002 14:57 PST
Expires: 27 Nov 2002 14:57 PST
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What novel has a main girl character with the first name Tally?
Subject: Re: American literature
Answered By: rbnn-ga on 28 Oct 2002 15:25 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
An American novel with a major character who is a girl named Tally is:

A Painted House, by John Grisham. (Doubleday, 2001). 

A review from states:
 The hill people namely the Spruills consist of Mr. and Mrs. Spruill,
their sons, Bo and Dale, their teenage daughter Tally,another son Hank
whos a bully and a meanie and a retarded boy named Trot. Luke takes
quite a fancy to Tally who returns his feelings albeit platonically.
Luke is wary and a little afraid of Hank and is witness to Hanks
slaying of one of the towns boys."

( )

Some other possibilities that I rejected:

Simply Divine, by Wendy Holden (Plume 2000). 

From the editorial review at :

"Twentysomething magazine journalist Jane has enough stress--between
breaking up with her boyfriend, falling in love with a man who leaves
the country the next morning, and being generally bemused by her
weight. The last thing Wendy Holden's heroine needs is glamorous
socialite Champagne D'Vyne, who pops effervescently and annoyingly
into her life. "Champagne's combination of stunning beauty and
astounding vacuousness seemed to have struck some kind of chord with
public and media alike. The Lost Chord, a despairing Jane supposed."
Meanwhile, her best friend Tally's crumbling ancestral manse in Lower
Bulge is about to be sold off unless Jane can find a rich knight to
come to the rescue and, while she's at it, nab one for herself. Simply
Divine sparkles with sharp, acerbic wit as the author pierces high
society's extravagant pretensions and leaves the reader choking with

However, that character, though female, is not a girl.

Another non-girl character is in: 

Margaret Maron's Slow Dollar,

"The case is routine, the sort that clogs dockets and causes yawns
from court stenographers. Carnival owner Tally Ames has accused three
local men of destroying one of his rides. "

Alan Titchmarsh's Only Dad has a girl character named Tally, but the
novel takes place in Britain and is not really an American novel

Only Dad by Alan Titchmarsh has a 16-year old character named Tally,
"a lively blonde with her head screwed firmly on to her shoulders"
according to the Country Bookshop at:
. However, I do not think this novel takes place in America, so it may
not qualify as an American novel (Titchmarsh himself was born in

Search Strategy:
tally girl novel
tally girl novel -demme -ted -dragon
(The dashed keywords eliminated references to Ted Tally, a Red Dragon

Clarification of Answer by rbnn-ga on 29 Oct 2002 03:58 PST
I should mention here that, although the question proper only asked
for a novel with a main character that is a girl named Tally, the
subject line was "American literature", so I interpreted the question
to be asking for an American novel with a main character whose name is
Tally (for which A Painted House is an answer).

Request for Answer Clarification by preyslc-ga on 29 Oct 2002 06:45 PST
Thank you for your research and information.  It is not the answer I
expected however.  After doing more research myself, I found Grishams
novel was published in 2001, as best as I can determine.  I read the
book with the girl's name Tally in the early to mid 70's to the best
of my recollection. I should have been more specific.  It also may not
be an american novel either.  For years I thought the name came from
To Kill A Mocking Bird, but that girl characters name is Scout.  It is
from a clssic novel like that, or Catcher In The Rye, Red Badge Of
Courage...etc.  We are considering this name for our baby to be born
next month and would like some background.  Should I repost the
question or will you follow-up?  Thank you very much.  Phil & Andrea

Clarification of Answer by rbnn-ga on 29 Oct 2002 09:33 PST
Thank you for your comments; they are appreciated. Based on the new
information, I have continued to search. I did not find anything
promising, just:

A Dangerous Ride, by K. Tait that was missed in the
first search, but it's published in 2002 .

There seems to be a story called "Merry-go-land" with a girl named
Tally, . I doubt this it

Someone apparently wrote an internet story about the Hanson brothers
(from the band) and Taylor Laurel (?) "known as Tally" .

There may be specialized databases I am missing, or some researcher
might have personal knowledge of such a novel.

So I agree here I am afraid that, you're best bet is probably to
submit another question. The question can be worded in such a way that
you don't have to be pay anything for an answer you don't want,
something like:

"I am seeking the name of a well-known novel or story (like Catcher in
the Rye or the Red Badge of Courage), published before 1971, with a
major character who is a girl with the first name Tally. The novel or
story is probably American, although I am not sure.

An acceptable answer should name such a novel or story. See question
ID 91422 at
for additional information on this question. "

[I took the liberty of adding story to the options, unless you are
sure it is a novel. ]

You won't get charged (or maybe some nominal fee like 50 cents I
believe) if noone answers the question this way.

Another suggestion, in the Subject you might try paraphrasing the
question, like "Novel with girl named Tally" in it.

There are certainly some researchers here who are more expert than I
am at internet searches, but sometimes this type of question is really
tough to find o the internet; certainly. I doubt this question is not
going to succumb to standard internet search tactics, so you might
consider increasing the price for a correct answer to catch people's
attention, given again that you don't have to pay unless someone finds

Good luck. Sometimes questions involving finding a particular quote or
phrase (or character in this case) just don't succumb to internet
searches however.
preyslc-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Excellent and fast answer to a vauge question.

Subject: Re: American literature
From: beesting-ga on 05 Nov 2002 16:16 PST
I read this book too, but I can't think of the title. Funnily enough I
was thinking about it a couple of days before I saw the question. I
got the book from an op shop, so I don't have it anymore. The girl
came from a dysfunctional family, I think the mother had an alcohol
issue, and Tally had a car that played a big part in her life. I think
it was a Corona and I think it was purple. There was also a boy with
whom she was having an on again off again relationship. There was also
another family in the plot, with I think, two girls in it who were
Tally's friends.

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