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Q: Stock Footage of Lava ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Stock Footage of Lava
Category: Arts and Entertainment
Asked by: cheaptrinkets-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 31 Oct 2002 12:22 PST
Expires: 30 Nov 2002 12:22 PST
Question ID: 94499
We are looking for stock footage of a molton lava stream.  A red firey
river of lava. Ideally something close up where all you see is the
lava.  We are looking for different types of shots.  Some extreme
close up where the motion is less noticable and others where it is
very apparent.

We want to put this on a flash web site and this image will occupy the
whole screen so we need something high quality. We are thinking DV
quality. Not necessary to have sound but that would be good.

Request for Question Clarification by cath-ga on 31 Oct 2002 13:35 PST
Hi cheaptrinkets,

How would you like to do this? I am getting a lot of responses
from folks who have good-looking footage. Would you like
to see only the best few? As many as I find? How much footage
do you need, time-wise? They are offering to make demo reels
to send you. cath-ga
Subject: Re: Stock Footage of Lava
Answered By: cath-ga on 31 Oct 2002 15:02 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi cheaptrinkets,

I am getting a lot of responses to your request, so I'm going to go
and post some of them now. I think there's a good choice here, and
you'll find what you want.

I went to the website for, the Global Search

and  did a Zap Request to all their associates.

This response from F.I.L.M. Archives looks very promising:

“We have a nice variety of digital video lava clips. We can assembly a
10 minute VHS screener for $50.00. If that is agreeable, please
shipping and fed ex information. Usage for a website is generally 
$30.00 per second/10 second per shot minimum. 
If more than 30 seconds are used there is no per shot minimum. 
Please call or email with any questions. 
Mark Trost
F.I.L.M. Archives Inc.”
Tel 212-696-2616 
Fax 212-696-0021
View Our Screening Reels In RealVideo or Quicktime:

This one from BlackStone Stock Footage  I’m including because it was
originally shot on 35 mm, so the quality should be quite good.

“We have some close up shots of hot lava that originated on 35mm.  We
do not
charge for research and would be happy to forward a viewing cassette.
If you would like to see, please verify shipping information and
supply your
fedex number.
We look forward to your reply.”

Best regards,
Glenda Clifford
BlackStone Stock Footage

Budget Films Stock Footage also responded. You can see some gorgeous
stills from their “lava” search at:

The one on page 1 titled “Hawaii Volcanoes Nat’l Park” looks perfect,
and on page 3 “Lava Inside a Nicaraguan Volcano could be cut together
with it if you need more. Haven’t heard back  from them about the
You can order a free demo tape directly from the site. 

Here’s more contact info:

Layne Murphy
Budget Films Stock Footage
4427 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90029
323-660-0187 extension 15 (phone)
323-660-5571 (fax)
Budget Films Stock Footage (

I downloaded and viewed some stills that the Video Tape Library sent
and they
looked lovely. They say they have quite a few shots of lava flowing.
They will assemble a VHS demo tape at no charge, and you pay for the
Here’s their contact info:

Jaime Schoenbrun
Video Tape Library, Ltd.
1509 N. Crescent Heights Blvd., Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA  90046
Tel: 323-656-4330
Fax: 323-656-8746

Here’ s my answer from Silverman Stock Footage:

“We have fabulous shots of lava flowing .. shot from a helicopter in
Zoom lens gets you right into the lava flow from a chopper  .. footage
great. Lava footage was shot on 16MM .. transferred to BETA SP  .. can
make you a dub onto any format you choose. Let me know if you'd like
to see a VHS research tape.

Donald Silverman

Rather than bury you in lava, I'll stop now. But I will file any more
responses I get, and if you'd like me to send them also, I will.
Before you rate my answer, please make a clarification request for
anything I've left out. Thanks so much for your question! cath-ga

Request for Answer Clarification by cheaptrinkets-ga on 01 Nov 2002 02:19 PST
I would like to see as many as you can but limit it to people that can
show me samples.  Something concrete.  It could be a link to a web
site.  Anything.  VHS is nice but DVD, mini dv or 3/4" are preferrable

Looks really good so far


Clarification of Answer by cath-ga on 01 Nov 2002 10:47 PST
Hi cheaptrinkets,

My mailbox was full of stuff for you today. I have three new sources
some added info on yesterday’s companies.

Here’s the lava “clipbin” that Getty Images assembled for you. You can
go to it online.
 (note: the first one worked for me, but I’m enclosing them all, in

To view this Clipbin without signing in, cut and paste the following

Registered Getty Images users, or those who would like to register,
can cut and paste the following link:

 If your email program has wrapped the above URL's, you may have
problems accessing this Clipbin. If that is the case, you can open the
Clipbin by manually entering the username and Clipbin name from the
link below. You will be asked to sign in if you check 'Add this
Clipbin to my list of Clipbins':

To manually open this Clipbin, click here

User Name:   RDalmau2
Clipbin name:   Lava

Clipbins store your project related images together. When you view
this Clipbin, you'll be able to see those images and any notes the
creator of the Clipbin added.

Here is the contact and creator of the Getty clips:  Rafael
His e-mail address:

This company, Journeyman, com is in the UK, but has what you want .
They say they have “great footage of lava in Cape Verde, shot on DV
with sound. He can send a free screener on your FedEx account.  The
rates start at $15/second, negotiable. You can search their website at
The contact is  Sam Goss, Head of Library Sales.  E-mail is :

Corbis Motion, Inc. responded that they have lava footage, and can
you with a preview on .  Their site is at
The contact is Ana Mendez, Account Executive at e-mail address

Some of the sources from yesterday responded to my followup queries
and specified the formats of their footage.

The Video Tape Library says their footage is on Beta Sp and is
broadcast quality.It has appeared on TV  shows and movies.

Leon from (Producers Library Service) wrote back that
his lava was shot on 35 mm film.

This should keep you busy "ooh-ing and ahh-ing" at gorgeous lava
I think you'll find what you want. Thanks for your business!

Request for Answer Clarification by cheaptrinkets-ga on 03 Nov 2002 23:20 PST
I really appreciate your time and effort.  An extreme close up is
slightly different than these pics. I apologize for not clarifying. 
An extreme close up of your face would show the pours in your skin.

I want an exteme close up of lava. So all you see is lava. Where you
feel like the lava is inches away from the camera. So all you see is
red. As extreme a close up as is possible.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Clarification of Answer by cath-ga on 04 Nov 2002 10:40 PST
Dear Cheaptrinkets-

I'm a little at a loss right now. Have you already seen the research
from the companies I gave you? Even if the shots on the websites
aren't exactly
what you were thinking, I believe the research reels will give you
extreme closeups. The companies that responded are some really
archives. As a former TV news videographer I know that every
good cameraman does the whole range of shots: Wideshot, medium shot,
Of course with lava, there's the safety consideration, they can't
get as close as they want. And because the best lava shots are at
they are contending with low-light considerations.  Perhaps you will
get one or two really extreme closeups on each reel, and you can cut
or three of them together to get the required length. Also, if
no one gives you full-frame closeness, perhaps you can digitally crop
shots, giving the appearance of greater closeness. 
The responses to my Zap Request have stopped coming in, I have just
more company that I didn't give you, but their's is shot on 16mm.
The company is All-Stock, the site is
and the e-mail is I spoke with Bill there, and he
said the
closeup shots are "almost full-frame, too close for comfort.
spurting shots, too." The phone number is 310-317-9996. Because you
specified "different types of shots" I didn't get that all you wanted
was the extreme closeups. Without actually ordering the research reels
and viewing
them myself I can't really tell which footage will be the best.
If you would like to pay me to do that, maybe we can figure out a way,
but it might be a little cumbersome: I would need your FedEx number,
and you certainly wouldn't want to post it publicly here!
Anyway, I hope you're not too disappointed with this answer. If you
you can ask for a refund, (I hope you won't!)Let me know if you have
any other ideas about how I can help. Sincerely, cath-ga

Request for Answer Clarification by cheaptrinkets-ga on 04 Nov 2002 15:51 PST
Well I am an agent for cinematographers, directors so I know a little
about this myself.  The original posting stated:

"We are looking for stock footage of a molton lava stream.  A red
river of lava. Ideally something close up where all you see is the
lava.  We are looking for different types of shots.  Some extreme
close up where the motion is less noticable and others where it is
very apparent."

Notice the word EXTREME CLOSE UP.  None of these would qualify as
such.  This is why you have long lenses.  So things like this are
available.  None of your posting fulfill the posting.

When I first responded, I hadn't looked that closely at your footage
and was commenting on the amount of response not the quality.

Show me something I can use.


Clarification of Answer by cath-ga on 05 Nov 2002 09:27 PST

you still do not say that you have actually ordered the demo reels
from the
companies I gave you. Simply looking at the few examples available on
web will not give you all the shots I found. 

Jaime Schoenbrun from the Videotape Library followed up with me
yesterday and
sent me some closeup stills from her footage. One of them certainly
fit the
definition of EXTREME CLOSEUP. She just called me this morning
to encourage me to tell you to contact her. She can send you moving
footage examples if you have a DSL or cable modem. The other companies
probably do something similar, if you simply contact them. By cutting
a few together, you should get enough.

If you you do follow through and order the demo reels and then find
there are no extreme closeup shots, then you are entitled to ask for a
refund.  cath-ga

Request for Answer Clarification by cheaptrinkets-ga on 05 Nov 2002 12:27 PST
Where do you see me asking for a refund?  I am not going to spend
money ordering something until I think it is right.

Let me go though those items you mentioned.

Clarification of Answer by cath-ga on 07 Nov 2002 09:05 PST

hope you are having some luck with those lava shots? cath-ga
cheaptrinkets-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thanks for your help and time and patience

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