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Q: broadband technology ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: broadband technology
Category: Computers > Hardware
Asked by: df-ga
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Posted: 01 Nov 2002 14:34 PST
Expires: 01 Dec 2002 14:34 PST
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pls id digital tv products that support videoconferencing

Request for Question Clarification by websearcher-ga on 01 Nov 2002 15:00 PST
Hello df

Thank you for your question. 

I have started investigating broadband technology for you, but if you
can provide me with some further details about what specifically you
are looking for, that would be a great help in providing you with the
information you need. Please answer the following questions:

* Are you interested in broadband *hardware*? or *software*? or both?

* Are you interested in companies that provide services to other
companies so they can use videoconferencing?

* Are you more interested in detailed information about each *type* of
technology listed, or are you looking for a list of options of
different makes/model for each technology?

* Are you interested in links to places to purchase the technology? 

Any other details you could provide would be extremely helpful. 

Thanks! :-)


Clarification of Question by df-ga on 01 Nov 2002 15:43 PST

objective is to find potential licensees / infringers 
note that claims cover apparatus (hardware) and method

Request for Question Clarification by websearcher-ga on 01 Nov 2002 17:03 PST
Hi df:

Perfect. Thanks for the clarification. I'm on it.


Request for Question Clarification by websearcher-ga on 01 Nov 2002 17:31 PST
Hi df:

I've had some time to think about what you need now that your intent
is much clearer (and I've done some preliminary searching). I'm not
100% confident that I'm going to be able to find any infringements on
your patent, so I'm going to unlock this question and let other
researchers join in the hunt.

I'll keep looking as well. If I find anything, I'll relock and answer.



Request for Question Clarification by kyrie26-ga on 12 Nov 2002 12:20 PST
Hello df-ga,

Would you like just a list of digital TV products that support
videoconferencing, or do you want us to also do research on which
products may be infringing the patent? Do let me know, thanks much.


Clarification of Question by df-ga on 12 Nov 2002 16:35 PST
hopefully this exercise is one and the same thing?

Request for Question Clarification by kyrie26-ga on 12 Nov 2002 16:52 PST
Not quite. I can research and get you this list of products, but
unfortunately I don't have the resources to analyze their product
technology to see if infringes any copyright. Will you accept merely
the list of products as an answer?

Clarification of Question by df-ga on 12 Nov 2002 19:33 PST
thanks, i think the answer is yes
but it's essential that dtv product actually enables/operates using
video-conferencing function (i.e., with other dtv subscribers during
normal broadcast...)
Subject: Re: broadband technology
Answered By: kyrie26-ga on 14 Nov 2002 00:29 PST
Hello df-ga,

Thank you for your question. After almost two full days of research, I
feel that I have exhaustively researched this topic to be able to
present it to you.

You are looking for possible infringers of the "Digital television
with subscriber conference overlay" patent. While products utilizing
this concept were extremely difficult to find, presumably due to the
awareness of the patent, there are some companies that may qualify,
either through current products, or future product/service plans.
Although none of my finds overtly used the concept terms in the patent
(ie. subscriber conference overlay), you will notice phrases like
"simultaneous HDTV video, video conferencing...", "subscriber
demands", "effectively deliver multiple services, such as... streaming
video, video conferencing..." (Tut Systems), "The ability to support
both analog and digital video... to seamlessly integrate Internet
Protocol (IP) telephony and videoconferencing" (Broadcom),
"symmetrical bi-directional data services" (Scientific Atlanta). These
all apply to digital TV/video services.

Without further ado, here are the results of my search. I have also
detailed my search strategy at the bottom of the page.


Tut Systems : Solutions - Application - Advanced IP Data Services

"Tut's service centric network platforms support numerous IP-based
multimedia services such as audio streaming, video streaming and video
conferencing with guaranteed levels of service. In addition, advanced
IP services such as VPNs, firewalls, NAT, DHCP, can be
cost-effectively delivered and guaranteed on ta per subscriber, per
device and per application basis. These advanced solutions give
service providers valuable new service offerings and revenue streams
for increasingly sophisticated subscriber demands."


Tut Systems : Transforming Broadband Into Services

"IntelliPOP™ is the first full-service, next-generation VDSL solution
to provide guaranteed quality of bandwidth across multiple
applications running over a single pair of telephone wires. Speeds of
up to 26 Mbps per line are supported, sufficient for
simultaneous HDTV video, video conferencing, Voice-over IP (VoIP) and
data transport. Each VDSL line supports up to
16 individual channels for precise traffic management of each


Tut Systems : IntelliPOP Platform

"IntelliPOP CPE units deliver IP services to customer premises. With
state-of-the-art service class management, these devices
cost-effectively deliver multiple services, such as high-speed
Internet access, streaming video, video conferencing and voice


Broadcom Products - Cable Set-top boxes

"Broadcom's cable-TV product line consists of highly integrated
silicon solutions for digital cable-TV set-top boxes that enable
advanced television services such as high speed internet access,
e-commerce, video conferencing, and VOD (video on demand). The set-top
box products also include ICs that support studio quality text and
graphics on standard definition televisions and high definition
television (HDTV)."


Press Release - Broadcom Announces OpenCable Silicon Platform

"Broadcom's solution consists of the BCM3120 QAMLinkTM Set-top Box
Transceiver, BCM3300 QAMLink Single-Chip MCNS/DOCSIS Cable Modem,
BCM7014 Advanced 2D/3D TV Graphics System, and BCM7010 Set-top Box
Decoder. The platform supports next-generation interactive set-top
boxes with the following advanced features:"

" The ability to support both analog and digital video. 
The ability to seamlessly integrate Internet Protocol (IP) telephony
and videoconferencing. "

" About Broadcom
Broadcom Corporation is a leading developer of highly integrated
silicon solutions that enable broadband digital data transmission to
the home and within the business enterprise. Using proprietary
technologies and advanced design methodologies, the Company has
designed and developed integrated circuits for some of the most
significant broadband communications markets, including the markets
for cable set-top boxes, cable modems, high-speed networking products,
direct broadcast satellite and terrestrial digital broadcast, and
digital subscriber line (xDSL). Broadcom is based in Irvine,
California, and can be contacted at 949-450-8700 or at "


Scientific-Atlanta's New WebSTAR DPX2100 Cable Modem Designed to Allow
Software Upgrade to DOCSIS 2.0

" The new DOCSIS 2.0 specifications will enable cable modems to
deliver increased upstream throughput from the end user to the
Internet, and, for the first time, give the network operator the
ability to offer symmetrical bi-directional data services. DOCSIS 2.0
can effectively triple upstream data capacity to deliver greatly
improved performance for services such as videoconferencing and
peer-to-peer applications. The new standard also provides the promise
of improved performance in adverse network environments where certain
upstream noise can present a problem for conventional DOCSIS 1.0 and
1.1 technologies.

The WebSTAR DPX2100, which recently received DOCSIS 1.0 certification,
is expected to be available for cable trials by the end of calendar
year 2002, and will be one of the first cable modems to incorporate
the new Broadcom BCM3348 DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 capable cable modem IC.

" About Scientific-Atlanta
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (NYSE: SFA - is a leading supplier of digital
content distribution systems, transmission networks for broadband
access to the home, digital interactive set-tops and subscriber
systems designed for video, high speed Internet and voice over IP
(VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support. "


SVT GROUP Enterprise Introduction : Multimedia Products

" This is a digital broadcast television's time with the newest
broadcast television that integrated net and communication. We have
got so much development in CATV field, and digital fiber TV net
throughout the country is building now, so the next step of developing
is providing digital TV through CATV net.

There is still much market in Chinese CATV field and digital CATV in
some big cities is going to be put into practice. SVT group, resorting
its financial and technical advantage, take this good opportunity to
come into Chinese CATV market. "

" ST-TV2C Video Conference System communicates with other cities,
counties and villages around the center of the conference through DDN

ST-TV2C can be used in indoors video conference, interactive distance
education, distributing information, distance medical treatment and it
also can provides video, voice, data and multimedia immobile picture.


What is the "DDN line" they are referring to? It is "digital data
network" :

DDN Service

" Compared to packet-switched service, digital data network (DDN)
offers higher bandwidth and synchronous communications in end-to-end
connectivity. It supports a wide range of protocols including V.35,
RS-232, RS-449 and X.25. ChinaDDN supports a variety of applications,
such as multimedia and high-speed internetworking. "


Philips Semiconductors - Nexperia

" For broadcasters and service providers, the digital revolution holds
out extremely exciting opportunities to create new forms of business
in ways we're only just beginning to explore. Interactivity, TV
videoconferencing, e-commerce, personalized content, enhanced TV with
immersive viewing experiences - the potential for novel services is
huge; the challenge is to turn this potential into real commercial
success. Exploiting the technological opportunities to the full
requires a technology partner with leading-edge solutions and an
understanding of consumer electronics markets.

As a highly experienced player in consumer electronics markets,
Philips Semiconductors is leading the way in bringing the power of
digital technologies to the world of broadcasting and emerging
broadband services. Through our Nexperia DVP (Digital Video Platform),
we give our partners powerful, open standards solutions to turn
innovative business ideas into successful revenue streams - fast.
Combining our experience of consumer markets with the most advanced
technologies from highly programmable silicon system platforms such as
the newly-launched pnx8500 Home Entertainment Engine to support for
MPEG-4, we offer the resources that turn visions into reality. "


Philips Semiconductors - Nexperia Digital Video Platform (DVP)

"Specific hardware blocks and peripheral devices are available to
support convergent applications such as games, Internet browsing,
digital video encoding and even video telephony."


pnx8500 Home Entertainment Engine

"pnx8500 is a highly-programmable, future-proof digital media
processor, providing a platform for new TV-based user services
including web browsing, video e-mail, voice and video IP telephony,
personal video recording/time-shifting and interactive digital TV


These are the patent attorneys who filed US Patent 6339842 (Digital
television with subscriber conference overlay) :

Fernandez & Associates (IPLOFT.COM) : sample attorneys


Google Search Terms :


dtv OR "digital tv" OR digital television" videoconferencing OR
videoconference OR conference subscriber overlay broadcast

dtv OR "digital tv" OR digital television" videoconferencing OR
videoconference OR conference

dtv OR "digital tv" OR digital television" videoconferencing OR

2-way OR "2 way" OR two-way OR "two way" dtv OR "digital tv" OR
digital television"

2-way OR "2 way" OR two-way OR "two way" dtv OR "digital tv" OR
digital television"

2-way OR "2 way" OR two-way OR "two way" television 

subscriber conference overlay

subscriber videoconference overlay

digital television system overlay OR overlays subscriber two-way
communication broadcast program delivery

television OR TV conferencing OR videoconferencing OR videoconference

digital television OR TV conferencing OR videoconferencing OR

digital group videoconference OR videoconferencing OR "video
conference" OR "video conferencing"


digital television OR DTV group videoconference OR videoconferencing
OR "video conference" OR "video conferencing"

digital television OR HDTV group videoconference OR videoconferencing
OR "video conference" OR "video conferencing"

digital TV OR television OR HDTV subscriber videoconferencing OR
videoconference OR "video conferencing" OR "video conference" videoconferencing OR videoconference OR "video
conferencing" OR "video conference" hdtv OR dtv tv OR dtv OR hdtv OR digital television
videoconferencing OR videoconference OR "video conferencing" OR "video
conference" videoconferencing OR videoconference OR "video
conferencing" OR "video conference"

Other search :

Philips Semiconductors - search keyword "videoconferencing"

I hope this answers your question. If you should have any question or
need clarification, please do not hesitate to Request For
Clarification and I will be more than happy to respond. I hope this
sets you off in the right direction, and I wish you all the best in
your undertakings. Thank you for using Google Answers!

Best regards,

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