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Q: Hotmail site and Outlook Inbox are taking over our computer ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Hotmail site and Outlook Inbox are taking over our computer
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: markris-ga
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Posted: 05 Nov 2002 13:02 PST
Expires: 05 Dec 2002 13:02 PST
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A problem that has surfaced in the past week: Whenever we are using
either Explorer OR Netscape, two very annoying things keep happening.
1. Out of nowhere, while we are searching the web or sometimes just
sitting passively reviewing the results of a search, our Outlook
Express inbox takes over screen. 2. This event is very often
(but not always) quickly followed by arrival of the following msn
hotmail site:
These things then start to intensify in popping up, sometimes coming
as frequently as every few seconds. We can't stop them. Happens every
time we're on web now. Help please.
We use Windows 98, Adsubtract, Netscape 7, Explorer 6.0 and Norton
virus software

Request for Question Clarification by pwizard-ga on 05 Nov 2002 14:17 PST
This only happens while you have Outlook Express running, is that
correct? Outook Express doesn't start by itself in these instances,

Is Outlook Express configured to connect and download mail from your
Hotmail account? Have you recently changed your Hotmail account
password if so?

Clarification of Question by markris-ga on 05 Nov 2002 16:21 PST
I'm glad you asked that first question because I was just disconnected
from the Internet (totally), running only Norton software and Outlook
started itself. Also, the MSN box came up in lower right corner of
screen but it didn't open.

To my knowledge, we have not configured to connect to and download
mail from Hotmail. However, with multiple unsophisticated users on the
machine, anything is possible. No changes in account password to

Also, have recently run all new Adaware spyware detector as well as
most recent Norton updates.

Request for Question Clarification by pwizard-ga on 05 Nov 2002 16:51 PST
Do you run MSN Messenger or MS Messenger? (small green "person" icon
in your taskbar). If so, can you right-click on this icon, then choose
"EXIT". This will close Messenger from running in the background. By
default, Messenger runs all the time in the background and could
possibly be triggering your problem. I'd like to see if the problem
re-occurs when messenger has been deactivated or turned off by exiting
the application altogether. Please let me know.. thanks!


Clarification of Question by markris-ga on 05 Nov 2002 17:37 PST
My daughter runs AOL Instant Messenger (little yellow/orange man icon)
but no evidence of green MS Messenger. Is there anywhere else I should
look? I checked to see which programs are running (using ctr+alt+del)
and only found AIM. I closed AIM just to see what happens. The other
programs it says are running are Explorer, Iexplore(?), Netscp, adsub,
Rundll32, Navapw32.

Request for Question Clarification by pwizard-ga on 05 Nov 2002 18:03 PST
Does the problem still occur with AOL AIM turned off? From your task
list, it looks like you should have open:

Internet Explorer
Ad Subtract
Norton Antivirus

If it still occurs with AOL IM turned off, try killing the Netscape
and IExplore processes and see what happens. I feel like one of your
background apps is causing your problem (if it's not a virus and/or
adware program). I don't know much about the Ad Subtract software, but
I doubt it would cause such a problem. Have you updated your Norton
Antivirus recently and done a system scan? There are several new
trojan viruses that manifest themselves similar to what you're
describing. They have been known to travel via instant messaging
clients and email.


Clarification of Question by markris-ga on 05 Nov 2002 19:22 PST
APPARENT SUCCESS!!! I'm not sure which action resulted in solving the
problem but we've been working for several hours now without
interruption. Thank you for you very timely response to our question.

Clarification of Question by markris-ga on 05 Nov 2002 19:31 PST
Not sure why this question is not showing up as "answered" based on
the input you provided. Could you please comment? (I think it's
Subject: Re: Hotmail site and Outlook Inbox are taking over our computer
Answered By: pwizard-ga on 05 Nov 2002 19:35 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
I went ahead and turned this troubleshooting process into an official
answer as it looks like we at least have narrowed down what is causing
your problem and I believe with this information we can correct the
problem. My first inclination is that your AOL AIM is the root of the
problem. I would probably test this theory further by running AOL AIM,
see if the problem occurs, disable *only* AIM, see if the problem goes
away. If it does, then we'll know for sure. We'll need to do this one
at a time until we find the culprit.

Let me know (using the clarification feature) which application ends
up causing your problem and then we can decide what action to correct
it. Thanks and I'm glad we're on the right track.

I look forward to hearing back. No hurry.. this question will not


Request for Answer Clarification by markris-ga on 07 Nov 2002 20:08 PST
Problem has gone away even with AIM back on. Not clear exactly what
got us to our solution, but it worked! Thanks.

Clarification of Answer by pwizard-ga on 07 Nov 2002 20:35 PST
I apologize, I thought we still had some more troubleshooting to do.
I'll consider the case officially closed. I'm glad I was able to help.

markris-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

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