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Q: one second facts ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: one second facts
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: petslang-ga
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Posted: 30 Oct 2002 12:12 PST
Expires: 29 Nov 2002 12:12 PST
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i am looking for quick facts involving one second of time. for eg: 
Every single second, around 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth.
Every single second, light travels 300,000 km across space.
Every single second, an eighth of an acre of U.S. trees disappear.
These can be completely miscellaneous about any subject but I need them asap.


Clarification of Question by petslang-ga on 30 Oct 2002 12:14 PST
I need at least 50 of these one second facts!!!!1

Clarification of Question by petslang-ga on 30 Oct 2002 12:15 PST
i need 50 of these facts or more.
Subject: Re: one second facts
Answered By: lisaradha-ga on 31 Oct 2002 19:28 PST
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Here are some interesting ones;

"The sun is flinging 1 million tons of matter out into space every
second." From,
University of Michigan; 2002.

" At the heart of the Sun 600 million tonnes of hydrogen are converted
into helium every second." From, 2002.

"Between four and five people are born every second - Two people die
every second" From, Youdraw 
Louis Paschoud.

"The Sun loses up to a billion kilograms every second because of the
solar wind that blasts out from its surface." From,
planet science.

"The sun's energy production each second is enough to supply the
electrical need of the U.S. for 50 million years at the current rate
of consumption. "

"Every three seconds, an area of the South American rain forest the
size of a football field is cut down."

"Every second, a hurricane releases as much energy as the explosion of
a Hiroshima-type atomic bomb."

"Lightning travels 90,000 miles a second — almost half the speed of

"Americans purchase an average of 100 cans of Campbell's Soup every
second of every day in the month of January."

10 and 11.
"In the second it takes to turn the page of a book, you will lose
about 3 million red blood cells. During that same second, your bone
marrow will have produced the same number of new ones."

"At least 100,000 different chemical reactions occur in the normal
human brain every second."

"Every person has nearly 400,000 radioactive atoms disintegrating into
other atoms in his or her body each second."

"Twenty-four frames per second are projected in most animated films."

"No high jumper has ever been able to stay off the ground for more
than one second."

"The ruby-throated hummingbird beats its wings at the incredibly rapid
speed of 50 to 70 times a second. "

"A cheetah can advance 7 to 8 meters in a single stride, and the
animal completes four strides per second."

"Alligators and old people have something in common, at least
auditorily. They can hear notes only up to 4,000 vibrations a second."

"The average minimal speed of birds in order to remain aloft in flight
is reported to be about 16 feet per second."

"The hum of a hummingbird comes from the super-fast beat of the wings.
The smallest ones beat their wings the fastest — up to 80 times per
second. Even the slower beat of bigger hummingbirds (20 times per
second) is so fast you can only see a blur."

"Cats purr at 26 cycles per second, the same as an idling diesel

"One hundred thousand cubic feet of water pours over the Niagara Falls
every second."

23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28.
"A bumble bee flaps its wings 160 beats per second. A dragonfly flaps
its wings 20 to 40 times a second, bees and houseflies 200 times, some
mosquitoes 600 times, and a tiny gnat 1,000 times."

"A fly can react to something it sees and change direction in 30

"Biologists have discovered that cockroaches can change course as many
as 25 times in one second, making them the most nimble animals known."

"The American lobster can move through the water at a rate of up to 25
feet a second."

"The Pacific equatorial countercurrent flows eastward toward South
America, carrying up to 40 million tons of warm water with it every

"The sound of thunder travels about 1,100 feet per second."

"A space vehicle must move at a rate of at least 7 miles per second to
escape Earth's gravitational pull."

"Barnard's star is approaching the Sun at a speed of 87 miles/second."

"Because it is pouring energy out into space so rapidly, the Sun is a
weight equivalent to a million elephants to a million elephants every

"Some neutron stars spin 600 times a second, which is as fast as a
dentist's drill."

"If you attempted to count the stars in a galaxy at a rate of one
every second, it would take around 3,000 years to count them all."

"Traveling at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, light take 6
hours to travel from Pluto to Earth."

"Tiny dust particles surround a comet. They are swept into a long tail
by the solar wind, which consists of subatomic particles speeding from
the sum at speed of hundred of miles per second."

"The sun burns 9 million tons of gas a second. At this rate, it has
been estimated it will burn out in another 10 billion years."

"A man-made fountain opposite the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the
world's highest geyser, at 600 feet. The geyser's is powered by three
800 hp pumps and discharges water at up to 200 feet per second."

"In one second 6,242,000,000,000,000,000 electrons pass any given
point in an electrical current."

5-43 From,
Trivia Web Facts.

"Around 23,000,000,000 tonnes of CO2 are spewed into the Earth’s
atmosphere every year. That’s more than 700 tonnes every second." From, World Wildlife federation.

"If we recited the genome at one letter per second for 24 hours a day
it would take a century to recite the book of life." and "12 000
letters of DNA are decoded by the Human Genome Project every second."
From, The Human genome

"About 3,300 cups of coffee are consumed every second of the day
worldwide." From, 2002
Environmental Media Services .

"Your CD is read by the laser beam and makes over 44,000 arithmetical
calculations every second in at least two dimensions."  From, Hyperion.

"Over 120 NECCO Wafers are consumed every second of every day
throughout the entire year."  From,

"A CAR IS STOLEN EVERY SECOND." From, Edequip 2001.

" VisaNet, can process over 5,000 card transactions every second."
From, Visa 2002.

"About 600 cans recycled every second." From, National Institute of
Health 1999.

"The Amazon lets almost seven million cubic feet of water into the
ocean every second." From,
Fun Social Stuides.

"$290,576,467,777.15 USA's trade debt..." from, updated every second!

"On an average day, Dunkin' Donuts sells more than 20 cups of freshly
brewed coffee each second."  From, Dunkin'

every second facts  -abortion -movie -math -smoke -harvest -amendment

Great question!
petslang-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
looks good thanks

Subject: Re: one second facts
From: feivel-ga on 31 Oct 2002 14:41 PST
I haven't had a chance to look at this list yet, just looked at the
first few.  Are you crazy, five new AIDS cases per second!  That's
more than twice as fast as children being born.  That's almost half a
million cases PER DAY!!

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